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  1. Yeah I'm not trying to suggest people don't need this stuff, just that quacks are very happy to get it out there. It isnt like that in the UK.
  2. Definitely. He spends his days searching Twitter for people using the term "dirtsheets" and engaging them on the correct use of the term. It's fucking bizarre.
  3. I really wish Herb and/or Alvarez would show up here and give him the verbal handjob he's so desperate for. Maybe he'll be able to move on in life.
  4. Hahaha that was a tremendous few minutes there
  5. I like Barao but yeah. Besides isn't it time for Faber to kick Dillashaw out and get his title shot? It's been like six months....
  6. Like I couldn't have booked that match last night any better. Even the potato headed granny shagger scoring was perfect because it was just enough hope for Suarez to snuff out.
  7. Shit like this is why I revel in English failure
  8. Renner is the least part of every movie. The IEDs had more personality in the Hurt Locker. Channinng Tatum is superior in every way.
  9. I have no idea where to start "are anti depression meds prescribed so that people become dependent on them so that pharmaceutical companies can make a shit ton off their continued treatment" seems like too much for Google to handle.
  10. He's a vanilla actor nobody likes. He's lucky they put him as the face.
  11. IIRC Vince is Liberal in most respects but objects to taxes and such.
  12. The sheer number of people on here who have been on meds and struggled with and without them astonishes me. It just doesn't seem to be anywhere near as common in Europe. Not a judgement or anything like that, just an observation. I sometimes wonder if there isn't a more sinister motive behind some of the prescriptions given out.
  13. To be fair to Cornette, the fat idiot did also say Cena and Batista would be IIRC
  14. Punk got slapped in OVW and burst an eardrum and everyone was like NOOOOOOO because wrestling fans are stupid.
  15. Russians are sniffing around. Ideally Chang would return too. Did his country forget about him the way the US forgot about Jack Bauer?
  16. ....you know Paul Ince played for Inter right?
  17. Goal and an assist? Rooney was shite. They all were.
  18. The back 5 for England was awful. Hodgson was too conservative and Welbeck lol. Terrible everything, I licked England to win 4-1 based on the Italy performance and Uruguay being shite. Happy to be wrong. Fuck the owl
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