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  1. In poor Uruguayan communities, biting each other is a sign of respect. It's just a thing they do.This message brought to you by all the Uruguayan Studies majors at the University of Liverpool. Deliberately obtuse or just illiterate? Hard to tell...
  2. I believe you were asked to do something that you clearly are not doing He gets to make snide comments unchallenged? Even though the club he sometimes supports (if they aren't playing a team Sid Lowe likes) was one of the most blatantly racist teams in the 80s? And he's posted in this very forum shitty comments mocking the death of fans of a team he doesn't like?
  3. Oh look who shows up...Hillsborough jokes incoming no doubt.
  4. How do you deem an opinion worthwhile? If it matches yours? Ridiculous post.
  5. Suarez is awesome, but please keep being affluent and white about him.
  6. Would be a beautiful thing, whatever happened
  7. FLYING BOMA YE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Where's FSW's "Best Player in the World" right now? You are maybe the worst person in this thread. Apart from he who shall not be named.
  8. Herrera was in rare form yesterday. Not quite US vs Germany in the final round of the group stage form, but not far off.
  9. Just when I thought Greg couldn't be more annoying he brings back the fucking cop show dreck. I always wondered who watched these shows because no one I know ever did. Turns out everyone else does. Christ.
  10. I'm expecting a huge drop off for season two. The leads won't be replaced adequately and it sounds like he's writing it just to answer criticisms of the women in season one.
  11. I can't wait until you batter the wretched Germans and breeze through the group stage without trying in first place. I don't think the Germans have anything for you and I expect them to lose.
  12. Niners I like you quite a bit but you're talking mad shit right now.
  13. You haven't embraced Marky Mark. That's your issue here
  14. Frankly I'd rather enjoy a movie than not so I'm good with that.
  15. It was awesome and Wahlberg won when he shot the chickens and called the fat Mexican his girlfriend.
  16. Wahlberg did it in 2 Guns but yeah normally Denzel gets the better role.
  17. In the words of the great Neil Germany don't have the best record when it comes to non-aggresssion pacts (No offence Reise!)
  18. Spain are fine. Holy shit. Look at the U21 squad. Most of them are already top level players at major clubs. They're gonna lose the older players and replace them with a ready made batch of replacements. England have a better generation coming through too, but the horrible coaching at International level will nuke them too.
  19. Spain got old and Diego Costa got found out. It happens a lot.
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