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  1. This is pretty cool. As far as I'm aware, only two matches have been announced for Dynamite and both are top AEW guys vs "outside" wrestlers in matches that appeal pretty specifically to hard core pro wrestling fans. Mox vs Juice Jericho vs Bandido I'm not into "Attitude Era offence" Juice Robinson but I am really into "slugfest" Juice. I'm guessing Mox might drag him into slugfest mode. Bandido in AEW is even more exciting, to me, than Juice in AEW. I keep hoping we'll get Vikingo in AEW some day. Just putting that out there. Of course, Mox and Jericho are both big names. But their opponents are maybe unfamiliar to """" casual"""" fans? I often get the sneaking suspicion that AEW are running a heat check. Following up a loaded card and a million -plus same-day US viewers with something that appeals more specifically to their core fanbase. Usually I don't give the slightest bit of any kind of shit about the ratings, but it will be interesting to see what happens this week. Particularly if they don't announce more matches. Also Saraya and MJF are gonna speak. And JAS are reportedly gonna celebrate again. I am stoked for the two announced matches. I like when my obsessive wrestling nerd friends and I are clearly the target audience.
  2. I wonder if he'll sneak in Space Lone Wolf and Super Ninja retirement matches before the actually final Keiji Mutoh Final Bye Bye in Tokyo Dome extravaganza.
  3. I am kinda tired from marking out nonstop for two hours Thursday morning, then again today. That's me. Basically. For two straight hours. Excepting the referee angle after the Kingston match. I want AEW to bring in Tay Melo's sweet, fluffy sister Marsha. I can't help but wonder how New Japan feels about Muta showing up in AEW. i don't care, I just wonder. Glad I avoided spoilers! I popped for that. Not too sure I'll pop as hard for him in the ring, but we'll see soon enough I suppose. I was kind of hoping that Chono would do a leisurely stroll-in to save Jungle Lad. Was Hobbs doing a Glacier tribute? Brody King! You did a Sting fling! A LOT of crazy, scary bumps today! Sting, Julia,Darby, Brody King, Kingston, Starks... Awesome show. Hope everyone is OK.
  4. Have you been ingesting tetrahydrocannabinol? Who could possibly have the wherewithall to overhaul such a free-for-all?
  5. I think Sammy Guevara is a way better heel than MJF. Cuz people are, like, "Man! MJF is such a good heel!" but " Fuck Sammy! I hope Eddie beats the hell out of him!" and in my opinion the latter is a much better reaction.
  6. His site also, angrily, reported that Brodie Lee died of COVID and AEW covered it up. Motherfucker has ZERO credibility remaining. Speculationn from Keller has no actual value. It's safe to re-lock this thread (for now).
  7. It's actually a really wide sign that says: Legendary professional wrestling television announcer Good Ole JIM ROSS Has a favourite tag team, which is none other than the YOUNG BUCKS
  8. I'm not trying to be controversial, but in my opinion that was a pretty darned good professional wrestling television show. Really looking forward to reading our boy Natural's reaction to the main event over and over and over again for the next several years! (I was hoping for a Danielson win, too). (I don't feel like a Mox win is the end of the world, though). If MJF's fans are Devil Worshippers, does that make PAC's fans Oh boy was it cool to hear so many people erupting with joy for the good guy team winning the tag titles. Pro wrestling at its best.I Really curious what, if anything, the hater-by-nature crowd (here and elsewhere) are going to come up with to complain about for this show. I tend to enjoy almost everything that AEW does... But I really enjoyed everything on this show. That was a pretty much perfect pro wrestling crowd, too. And we have an awesome Rampage to look forward to.
  9. I work early (for me) on Wednesdays, and I have to catch the train to Kyoto not long after Dark finishes, (and by the time I get home it's late and I'm shifting into "get geared up for Dynamite" mode) so I don't generally have time to do a write-up for Dark. And I don't have time for a full write-up today. But. I have to say: I was really pleased when Ex came up with "Wardjoe" as the name for the Wardlow & Samoa Joe team-up. As we all know, making portmanteau puns on Wardlow's name is the highest form of humour and the zenith of wit and good taste. Also, KiLynn's finisher looked awesome. But, mainly, we get JD Drake back in trunks and a focus on The Workhorsemen, and my spell check accepts that "Workhorsemen" is a word now, and while My Favourite Pro Wrestler JD Drake is still a JTTS, he is at least now a YouTube Main Event level JTTS who gets his heat back after a loss, and that's not nothing. Really enjoyable Dark, leading into a week of professional wrestling that just might kill me. Off to get ready for work! See ya later! EDIT: Sonny Kiss' new ring gear absolutely deserves a mention as well. Yowza!
  10. I think HHH just really likes the idea that "One pill makes you larger."
  11. Yep. For whatever reason Ohsho's menus in my area have it as "mabo" in English. Which is why I said it's not a spelling mistake. i think Kyoto Ohsho now spells it "mapo" on their menus. The Osho/Ohsho version has different, milder, spices compared to the "authentic" mapo, and the sauce is a bit thicker. It is indeed pretty great.
  12. That's the whole point, though, right? If Japanese people want to eat "authentic" Chinese food they can go to Yokohama or Kobe or Nagasaki's Chinatown areas. Or they can go to China. In America, they are straight up looking for deep-fried, sauce-smothered American style Chinese food. That's something they can't easily get in Japan. Also, everyone who visits Japan should try Japanese style Chinese food, particularly Osho's gyoza, chili shrimp, and mabo tofu (not a spelling error). It's fantastic.
  13. Typhoon Nanmadol, featuring winds of 180 km/h and gusts over 250 is expected to tear through our area some time between tonight and the day after tomorrow, dumping 40+cm of rain on its way through. Best of luck to lostinube and all our fellow gaijin, wrestling nerds and otherwise, and native Japanese and anyone else in the path of this monster. It looks like it's gonna be a bad one!
  14. Lucky is the gal who Has a couple sons who'll Share a bank account With their old mommmmm! They! Are! Fam! Ly! Guyyyysss!
  15. That was pretty f'n good! Matt,Willow, and Woods all looked pretty f'n good in taking a loss. Darby and Matt didn't overdo the crazy stuff. It looked kinda sloppy in a good way, if that makes sense. Willow and Penelope went back and forth and we got that big contrast of personality that I was hoping for. Juxtaposition! The main event delivered. Chris Jericho also likes big dudes beating the hell out of one another! Told you I wasn't alone in that feeling. Holy moley they set up a LOT of HAWT matches for next week! CM Who?
  16. On paper, this is a really interesting line-up with the potential to showcase four very different types of pro wrestling matches. - ROH TV Title: Samoa Joe (c) vs. Josh Woods Pretty likely to be two big, tough dudes just beating the hell out of each other. That's one of my favourite types of pro wrestling matches! I am pretty sure I am not alone in feeling that way. -Darby Allin vs. Matt Hardy Pretty likely to be a lot of genuinely crazy high-risk wrestling. Possibly even a stunt show type of match. If you asked me out of context if I like that kind of match, I'd say "No." But, if you asked me if I love watching Darby Allin fight, I'd say " Oh hell yes. That is among my favourite things to do. " It's conceivable that they might, instead, do a lot of RINGS style complex mat work... but that would be a surprising choice in my opinion. -Ethan Page vs. Danhausen Likely to be silly goofy nonsense. I like that. It's a thing AEW does well. Also, it makes the pro wrestling grandpas angry, which brings me schadenfreude. But then they bitch about it online, which kind of bums me out. This could also conceivably be a very quick squash match. That would be less surprising than if Matt and Darby went all Volk Han in their match. -Penelope Ford vs. Willow Nightingale I'm hoping we get a lot of character work in this one. The literal "bad girl" vs the happy go lucky ray of sunshine. I'm setting myself up for mild disappointment by hoping for a Nightingale win here. That's a downside to watching the YouTube shows, perhaps. You can develop favourites (JD Drake, Bear Country, Legit Leyla, Willow, Nicky Boy, Big Shotty Sakazaki...) only to see them used as JTTS on the network shows. But not always. So I am hoping for a Nightingale win, and push. Or at least a good showcase for her utterly charming character.
  17. Like, a fellowship of the ring?
  18. Gosh darn that was an entertaining and enjoyable professional wrestling television show. BCC esplodes! Quite the "heel" move with Jericho going after Danielson's injured foot. Anyone else think Danielson is pretty good at the "selling" part of being a professional wrestler? Imagine the pop Dragon is gonna get in Seattle!!!!! If they wanna make Hayter into a massively hated heel they should have her come out to fight in baggy pleather shorts. Joe vs Woods, Hausen vs Ethan, Darby, Willow... Oh boy Rampage gonna be fun too! Good booking with those Sammy near-falls. Must be casual Wednesday (cuz he came out with no Tay). SioG vs Lucha Bros was a pretty darned good last-minute addition to the show. New tag champs The Acclaimed gonna get a massive pop in the tennis stadium. Some excellent lariat bumps and cool reversals on today's program. Athena and Deeb hit pretty hard in there. Is MJF/Stokely's stable called "The Firm?" Not sure if I heard that correctly. Pizza-making guy is ALL ELITE! Joe vs Woods. Dragon vs Mawks. Oh boy. Spine... BUSTED! Prob the highlight of that dude's career. NO GRUMPY GRANDPA! Too much fun.
  19. My friend forwarded this picture to me. Says he believes it was taken today. He's a reliable guy. I believe him. Edit: he said they sre from Ibushi's Twitter. Final(?) Edit: apparently Kenny is in Japan promoting fight forever while he's on suspension. If nothing else, I'm happy they took time to catch up. Good to see they are still friends. Speculation is fun, too. But I'll save it. One more update, according to a different friend in the loop: Tokyo Game Show is happening this weekend so he is most likely headed to that.
  20. I made it through work OK yesterday but fell asleep immediately once I was done. No hangover yesterday, either! Got some nice messages from party hosts and attendees, apparently good times were had by all. I can post pictures on the site using Firefox, but I can't make paragraph breaks (?) So this'll be a wall of text followed by a(nother) bunch of (random) pictures. I'm gonna include a picture of Spel Delfin, cuz it illustrates the wrestling thing that was on my mind at the party. In that as much as Osaka Pro was a pro wrestling happy Camelot that I got to be part of there have been rifts and splits even in Osaka Pro's history. Some people there still harbour hard feelings toward Delfin. My friend Cooger/Kuuga split from the promotion. Camelots don't last forever. We are lucky if we get to experience their brief flourishing in person. Why am I thinking a lot about that this week in particular? Who knows. Also: Fuck CM Punk. But nothing is better than the atmosphere at a Kuuga party. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful park (Hamdera Koen, in Osaka). I got to see many friends that due to covid I haven't seen for over three years. And I got to make at least three new friends all of whom I will exchange big joyful greetings with the next time we meet. Maybe in December. It is very much an "if you are Cooger's friend then you are my friend" situation. I may very well be the only gaijin many of the 34 atendees and half a dozen hosts generally interact with. Maybe me and Quiet Storm. My Japanese is still the shits considering how long I have been here. Makes no difference. Everyone is so patient with me. 5 hours of non-stop drinking and eating and shooting the shit. Too much laughter. Many hugs and fist-bumps. I hope everyone has situations like this in their life. I remain utterly grateful that I can be part of this. What a gift. Speaking of: Oh boy is it hard to see while wearing that mask! I cannot believe Kuuga does his senton atomicos and other crazy stuff while visually impaired to that extent. Anything below knee level is basically invisible. While making my way to the convenience store to help with buying ice cream to be shared at the party, like everything everybody brought or bought was shared, I literally could not tell the difference between the mowed grass and the high grass until the high grass started tickling my shins. Did I wear the mask on the hour-plus train ride home? You know I did. I also wore it to the supermarket and the convenience store. I passed by an older man who was holding hands with (presumably) his tiny granddaughter. I almost plowed into her because I could barely see. Tragedy was avoided at the last moment. We both stopped. He whispered to the little girl. She bowed deeply and said "konnichiwa." I returned the courtesy. We all smiled and moved on.
  21. https://www.theringer.com/wwe/2022/9/12/23349440/daniel-garcia-wheeler-yuta-roh-pure-championship-best-matches Garcia vs Yuta, Sheamus & co vs WALTER & friends, Mascha vs Speedball! Ishii vs Kingston, leader in our poll, doesn't even get a passing mention, though CaesaROH vs Dax, Besties vs DT, Sammy vs Darby, and Dragon vs Hangman all (deservedly) do.
  22. So apparently if (and only if) I use Firefox as the browser on my older tablet I can post pictures. Hooray! I will now post too many pictures! Start of the party: : End of the party: (Cooger's mask-free face blurred out): Meeting Yuka, who also got a mask: Yoshiki the promoter: : MMA guy Tetsu Kondo: . Dotonbori Pro wrestlers Kinron and Koyama: Back to work! I will prob. post several more in a few hours.
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