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  1. It strikes me as extremely cool that Gorman has called matches that NoFists has participated in. For whatever reason, that makes me really happy. As for what's to be done about JR in AEW, I honestly feel like he'd contribute so much more in a reduced role... but I have no idea how the people around him in AEW feel about that, and it seems at odds with what the man himself wants. And, thinking about it, if he were to just disappear from AEW TV completely I am quite sure a lot of us would miss him. I'm sure glad it's not my decision to make! That is really cool! I either didn't know that or I forgot it. ESPN experience, as well, is an impressive thing to have on your resume. Not to put too fine a point on it, but you can see why this place is (probably) the best place on the internet to discuss pro wrestling. There really are a lot of interesting people, with interesting and varied points of view, participating here.
  2. That is incorrect. And if you want to claim that having experience grants special insight, which is not unreasonable, then I have a lot more experience commentating TV wrestling than you do (almost certainly less in-ring experience, though). (Vancouver All Star Wrestling on BCTV and nationwide on the Can-Star satellite - or something like that, 1986 - 1989, where I got to work alongside Mauro Ranallo, John Tenta, Diamond Timothy Flowers...) I was taught that my job was to put the wrestlers and the wrestling over. (And, for what it's worth I was also definitely taught that the safety of the other people in the match was my number one priority, and not that it's OK to hit an obviously concussed opponent in the head to "snap them out of it." Though I was also taught that accepting getting dinged up and/or having your bell rung with grace and alacrity was the proper and accepted etiquette). Anyway: In term of my personal "real experience or knowledge" JR does not always appear to be doing his very best to put AEW's wrestlers and wrestling over. Although, I absolutely understand that JR's own "real experience or knowledge" far, far outweighs my own. (Or yours, mine, and @Gorman's and @Marty Sugar's combined, several times over). (And I'd be very interested to hear Gorman's take on this). I greatly admire and respect JR as a sportscaster and interviewer. He was indeed the very best in the world for quite a long time. He often cracks me up these days, (sometimes intentionally). He occasionally nails a great call at exactly the right moment, and I am pumped every time that happens. But on balance, in my (educated?) opinion, he takes more away from the table than he brings to it, and that has been the case since he came to AEW, I sincerely wish that he could accept his limitations, be the "third man" in the booth, and only speak when he actually has something to say that contributes to the story being told (and he often does have such things to say). I wish he could accept a slightly different role, as has been suggested more than once in this thread and elsewhere. But it seems that he's unwilling or unable to do so. And, presumably and understandably, the folks around him apparently have too much respect for him to get in his ear about it. So, with a heavy heart, I have to agree with @Matt D: Regardless of all he's done and accomplished and how great he once was, JR as lead announcer is a net negative for AEW at this time. (I also, (perhaps controversially?) think it's good to discuss pro wrestling things on a pro wrestling discussion board, even if they have been discussed before and likely will be again).
  3. It's like getting up on the table at work at The French Laundry and bragging about how you used to manage a McDonalds. (seriously, though: I think it's a point in AEW's favour that it isn't "against the rules" to mention WWE by name).
  4. What a f'n roll AEW is on. I'm marking the hell out week after week, show after show, like a little kid. I'm loving this so much. Legit laughed out loud when JR talked about what a great time it is to be a wrestling fan. Agree with you 100 percent on that one, Good Ole! Hat tip to all y'all here who callled Hangm'n playing the "I did what you couldn't do" card on Bry-Bry and Danielson running through DO on the way to his title bout. Nailed it! Never mind the wrestling, I was marking out that "we" called that! Check out Dragon turning the crowd on himself and breaking out the "I have till 5!" Dragon vs Hungee is gonna be hawt! Ishii-ee and Cassidy-ee vs B and B with Hardy-ee and The Bunny-ee (calm down Gordi-ee) was everything I hoped for out of the Stone f'n Pitbull in AEW. And he and Orangey-ee were great together. Good Lord that Virginia crowd! I felt happy thinking that our boy @DEANwas part of that!! Just one example: the ROAR of joy when Shida got the kendo stick. Beautiful. Kingston vs Garcia? Yes, please! We got Malakai Black brooding in a dark room! About time! Punk vs MJF? That is a good idea. Darby vs Ass Man? Screw it. Let's do it. Really setting the post-PPV table here. Showing the advantage of their massive roster with the huge variety of potential match-ups. Have no fears, we've got match-ups for years! You can't say that here Thumbtacks. It's what's for breakfast. I liked Sammy's snazzy new ring gear. Ending on a show of sportsmanship was cool.
  5. Brian Bryan vs Player Uno and Tomofugginghiro fugging Ishii on Dynamite!!! Damn, AEW, let a guy catch his breath, will ya? Bryan Danielson vs Evil Uno - If you are not excited for this, we are not sympatico The Acclaimed vs Dante Martin & Lio Rush - Dante Martin just keeps getting better and better. How spectacular do you have to be to stand out in AEW for your athleticism? Looking forward to The Acclaimed's entrance rap for this one as well. The Butcher & The Blade vs Orange Cassidy & Tomohiro Ishii - Sorry about that. Hope I didn't get any on anyone... Hikaru Shida vs Nyla Rose - Love Shida Jay Lethal vs Sammy Guevara for the TNT Championship - Uhhhhhh.... Go Sammy?
  6. Yikes, a 90-minute Dark. Guess I'll have to skip my way through this one. Hmmm, let's see: Powerhouse Hobbs (w/ Hook) vs. Jaysin Strife: Well, not gonna skip this one. I love me some big man clubbering (as do we all). (Also, I got a legit lol at a guy named Tazz saying to a guy named Excalibur, "What kind of a name is Stryfe? That's gotta be a work." Andrade El Idolo (w/ Jose) vs. Jah-C: Can't skip this. I missed the boat on Andrade in WWE so I wanna catch as much of him as possible now. Shawn Spears and Wardlow (w/ Tully Blanchard) vs. Arik Cannon and Renny D Skip a Wardlow squash? Not likely! Also, Arik Cannon yelled at me once at a Dragon Gate show in Fukuoka (because I was cheering for his opponent) and it freaked my then-girlfriend (and current wife) out so much that she was worried that "Mohawk Guy" was gonna attack us and didn't completely calm down until we left Fukuoka. So obviously I think he's great. Ruby Soho vs. Hyan: Can't skip this. I missed the boat on Ruby Riot in WWE so I wanna catch as much of Ruby Soho as possible now. Too Fast Too Fuego vs. Brandon Gore and Kit Sackett: After Fuego Dos pulled the "Strap comes down/Strap goes back up" and "Double roll diving hot tag" spots last time, I'm not skipping 2F2F. The Acclaimed vs. Dark Order's Alan "5" Angels and Colt Cabana: Gotta at least watch the rap... Riho, Kris Statlander and Ryo Mizunami vs. Nyla Rose, Emi Sakura and The Bunny (Lulu's final appearance) Yeah, right. Like I'm gonna skip Lulu Pencil's last appearance! The Varsity Blonds and Lee Johnson & Brock Anderson (w/ Arn Anderson) vs. The Factory's Aaron Solo & Nick Comoroto, JD Drake and Ryan Nemeth (w/ QT Marshall) JD Drake is my guy. If he's on a team with Comoroto, I am all the way there. John Silver vs. Peter Avalon: Not skipping Hungie. Sonny Kiss vs. Adam Grace: Not skipping Kiss. Dark Order's 10 vs. Mikey Wild: Am I gonna skip 10? Scorpio Sky vs. Craven Knyte: Maybe I can skip this one! But it's the main, so probably something cool is in store here... Aw, damn it! I watched the whole thing. There's 90 minutes I could have spent productively but instead spent having a blast watching pro wrestling.
  7. Thank you to everyone who chimed in on the "Randy Orton in AEW" navel gaze! My takeaway is that there really aren't a lot of specific match-ups for the ole Viper vs anyone in AEW that would have us as fans champing at the bit, but there is some interest in seeing what he might do outside of the WWE system. I think that's a good take! Boy oh boy did I ever love Full Gear. I'm absolutely convinced it belongs in the conversation for Best Pro Wrestling PPV (or Big-Time Show) of All Time. It might be recency bias and it's possible I enjoyed it more because I'm healthy and in a good mood and watched it while chatting online with a small group of wrestling friends who were all marking out for everything all show long... but for me, at the very least, it ranks right up there with WrestleMania 17, Super J Cup '94, Dominion in Osaka Jo 2018, WK 11, Canadian Stampede, Bash '89, Supercard of Honor '06, Osaka Pro Hurricane 2010, Michinoko Pro These Days... on my list of personal favourites. But I come here not to praise AEW but to gaze in my navel about them. For all that they do right, there are still several things that AEW just doesn't seem to get, For example: Why do you have Malakai Black wrestling pro wrestling matches in a pro wrestling ring? The way to make money with that guy is to have him sitting and brooding in a dark room! And, it's like AEW doesn't even understand that professional wrestlers and other company employees need to be buried and humiliated in their home towns! What is with having, say, Ruby Soho or Phil from Chicago or Dante Martin come out and address their hometown crowds and look good in front of their hometown fans? What's the purpose here? To pop the crowds and make your audience happy and generate joy and delight? What about pro wrestling tradition, consarn it? Speaking of which: It's 2021! Modern pro wrestling fans are mostly body marks who care way more about size and power than about charisma, athleticism, and talent. AEW just refuses to accept that simple fact of life. Here's a hint, Tony Khan: If someone's arms are less than 18" in circumference, keep them the hell away from the title scene and make sure they are constantly doing jobs to the big boys. Also: Why does AEW refuse to accept that Japanese (or other foreign) pro wrestlers are a mystery to the lion's share of their fan-base? They brought in that one guy, what's his name, Mitusharu Suzuki? with only a little bit of introduction and explanation. I mean, sure, the live crowd responded to him ecstatically, but they were probably just being polite or trying to look smart. Do they really expect people who are pro wrestling fans to have read dirt sheets or wrestling web sites and/or posted on and discussed pro wrestling on websites like, uh, this one, and thereby heard about a guy who is widely considered one of the best in the world and a living legend? It's fine to bring in a wrestler without explanation if they are an English-speaking white person who recently worked in WWE, though. That's just part of the larger issue: AEW really doesn't seem to get that we as pro wrestling fans need to have our intelligence insulted regularly. That's what the largest, richest, and most powerful pro wrestling organization in the world does to its "Universe" regularly. For someone who seems to know so much about the history of pro wrestling, Tony Khan sure seems reluctant to learn from it. Honestly, AEW, if you keep treating your fans with respect, allowing them to figure some things out for themselves, and giving them what they want... you are just going to end up with a bunch of savvy, happy, loyal fans. I mean, if that's what you want, might as well just keep doing what you are doing.
  8. Ahem. Actually. I believe that the preferred nomenclature is "The Four Pillows."
  9. So much love for Eddie Guerrero tonight Road To and pre-show were both excellent. I popped for Dante's athletic ring re-entry. Opening match was definitely two of the Four Pillows of AEW living up to that near-impossible standard. Looks like MJF has been studying Roderick Strong tapes (and Orange Cassidy) Loved the Eddie tributes in the tag title match, and the Killer Bees callback. Of all the great things in the tournament final, I think Miro's varied facial expressions were the best. What kind of pro wrestler wears pink and black in the ring? The trios match was literally too much fun. I wish they'd dial it back about 20 percent. The crowd reactions to Cody and angry Arn were really entertaining. I popped for the Ultimo Guerrero reference. I was pretty sure Britt was retaining but I totally bought some of Tay's near-falls. I thought Adam Cole was gonna win "Blade Job of the Night" but Punk stole that from him. I do NOT know what good pro wrestling tastes like! I loved Lambert's velour track suit. Very Bobby Heenan. The crowd shots during "Judas" were just great. "Purple Rain" and "Toaster" chants!! I thought that was a MUCH better match than Blood and Guts. Including the pre-show, we were about 4 and a half hours in when the main event started. Was ANYONE feeling burned out? Loved the "What Would Kota Think?" sign in the crowd. Love that AEW put it on camera. I did not envy Kenny and Hangm'n having to main event after all that came before their match. Loved the callback to Roddy Piper vs Bret. Felt like they earned the right to do that Kawada spot. Kenny kicked out of the OWA!! My expectations were SKY HIGH for the match and for the show. They were exceeded. It's impossible to pick a "best bout" for this show. So much excellent and entertaining pro wrestling. It might be recency bias, but that has to at least be in the conversation for Best Pro Wrestling PPV of All Time. Edit: I forgot about the Baron putting the claw on All Ego and KENNY kicking out of the OWA... Impossible to make a post long enough to capture all the good things!
  10. For quite a while now, I have been doing online pick contests for big AEW and NJPW shows with a small group of fellow wrestling nerds. Full Gear is surprisingly tough to call! I am fairly confident about who is winning Page v Kenny and Britt v Tay, but for every other match I could pretty easily make an argument for either side winning. e.g. After that build Darby needs to go over, but on the other hand if Page is gonna be champ maybe you wanna keep a heel like MJF strong to set up a title challenge, or have him go after Sammy... It's too soon to end Bryan's win streak, but oh boy would Miro vs Page be a great first defense for Page, and Bryan vs Page would probably be too much of a good guy vs good guy match-up... Jungle Boy winning would really pop the crowd, but you probably need a couple of heel victories to keep things balanced... and so on. Not to mention all the layers of in-ring and behind-the-scenes storytelling in Punk vs Kingston and the Cody tag match! Feels like some pretty darned good booking to me.
  11. I find it hard to believe, considering her apparently very very low body fat percentage, that Jade Cargill eats cake after her matches. I don't want to be cynical, but I kind of suspect that the cake was only there to be smashed into Smart Mark Sterling's face.
  12. JR made a dumb and crass joke about it being "Tony's girlfriends night when we go to Atlanta" or something along those lines, so it's not surprising Tony got mad considering that Tony's wife Lois and his girlfriend (who is a dentist) were probably both listening.
  13. I just watched the first two episodes of the new (3rd) season of Joe Pera Talks With You. It's my favourite and, I'd argue, it's probably the best (non-AEW related) program on TV right now. It's still an ode to openness, acceptance, curiosity, quiet enthusiasm, and simple pleasures. It feels like there's a bit more depth to the emotion this season, though, which makes sense considering how the second season ended. The way it balances being kind and positive without becoming saccharine or mawkish is still extremely impressive. I think it does a better job in that regard than, say, Ted Lasso (I really liked the first season of Lasso, but haven't found the simultaneous time and desire to finish the second yet). If I remember correctly, @caley, @Greggulator, and I think @Curt McGirt all had good things to say about the season 2. Two episodes in, it feels like season three might be even better. There are subtle moments in each of the first two episodes that were genuinely moving. If you haven't seen it yet, don't let my "deep and moving" talk put you off (I refrained from making a comparison of the show to the films of Yasujiro Ozu, for that reason). It's actually a light and breezy watch, with each episode coming in under 12 minutes.
  14. We really got the best and the worst of JR today! Great: The Black Tiger call during the Bryan vs Rocky match, talking about how much PAC and Dax love wrestling, talking about Hangman going to the gym instead of to happy hour.. Bad: "I am going kicking and screaming into the future" followed by complaining about guys wrestling in "tennis shoes" and "that'll be on social media in thirty minutes" Not to mention: "Brazilian judo." I guess there is judo in Brazil, but... The worst: If I were making my living as a pro wrestler, I'd probably get on the gas for aesthetic and injury recovery reasons. And, sure, guys in their early 20s still have room to grow, physically... but knowing JR's background it creeps me out hearing JR talk about guys needing to fill out. I think Miro is sufficiently filled out. LOVED Bryan vs Rocky. I think Lambert was genuinely marking out after putting Jericho through the table. Understandably so. I bet that's a lot of fun. I popped for "Championship Wrestling from Florida" and " It's called a Boston Crab!! " Can't deny that the crowd was hot for that segment. Nifty DDT variation from Bowens. When is a Fish not a fish? Dug Tay and friend's matching ring gear. And the cross body to Hayter on the floor. Did Ex say Britt was facing Thunder Rosa at the PPV? It's amazing, but not surprising, that Punk v King is already the hottest program in the company! (in all of pro wrestling)? I'm hoping they go full on Hero v Kingston on each other. I'm surprised they went with a straight up Wardlow squash. Best Friends in CHAOS!! The tag match was what people think "AEW style" is, but it was the only match on the show worked that way. Main event was also maximalist pro wrestling, but very much a contrast to the tag match. I wonder if those huge Brainbusters were meant as a tribute to Arn and Tully? Great go-home Dynamite and Rampage is gonna be hawt, too. I don't think I'd like FTR's theme at all, out of context... but in context I mark out like Pavlov's frothing dogs every time I hear it. I didn't think it was possible to be MORE hyped up for Full Gear... but here we are.
  15. It reminds me, on a larger scale, of Kuuga (Asian Cooger) in Osaka Pro. He's legitimately my friend. I used to sit in a group of people who are all his friends and we were friends with each other through him. I used to sit right next to a happy loving couple who are still together, who were introduced to one another by Kuuga. And we would boo him like crazy and he'd curse us and spit at us. When Eddie Kingston came to Osaka Pro with Chikara, he never broke character. He was always a mean, angry bastard, in and out of the ring. And we never stopped booing him and cheering for whoever he was fighting. And I know for a fact that he loved it here, and he knows for a fact that we loved watching him fight. The proof is right there in that video he posted a while back. He still has the "Please come back" letter we gave him. How can we not boo this man?
  16. Thank you for the heads up, Matt! It's a crazy week, so I might have missed that. I LOVED the strap comes down/strap goes back up and double roll/diving hot tag bits. Legit made me laugh out loud. Between this and what Kingston wrote about him, I am really starting to like Cody again. (As distinct from being intrigued by him apparently trying to pull off "lawful good unintentional heel" and/or being concerned that he maybe gave himself a serious concussion). I also loved Tazz on commentary, particularly him musing about how the purple socks might indicate that Fuego dos has ties to the Dark Order, and making a Ding Dongs reference. Got a kick out of Comoroto using the Polish Hammer (and the single arm gorilla press) as well. It's a nice feeling that people here know each other's tastes so well that we can make such specific and accurate recommendations. You hit the nail on the head with this one. Exactly my cup of tea.
  17. I see the tarps in the stands/Time to find out: Where are the fans??
  18. My boy Kuishinbo in Gatoh Move??? Yeah, of course. Who is a better fit for ChocoPro?
  19. That was a really fun main event. I'm happy they mostly just let those two guys go rather than overdoing the extracurriculars. I think Bunny and Red Velvet should eventually do a mutual respect story and team up as: Full Gear is looking INSANE!! Kenny v Hangman Bryan v Miro DMD v Tay FTR v Lucha Bros IC v MotY & ATT Punk.v Kingston JE & Christian v Supercliq MJF v Darby
  20. Yeah for sure! He's lost all credibility. Is anyone excited for Miro v Danielson? No! Not a single person. What a shame they've blown it with Miro already. And how is anyone supposed to take a guy like Sammy seriously as champ? He doesn't look like he's ever taken a steroid. Sure, he's handsome, talented, charismatic... but this is 2021. Nobody cares about anything but size these days. Get with the times, Tony Khan!
  21. I got my blood test results back today and for the first time since I moved to Japan I have no numbers in any kind of danger zone. My red blood cell count is "high normal" (it's usually well into the red zone) and everything else - including blood sugar and all the related markers - is right smack dab in the middle of normal (which, in Japan is a pretty strict and narrow range). I gave blood two weeks ago, so those results - possibly the best I have ever had - came after five weeks of dieting. (Or, one week of protein fasting followed by four weeks of chicken, eggs, yogurt, fish, avocados, lots of fruit and veggies, oatmeal, and fermented foods like miso and umeboshi with just one "no restrictions meal" per week). Gives me an extreme boost of confidence that I am on the right track.
  22. Eddie Kingston and CM Punk face to face confrontation TBS Women’s Championship Tournament – Round 1: The Bunny vs. Red Velvet. I think the winner faces Jade? Will anyone have Velvet's back vs Bunny & Ford? John Silver vs. Adam Cole And I honestly think that's it for announced matches and segments. I'd have to imagine Cole is further up the AEW hierarchy than Silver, but will Cole be suffering after-effects from the con-chair-to?? Also, one thing that can definitely make a Bay Bay cry is being Hungee... so you never know. Kind of assuming that some Elite vs Dark Order -> Kenny vs Hangman extracurriculars will arise out of this match at some point. I just thought about the possibility of watching Darby bump for Keith Lee in three months or so. In my opinion, that could be fun.
  23. I was wondering if he might pull that playbook out of his enormous bag of tricks. Chop down the giant oak by kicking his (massive) thigh again and again and again. Stick and move... Damn, man! How great is this going to be. Miro has absolutely mastered the magic trick of making the other guy look like a credible threat while simultaneously looking dominant. Bryan was born to play the role of a believable David in a David vs Goliath match. Bryan's run of MOTYC v Kenny, v MiSu, v Kingston has set the bar insanely high. Miro worked magic against Darby, Uno, Dante, Pillman, Big Shotty, Fuego, Sammy... Kingston!! Pretty hard to keep my expectations in check for this one.
  24. Is anyone gonna bitch that Kenny gave Angels too much in this match? I like how they positioned this as a continuation of that story. I got legit goosebumps during the Mox chant. I thought that was a really effective promo from Punk. I think all of the promos and segments really landed well today. I think Dan Lambert might be a lot of fun in the Bobby Heenan role! Silver vs Cole sounds like fun. Full Gear is looking great. Obviously, very much looking forward to Miro vs Bryan.
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