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  1. Any word on whether he used the Blue Thunder Driver, the Exploder '98, or the Sternness Dust to finish off the belt?
  2. Better sit down before you read the results! What a shocker! So much for there being no surprises Also kinda shocking: they drew nearly 3000 people.
  3. Wow! No Akebono and no Go... that's rough. Maybe Zeus really does have a chance now... My friend Yuji Tsuruta was going to get us free tickets for the finals in Osaka... but in an amazing bit of news he was just offered the chance to go on the road with AJPW as part of the ring crew. I'm stoked for him, so much so that I don't even mind that I won't be getting free tickets for the show now. I was looking forward to seeing Zeus (and Bodyguard, who might be getting a singles match now because of the injury/illness situation) backstage, since I haven't seen them for a couple of months and since I think it would have blown their minds to see me back there... but there will be other opportunities for me to make some new stories to tell. This opportunity for Yuji might be a once-in-a-lifetime bit of perfect timing. As I said, I'm really happy for him. Can you see the resemblance to his father?
  4. Thanks for the picture. He's an excellent pro wrestler and an amazing person, genuinely unique... one of a kind. He always went out of his way to make me feel welcome n Osaka. I wish him nothing but the best in his new life.
  5. It's Fuchi's 40th Anniversary! Happy Anniversary, Fuchi!
  6. It's hot here in the summer, brother! I think your scenario is more likely... but since I'm most likely going to the finals (courtesy of my friend Yuji) and since I'm a huge Zeus mark, I am honestly pulling for him vs. Suwama or Akebono in the final. Zeus could absolutely be a star for AJPW if the use him right, he's got charisma to burn, and a one-in-a-million look, and he can really go in the ring. Also: This was how Zeus looked after the Big Guns Vs. Go and Taniguchi tag match at the March 2011 charity show in Kobe. Shiozaki did that to his chest. Edit: Actually likely finals prediction: Probably the winner of Akiyama vs Go against the winner of Suwama vs. 'Bono, since those matches are both scheduled for the Osaka show.
  7. I know I'm too late, but I'm calling this: B block #1: Zeus. A Block #1: Akebono. The chance to witness a 'Bono vs. Zeus final will be enough to draw over 4000 people to Bodymaker. I'm not kidding. As I said, I know I'm too late, but I think I deserve a prize if I'm right. I don't think anyone else predicted anything close to this. ZEY-OOS! ZEY-OOS! ZEY-OOS!
  8. Me, too, pretty much. I haven't really been into WWE since 2004 or so... but Mania and RAW have got me personally invested in it again. Bret as champ, Benoit as champ, and now Bryan as champ... I guess it all comes down to every time an undersized guy whose name begins with B rises to the top I get drawn back in again.
  9. Gordberg


    Now tell me... Who are you? I... AM... It doesn't matter what your name is!
  10. I love South Park, and I love old-school RPGs, so this game is aimed straight at my heart... And so far it hits the bulls-eye. This has the potential to be my favourite RPG since Disgaea.
  11. As insults go, you'd have to think that "Banana nosed" would work for HHH every bit as well as it worked for Flair.
  12. RIP Billy Robinson. Arguably the greatest gaijin wrestler ever to work in Japan, and arguably the toughest old bastard to ever lace up a pair of boots.
  13. Maybe the toughest man to ever lace up a pair of boots, and certainly one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. It's a sad day.
  14. It is official: Osaka Pro Wrestling will disband on April 20th.
  15. Ryan: Oddly enough, from my perspective it seems like everything is going right...
  16. Ryan, you are right about that. They survived the loss of Zero and Gaina and MA-G-MA and by the time I had moved here they were thriving again... But the loss of JOKER (Their heel stable) and Kotoge and Harada (Their best young workers) just took too much out of the promotion. Also, the new Arena simply lacked the charm and appeal of the old one. For me in particular, the move from a convenient (for me) location in party central to a less convenient location in a busy shopping area really hurt as well. Kyle, I have been to Okinawa twice. It's REALLY far from where I am (It's a whole other archipelago - you have to take a plane to get there). I LOVE Okinawa. The food, drink, flora, fauna, music,fashion, atmosphere, climate, and pace of life are all completely different from Kansai. First time I went, Okinawa Pro was closed for their annual one-week vacation. Second time, they were in transition from Okinawa Pro to Ryuukuu Dragon Pro Wrestling or whatever it is they are called now. Hopefully, they will be in business and hopefully Apple will be in town the next time I go to Okinawa (Maybe this year, and if not this year definitely next).
  17. About a year ago, Harada moved to NOAH, Kuuga left the company, and Osaka Pro moved to their new arena in Umeda. I am far from the only Osaka Pro hardcore fan who stopped going regularly this past year. Now there has been an announcement that they are closing up the new arena and will only be doing occasional shows. It's hard for me to express how sad I am to hear this news. Osaka Pro Wrestling was such a huge part of my life for the first three years I lived here. I will always treasure the many happy memories I have of the shows and parties and events...
  18. I guess he just changed his Facebook status yesterday, then.
  19. Thank you Kyle. Yuji's tall and naturally strong (he could hang-clean 130 kilos in high school) but he's a basically gentle person. He's more into music and film-making than fighting. I'm sure if he was into it, the guys at AJPW would bend over backwards to make it happen. From the sound of things, he's actually the only one of Jumbo's kids who is even into watching pro wrestling these days.
  20. So... as I was saying when we were so sadly interrupted, life in Japan is pretty much a never-ending series of events so hilarious, awesome, improbable, amazing, and/or insane that you actually have to tone down your stories so as not to make everyone who hears them think you're full of shit and/or hate you because of justifiable envy. OH!saka Pro Wrestling (the kinda toned-down version): So my friend Yuji Tsuruta came out from Kobe to meet me in Umeda and go to his first-ever Osaka Pro Wrestling show. I was talking to him about how Osaka Pro Wrestling is different from AJPW: How it's less violent and not as hard-hitting, much more focused on entertainment, comedy,good-vs-evil, and fast action... and how it's a real family-type atmosphere where you don't just show up with a friend or two and sit in a hall full of strangers, but instead show up and say hello to all of your friends... I was just explaining how we sometimes bring drinks for each other, when my gorgeous friend "California Girl" showed up with a shopping bag full of beer and gave me one, thus perfectly illustrating my point. She offered Yuji one, but he turned it down, thinking he might be expected to pay for it... When I explained that, no, we just often bring bags of drinks and snacks and hand them out to our friends at the show, like a picnic or something... I think at that point Yuji understood what's so special about Osaka Pro. Yuji met Kenji and Kae and AZ and some of my other friends. Driving the point home, Kenji brought beer, too, in giant cans. I was so happy to see my old friends talking happily with my relatively new friend. That wasn't the bizarre "Oh, really, Life In Japan?!?! You're going to go there, now?" moment, though. That was all everyday-awesome stuff, the kind of thing I just about take for granted by now. What knocked this one out of the park in the only-in-Japan department was that Yun Gang Chul, the Korean wrestler who often works for Osaka Pro, chose today to debut his new comedy character: Jumbo Tsuruhashi. So, yeah: On the day my friend Yuji came to his first ever Osaka Pro show, one of the wrestlers worked his whole match as an affectionate tribute to my friend's late father.
  21. *whispers* I'm pretty sure that's not quite how it's meant to be taken... Edit: I just re-read your post, The Z, and now I see that you already knew that. Apparently some people haven't fully picked up on that,though... that's why I'm still whispering.
  22. Thanks, guys! I actually discussed the possibility of making a comeback with some of my Osaka Pro friends, and they were all really supportive (of course) particularly Spider, Harada, and the bodyguard... but I cracked my tailbone practicing flat-back bumps and then I badly bruised my heel and partially crushed my achilles when I switched to arched-back style bumps... So I kinda took that as a sign that my body's just not up for it any more. It would have been a dream come true... but really I was lucky to even have had the chance to take another shot at it at my age (I'm turning 48 tomorrow). I'm more than content just watching the shows now.
  23. If the booking ever requires his team to just get destroyed in every match, I'd be more than happy to lend a hand. I've always thought that "standing on the apron, watching my partner dominate, tagging in, immediately getting demolished, being pinned, and apologizing profusely to my politely-pretending-to-not-be-frustrated-that-this-keeps-happening partner" would be a great role for me. I think Suwama would be pretty damned great in the "Buck up little camper, we'll win the next one!" role, too.
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