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  1. Well, shit. That must really suck sometimes. I can't imagine what that must be like but it doesn't sound like fun. I'm overly ruminative by nature (prone to navel-gazing, as it were) but I think I have control over it, like I seem to be able to turn it off when I've got something to do. Luckily it doesn't seem to keep you from enjoying things that don't set it off. Like, say, Jungle Boy, Hangman Page, and Ricky Starks. Here's to you enjoying the things that you can, to the fullest.
  2. Nice! Looking forward to reading your write-ups, @Casey My request is really very simple this round: Please do not give me any long matches. Nothing over 20 minutes. 15 or less if you could be so kind. It's OK if the video file is over 20, but if the match is over 20 minutes bell to bell my review will be me cursing you out for being an inconsiderate dick. Life in plague times has done a real number on my attention span. I'd prefer to be able to really focus during the match and do it justice in my write-up, so... Also: Definitely pretty please do not give me anything that is even remotely self-consciously epic in the sense that the wrestlers are apparently trying to get five or more stars from Scott Keith or Dave Meltzer. Brawls, big-man bomb fests, little speedy guys flying around, technical wizards twisting each other into pretzels, Japanese ladies laying into each other, blood baths, comedy, matches that tell a story, harrowingly stiff slugfests, Argentinian WTF-fests, literal giants, Mexican minis, very old black and white footage, shooty styley, classic southern formula tag matches, Survival Tobita, El Felino, Lord James Blears, Super Porky, Phil Hickerson, Pimpinella Escarlata, Brian Kendrick, Ashura Hara, One Man Gang, Kantaro Hoshino, Toshiyo Yamada, Alexander Otsuka, Johnny Saint, Koko B. Ware, Shingo... I'm up for pretty much anything and everything just please please please keep it under 20 minutes.
  3. Cutler with the spray, Jericho joking about the crowd singing along to JB's entrance, "Matt Something," 1) You get your ass whooped. 2) You get your ass whooped, Vickie actually wrestling, Sammy' huge dive... WWE Dynamite... but most of all: Those glorious porn staches!! Y'all wish you had facial hair that cool. Goodbye-ah! And-ah! Good Night-ah!!
  4. I will never ever forgive them for leaving off Holy Demon Army, Miracle Violence Combination, and the Florida Brothers!! Yes, I read all of @RIPPA's original post very carefully. Why do you ask? Real talk: I'm pleasantly surprised to see LOD ranked so highly, considering the criteria.
  5. Based on him saying "we are Tranquilos" I think it's safe to assume that is All Elite.
  6. It's Wednesday night! We all know what that means! Let's see if AEW can keep the ball rolling after an excellent Saturday Night Dynamite and very entertaining episodes of Dark Elevation and Dark. As far as I know, there are only four matches announced for the show so far: Young Bucks vs Penta El Zero Miedo & Eddie Kingston It's time to once again suspend our disbelief as two guys who were never good enough to teach beginner's Krav Maga at the strip mall dojo defend their tag team titles. I personally am really enjoying Matt and Nick's run as heel champions; I'm absolutely looking forward to enjoying this match as well. If you prefer being angry about things, which is fine, may I suggest that you put yourself in the mindset where you sincerely expect that there won't be any Elite interference in this one? MIro vs Brian Pillman, Jr. for the TNT Championship Title This should be all kinds of awesome and is the match that I am most looking forward to on this show. Miro is proving himself to be a master of looking like an unstoppable monster while somehow also managing to make the guys he's in there with look strong by being able to hang with him. Think about how hard that balancing act must be. Pillman is approaching late-2019-Darby-like levels of being a likable scrappy underdog that is fun to get behind. This match should play fully into both men's strengths. Britt Baker & Rebel vs Nyla Rose & Vickie Guerrero Does anyone think Vickie is going to wrestle here? I'll actually be surprised if this doesn't turn out to be the AEW debut of Thea Trinidad, or something along those lines. Sammy Guevara vs MJF Nice to see both of these guys getting a singles match! They also match up really well, character-wise. It's pretty likely that interference will factor pretty heavily into this match, as well. I'm excited to see what these guys get up to before the almost-inevitable big brawl. I'm looking forward to Jericho on commentary here. And who knows, maybe the ref will ban everyone else from ringside and they'll just let these two guys go.
  7. So episode 2 of the new season is one of those "theme and variation" type shows, and also one of those "take a sci-fi concept to its most ludicrous extreme" shows. Rick and Morty is good at both of those and they combine well. Last seasons Snake Planet/Time Travel/Terminator episode was along the same lines, and I loved that one. This one didn't hit so hard for me on first viewing, probably because I think about The Terminator a lot but never really think about the implications of making duplicates copies of one's family. Unsurprisingly, Rick making duplicates of the Smith family leads to ever-escalating cycles of insane violence. I found it more interesting than funny on first go. Time will tell if repeat viewings elevate it to Mr. Meeseeks/Rattlestar Ricklactica territory. I think I'll let it sit and marinate for a few days before giving it my first re-watch.
  8. I also thought that Tay dancing with Aubrey was a pretty great moment. JD Drake vs Kaz was a really fun six-minute slugfest. There were a ton of good squashes today as well. Wardlow, Abadon, Hobbs, Archer, Tay... all of them looked pretty great this week (unsurprisingly). Do you folks think that Vary Morales was more influenced by Essa Rios or by Juventud?
  9. That's a pretty great list. Out of guys I don't think you've mentioned, I might add Dusty, Macho, Thunderbolt Patterson, Terry Funk... and Eddie Kingston, who is the only current guy I'd give serious consideration to. He's maybe not known as a great talker, but the single greatest promo I have heard was cut by Archie "The Stomper" Gouldie in Stampede after Bad News Allen beat up Gouldie's son.
  10. I'd have to imagine that AEW are going to want to milk the "Live crowd sings along to Judas" stuff until they have hit more or less every town they are going to hit. I guess you could work it in if Jericho came in on commentary later on the show or something... but my feeling is that there are still quite a few AEW fans who haven't had the opportunity to see a live AEW show yet, and who would like the opportunity to sing along at least once. Also, check out King trying to "gaslight" everyone here (I think this is from after the end of Saturday Dynamite, but they ran it on Dark Elevation today): Man, somebody needs to let him know that "comparing AEW to WWE is the most basic dingdong level of discourse that exists among wrestling fans today, and exists only for small people who don't want to take AEW on its merits." EDIT: Dark Elevation was really enjoyable this week. There were a few funny little things, from Team Tazz basically ignoring Luther to Eddie Kingston dancing at TH2. There were, indeed, more competitive matches than usual this week, perhaps an indication of what the show is going to be like moving forward. The main event, HFO vs DO, Blade vs Chuck (the Battle of the Low-Priced Steaks), Riho vs King, Gunns vs Wingmen, Wheeler Yuta vs. Karl Anderson, and Hikaru Shida vs. Reka Tehaka were all at least fairly competitive. I enjoyed that. More generally, AEW has been bringing in some pretty dammed good bumpers and sellers to do jobs on the YouTube shows. Zicky Dice, The Sea Stars, Jason Hotch, and in particular Chandler Hopkins, just to name a few. I wouldn't mind seeing more of all of them, and also Arik Cannon, and a few others. Maybe some of them can be put into a Bear Country/JD Drake kind of role at some point.
  11. They wear suits and they’re like, ‘We’re cool’.” What more do the writers need to know?
  12. Miro is definitely the one I'd have protecting me. I'd have to imagine that'll be close to consensus. I could see picking Abadon to keep her from attacking... but I don't know if you could trust her to really protect you. Who would you choose?
  13. So we should give some consideration to the humanity of pro wrestlers when we follow their twitter timelines (or whatever. I am not a big social media guy). Hard to disagree. Seems like a good idea. Might it perhaps also make sense to give some consideration to the humanity of pro wrestlers when they are fired by the filthy rich corporate behemoth that they work for? Could we maybe give that a try while we are being so considerate?
  14. Oh baby! Using a meme from 2012 to try and paint someone as out of touch is just beautiful. Also, it's "How Do You Do, Fellow Kids?" Also also, it's generally used to point out that someone is pretending to be part of a subculture that they clearly know nothing about, rather than how you seem to be trying to use it here. I've said it before and it fell on deaf ears but "The Bucks Don't Sell" is rock-solid proof that someone just isn't paying attention. As is claiming that Kenny only works one kind of match. If you can't see how the Jungle Boy match was markedly different from other recent Omega matches than you are either truly blinded by hatred or just slavishly paraphrasing Jim Cornette regardless of what happens. Or both.
  15. I think that was the most I have enjoyed Kenny in the ring since Dominion 6/9/18. They match up about as well as we were all expecting. That crowd was great all night, at least from what I saw (my wife has night shift so I was looking after the girls,but they kindly let me watch the whole main event match without interruption, which I appreciated). Looking forward to watching the replay more closely, but for me at least that championship match totally lived up to my high expectations. I loved seeing Jungle Boy's family's reactions as well.
  16. Yep. You are remembering correctly. Main event of the June 4th Dark. Pretty good match.
  17. I think it's interesting that every announced match is a singles match. I am not sure if this is the first time that's happened on Dynamite. Every match has something you can hang your hat on, in my opinion. Bear Bronson vs. Ethan Page I'm a huge fan of Bear Country. I'm not exactly sold on All Ego just yet. He's obviously a big strong guy but (allow me to step into the wrestling grandpa role here for a moment) he doesn't look like the kind of big strong guy who should be using a Razor's Edge type of manoeuvre as his finisher. If he hits the Ego's Edge on Bronson it will either look great or look stupid and I think that will have a big effect on my opinion of Page moving forward. Either way, I'm stoked for Bear Bronson on Dynamite. Dante Martin vs. Matt Sydal Veteran high flyer vs up and coming high flyer. Sounds good to me. Maybe they'll have Sydal take the youngster down to the mat. I'd be fine with that as well. Kris Statlander vs. The Bunny Aliens vs animals match-ups are always intriguing. Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Hangman Page Both men are big strong and athletic. Hobbs has a clear size and power advantage Page is maybe a little quicker and definitely more experienced. There's all kinds of sub-stories going on with Team Tazz but I hope they let this match go to a clean finish before advancing the angles. Speaking of angle advancement: As @Caseypoints out, a Tully/Konnan confrontation has been announced. I'm always happy for more Tully on my screen. I think that something leading up to MJF and Sammy Guevara's June 30 main event match is planned as well. It wouldn't surprise me to see some advancement in the Darby/Sting/Jerks and Christian/Hardy angles as well. AEW Championship Match: Kenny Omega (c) vs. Jungle Boy I don't want to get anyone's expectations up too high, but I feel like these two might put on an OK match.
  18. And, like, every other guy on the roster is, like, "Grr! I'm intense and I have a beard and, like, the sides of my head are shaved."
  19. I wonder if this is true for anyone else: For me, pandemic life has steered me away from craft beer consumption. I'm almost entirely a social drinker. And, I have literally not been out for a drink with friends since that brief period in July of 2020 where the first State of Emergency was lifted and the curve had not quite started trending back upward again. If I have a beer now, it's because I'm having something like gyouza or curry for dinner and beer goes nicely with that. But, a simple basic lager is just fine for those purposes. As much as I'd like to support the fledgling local Japanese craft beer scene... it's not so fun for me to drink tasty beer by myself. I wanna be all trading sips and opinions and so on, with my wonderful drinking buddies. Trying to enjoy a delicious fancy beer on my own just makes me miss that. Also, I actually get a buzz off of a single beer, now. In 2019, it generally took me five to eight drinks to get any kind of buzz going. I am going to have to be very careful when it's time to start going out again.
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