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  1. I don't wanna be controversial but in my opinion Everett didn't wrestle that match much like Andre.

    Cole vs The Artist Formerly Known As ? was a NASTY opening match. Didn't expect Trent to take so many neck bumps.

    Acclaimed 's diss track video was pretty funny.

    Penelope's braids looked  really nice. As did the alien lady's powerslam and everything she did from the hawt tag through the spider crab.

    Ah one

    Ah two

    Ah skiddly diddly do!



    for the



    MAMA MIA!! That tope/suplex combo, that 4-storey tower suplex... that hawt nearfall!!

    (eeeeeehhhh, that finisher....)

    I predicted fun.


    BOOM! Gordstradamus strikes AGAIN.

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  2. A boy and his dinosaur vs Hungee Silver and Alex Darkorder! A couple of years ago I had no idea who any of these dudes were. Now I know exactly what to expect out of this match-up (Fun. I expect a lot of fun here). Prediction? Johnny pops the crowd big time at least once. I'm not going to predict any bad guy shenanigans from another team wanting a shot at the titles, but don't quote me on that.

    Legit Leyla!!!.(also A Cake and an Alien) vs Three mean ladies. Hirsch has totally gone from "Who?" (not Jim Neidhart) to one of my very favourites in a really short time. Prediction? Suplexes and nose-booping and cake-stirring and some dissention in the babyface ranks. 

    Trent Gothislastnameback vs Adam Bay Bay. I know who these guys are cuz they useta wrestle in Japan. I live in Japan. Have I mentioned that before? Prediction? Stiffness. 

    Shawn Spears vs Andrew Everett. Apparently Everett is making his debut and he wears a single shoulder singlet... and his nickname seems to actually be "the Giant" as in Andrew the Giant... which sets my expectations EXTREMELY high since Andre is in my all time top ten favourites, mostly for how insanely great he was working in Japan but also for a bunch of other stuff. I feel like I'm supposed to already know who Everett is but to be honest I have zero recollection of ever hearing his name before... Though maybe the singlet/nickname stuff is throwing me off? Is he an Impact guy? That would explain it. Don't really have time to get into Impact even though a lot of people say it's pretty good now. 

    Prediction? Most likely some Wardlow/Punk/MJF storyline advancement here. But not necessarily, what with AEW's love of throwing the occasional curve ball.

    Overall: Prediction? FUN!! (And you can quote me on that).


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  3. 10 hours ago, John from Cincinnati said:

    Ding ding ding.

    And as more people don't get renewed and leave the company and tell their stories, which will generate provocative clickbait, this has potential to escalate quickly. 

    It's happening already!

    Here's some provocative clickbait from Matt Cardona: 

    “I loved it. It was super cool. ...everyone was super welcoming. It’s something I definitely needed. Sometimes perception is reality. ...At AEW, it just didn’t work out at the time. There’s so many people there, and there just wasn’t anything for me at the time. No hard feelings, not to say I’ll never be there again because I would love to be. Obviously, there’s no doubt AEW is the place to be.”

    And here's Baron Black escalating things

    “There’s a certain trust level there and I’m very comfortable with everybody there. Everybody is friendly. We’ve been in Jacksonville together for almost over a year, so you get to know everybody, get comfortable, and make friends. There is a certain trust level they have there and I developed a lot of good relationships... I was more than ecstatic when we first went on the road and I was right there in Miami and I was one of the first matches when crowds came back. Our relationship is really good.”

    Bang! Zoom! Feel the zing of John Skyler dropping heavy truth bombs

    “That locker room at AEW was fantastic. Tony Khan was very gracious and kind to me when I was out injured, just to make sure that I was brought back on a regular basis, taken care of, even though I couldn’t wrestle. You know, but the locker room was great. It felt like a real team environment and I had a lot of fun matches there too that I really, really enjoyed like wrestling John Silver, wrestling Orange Cassidy which was probably my favorite match that I’ve had in a long time actually and I never thought in 2021, you know, if you would’ve asked me five years ago, I can’t believe I’m saying that right now. But, that match with Orange Cassidy was great. I got to wrestle my buddies, guys like SCU, it was just a lot of fun.... I was there for almost a year and eight months of that I spent on the shelf injured but, it was just a great experience overall and I think it really showed the world and opened a lot of people’s eyes on just what I’m capable of doing. Whether I have three minutes of TV time or 30 minutes of TV time, I think I kind of showed the world exactly what I’m capable of in terms of being a professional wrestler.”

    And here's Danny Limelight venting his spleen on being relegated to the YouTube shows: 

    “When I was at AEW, I was the go-to guy for big matches on Dark or Elevation. I was in the ring with Kenny Omega. I was in the ring with Jon Moxley. Konosuke Takeshita from DDT Pro. I was in the first-ever Elevation match with Jungle Boy. I was put in very serious matches, big matches, in my opinion. To me, they were big matches. Some people might have thought it was just Dark or Elevation, but to me, I was stepping into the ring with contenders for the championships, I was stepping into the ring with world champions, and I think I got to that point and I was put in those situations because I could deliver at any level with anybody.“

    And Zicky Dice lets us all know what it is really like backstage at AEW: 

    “I had a great time at AEW. It was awesome to be there. They have a great crew behind the scenes and everyone is so kind and polite. The whole vibe there is incredible. I was very grateful to be there. I always get these little goals in my career, little by little, and it’s cool to finally cross those off my list and see where you stand. Back to the drawing board and time to whoop some ass. Doesn’t mean I won’t show up there again. It was Shawn Dean who brought me in. I went and checked out a Nightmare Factory student show, I went to stop by and hang out. A few days later, Shawn Dean hit me up and was like, ‘Hey, want to come through?’ ‘Lets do it.’ I wore a suit in Jacksonville in June and I didn’t take that sucker off. IT WAS HOT! It was a great experience and shortly after that is when MLW reached out and IMPACT, I’ve been working Gallows’ shows Lariato Pro, and Scott (D’Amore) was around there. Everything lined up the way it was supposed to.”

    Good Lord! People are cool and welcoming, there is a comfortable and friendly vibe, they take care of wrestlers when they are injured, build up wrestlers' self-confidence and give them valuable exposure, there's a great crew... it's hot.

    It's amazing they haven't already been taken off the air. 

    (I mean, I remember what happened with Big Swole recently, and it could happen again. And maaayyybbbbeee people are just being polite because they hope to be invited back some day...

    But I was curious and I went looking, and this is legitimately what I found. Seems like most of the people who had a spell in AEW and didn't get a contract enjoyed the experience and are grateful for it and have benefitted from it).

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  4. I get that the first two matches were pretty similar (in that both had a bigger guy trying to punish a smaller guy rather than just going for the win, and both had banana-peel-esque finishes) but to my eyes there was a very clear difference in how Punk was using veteran savvy and experience to combat Wardlow's size and power whereas Dante relied on speed, quickness, and explosive athleticism. That felt like the exact right way to go, in both cases, and in my opinion it made for both a sufficient and a pleasing contrast. 

    I LOVED Punk's selling, and thought the match did a swell job of putting Wardlow over as a beast, MJF as a dickhole, and Punk as a warrior.

    AEW once again showed respect for the intelligence of their audience, in that they know that we know about Cole and Baker and didn't need to make a big deal about it.

    Even though I'd normally say that a Bay Bay and a Dentist make for an odd match, them vs an Alien and an Orange is a natural match-up, one of the oldest stories in the book. 

    reDRagon vs the Bucks, and likely a six-man when Kenny returns, is something to look forward to. I feel the same about Jericho vs Kingston, as I think that match-up could bring the best stuff out of Jericho that we've seen in a while. FTR vs El Hijo del Double A, too! Got a big kick out of Arn and Tully's tough guy handshake.

    I'm always happy to see Bear Country. If I had the book, Dynamite would be mainly built around them, JD Drake, and Legit Leyla. And Lulu pencil.

    And the American Dragon Iron Man Challenge Series.

    Even though I don't mind when dudes who are way way way smaller than me win matches, hold titles, and get pushed, I very much enjoyed all of the Big Hoss Clubbering that AEW gifted us with this week. I knew I wouldn't be alone in that, on these boards. 

    I enjoyed seeing Matt Hardy hit a moonsault! Not because MOOVZ! but.. just cool to see that he still has it in him. 

    I feel like I oughta complain about something, for the sake of balance, but I have been marking out all week. Maybe my threshold for joy is a little low? Maybe Pro Wrestling is pretty great? Maybe a little from column A, a little from column B?

    Oh, I know! I really wanted Maki Itoh to run in for the save during the Shida beat-down. Enough so that I was almost bummed out when it didn't happen. 

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  5. 13 hours ago, Krone Meltzer said:

    Are there any matches of the Bucks you can recall off the top of your head from AEW where this is prevalent? I'd like to go back and re-watch it to see what you're talking about to have a better understanding. 

    It's not from AEW, but here is some rock-solid evidence that The Young Bucks have always been primarily interested in getting themselves over as if they were the Road Warriors:


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  6. CM Punk vs. Wardlow - This is part of the long-term story leading up to CMP vs MJF, but, personally, I am more excited for this match than for where it's all heading. Maybe Punk and Friedman will talk me into being more hyped for their eventual match, eventually, but for now: I love me a good David vs Goliath match and this has the potential to be a great David vs Goliath match. Hopefully Shawn Spears doesn't directly figure into the finish here. 

    Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Dante Martin - Speaking of potentially great David vs Goliath matches!!

    Hikaru Shida vs. Serena Deeb - I don't think I'll ever get tired of watching these two fight. They match up really well. I love Shida, but I'm hoping Deeb wins here to take their series to 2-2 and keep the rivalry going.

    Interim TNT Championship Match: Sammy Guevara (c) vs. Daniel Garcia - More of a David vs David match? Is that a thing? 

    They have set this up really well with Garcia running in after the classy show of respect between Sammy and Dustin at BotB, then Sammy running in to stop Garcia from injuring Fuego on Dark today. Another potentially great match, another potentially great show. 

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  7. JD Drake vs Orangey Boy was a GREAT YouTube match! I loved everything about it, from the Wingmen in disguise working as goons, to the (apt) Rayo de Jalisco reference, to Orange folding to the mat after a single big chop, to the sublime bodyslam based storytelling. You can have your Danielson vs Page and Nakajimmy vs Go matches. Give me more Drake vs Orange!! The only things keeping me from recommending it for the list was that JD's heel heat couldn't match Cassidy's massive face pops, presumably because the big man is just too lovable, and that I wish they'd go back to Drake's original Dick Murdoch style ring gear which was perfect for him. On the other hand, the way Orange sold for the ring rope ricochet strike on the outside, and the way he got all fired up after finally hitting the slam were perfect YouTube pro wrestling.

    I'm also loving Powerhouse just Road Warrior squashing dudes and using the torture rack as his finisher. 

    And Fuego vs Garcia was an excellent, all-action set-up for the Sammy title match.

    And: JB making the tag while diving out of the ring!!!

    I also liked that: 


    None of the "eliminator" matches led to title shots. It sets it up for it to feel like a bigger deal when somebody does win one. It also contribute to keeping future "Riho vs DMD" level eliminator matches from feeling like too much of a foregone conclusion. 

    Supremely enjoyable show overall. 102 minutes just flew by.

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  8. 7 hours ago, just drew said:

    To each their own I suppose. I like stories in my matches too. But when the story is “I’m going to undermine my opponents offense and damage their credibility for the sake of mugging to the camera,” it gets tiresome. But do you, man.

    Whereas you constantly bitching and moaning about The Young Bucks remains eternally fresh and interesting. 😉

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  9. 1 hour ago, John from Cincinnati said:

    A Dustin-Cody rematch would rule ass, but Sammy’s on a higher tier and this is clearly a kick the can down the road move. Huge blow for the special, but that’s the way with everything right now. Match should be very good. 

    My thoughts exactly. I mean, obviously Sammy is gonna win... But it's good to know that I'm not the only one who sure wouldn't mind if they swerved us and we got Dustin vs Cody again.

    purely in terms of potential match quality, I don't feel like Sammy vs Dustin is a downgrade at all.

    Also: "Hookamania is running wild!" got a legit lol outa me. 

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  10. Wrestle Kingdom Night Two had a world title match with astounding athleticism, great storytelling, reversals of moves and clever  callbacks to previous matches, intensity and drama. It also had a dude getting legit hurt doing table/ladder stunt spots. 

    Dynamite had a world title match with astounding athleticism, great storytelling, reversals of moves and clever callbacks to previous matches, intensity and drama. It also had a dude getting legit injured doing a table spot.

    I love pro wrestling. I wish they'd lean more on the storytelling and less on the spectacular stunts.

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  11. I am 56 years old. There are things that kinda suck about that. I have to watch what I eat now, for example.

    But, in some ways, I think I was very lucky indeed to be born in 1965.

    I can remember a time when, if I wanted to go out with my friends on Friday night we had to start phoning each other on Monday, and if three friends said that Friday at 7 was fine but the fourth one had to work, it would start a long game of "telephone tag" trying to reorganize everything. I can remember when, if the restaurant or bar we were going to was full but one friend hadn't arrived yet, it was a serious dilemma. Do we move on and ditch our friend? How long should we wait before figuring that something happened and they just aren't coming? Is there a working payphone around here? Anyone got a quarter?

    So, to me, something as simple and basic as owning a cell phone is a real cause for joy. I have lived long enough that I really appreciate how much more convenient it makes life (though it also messes with our privacy and makes it harder to lie about missing a call... every silver lining has its cloud).

    I live in a world where, if I want something but there isn't a store near me that sells the thing I want, I can pretty much always have it brought to my door tomorrow (or at the worst in a couple of weeks if it's a knockoff t-shirt that needs to be shipped from China). 

    I can remember when we got, like, half an hour of cartoons after school on weekdays and a full slate on Saturday morning and afternoon (which I missed, because I went to the YMCA for judo and swimming and weightlifting and stuff instead), and like Peanuts specials and Winnie the Pooh on holidays or whatever. I can remember when, if I couldn't see a movie in the one or two weeks it was in one of two local cinemas, I wouldn't see it until a year or so later on TV, with all the swears and blood and sex cut out.

    So my cheap Amazon tablet is basically magic to me. My girls can watch pertmuch any cartoon they could ever want to see whenever they want to, as long as papa has Wi-Fi access. And while they enjoy that, they don't really appreciate it. Why would they? Their world has always been like that! 

    What I'm saying is, I feel lucky to be old enough to understand how much easier all of this affordable technology makes my life. To be young enough to be able to use it, but old enough to remember what life was like before it existed.

    So, what does that have to do with pro wrestling? 

    Have you already guessed? If you are my generation of fan, you probably have.

    I started watching wrestling (Vancouver All Star, featuring Gene Kiniski and Don Leo Jonathan) when I was four years old. I saw my first Japanese pro wrestling match in the "green room" at a taping of Vancouver All Star Wrestling (which no longer featured Gene or Don Leo) in, I think, 1986. It was the beginning of a life-long obsession. 

    I can remember, as can many of us, when there was one, local, pro wrestling show on TV every week. And if you missed it, you never got to see it. Then, when I was old enough to drive, and work, I got a job at a video rental place and saved up and bought a used VCR and then I could actually watch the shows that I missed, which was amazing. The I got a second used VCR and could start making, and trading, compilation tapes with my friends from the New York based wrestling magazine that I wrote for.

    And, eventually, 15 or 20 years down the road, there was a whole network of tape traders and then DVD makers, and message boards where you could meet other obsessive nerds, people who actually watched and wanted to talk about Japanese wrestling and Mexican wrestling and stuff from the territories... and it was amazing

    And now we can pretty much watch anything we want, even shows from across the world live as they are happening. It's magic. It's legitimately a dream come true. In fact, it's incredibly far beyond anything I could have possibly dreamed of in 1986. I've got hours and hours of wrestling in perfect video quality on a tiny chip in my cheap Amazon tablet. I can watch wrestling on the train to work. I can watch Danielson vs Page today, even though I live in Japan, and discuss it immediately with other obsessive nerds from all over the world.

    I feel really lucky that I'm old enough to appreciate how amazing that is. I am happy that I don't take it for granted, and hope that I never will. 

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  12. Oh boy are we getting a lot of professional wrestling this week.

    Elevation and Dark were both excellent.

    Wrestle Kingdom suffered somewhat due to the lack of gaijin outsiders and the crowd having to be quiet, but Okada vs Shingo, Hiromu vs Despy, the tag title match, Cobb vs Naito, and the Night Two main event all totally delivered, the Ranbo and KOPW matches were fun, they had a joshi match in the Dome, and Katsuyori Shibata looked great...

    and now:

    American Dragon vs No Longer Quite So Anxious Millennial Cowboy, part two!!!!!!!!

    Even after watching that much wrestling the last couple of days, I am as stoked as it is possible to be, for this. I am sure I am far from the only one feeling that way.

    Ruby vs Jade!!!!!

    Which is your favourite gemstone? Also: Who will be the inaugural TBS Women’s Champion? I really don't know. This could go either way.

    JE vs LB!!!

    Three title matches on free TV. I'm stoked for all three. I'm not sure who will win any of them.

    I am happy.

    Malakai vs El Hijo del Flyin' Brian!!!

    I have a pretty strong suspicion about who will win this one. I'm still pretty stoked for it, anyway.

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  13. AEW Dark: New Year's Bash

    It's been hella fun to have the time to watch these "live" and write them up. Back to the grind next week, though. Very nice to have SO MUCH pro wrestling to watch while I've got some time off.

    I really enjoyed Night One of Wrestle Kingdom as well. Except for 


    The EVIL match. Which sucked. My least favourite current NJPW guy beat my absolute favourite guy, with shit tons of tiresome BC BS.

    On the other hand, the last three matches all delivered (Okada vs Shingo was exactly what you'd expect. Hiromu vs Despy was surprisingly compact and decisive, and Despy's gear was very cool). Also, the Ranbo was fun and the surprises were pretty great.

    And now AEW's giving us a nice breakfast buffet before the huge feast of Night Two (for which I am properly pumped up after last night).

    The number “5” vs. Tony's Niece: Jacksonville atmosphere is just great. Crowd loves 5, hates Nese. "The Premier Athlete" is a bad nickname and the running knee in the corner is an underwhelming finisher... but otherwise Nese has been excellent in his role in AEW so far, in my opinion.

    Dreamgirl Ellie vs. Dark Order’s Anna Jay (w/Tay Conti & -1): Anna's got everyone's respect now, including mine, after that street fight. Her shiny pink gear and Ellie's baby blue gear made for a pleasing visual contrast. Nice short match to keep Anna heated up.

    Rolando Perez, Austin Green, & Donnie Primetime vs. The Rockabilly Kip Family Band: "You're not gonna get over in the business with a name like Austin" 😆 "Low hanging fruit, pun intended" 😆 Dad wearing an "Ass Boys" t-shirt 👍

    Marina Shafir vs. Valentina Rossi: Love Shafir's violin entrance music and take-her-time entrance! Unique. This match was very "Settle down, Gordlow." Shafir's finisher was cool, too. I hope Shafir gets signed, too! Sign all the awesome people, AEW!

    Bobby Fish vs. Ryzin: I love when AEW gives us a "no-nonsense" vs "a fair amount of nonsense" match-up like this one. Though, maybe, Fish's facial hair is also "some nonsense"?

    “Legit” Leyla Hirsch, Kris Statlander, & Red Velvet vs. Renee Michelle, Sofia Castillo, & Marina Tucker: Castillo's big hair and yellow tiger stripe gear is an awesome 80s combo! They did a darn fine job of continuing the Legit vs Nose Booper storyline. I wonder if they'll pay that off on YouTube or on one of the main shows. I'll be happy either way. Love watching both of them work.

    Jamie Hayter vs. Madi Wrenkowski: It made me happy that Madi got a chant. Hayter's really good at projecting meanness and intensity in the ring. The second-to-last bump Wrenkowski took there looked pretty nasty.

    Chandler Hopkins vs. Dante Martin: So. Much. Fun.

    Ho Ho Lun vs. Sammy Guevara: Liked the attempt to get a Ho Ho chant going. Sammy's knee strikes looked great, and finishing things with a crossrhodes was a nice touch.

    Team Taz’s Powerhouse Hobbs vs. The Dark Order's Colt Cabana (with The Negative One): Another really good YouTube show main event, but totally different from Lethal vs Hollywood. Love the torture rack finish.

    The Wingmen’s JD Drake (w/ Cezar Bononi) vs. Varsity Blonds’ Brian Pillman Jr.

    OOOHHHH! JD Drake in the Main Event!

    Where he belongs.

    Pabst Blue Ribbon style JD Drake shirt! Awesome! And he used it to choke out el hijo del perro amarillo! Doubly awesome!

    OK so THAT was another really good YouTube show main event, but totally different from Lethal vs Hollywood.

    Now gym time, play with my daughters time, and feast on more pro wrestling time. Life is good to me, so far.


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  14. 5 minutes ago, Gordlow said:

    I know you're just kidding, and I don't want to put to fine a point on it, and maybe this doesn't need to be said, but:

    I love that you watch and understand pro wrestling "differently" from me. To oversimplify, I think my more "childlike" broad-strokes, just enjoy everything (that doesn't offend or bore or frustrate me) as much as possible, and your more "academic" detail-intensive, analytical approach are both totally valid ways to get really into pro wrestling. 

    Also you are super-good at putting your thoughts into words on a page, so it really helps me deepen and broaden my appreciation of our shared hobby (obsession?)

    I don't quite get people who seemingly "enjoy" approaching pro wrestling with a full set of preconceived "these things suck" notions and repeatedly pointing out every time one of those things happen, as if to show how "refined" their hipster sensibilities are. I REALLY don't get folks whose approach is to fantasy book or "fantasy run the entire company" and then moan (or - amusingly - get angry) when what happens is what is different from what they would prefer to see. (Although I'm sure we're all at least a little bit guilty of both of those approaches from time to time).

    I very much appreciate anyone who watches with an open mind and can write about what they liked and didn't like and what they wish had been done better, which is obviously different from "just looking for stuff to complain about."

    TL/DR: please, have at 'er w/r/t too many cartwheels etc. etc. I'm looking forward to reading it.



    how about this?


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  15. 27 minutes ago, Matt D said:

    @GordlowExcuse me while I throw away all my carefully compiled notes on big boot cut offs and cartwheels and flatliner variations.

    I don't want to put to fine a point on it, and maybe this doesn't need to be said, but:

    I love that you watch and understand pro wrestling "differently" from me. To oversimplify, I think my more "childlike" broad-strokes, just enjoy everything (that doesn't offend or bore or frustrate me) as much as possible, and your more "academic" detail-intensive, analytical approach are both totally valid ways to get really into pro wrestling. 

    Also you are super-good at putting your thoughts into words on a page, so it really helps me deepen and broaden my appreciation of our shared hobby (obsession?)

    I don't quite get people who seemingly "enjoy" approaching pro wrestling with a full set of preconceived "these things suck" notions and repeatedly pointing out every time one of those things happen, as if to show how "refined" their hipster sensibilities are. I REALLY don't get folks whose approach is to fantasy book or "fantasy run the company" and then moan when what happens is what is different from what they would have done. (Although I'm sure we're all a little bit guilty of both of those approaches from time to time.

    I very much appreciate anyone who watches with an open mind and can write about what they liked and didn't like and what they wish had been done better, which is obviously different from "just looking for stuff to complain about."

    TL/DR: please,have at 'er w/r/t too many cartwheels etc. etc.

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  16. Looks like they changed the name of Dark:Elevation to just "Elevation" which is a change I can get behind!

    AEW Elevation: Tuesday January 4th (Japan time)

    Riho vs. Valentina Rossi: Rossi is impressively tall and athletic. Riho looked good selling for her, and then looked really good making her comeback. Anyone complaining about Riho's "floaty physics" is not actually paying attention.

    JP Harlow vs. Andrade El Idolo: Harlow has a great "80s jobber, but fit" goofy kind of look, with enough athleticism to make his reversals look believable. Andrade's finish looked very nasty.

    Megan Bayne vs. Leila Grey: Bayne's entrance was great. Right up there with Andrade's. She has a great look (like a glamorous Amazon, if you will). And she does a pump kick, so she fits in with the rest of AEW's women!

    Scorpio Sky (w/ Dan Lambert) vs. Ray Jaz: Jaz is another in the string of memorable jobbers, with a cauliflower ear and some nice amateur wrestling moves. It's fun to see Lambert on the YouTube shows.

    I wonder if the folks complaining that AEW has signed too many people watch the YouTube shows. If you wanna see more dudes wrestle, and in particualr if you wanna see more ladies wrestle, it's not hard to do. It's also free. And you can skip the stuff that doesn't interest you if you don't watch it "live" (but, watching live, I'm pleasantly surprised by how interesting it all is).

    Mike Orlando & Shayne Stetson vs. John Silver & Alex Reynolds (w/ The Negative One): John Silver is over like Grover driving a Land Rover through a field of fresh clover. Deservedly so. "He looks nothing like the Green Lantern" 😆

    Jake Atlas vs. Serpentico: No Luther 😢My first time seeing Atlas. Hopefully it won't be my last. He is obviously good. I guess if he gets signed it's a tragedy since AEW already has too many really good pro wrestlers. "Stan Hansen is pisssed!" 😆

    Angelina Risk vs. Skye Blue: I'm happy with Skye Blue getting a YouTube push! Risk managed to show a lot of personality. Is anyone gonna complain about cartwheels in two matches in a row? I sure hope so!

    Jay Lethal vs. Troy Hollywood: Cartwheels in three matches in a row! I hope somebody got fired for that blunder! Carlos Colon and Rene Lasartesse are rolling over in their graves!

    Plus, AEW owes me a monocle. Mine popped out so hard it rolled under the fridge.

    Hollywood got a chant (also deservedly so)! This was a great YouTube main event match.

    Seriously, the YouTube shows are just chock full of good wrestlers doing good wrestling. If that's what you wanna see, AEW's gonna give you all you can handle and then some.

    Also, if you wanna keep up with all the story lines, watch Being the Elite. I don't have time to watch everything every week, but I like and respect that AEW rewards their true hardcore fans by giving away so much worthwhile free content.

    This was a hell of a nice appetizer before tonight's Wrestle Kingdom buffet. What a week this is going to be! Elevation (Jake Atlas debut). Wrestle Kingdom Night One (Shibata. Hiromu vs Despy. Shigo vs Okada...). AEW Dark:Just Dark. Wrestle Kingdom Night 2 (Naito vs Cobb, Tana vs KENTA...). AEW Dynamite (Dragon vs Cowboy 2!!!) (and Jade vs Ruby, etc.). AEW Rampage (Kingston, Santana, & Ortiz vs 2point0 & Garcia, No Holds Barred) Wrestle Kingdom Night 3 (NJPW vs NOAH). AEW Battle of the Belts (Riho vs DMD, and also Sammy vs Cody rematch). 



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  17. For those of us in Japan, a schedule for the remainder of this week (hope I have  the times right):

    Tuesday Jan 4th: 9am AEW Dark Elevation (Jake Atlas debut). 5 pm Wrestle Kingdom Night One (Shibata. Hiromu vs Despy. Shigo vs Okada...)
    Wednesday January 5th: 9 am (I think) AEW Dark:Just Dark. 5 pm Wrestle Kingdom Night Two (Naito vs Cobb, Tana vs KENTA...)
    Thursday January 6th: 10 am AEW Dynamite (BRYAN VS PAGE II !!!) (and Jade vs Ruby in The Battle of the Gemstones...)  
    Friday: Come on, Pro Wrestling! What the hell are we supposed to do with ourselves on Friday?
    Saturday January 8th: 12 noon: AEW Rampage (Kingston, Santana, & Ortiz vs 2point0 & Garcia, No Holds Barred) 5 pm: Wrestle Kingdom Night Three (NJPW vs NOAH) (with, somehow, zero true dream matches, but on the other hand my boy Kotoge gets a singles match!)
    Sunday January 9th: 10 am AEW Battle of the Belts (Riho vs DMD)

    Out of all of that, I think I'm most excited for Dragon vs Cowboy Shit part two. But there's something to mark out hard for every day. Except Friday.

    (Those of us outside of Japan can enjoy the same feast of pro wrestling, though dates and times may differ in certain cases).

    2022 feels like a pretty great year to be a wrestling fan, so far!

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