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  1. Sabian seems to be set up with the Hybrid 2, haven't they had a couple of 6-mans together? No idea how Spears and Sabian will link up, though I would like to see Sabian move up the depth chart a bit, he's impressed me so far.
  2. I agree on the schedule being good, the problem is the tag divisions really suck, which makes the tag leagues kinda meh as well. The issues isn't so much the leagues but how poor the tag division is treated. With how many guys are stuck on the ceiling in NJPW where they're really good but not good enough to be IC/IWGP-level, they could be doing great things with the tag division. EVIL/SANADA vs Tekkers should have been a lot bigger deal than it was.
  3. NJPW has felt pointless the last 2 years from the end of the G1 to WK. I unsubbed this year after October , not even Taichi-Naito could make me pay for November. I'll resub in January and go to at least BOSJ (I like BOSJ more than G1, BOSJ is more unpredictable)
  4. I thought Zack and Taichi would do better in the polls than Minoru and Archer, even if the Tekkers are the underlings.
  5. Who do you stick him with then? None of the other heels need him. If they bring more guys in later, Spears would slot in just fine as a lieutenant or gatekeeper to the real threat. The problem with Tully is kinda good one to have, and that is most of the heels in AEW are good talkers, or are in groups where someone can already talk for them. If Hager would split off from Inner Circle, Tully would be great for him, but Hager's the one guy I despise in AEW.
  6. To establish that there are rankings. I really would want to see an AEW version of the G1 at some point.
  7. Samael given his age, I'd love to see him transition to being the new Skandar Akbar, Contra Unit is kinda a reskinned Devastation Inc. anyways.
  8. Excalibur is an ex-wrestler so he'd probably be ok. You were allowed to lose fights to wrestlers. Watts would probably think Havoc was the ref anyways.
  9. I thought it was that + avoiding hurting himself. Sting relaxed the Scorpion when he was in TNA for that reasons.
  10. AEW might have a problem- people are getting mad at Jericho for embracing Trump Jr today on his podcast, which might also bring out some of the things Hager said recently that were rather bigoted (he went on a huge anti-LGBT spiel recently) Given the nature/age of AEW's fanbase, they might get a real backlash or some nasty chants tomorrow.
  11. They could always up the importance of the tag belts to main event a show, at least get them to the level of the NEVER belt. The IC belt could be retired, and probably should be.
  12. Could Kip Sabian wrestle that holds style, or at least hold his own in that style? That said, the Elite as a general rule is terrible at that style of wrestling, which might be why it isn't shown much in AEW.
  13. So stoked to see Muta near here in three weeks. No idea if he's in action or not, but he'll be here. (He's the major star at Wrestlecade)
  14. AEW really needs to pluck Hammerstone at some point. Halladay wouldn't be bad either. MJF gonna need running buddies at some point. I think it would be cool if AEW sent guys to MLW to get experience in.
  15. The boomers is pretty much who they seem to have left at this point. The younger demographic is flocking to AEW.
  16. I don't think Lethal's going to be in the MLW locker room.
  17. I still think it's kinda small, they need a few more folks to rotate in, but it's fine for this year. They'll be getting reinforcements next year.
  18. Some folks are natural heels but still great babyfaces. Austin being a great example of this. Cody isn't an Austin or Flair, but he's still pretty good.
  19. Why are folks discounting Cody and MJF turning on others, with Cody and MJF doing a Festival of Friendship type thing for a year or two? Also would love to see MJF try to weasel a title shot out of Jericho and try to win it before Cody does in the cheapest way possible- but have Jericho got know all MJF's tricks (kinda like the Jay White/Suzuki match from G1 2018 which was an awesome badass heel beats up shitbag heel feeling himself too much match)
  20. JR did hurt the Juice/Jay White match a good bit IMO in 2018.
  21. Daga in AEW is something I could live with.
  22. Has AEW even established that rule? I wouldn't be surprised if AEW allows belts to change on countouts but not DQs like NJPW does.
  23. I'm guessing they either didn't know or thought it was just his gimmick (I thought it was just his gimmick). Also a lot more casual fans, when the attendence drops it's going to be the more hardcore fans showing up, and they might be the folks who really don't like TERFs. (AEW does seem to have a decent-sized LGBT following) Also, when the newness wears off, folks gonna realize he's the same mediocre talent. Also next week they're adding another guy I really don't like in QT Marshall.
  24. I thought exoticos still identified as male? I would use him for Sonny Kiss unless he listed otherwise. No pronouns in twitter bio. Also TERF rhetoric will not go over well with the AEW crowd, and I wouldn't be shocked if Hager ends up with go-away heat the same way Elgin would. I'm betting Hager will be their first big miss on a talent and if they push he will be their first real misstep.
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