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  1. Even though I liked the cage match- Cena did come off as an idiot in the match for trying to escape, but I bought that is Cena being stupid due to Wyatt in his head- so I bought it as pro wrestling. This is especially true as Cena is a Bill Watts babyface in the mold of Sting, and well, Sting is the poster child for main-event babyface stupidity. (And sting to me was the next step from Bill Watts)
  2. Show's over now. Evo/Shield and Wyatt/Cena were real good, Barrett/Big E and the midgets were good, nothing else really impressed (missed Paige match)
  3. Yeah they did but I think it was after he left. Give the credit to Eric Embry?
  4. alstein

    RAW 4/28

    I wonder if that injury was legit and caused some of that. Didn't make sense to have an injury angle there, and it did look like he landed awkwardly. Also no work on the leg , if it was part of the match- they would have done some legwork. (This is kinda bad on all four of them though- they should all know better)
  5. I don't think anyone can get away with that these days. He needs something really ominous though. and so glad Barrett is getting another push, I think Barrett is so good (I probably overrate him because I've always loved guys like him in-ring), They need to give Barrett a face fun sometime, I think he'd be so much better as a face. I do think Evolution needs a new "Randy"-type young lion to complete the group right now. Bo Dallas could work in that role.
  6. Well Sting and Rick Rude to name two. . . Those two weren't meh outside of their great runs. Well Sting's been meh the last couple of years, but he's over 50, so he gets a pass on it. Sting's great run was like 89-94 at least, that's 6 years, maybe a bit longer. Luger was pretty terrible after he left WCW the 1st time.
  7. Having someone do their last match with HOF the night before would be a nice touch.
  8. After 92 he got hurt and wasn't the same. Late 80s he was very good. How many other guys were meh most of their career but had a really good 3-4 year run?
  9. Curious to see the logic behind people's reasoning My choices: Heyman- it's Philly, this should be this year King Kong Bundy- star of the 80s, semi-local Terry Funk- legend, ECW guy DDP- with Scott and Jake in, he should be in. Midnight Express- this might be hard if Cornette and Heyman have beef, but they had a memorable moment in Philly, and we don't have enough tag teams in the HOF Rock N Roll Express- if you have Midnights, you need their rivals Don Muraco- influential in early ECW and a WWE legend
  10. Something like thay came across my Twitter feed "first Punk leaves, then the Streak ends, and now this" Wrestling fans seem to lack in perspective sometimes. It's almost as tragic as Gino Hernandez dying so soon after the blinding of Chris Adams. Gino was more tragic. The only death I can think of more tragic than Gino off the top of my head was Eddie. As much as it is tragic for Warrior, this is something I think many folks expected- I think Warrior had about 10 deaths on the internet before today. Almost as many as Sid.
  11. This is one of the few days of my teenage years I remember clearly.
  12. Was Hootie and the Blowfish still around in 98?
  13. About 7 mil now I think. It's gotta blow up at some point, then we get the mother of all strikes/collusion lawsuits.
  14. Duggan, and WWF Duggan was one of the few WWF faces I liked as a kid. I think it was just him, Jake the Snake, and Bam Bam Bigelow.
  15. The thing that makes the Shield great is that they offer something for everyone within that group- I'm lower on Reigns than much of the board- but he's got a real presence and is over, while Ambrose and Rollins are two of my bigtime faves right now. The last group I can think of that had this in any way shape or form was the Freebirds with Roberts/Hayes/Gordy all being different yet equally valuable. 10 more years of the Shield, please. Seriously, they're like the one reason I keep watching every week.
  16. Saw that second match advertised today. As a fan of the old OMEGA (and Matt Hardy), I'm wondering how this version of OMEGA is panning out so far. From what I've been able to gather from their website, each of their shows are advertised as a fundraiser for some school or civic organization. The reviews sound like it's the Hardys and their local "name" friends (CW Anderson, Shane Helms, probably Shannon Moore) plus a couple Mid-Atlantic indy guys. I'd go to the April show if I didn't have to work on Saturday nights. Working Saturday nights is the reason I missed the old OMEGA, and now the new one. I still remember those flyers posted all over State campus.
  17. I really would love to see Judge Harold T.Stone presiding over RAW with all these arrest angles one time, in-character, but that might be too dated a reference for today's audience. Face Shield is interesting, but what do they do with them?
  18. Hopefully they don't split the Shield up. Keep them a unit for 10 years- you can always give one of them a singles push as part of the unit Gordy-style.
  19. Michael Jordan is still running things in Charlotte and don't you forget it. He's guaranteed not to take TJ Warren.
  20. A study a few years back said that is not the case. I'd argue it's regional. Northeastern crowds definitely not, but a Memphis crowd or a Dallas crowd yes.
  21. That Bryan segment was great- it was the one of two ways I could see HHH logically agreeing to that. The other way was Bryan making fun of HHH's wrestling ability and goading him into a match that way, and that would have been more contrived. -might be breaking the no politics rule here, but it's relevant. As for the political bent- I don't think it worked well, because lets face, most WWE crowds are the teabagger types- it's why the RA's got over as faces. Not too many dedicated liberals like wrestling. That said, being kinda of west-coast socialist leftie is part of Bryan's gimmick- and why I think it's a bit of a shock he got as over as he has- because that really doesn't appeal to your typical wrestling crowd- especially in the South and West. That said, Bryan is so over, and they put it off for so long, it worked. Steph and HHH's heeling in that segment was really, really great, but it's something we need to see only once or twice a decade- they need to put it back in the closet for a few years so it's special. Steph's especially, her ability to have a breakdown is so much better than Vince's. Bray does look like he belongs on the mike with Cena/Hogan, it's the ringwork I worry about. Part of me wonders if they should just have him stop wrestling except on special occasions, and become the big "heel manager" for the next decade- WWE hasn't had one of those in ages.
  22. This was so unfair. Would have voted Rollins over 90% of the folks in here, but not Kana. She deserves better. Next year pair her against Xavier Woods so he'd get bodied like he will next weekend (he's getting time off from WWE to enter a fighting game tourney)
  23. The Willow gimmick goes WAY back So was GI Bro.
  24. I can't vote for someone who has 2-3 matches a year, no matter how good he is. Would you vote for Larry Z because of his excellent matches with Regal when that was all he wrestled? (admittedly I'm higher on Larry Z than much of the board)
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