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  1. Havoc does some of the office stuff, and I think the social media. Hager is a crap wrestler, crap personality, and is a potential landmine with the fanbase. He's actual negative value. Even if you think Havoc is zero value wrestling he's better.
  2. I think folks are forgetting Hager's on the roster. You get to be an asshole if you're Cody's friend. (and yeah, if I could fire one guy from AEW it would be Hager, at least Havoc provides some value) I don't want Tessa anywhere near AEW. I'd be down with Taya though, who is just as good.
  3. Usually this sort of criticism is a good sign- it's a sign folks are invested enough to criticize , and are liking the big picture enough to want the smaller stuff to make the big stuff better. It would be a bad thing if AEW was being ignored the way ROH is.
  4. Announcers should have their favorites. It adds something to the product. Announcers are part of the show too- as long as they're good characters it's fine.
  5. Impact was just banned from Twitch (most likely a temp ban) over the RVD stuff.
  6. Political gimmicks are around- there's the Progressive LIberal, and QT Marshall ripped off that gimmick at one point and was doing a Trumper version. Sunny got her start as a HIllary expy.
  7. I thought it was a Lodi tribute, and the idea was probably Jericho's.
  8. Heard he tore a bicep tonight, out 6 months. The lighter AEW schedule might be a good thing for Cage in the long term.
  9. I think that's a definite now. There's plenty of other talented women out there. Kris Statlander has just as much potential as Tessa as an example.
  10. I think the booking has been fine outside of the stuff around Brandi, and Britt not being good enough to get over, which they seem to have handled well.
  11. I think in NJPW he would have been slotted as Tana's little buddy- they were leaning that way. Also Page is what 23 now, still plenty of time.
  12. I think the Durham Armory only seats 900 so not going to be big sales there.
  13. New Beginning USA cards out. Looks like mostly Chaos/Main Unit/BC mid-carders. Tana and Ibushi are the headliners. They're adding Colt, Rock N Roll, Mysterioso to the usual suspects as well.
  14. You just gave me the image of EVIL Von Erich.
  15. Jay was a pretty good babyface in ROH on his excursion. I think he could pull it off. The man's smart enough I think he could do anything. That said, I want a slow slow burn on this. Or Jay just realizing KENTA isn't good enough, so he bides his time, leading to Jay kicking KENTA out.
  16. Wouldn't they be juniors in NJPW feuding with R3K? I know i hurt a guy as a kid with a Texas Cloverleaf. I thought it was the Scorpion but realized I did it wrong and was doing a Cloverleaf instead.
  17. Who was the last guy to get that level of heel heat in NJPW?
  18. I'm not going to fault a guy for doing the whole working on the neck while protecting it imperfectly, given Hiromu's broken neck. There's a certain amount of leniency I give in the name of protecting folks. Ospreay should be working Hiromu's neck, even if it's not his normal style. As for KENTA/White, I can't see KENTA leading BC, or a White face turn until Shota returns from excursion and/or Okada/Ibushi pull a Nakamura and leave before being pushed down the card (I do see Okada/Ibushi both eventually doing an AEW retirement tour) most likely we might get a seed, with no real BC help for KENTA except maybe Yujiro.
  19. Jericho did say in post match he wants someone to open the forbidden portal. NJPW/AEW rivalry would be money. Obviously, it would be a partnership, but the two companies should have storyline bad blood. AEW folks coming into NJPW should be invaders mostly, and NJPW should primarily send their heels into AEW. If Tana did enter AEW, I'd want him to go after Omega and the Elite , and "heal" Page. I suspect AEW fans might end up cheering Tana and booing Omega if that happens though.
  20. Tana/Jericho was MOTN for me for Night 2. I wasn't super impressed with Night 2 like I was Night 1.
  21. Just realized if Naito wins, we prob get Naito vs Hiromu at anniversary show. Given how much each of them wishes to be the other, wonder how it will go.
  22. It's something that kinda started after his loss to Tana and picked up a bit more after Kenny left. Sometimes he just snaps and turns into what you just saw.
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