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  1. Overcaffinated MJF was hilarious last week. MJF and Hammerstone are promo gold, and Hammerstone in particular is going to make a lot of money with a bigger company real soon.
  2. Is that one of the Gym Nasties? I wasn't that impressed by them the one time I saw them.
  3. I think he's always been straight edge.
  4. You don't want Statlander getting booed by hossing up Riho. Folks saying Cobb isn't signed with AEW, he's just between contracts. This could be a Tanahashi in AJPW type situation.
  5. Why do folks keep forgetting about Kip when it comes to young stars? I like him a lot.
  6. A webcomic that has absolutely nothing to do with pro wrestling that I look at just made a subtle Orange Cassidy reference in the subtext. As for Golden, hopefully Cody remembers what Dusty did for Bubba early in his career- you don't use someone that big as a jobber, you have them be muscle for someone while squashing folks to get experience and build them up. Maybe stick her with Britt?
  7. cranking the neck. It's still shit looking, and is a big reason I only like Sanada when he goes against ZSJ.
  8. They really should switch the dates. Running in Chicago on Memorial Day would allow them to do a crossover event with Combo Breaker, which is a huge fighting game tournament. Would give opportunities for Kenny, and there is a large crossover between Fighting game fans and wrestling fans.
  9. and Thatcher just signed with WWE, so there's one more guy raided from MLW. This is what I think is going to happen to MLW- all their guys are going to be snatched up by companies that pay, leaving only green talent , total headcases, and DBS Jr.
  10. I don't think Mancer is just a hardcore guy, he prob could have a straight match and it would turn out fine. If the Mancer to AEW rumors have something to them, Hammerstone has to win in the end.
  11. Punished Mox-Okada/ Taichi-Minoru was a fun and insane match, and the last two were cool slugfests. Real fun show to watch.
  12. They said it did include draws. It really shouldn't
  13. I suspect PAC being a part-timer and having Dragon Gate as his main promotion limits him. Same reason Lucha Bros aren't featured more (but I'm glad of that, AEW Lucha Bros don't do much for me)
  14. I was at the show too, it was a really good, fun time, and my friend who is a very casual NJPW fan I took enjoyed it a lot. Agreed Archer/Narita was best match. Archer was smaller than I thought he'd be in person though. I think my two favorite companies for shows are NJPW and CHIKARA by far. Very different types of shows, but both have nice crowds who just want to enjoy the show. One moment came to mind when a woman lost something, and everyone was like super chill and helpful, I'm not sure that would happen most other shows. As long as NJPW comes here, I'll keep coming as well, even if it's a Young Lions card I'll come.
  15. Ibushi's flu is apparently very serious. 105 temp, stomach injury from the flu. Coronavirus is too mundane for Ibushi- he's the male wrestler most likely to end up with a disease that would be a Star Trek plot. Fredricks also hurt and out of the tour. At least I get to cross Tanahashi off my bucket list, that's someone I wanted to see.
  16. State fans tended to love the Horsemen but hated Jordan. They also hated Jericho. Really hated Jericho in the 90s.
  17. Unfortunately we're not getting Zack/Taichi in AEW. I think those two would be the most over in AEW. Bring along DOUKI too, I think he'd do better in AEW than he does in NJPW. They'd let him use the pipe- and you know Omega would want to use the pipe himself for his Cody cosplaying dreams.
  18. https://twitter.com/TheJordanOliver/status/1210585302844268546 https://twitter.com/TheJordanOliver/status/1210585302844268546 Folks got on him about this sequence- kinda a slightly poor man's Ospreay vs Ricochet from a few years back.
  19. I think some folks are still mad about that whole sequence from a few weeks back. Personally I think it's a little silly, but he's a 20-yr old kid learning what to do and what not to do, and he has the sense to make something out of the controversy. Oliver's gonna be fine, and he's going to get great. And Oliver is the most annoying heel in a company that has some great heels. That's an accomplishment. MLW has some folks who are really talented at being grating, annoying heels.
  20. Latino can be part of the Country Club, esp if light-skinned enough. It works, I mean they're probably going to make him a Gino Hernandez expy anyways, given Court's ripping off of old World Class stuff. MLW in general was incredibly good this week. I love how obnoxious Injustice is- it's rare to see really young guys be this good at getting genuine heel heat. I know folks are shitting on Jordan Oliver a lot right now, but I think he gets it in particular. He's gonna be a big star in 5 years. Mancer/Havoc needs to end. Pillman/DBS was legit great. Both had their working boots on, though I wish Pillman was more of an underdog in the match. It didn't really click for me perfectly until the end. If DBS had more of the offense would have been a legit NJPW main event quality match, but as it was, still very good. Pillman should start a year-long redemption arc, leading to another match against DBS Jr where they're equals- but with AEW sniffing around Pillman Jr they may not have the time for that.
  21. Brandi would be the worst choice, they merge the Nightmare Collective and Dark Order into a Voltron of Bathroom Break.
  22. Havoc does some of the office stuff, and I think the social media. Hager is a crap wrestler, crap personality, and is a potential landmine with the fanbase. He's actual negative value. Even if you think Havoc is zero value wrestling he's better.
  23. I think folks are forgetting Hager's on the roster. You get to be an asshole if you're Cody's friend. (and yeah, if I could fire one guy from AEW it would be Hager, at least Havoc provides some value) I don't want Tessa anywhere near AEW. I'd be down with Taya though, who is just as good.
  24. Usually this sort of criticism is a good sign- it's a sign folks are invested enough to criticize , and are liking the big picture enough to want the smaller stuff to make the big stuff better. It would be a bad thing if AEW was being ignored the way ROH is.
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