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  1. He hasn't had too many opportunities to shine yet- but he's big and has potential. He was a YL in BC for a bit, then worked RevPro some, and NJPW and ROH a little. As for Baker - I suspect Yuka is her next feud, and we'll see how fan reaction is for that. Britt's reaction is going to depend on opponent. I guarantee Tay would get cheered over Britt (Tay is probably the 3rd biggest pure babyface in the company after Hangman and Jungle Boy). Stat probably as well.
  2. Archer winning is good for AEW- because it was just the type of upset win AEW needs to do a bit more. Mox can take this loss easily, Archer gets a lot scarier. and yeah Nyla/Baker was meh, not terrible, but meh, and I think it's both of them not being in the top tier of AEW women when it comes to in-ring. Charlotte crowd isn't going to turn on Jericho. I kinda wish for TDM's the 10 count would be as fast as the refs counted in World of Sport. Might make it less of a spectacle, but it would keep things moving.
  3. To me, Nyla's good in short matches, but will gas (most big wrestlers will gas) Great promo, good squasher. She's definitely someone I'd want to be friends with IRL if she was like, a local at something I went to. She seems legit cool.
  4. Archer and Nyla are gatekeepers more than JTTS. The guys Archer loses to are main eventers. The actual JTTS's like Janela get eaten up in 2 minutes by Archer.
  5. Having Cutler betray the Elite and join the DO would make some sense and would be a good way to get Omega eliminated via shenanigans if you want to protect him. I think Max Caster is a lot better in-ring than Road Dogg. Not like worldbeater, but very solid. I do think Caster's ceiling though is being AEW's Miz, but that's a very good ceiling.
  6. It was a self-imposed stipulation, so it's non-binding. Technically Cody's stipuation wasn't contracted either.
  7. They can't be #2, but they can be #3, and something more than a super indie. I think they've got a good niche for themselves right now, they just need to reinforce and keep going the direction they're doing. They're doing things right.
  8. As soon as she turned heel, I knew this is what they were going for, and that era of Jericho was one of my favorite things on TV back then.
  9. Silver's hinting that he should be ready soon.
  10. Is that you Max Caster? Mei Suruga/Tam Nakano would be an awesome deathmatch.
  11. That's like Flip Gordon level stupid. At least he got a vaccine though, so it's not like too dumb to live stupid.
  12. Julia's fine, she part of the Nightmare factory, and she's gotten over a bit. She's gonna do her Tier 0 time, but she'll make it.
  13. Now if it was Dante's brother it would be a different story. I got no problems with Dante being pushed a bit anyways, he's going to be really good.
  14. Shida and Cody are both huge Zelda fans- Cody had the Triforce on his gear for years (usually boots), and Shida cosplayed it.
  15. The Ric Flair commericals for Carshield were what replaced the Mypillow guy after he became too toxic for even Sinclair. I remember a Funk/Eddie Guerrero match from 1989.
  16. How many folks would miss Janela? He's nothing special in ring. I do believe he provides value to AEW through his contacts and scouting, so using him as a JTTS/midcarder (which is his ceiling) is the right way to use him. Sonny and Joey is a feud made for Dark though, and Sonny needs the reps because they don't have much experience.
  17. I suspect MLW/NJPW Strong deal. Easier to work Strong that way. LImelight in a BOSJ would be nice.
  18. I see Sam Houston/Kendall Windham level being his ceiling. Nothing about Pillman or Garrison really excites me, they're competent, but they're bland. I also remember Pillman Jr being a jerk to women at an event I saw him at a couple of years ago. Maybe it's one off or he's matured, but I have a pretty low opinion of him. DBS Jr was classy though. I also see a lot of other talent in AEW being able to leapfrog those two. I think they might be ones to jump to WWE in a few years and do better there. If Hook is competent in ring, and bulks up some, I think he's got potential. I need to see if he's more than a meme though.
  19. The Gresham/Yehi match was really good as well. It's amazing how ROH went from being the shits pre-pandemic to mega awesome during the pandemic. Having to not use NJPW and Elite as crutches helped ROH shine on its own. As much as I love what AEW is doing, I really want AEW and ROH to stay away from each other, as they're both so different and so good right now- they wouldn't mesh well. (saying this because Rush has been talking up facing Omega some) I hope ROH comes back down here again, I'd see their show right now before I'd see a Dynamite live.
  20. He almost made King Mo matches watchable in MLW. Lambert bringing in folks to get destroyed by Archer would be a good use of both.
  21. Also Hangman's going to need paternity time himself in about 6-7 mos. If he wins the belt in a couple of months, he gets to defend it a couple of times before giving it up. He really shouldn't hold onto it too long. The ATT stuff should lead to a feud with Archer to give him something to do, but I don't want to see ATT folks in pro wrestling at all.
  22. I think it would be a fun deathmatch to just have a dog randomly have the explosion buttons in the room. Or a cat, they'd blow everyone up the first minute. Maybe put some treats or food on a plate and when the cat eats it yanks a button that sets off an explosion.
  23. I just hope we don't get King Mo vs Archer. King Mo is awful.
  24. She has a backstage role as well. I really wish they'd get rid of Jack and push Angelico as a single. I'd love to see an Angelico/Penta feud involving some limbs being broken.
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