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  1. 23 hours ago, killsteve said:

    Speaking of Suzuki-Gun, how long until AEW can make a move for Zack Sabre Jr? Dude is wasting prime years of his career shackled to a dog turd in New Japan and is stale as hell there. A move back to the States would be good for him and be another big get who isn't an ex-WWE guy.


    I think ZSJ is gonna be a NJPW lifer.  While I think Jay and Finlay will jump- I think Juice, Gabe Kidd, ZSJ, and Cobb , and probably Ospreay are going to want to stay in NJPW.

    ZSJ's style might not work well in AEW, though he'd get over with promos. 


    Also Zack is doing fine for himself, I wouldn't be surprised if he's in the block final or wins his G1 block, and Dangerous Tekkers is the best tag team out there right now, better than anyone in AEW.


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  2. 44 minutes ago, Greggulator said:

    I liked that match and Hobbs looks like he's got a ton of potential. It's the first time I've seen him. He's got a great look and good presence. It's just that the permanent sneer really stood out to me.  Hopefully he'll figure out the more emotive/acting part of a match and using facial expressions and etc. 

    And the "indy worker" stuff on athletics going over things like how to show different emotions with facial expressions and body language and etc. is so spot-on. There's more to selling beyond "I have to limp now."


    The sneer seems intentional- he's done that ever since he's been part of Team Taz.  I think he smiled more as a face?



  3. 58 minutes ago, NikoBaltimore said:

    Man, I get they wanted to do some thing with Pillman in Cincinnati.  But all they had to do was cut out the ECW-lite stuff at the end, do a tiny bit of cheap heat/fan service and a sucker punch.  Hometown dude still looks good, heel's a sniveling shit and feud's setup just fine.  AND it would have allowed them to go full "Kaze ni Nare".  I mean I really liked the show but that was a huge misstep.  I mean it's not the worst thing in the world but at the same time if you're having a Japanese legend where the entrance is a big part of him then just let it happen.

    But again I really liked the show despite that.  New season's kicking in so I knew it'd be promo-heavy this time.  And we had one helluva Hobbs/Dante match which make Hobbs especially look king-sized.  I'm so beyond ready for him against Punk.

    And yes, I know they could have trimmed time for the Elite segment, I don't disagree on that at all.  But if this is one step close to Omega/Danielson at Arthur Ashe then sign me the fuck up.


    Seriously the NJPW/AEW fans I know - this is the most livid they've been with AEW.  They're not going to turn on the promotion over this, but they really wanted to chant it at their TVs.

    For Wardlow, I smell something a lot like Luger's post-Horseman face turn.



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  4. If I was in charge of ROH, I'd let Gresham keep doing what he's doing, but more of it.

    I'd prob tweak pure rules a bit, allow refs to give the warning for excessive cheating equivalent to a closed fist to the face, and do the 2 falls/2 subs/1 ko for title matches/eliminators.   Most singles matches would be pure, and a lot more women.  Just go all in on being unique and trying to lock that #3 spot.


    The pure stuff is what I watch ROH for, their standard wrestling is solid but I've seen it done just as well elsewhere.

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  5. 8 hours ago, hammerva said:

    Can we somehow get Suzuki to beat the shit out of all or most of Dan Lambert's group on Dynamite  


    Given that they're feuding with Archer- let there be blood and violence.  Maybe they can punk out King Mo because King Mo deserves it.


  6. On 9/1/2021 at 11:20 PM, MoeCristyV.1.6 said:

    If Jay White ever comes to AEW, he goes straight to the top. It's unreal how fast he transformed from Young Lion to main eventer. 

    Jay White is going to get huge offers from everyone when he's next avaliable.  I'll be surprised if he stays with NJPW.

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  7. I'm more interested in seeing AEW use their 1B stars (Rosa/Shida/Tay) more before adding more women they just won't use enough.


    I'm enjoying the ROH women's tourney matches right now- and ROH could have a really good division if they put effort into it, plus it would differentiate them more which is good.  That's where I'd want Ruby , Cassie, and Jessica.


  8. 18 hours ago, NoFistsJustFlips said:

    Hulk Hogan had prior experience. Ric Flair had prior experience. The Undertaker had prior experience. Steve Austin had prior experience. John Cena had prior experience. Mick Foley had prior experience. Triple H had prior experience. Big Show had prior experience. Kane had prior experience. Batista had prior experience. Edge had prior experience. Becky Lynch had prior experience. Sasha Banks had prior experience. Bayley had prior experience. Gonna miss out on a lot of potential great additions to their roster with this stupid new plan.

    I get that they have had some hits on training people from the ground up. I'm sure they count The Rock but that isn't fair because he's 2nd generation and learned a ton before they trained him. Same with Randy Orton. Kurt Angle & Brock Lesnar count but had a solid amateur wrestling base before WWE, so they already had half the physical part down. Even if you count all 4 of these guys, that was about 2 decades ago. OVW isn't a thing anymore. The only two big stars that come to mind from the NXT system that had no prior experience are... Charlotte & Reigns. Both of which... are second generation stars who absorbed a shit ton growing up.

    Can anyone point to a legitimate instance of someone "moving the needle" having only been trained by NXT? Specifically someone that isn't a second or third generation athlete? Like seriously. Who are they trying to create? If it's Brocks & Angles... uhh okay you'll two or three shots with freak amateur athletes. if it's Charlotte & Reigns... uhh okay you'll have 5-10 chances on pro wrestler's offspring. But who the fuck did they ever make that didn't have any wrestling experience? Who is the biggest ground up name they produced through NXT? Big E? How many random athletes off the street have that personality and charisma? Of all the others like him, how many can be on Big E's level? 1 in 10? 1 in 100? 1 in 1,000?

    This is stupid fucking policy and I will love watching it fail.
    -Signed a wrestler with previous experience.


    Even then Rock had time in Memphis, which was more like an excursion than a developmental.


    I assume they're still gonna take the amateurs- Gable is a shoo-in to be signed after all after the Olympics.  This policy is going to flop- and if WWE goes all-in on this, we get the male version of Wrestlicious or GLOW.

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  9. 5 hours ago, HarryArchieGus said:

    Absolutely.  The timing and delays of feuds is something they need to put focus on correcting.  They should have learned from the flat response to the long delayed first LAX-FTR match.    

    The rating should be higher due to the interest of a Punk return.  Whether they liked it is another story.  Tho, for a really weak Dynamite there was still plenty to enjoy.  I watched with a casual who was really into it.  

    I think the name you were looking for is Jimmy Jack Funk.  But honestly I'd pay to see Mox against prime Slater, Golden or Jesse Barr.  As for Kojima, I assume they had to settle on somebody not in the G1.  It's just an opponent to feed a win to Mox.  I'm sure they'll have a good undercard bout.  


    Ishimori's in the US, El Phantasmo might have been avaliable.

  10. 50 minutes ago, Jiji said:

    Laid her shit in and not in a dangerous way. I'm stoked for her to quickly climb the ranks. 

    Still concerned for what is going to happen to any babyface working Britt for the foreseeable future though. They have to work heel and lose by default really. Awful position for them to be in. 


    I think Rosa or Tay would be the face against Britt.  Just those two though.  At worst it would be 50/50.  Rosa and Tay are very over.


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  11. 2 hours ago, Zimbra said:

    That STF choke thing that Rosa did to end the match was pretty sick.  Her Texas flag ring gear was also very choice.  I don't always follow the women's stuff closely but she seems like a huge star in the making.


    She already is a huge star.  Part of my dislike of Britt is that I think there are three women who deserve to be the face of the Women's division more in Shida, Rosa, and Tay.


    Britt is perfectly fine, but I feel like she's a notch below those three, though she is willing to take a beating.

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  12. IT will be interesting to see if the Bowens/Martin match airs.   If it doesn't, then something major is going on- either big angle or he's really being stupid.  It's clear Max was at least over as a midcard act ,and as such, he likely could make money on the indies for a while.



  13. 58 minutes ago, LoneWolf&Subs said:

    I noticed this last week when I saw fan cam footage. I guess TK realizes he’s not a hype, So they got Eddie on duty for that. 

    Not only does Eddie have a job with a major wrestling company, he’s now a trusted member of the roster to be a wrestler, commentator, and pep rally leader.

    Also this is just observation. Roberts not being there, and the lack of matches on the main show have me worried about the roster contacting COVID between episodes.


    It could have been precautionary.  TK has said that a COVID outbreak that caused a show cancellation would be very financially damaging.  Early in the pandemic, they split the roster and told half to stay home for weeks at a time just to have a backup crew in case an outbreak happened with the first crew.


    With vaccination I think they're worried less, but that might still be a reason for less matches.

  14. Minoru is heading to the US next month- confirmed, not in G1.


    If Archer needs any help vs Dan Lambert goons, knock on that door.  Also would be good to scare Kenny.


    He'll be mega over.



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  15. 12 hours ago, christopher.annino said:

    That rap from Caster was abhorrent but if he's being 100% thrown under the bus for it, when it was almost assuredly okayed AND aired by the company, well that's some fuckin bullshit and I don't blame him for potentially washing his hands of the industry. If it's a work? I mean great but who gives a fuck and what's the end goal? He comes back on TV to a round of applause from fellow edge lords? 


    I thought the endgame was going to be Max comes back and doing something truly vicious to someone, and declares that he's too edgy for AEW, and so we're going to make this place hell, or something along those lines.  Think MLW's Injustice, but more vicious, less whiny, and higher up the card.  Perhaps alongside some debuting new act.

    If Max was thrown under the bus, TK deserves hell for it.  If Max is being a whiny child, well, it's probably good to get rid of him, though it sucks for Bowens who is hurt massively (I think AEW would repackage Bowens).   Fact is, we don't know- I'm hoping this turns out alright in the end, cause I found Max funny and he entertained me, and I didn't see him as an IRL edgelord, just one playing a character.  Hopefully I'm right on that, but if I'm wrong, well, then he deserves to be let go.


    If Max did walk, only MLW would take him.  Impact likely wouldn't because of the bad blood with AEW (and there would be in this scenario) , WWE definitely wouldn't except perhaps as an attempt to convince AEW folks that WWE will push them if they flip, he doesn't fit ROH.   With MLW hope he likes $50 and a hot dog.

    I think Max has more sense than to kill his career, but I could be wrong.





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  16. 13 hours ago, eikerir said:

    It’s the only thing I’ve felt AEW has missed from day one. I’ve been craving for a Zack Sabre Jr. or similar guy to come in for ages because it would be a breath of fresh air and a nice break from the non stop PWG style matches (which I love btw).


    They have Angelico right there, and Colt can do this style as well.


    AEW could use more Tekkers and less Tekken.




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  17. 4 hours ago, Ramo2653 said:

    What's this gaijin unrest stuff about? Are the travel issues rearing their head or is it related to booking stuff?


    Travel issues+ apparently a lot of the gaijins weren't treated well when COVID issues came up.  Jay and Finley were the most upset apparently.


  18. 1 hour ago, EVA said:

    I’m interested to know what the NJPW office’s opinion of Jay is right now, considering he seems to be part of the Gaijin Unrest faction. Which should 100% be the name of an actual gaijin faction if this pandemic ever ends and they can bring all the foreigners back.

    Jay has the leverage, when he can AEW and WWE would offer him all the money in the world.  He is the closest thing wrestling has to a Mike Trout.


    I mean, I'd build around Jay White before I'd build around Hangman, and Hangman's like the #2 guy in the world I'd build around.


    I think the 3 match format, with one longer women's match (Deeb/Tay/Shida showcases) would be great for Rampage going forward.







  19. Christian/Kenny was really good.  Booking of all this seems confused/rushed/made up right now, which is unusual for AEW.  Guessing a lot of moving parts have changed things on short notice.

    The Fuego moment was heartwarming.  

    Britt/Velvet was there.  Don't like either one of them that much (they're good, but I got a half-dozen women in AEW I like more than either of them) so it didn't do much for me.

    I really want Jay vs Kenny II, but I suspect NJPW/AEW politics would come into play. 

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  20. 47 minutes ago, Stefanie the Human said:

    Considering his current skills, I would imagine the jokes he'd produce about trans people would be one of three things:
    - "I identify as [something wacky! perhaps an attack helicopter!]"
    - Some form of "ewwwwww! Gross!"

    Very biting. The apex of comedy.



    Given that Max is a fan of Tegan and Sara, and in the past seems to have liked some positive stuff,  I don't think he'd do anything hateful.


    At the very least, I think in his heart of hearts he's one of the good ones, which is why I'm willing to cut some slack.


    He did go against Sonny Kiss once on Dark from what I remember.  Ended up with him doing the Botty Butt Cheeks thing which got popular for a bit.


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