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  1. Shida/Deeb deivered

    Hangman as Joker was best answer

    Loved Anna keeping the Order in line

    Loved even more Paige Van Zant's outfit tonight.  Definitely cute!  Only thing I've enjoyed of the American Top Team stuff so far.

    Hopefully The Acclaimed win the belts, they won't though.

    Liked Malakai/Martin.  He's never going to live long enough to drink, is he?

    Liked Sammy/Fish

    MJF and Darby stuff blah.

    Garcia/Punk will be nice on Rampage.

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  2. 1 hour ago, StevieNippz said:

    Just caught up with this week's Elevation and I love The Acclaimed more and more every week. They're still green but pretty fun to watch in the ring. My favorite is their post-match shenanigans though, with this week making me laugh more than anything else. I wish I could find a gif of it but Bowens playing piano on Max Caster's keyboard tights was something to behold.


    I'm generally not big on squash matches but Elevation has a great pace to it and it's fun watching everyone develop. Dark doesn't have the same energy for me for some reason but I love Taz and Excalibur on commentary. Both shows are great for someone like me who doesn't have a consistent way to watch Dynamite/Rampage but still wants an AEW fix.


    I genuinely have a soft spot for the Acclaimed, even with the hokey rap.  I get a NAO vibe out of them, but better.

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  3. 18 hours ago, Stefanie the Human said:

    This encouraged me to check and see how many people I have blocked/muted on Twitter, and come to find I'm over 20,000 accounts.

    This would explain why I never seem to have the issues some of y'all have with social media. If I see somebody say something irredeemable, into the block pile they go.

    Sure, someone could be all "but why would you want to block out the opinions of others, you're building an echo chamber, blah blah blah", to which I say I only block people for being bigoted or vile, and yet my number is that high.

    Also, I don't owe bigots my attention.


    Are you using one of those blockbots? 

    I can't imagine interacting with 20000 folks, let alone blocking.  I think I have about 50 blocks on mine, most of which were random hateful bigots I ended up reporting.  Then again, Twitter for me is like 100 folks I follow, none of it wrestling related, largely friends/folks I met through another hobby.

    Going Kojima on folks works too.

    Fully agree with not tolerating bigots.  I have it horrible with my mom who constantly tries to call me closeminded for not accepting or tolerating her views (she's gone down the wrong path, and it's too late for her to learn her left and right hand turn signals)  I have to keep just about everything about myself secret from her, which is awful.


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  4. This forbidden stuff really helps with speculation over the joker tonight, which adds hype.  Heard people believe it's going to be Hangman, Jay White, and Will Ospreay (who apparently is in Philly).    Definitely helps keep things unpredictable.


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  5. Given that Jungle Kyona is leaving Stardom, would she be a decent pickup for AEW?  I mean, they have plenty of joshi talent, and she has a long injury history, but AEW's reduced schedule might be good for her, and I think she'd get over.


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  6. 5 hours ago, Stefanie the Human said:

    Hikaru Shida vs Serena Deeb being announced for next week is a guaranteed must watch for me. Give them as much time as possible please.

    I like what appears to be the genesis of a women's tag team division. The matching gear from both teams, TayJay getting a team theme, that's all trending positive for me. The match was fun as heck too!


    I loved the gear, felt like a lot of the DO got gear upgrades.  I just wish Tayjay had a black and purple color scheme instead of pink.

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  7. 1 hour ago, J.T. said:

    Eh.  Devastation Inc had guys like Hollywood John Tatum, Al Perez, Black Bart, Butch Reed and Gorgeous Garry Young.   CONTRA feels like more of an international stable than D-Inc did. 

    When it came to the territories, Gary Hart was the diabolical genius with worldwide connections. I feel that Akbar was more of the evil and wealthy foreigner heel manager that bought American / Western Hemisphere mercs than he was a manager that scoured the globe for evil, with Kamala and Abdullah the Butcher being the glaring kayfabe exceptions.  Devastation Inc feels like it had more in common with HFO, IMO.


    I felt Salina was supposed to be the Gary Hart expy.  Gary Hart wanted championships more than violence and destruction, though if that was needed he'd get somebody.  I got to talk to her once (left with a good impression of her, she was really nice to the little girls who came near her)- and she admitted it.  She was pleased someone got it.


    Also Al Perez was Gary Hart both in WCCW and Crockett.


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  8. 3 hours ago, J.T. said:

    Well, I was in my wrestling should be offensive and racist frame of mind and thinking that Matt should channel Skandar Akbar and come to the ring dressed in a sheik's keffiyeh and bring a riding crop to the ring since his stable is so Devastation Inc; the heel island of misfit toys.


    Contra Unit is the modern day Devastation Inc.


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  9. 56 minutes ago, J.T. said:

    I think that MJF is on the right track by going back to the spoiled rich boy angle instead of just being a generic douchebag, but I am not sure if all of the real life meta is necessary.  Even Wardlow had to be like, "C'mon, man..." during that spot.

    MJF not being able to trigger Darby triggered MJF.  He was so flustered that he just fucking left.  He didn't even sic Wardlow on Darby or take advantage of the numbers game for the 2-1 beatdown.


    Hoping this brings out the desperate MJF, like his MLW match vs Mance Warner.  That was MJF at his best (also the Mox match had some of this as well)  MJF is best when he knows he's bit off more than he can chew and can't run. 

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  10. 9 hours ago, LoneWolf&Subs said:

    I was thinking Dante is getting that ladder match win. I don’t actually see that title shot on a PPV. Or Lee Johnson.


    Lot of folks are expecting Hangman to be back.  I think they'll be disappointed, but I hope not.


  11. Great feelgood show tonight.


    Stoked for MJF/Darby.  MJF should be able to hang with Darby.


    Sammy winning was a nice surprise, Hubers getting DO on same page was another feelgood, and I loved the new Tayjay theme/gear.


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  12. 3 hours ago, killsteve said:

    Punk vs Hobbs was good stuff. Went longer than I was expecting and both guys looked good. Punk sold really well and gave Hobbs a lot before putting him away.

    Christian and JB looked good but otherwise that 6-man was pretty rough going. The Adam Cole vs Luchasaurus stuff was by far the worst wrestling over the 2 shows, just real stinko. Think I'll be skipping the Superkliq stuff going forward.

    Inner Circle vs MOTY was obviously whatever, just there to set up the angle afterwards. As long as this leads to some of these ATT guys getting in the ring, I am into it. Jericho is a weird fit for this feud, but whatever. If we get Masvidal in a match, even a tag, this could be very cool.

    8-man was a decent spotfest. Not everything hit flush or looked good, but they kept it moving and it didn't go too long. Is there a reason why Jack Evans doesn't get featured much these days? Broken down? Just focusing on the younger talent?

    Miro wrecking Fuego is becoming one of my favourite regular skits

    Main event was fine, nothing special. Homicide bit was certainly unexpected. Bit weird to have make the save in a fair fight, but hearing him get big chants put a smile on my face. Kingston going ape for the finish was easily the best part.


    Evans is broken down at this point.  He's also been underwhelming in ring.   Shame because I've always liked him, and he's been pretty good to his fans.

    I think it's hurt Angelico as well.

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  13. 25 minutes ago, jaedmc said:

    Maybe setting up a battle for the soul of the Dark Order with some other weirdo that could be showing up soon.

    I feel like Page has lot of options and he's in a good position to have a good story with someone that makes him a bigger part of the company no matter what. I think they believe in him and I think he's come through  just about every time they've gone to him. Honestly it's a testament to how good he's done with his stories that people are still wanting him to be the guy to dethrone Kenny and not Bryan Danielson - even after last night's match.


    I kinda want someone to dethrone Kenny, have Hangman beat that guy, then have to deal with Kenny as champ to feel like he's really champ and not a cheese champion.  Maybe have Kenny stuck doing something else for a while, so Hangman has to hold onto the title despite not feeling he deserves it.  Cheese champion who everyone knows is a cheese champion and goes after hard.




  14. 1 hour ago, Stefanie the Human said:

    They weren't. At all. I still remember the night I disagreed with someone and got deluged with private messages harassing me about what a horrible person I was.

    I don't even remember what the disagreement was about aside from it being extremely inconsequential, but I do remember I stopped posting here for at least a year or two because of it.


    Makes me glad I've pretty much been a nobody on these boards for 20 years.   Sucks you had to get all that unwarranted shit.


    It's been interesting seeing how this board has grown, and just as importantly, grown up, over the years.



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  15. 5 hours ago, LoneWolf&Subs said:

    Her story is kind of a head scratcher. I’m not sure she would currently fit into WWE’s scouting desires.


    She's attractive as hell, can talk , and can take a bump.  She can make money. 

    I know she gets shit for flat earthing, but when I saw her at an indy event, she made good efforts to make everyone, especially the little girls, feel welcome.   I had a good impression of her (it's rare for me to get a bad impression- the only person I can ever remember having a bad impression of was Pillman)


  16. The thing is why would you need to be released?  If you're not being used, you're free to do indies, even big-name indies, and you get more money as an AEW talent.

    Pineapple Pete probably makes more now than he ever did.


    I do think eventually there is going to be a logjam in AEW, which we won't mind, cause embarassment of riches, but some of it is going to filter down into ROH/Impact.


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  17. So far I think I enjoy Rampage more than Dynamite.  Just a full action-packed hour.


    Kinda wish the order of matches was switched- feel like PAC/Andrade was so awesome it made Caster/Pillman seem tame even though the latter match was also awesome.

    As much as I dislike Pillman (and Garrison)  personally, he's got talent.  The Acclaimed feel like a pairing that is more than the sum of their parts, but the parts are really good.  Really think this would be better with a face Acclaimed and heel Blondes though, but that might be personal bias.


    Betting as a baseball player is considered the one unpardonable sin due to the Black Sox scandal 100 years ago.  Pete Rose managed to talk himself into an irreversible ban, when if he kept his mouth shut or just plead for mercy he would have been let back in.  (The only folks I think yetted forever are Rose, Sandy Alomar Jr, and John Coppolella who did under the table deals with prospects and lied about it in a big coverup.  All three totally deserved it.)


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  18. 22 hours ago, hammerva said:

    The biggest problem with Cage isn't his moves in the ring.  It is that he is just an emotional robot who can't cut a promo to save himself.   If anyone would have needed the Adam Cole manager idea it would be him

    Also doesn't help that Cage is an anti-vaxxer which is fucking hilarious if you look at a picture of him from 4 years ago. 


    Hell, if he's an anti-vaxxer, then I'd be fine with relegating him to Dark and letting him go when his contract expires.  He's a mediocre talent, injury-prone, anti-vaxx is a liability, and others can fill his spot a lot better.  Either way monster of the week is about his ceiling.


    Cage should just go to AAA and take a mask/character.

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