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  1. She already is a huge star. Part of my dislike of Britt is that I think there are three women who deserve to be the face of the Women's division more in Shida, Rosa, and Tay. Britt is perfectly fine, but I feel like she's a notch below those three, though she is willing to take a beating.
  2. IT will be interesting to see if the Bowens/Martin match airs. If it doesn't, then something major is going on- either big angle or he's really being stupid. It's clear Max was at least over as a midcard act ,and as such, he likely could make money on the indies for a while.
  3. It could have been precautionary. TK has said that a COVID outbreak that caused a show cancellation would be very financially damaging. Early in the pandemic, they split the roster and told half to stay home for weeks at a time just to have a backup crew in case an outbreak happened with the first crew. With vaccination I think they're worried less, but that might still be a reason for less matches.
  4. Minoru is heading to the US next month- confirmed, not in G1. If Archer needs any help vs Dan Lambert goons, knock on that door. Also would be good to scare Kenny. He'll be mega over.
  5. I thought the endgame was going to be Max comes back and doing something truly vicious to someone, and declares that he's too edgy for AEW, and so we're going to make this place hell, or something along those lines. Think MLW's Injustice, but more vicious, less whiny, and higher up the card. Perhaps alongside some debuting new act. If Max was thrown under the bus, TK deserves hell for it. If Max is being a whiny child, well, it's probably good to get rid of him, though it sucks for Bowens who is hurt massively (I think AEW would repackage Bowens). Fact is, we don't know- I'm hoping this turns out alright in the end, cause I found Max funny and he entertained me, and I didn't see him as an IRL edgelord, just one playing a character. Hopefully I'm right on that, but if I'm wrong, well, then he deserves to be let go. If Max did walk, only MLW would take him. Impact likely wouldn't because of the bad blood with AEW (and there would be in this scenario) , WWE definitely wouldn't except perhaps as an attempt to convince AEW folks that WWE will push them if they flip, he doesn't fit ROH. With MLW hope he likes $50 and a hot dog. I think Max has more sense than to kill his career, but I could be wrong.
  6. They have Angelico right there, and Colt can do this style as well. AEW could use more Tekkers and less Tekken.
  7. Travel issues+ apparently a lot of the gaijins weren't treated well when COVID issues came up. Jay and Finley were the most upset apparently.
  8. Jay has the leverage, when he can AEW and WWE would offer him all the money in the world. He is the closest thing wrestling has to a Mike Trout. I mean, I'd build around Jay White before I'd build around Hangman, and Hangman's like the #2 guy in the world I'd build around. I think the 3 match format, with one longer women's match (Deeb/Tay/Shida showcases) would be great for Rampage going forward.
  9. Christian/Kenny was really good. Booking of all this seems confused/rushed/made up right now, which is unusual for AEW. Guessing a lot of moving parts have changed things on short notice. The Fuego moment was heartwarming. Britt/Velvet was there. Don't like either one of them that much (they're good, but I got a half-dozen women in AEW I like more than either of them) so it didn't do much for me. I really want Jay vs Kenny II, but I suspect NJPW/AEW politics would come into play.
  10. Given that Max is a fan of Tegan and Sara, and in the past seems to have liked some positive stuff, I don't think he'd do anything hateful. At the very least, I think in his heart of hearts he's one of the good ones, which is why I'm willing to cut some slack. He did go against Sonny Kiss once on Dark from what I remember. Ended up with him doing the Botty Butt Cheeks thing which got popular for a bit.
  11. Marko can sing at least.
  12. The area 451 has been used on occasion before, it's her alternate finisher.
  13. I kinda want Caster to do an escape from jail trope video, but instead of regular jail it's horny jail, and his cell has like pictures of MJF
  14. I guess I was different, I wanted my heels to be folks I could respect for their ability. I wasn't a WWF fan as a kid, precisely because of all the stooges who could only stooge and all the lumbering giants. I was that weird NC kid who liked Bill Watts and UWF stuff. I did like a few WWF folks, and Bret got me to like watching his stuff, and I enjoyed Perfect, Kerry, and a few others, but in general it was my least favorite of all the promotions I got to watch as a kid.
  15. I didn't see much of Honky in Max, probably because Max was actually entertaining and can go some. Honky was a waste of space up there with Brutus and Hillbilly Jim.
  16. Seems like Max is being put on time out/sensitivity training (the Sammy Guevara treatment) Probably good for his career to get a slap on the wrist/small suspension, and come back stronger/angrier. I'd like to see an Acclaimed come back that is angry at management and willing to take it out on teams.
  17. I doubt this is anything other than a troll or angle , but Max has scrubbed the AEW and Acclaimed stuff from his twitter profile.
  18. Wouldn't be the first rappers Ric was associated with:
  19. I'm wondering who would be good fits for a house of Black right now.
  20. China is counting the medals for Taiwan , Hong Kong, and Macao to claim they still won.
  21. Bobby and Stan got me into wrestling. My all time favorite jobber squashes are Midnight squashes. It sure as hell wasn't the Big Daddy matches I grew up watching. Got to meet him in 2018. Could tell he was an incredibly nice guy, and Cornette knew where every dollar in the room was. The show afterwards was great too. Became a fan of Josh Woods that day not knowing who he was.
  22. TERFS are shitheads. Sorry you had to deal with one.
  23. Injustice vs Acclaimed feud now! (Seriously, Oliver and Myron Reed in AEW is something I want) I definitely get why folks were upset, and it did go too far. I'm just afraid Max will get punished for this, when he's been told to push it. (The question is whether Julia was ok with all of this- I could see her feeling pressured into allowing it due to her being so new) That said, if Max gets punished for in-character shittiness while he seems a like a good dude in-person, I'll be upset. Especially when they're feuding with folks who aren't (just look at Pillman and Garrison's twitter likes and who they follow that aren't wrestlers)
  24. The Acclaimed are toned down on Dynamite compared to Dark. They definitely have been told what they can't say on TV. Caster has been hit or miss with his raps, I like his dynamite stuff better since it's more creative. The Duke Lacrosse thing was more about a railroading attempt/false accusation than a rape thing to me. it was clear they were trying to make their opponents frauds , it just came out a lot different than I think it was intended. Hopefully the smoke gets them to rein it in some, I do like the Acclaimed, they're a good heel team that does things well, and they're over.
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