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  1. The TNT belt is kinda on par with what the IWGP IC was right now in terms of prestige within the promotion. It's a pretty good consolation prize.
  2. I always saw a bit of Chong Li in Miro, so that makes sense. Miro is finally showing peak Miro. As much as Omega can be a little too different, I think he really has a unique in-ring psychology that makes his matches special, and can elevate opponents beneath him. This was one of Omega's best matches last night. Reminded me a bit of Omega/Juice for the US belt in NJPW a few years back. Hangman is just great, and Team Taz has been great foils for Hangman, but this feud needs to end soon. If they want to keep Page away from Omega a bit longer, Page/Miro starting an epic feud would tie up a story end with the Dark Order, and could buy a few months, as each of them wouldn't be hurt by losing to the other because they're so hot. Who I really want to see dethrone Miro in the end though is Eddie. Eddie/Miro would be awesome, as Eddie repents for his sins and feels like he needs the blessing of God to win, while Miro states he is the favored of God. Sydal/Martin was a great lower card match as well. The younger Martin gets some insane air, and Sydal's a good hand vet who has quietly been a great veteran pickup for AEW.
  3. We now know the next pick in the MLW Draft.
  4. I suspect NJPW is going to have to learn to love it, because AEW is not ROH or CMLL. This is why I think NJPW didn't want to work with AEW at all to begin with, they knew it had the chance to blow up, and that would seriously hurt their business. Until 2019 WWE and NJPW were the promised land for Americans. Either that or NJPW's gaijin talent will either have to be homegrown or come from ROH/MLW, with AEW and WWE picking off the best talent for themselves. An AEW contract is a lot less wear and tear than working for NJPW, and probably more money as well.
  5. The last time NJPW used Billy Gunn he stunk up the joint hard. I doubt they'd want to give him another shot.
  6. NJPW would want a name, not a jobber. Those names would be like NJPW sending Henare to be a threat to Miro. NJPW and AEW are equals. For G1, I'd send Miro , Wardlow, and Hager.
  7. Is there evidence of this? I give folks benefit of the doubt about their politics until I see proof otherwise.
  8. At the same time, QT Marshall was doing a Trump supporter gimmick in North Carolina.
  9. It's also in line with how ROH was used. ROH did one tour a year, and then they had 3 juniors and 1 heavy compete in the tournies, and a few folks in NJC (Colt was pretty over in his NJC run, even if he accidentally joined CHAOS) In 2019 it was Bandido, Marty, and Gresham who were in BOSJ- all three got over pretty well. Marty was always mega-over, and Gresham was like a mini-Zack to the NJPW fans who got to embarass ZSJ a bit in some prelim tags.
  10. They really should ask NJPW to let him be part of BOSJ this year. I think it would do him a lot of good, both in-ring and in finding who Jungle Boy really is. (I'd send Jungle Boy, Angelico, and Darby if NJPW needs 3 juniors) Angelico could fill the technical gaijin slot, Darby would be as over as Dragon Lee at the end of it, and Jungle Boy would have good matches and get better.
  11. I suspect a more sanitized youth (good in some ways, bad in others) , and WWE being uncool. AEW is supposedly getting some kids though.
  12. If Archer works with anyone, it will be Itoh-chan. I so want to see Itoh replace Jake as Archer's manager.
  13. Von Erichs, Chris Adams, Vader when a bit older, Lightning Kid, Muta, Midnights,. Eric Embry of all people (who I got to meet a couple years ago- really nice guy ) Lot of Texas folks for someone who grew up in Mid-Atlantic Land.
  14. I think it's more love for just Kenny. The Bucks are pretty divisive- they tend to deliver when they have to, but when it's not big, they're unwatchable. Kenny though seems to be declining as rapidly as Naito is these days, or the way. For those two it will be a rougher decline than it was for Tana, because Tana is smarter at the in-ring (Naito and Kenny are smart at the other stuff)
  15. Some folks just want to wrestle some too. He's Jebailey if he was trained.
  16. Janela's value to AEW is his links the the indies and scouting. As a wrestler, he should be a slimy heel manager, and be used eventually to get Sonny over if you ever think Sonny is worthy of such a push (I have my doubts) A lot of the folks in the low card in AEW do other things, and they're pretty good in their low card spots. Janela wants to be more than what he's capable of.
  17. I agree, even though I said I'd prefer Mojo to Braun ,the right answer is "neither". At this point, AEW has enough rising stars that they don't need WWE folks unless they are really, really good. You don't want to clog the rise of all the young stars like Hobbs/Sammy/Ricky/etc. That said, you need to have a reserve for when Vince manages to snatch some of your top young talent ,and some folks are going to take that WWE money. I think AEW has that reserve, and it's important to show you can elevate folks- as that is what would make ambitious talent hungry to be in AEW. If I belt I was going to be a star one day as a young wrestler, I'd rather take my chances as a jobber on Dark than go through the NXT system. At least there's evidence of folks moving their way up in AEW quickly if they're good enough- Eddy and Ricky being the best examples.
  18. I'd almost rather see Mojo than Braun. I think Mojo would give better effort, and they might be able to build him up. Could be nice as another member of Team Taz. I mean, he'd probably contribute about as well as Mongo did for WCW, who at least was entertaingly bad.
  19. If they felt a need to stall Hangman's title run they could always have him rip the hearts out of the Dark Order and Hangman gets revenge for them all. Let Hangman do a bunch of defenses, then win a shot at Omega and take it that way.
  20. I think ROH is getting live fans again soon. I think ROH should start touring, they got good buzz right now, and could do some small venues in the more open states.
  21. And another Josh Woods-Silas Young great match. Those two are great together.
  22. Disagree on Sammy. While I think he is a great douche heel, he made a believable face with his hatred of MJF and how he briefly quit the IC over MJF. Sammy is gonna need the rub from Jericho at some point though. As for Nyla, she's a monster heel who is a decent worker. It's real easy to build up her credibility. She might never sniff the belt again, but she'll always be a credible challenger/gatekeeper, and that's a good role. She's better than Fale at least.
  23. I thought he was going to try a top rope Styles Clash.
  24. In terms of the folks who make Dynamite- the only one I'd say that's worse is Brandi. As for AEW: Tommy End is a must sign, Heidi Lovelance/Lana would be nice to have, everyone else to me is unneeded, though signing them wouldn't be a bad thing. For AEW right now, you should only sign folks if they're going to be draws, or really help the draws. Buddy Murphy is good, but AEW has a lot of good wrestlers comparable to him, and I don't see anything that shows him as anything other than a very good wrestler. He'd be an improvement over the Sydals, that would be the perfect spot for him.
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