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  1. Contra Unit is awesome- but if Fatu has that past that scares off major companies- the rest of Contra can't come off as a threat on their own.
  2. I've been a fan ever since seeing his match with Dan Severn at a Wrestlecade 3 years ago- though he was playing underdog in a face vs face match there. Was getting mad folks were shitting on it there.
  3. Anna Jay needs an excursion when one is doable. I'd give her a year in Japan in TJPW to learn.
  4. Woods vs Lethal this week was damn good. Taylor vs Brody was good big man stuff. Still feel like ROH should drop the straight wrestling matches and go 100% pure, even if it means dropping a bunch of folks. Gotta be a way to make it work with tags as well. One issue I have with the pure stuff- why hasn't someone figured out that while fists to the face are so bad, any other kind of cheating isn't punished any differently than regular rules- why not rake the eyes?
  5. Tanahashi to cure Hangman of his alcoholism. El Desperado for a deathmatch with either Mox or Darby Shooter to team up with Mox one time against Team Taz? Ibushi vs Omega is the obvious answer- but that shouldn't be done COVID era period.
  6. Playing the ace is a lot harder a role to play then playing the chaser of the ace. And yeah, I'm not a fan of the worked shoot stuff, though Taz complaining about the lack of respect of FTW belt makes sense, thought it should never get any respect because ti's an unsanctioned belt. Maybe use it to set up Cage/Darby some more, have Darby "win" the belt then destroy it?
  7. My experience with NC indie crowds is that they're extremely nice and might be one of the easiest places to be. Then again, my experience with those crowds is largely CWF, NJPW, and Chikara.
  8. think Archer would be the best face outta the bunch right now. It's hard not to want to cheer for him as crazy as he is. Just have Eddie disrespect Jake and start a feud that way. Wardlow could be a money face down the road.
  9. I'd be ok with lucha style bumping being brought into AEW if that helps prevent injuries. With the signing of Top Flight, AEW could probably run a full-on BOSJ with about as much talent as NJPW pre-pandemic could.
  10. One thing I seemed to note: they seem to be giving Reed more of the mic time with Injustice now. Has there ever been a stable or a team, where when they're faces one member of the team does most of the talking, but when they're heel the other member does? Oliver is definitely a natural annoying heel on the mic, so I can see why they made the switch. Mylon Reed seems to be more of a face talker by comparison (not sure how Oliver does as a face, I could see him having the John Morrison problem where his ring-style is natural face but his talking is natural heel) I can imagine the Lucha Bros. being like this also- with Fenix as face, and Penta as heel, but they don't talk much in the US.
  11. Also apparently it's going to be Dustin in that spot.
  12. Interesting how they slowly turned Reed /Injustice babyface and Pillman heel throughout the match.
  13. I like those lengths as well, but with the caveat you have to be unpredictable sometimes. One of my issues with NJPW is that you never really get a sense a match could end at any moment. I think at least once a night a match should stray from the standard formula- the hot dog doesn't get made, or a match ends in 2-3 minutes with a roll-up, or a flash KO, or some other sort of unique finish.
  14. They have a good look, but that's pretty much all they have. The Dawsons would do better in that spot. (If they're still working with the NWA, bringing in the Dawsons for a one-off would be totally unneeded, but still awesome) and yes, the Inner Circle/Jericho stuff has become tiresome and unwatchable crap that is hurting MJF. I was more interested in the MJF that was going vicious against Cody and Mox. This comedy goofball stuff hurts him- it's so WWE. Jericho needs to be phased out.
  15. Don't know why folks are saying B&B should have won. Both teams are honestly pretty disposable/on the same level. The only one out of the four I enjoy watching is Dustin, the other three are just ok.
  16. To set up two title matches for the Dome.
  17. MJF did look dangerous against Moxley, but I'm unsure how much of that was Mox tellng MJF to lay it in hard. MJF also did vicious well in his loser-leave-MLW match with Mancer. I suspect MJF was just working light because it's Jericho and because it's the go-home show.
  18. This is why they reset the records every year. There is a career record kept, but they go by annual record for the most part.
  19. Given that they've had Bea on AEW, Stardom wrestlers could work AEW.
  20. Getting squashed like that won't be impossible for Sonny to come back from but Sonny has a ceiling as well I think, I just can't buy them being a main eventer. More potentia than Janela, and plenty of time. Hangman loves apron bumps too much, and Penta/Fenix is always awesome.
  21. If anyone should stick with Jericho- it should be Sammy. Hager will never be accepted as a face by the AEW crowd- I suspect he's one of the folks a lot of the fans feel is a wasted spot- somewhat because of his politics, but mostly because of a lack of anything really great. As for Okada, I suspect he will end up full-time in AEW if it's still around in a few years. He's friends with the Bucks, and if he's going to be pushed down the card, why not go to America, do a nostalgia match with Omega, and be treated awesomely?
  22. I wonder if it's NRS? You can see a lot of non-WWE wrestling references in MK, and Kenny was a fan of Slam Masters- so a fighting game/wrestling game hybrid might be something he'd go for.
  23. Rock already got COVID, so he's prob got immunity long enough to do something.
  24. Why am I getting the impression Will Ospreay might be of average wrestler intelligence these days.
  25. I don't think a loss to Brodie hurts at all. Cody got squashed by Brodie, Brodie's a legit main eventer in AEW. OC is not at that level yet- and might end up being the AEW equivalent to Yano, a good you can have beat or lose to anyone and stay over. OC's got a great spot already, he sells a lot of merch, he's over, and he doesn't have to take as many bumps as most folks.
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