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  1. I really wish AEW would just buy MLW, and use their TV slot as like their B-show with Court booking that MLW-style. The MLW talent would fill the gaps in their roster heavily. That said, doesn't DBS Jr dislike the Elite? Contra jumping the Elite would be so money. Even the green low card guys like Oliver would have a solid use in AEW.
  2. She even did game reviews for Xbox in Japan and was sponsored by them. She's as legit a gamer as Kenny or Taichi.
  3. The Great-O-Kharn discovered the Wonders of Cook-Out on the New Beginning Tour and spends his days now randomly ordering all the milkshakes and burger with a quesadilla while someone in the car constantly yells "undefeated!" at the drive-thru. He comes back looking as big as Mr.Juicy and feuds with Okada over who has the better burgers.
  4. I'd argue Narita going to the LA Dojo instead of ROH might be more of a sign that ROH/NJPW relationship is on the rocks. NJPW controls the LA Dojo, but LA Dojo doesn't do shows. I would not be surprised if Narita ends up working a lot of west coast indies and NWA instead.
  5. Mox did say in an interview that he wanted to face ZSJ.
  6. El Desperado disagrees with your last statement.
  7. the NWA used a couple of NJPW folks for the Crockett Cup (think it was Nagata+Tenzan, was GOD in that tournament?) I don't think you'd need a relationship to send folks to work- I mean, Rocky+R3K worked a NC Indy after the first night of the G1.
  8. The question then becomes what is NJPW's US strategy if they lose AXS. My prediction- NJPW does something with the NWA if ROH doesn't shape up fast. There's history there, the NWA would likely be reasonable, and NWA affiliates a lot with Southern indies, which would be good for excursions- you'd probably get more work associated with the NWA as you would with ROH. I wonder if the Rock N Roll signing is more than just Gedo and Chase wanting to stooge for Ricky and Robert.
  9. AEW will clear out the indies just as much as WWE, though a successful AEW will result in pro wrestlers allowing indies to come back after a few years.
  10. Kenny's OWE match is going to be streamed here in a few minutes looking at translation I think this is an official link.
  11. Any idea if this guy is any good- at least he's got decent size and they do need a few hosses.
  12. There wasn't nearly as much of a difference between current NJPW style and NOAH style as I anticipated. That match would have looked ok as a G-1 match. I'm pretty high on Hammerstone though- I think he's going to be money for somebody eventually.
  13. They've announced some of who will appear: R3K and Rock N Roll Express are who I remember off top of my head.
  14. I don't think wrestling fans are that scared of Baltimore. Especially younger progressive wrestling fans. They're probably more scared of Gibsonville NC than they are Baltimore.
  15. If you want weirder, the Rock N Roll Express is going to be working New Japan US tour at the end of this month. Chase Owens stooging intensifies.
  16. I hope we see some flash matches, I know they'd said they don't want that on PPV though because they don't want fans to feel cheated, but I think the formula of pro wrestling needs to be upset a few times for it still to have meaning. Once or twice a month a competitive match on paper should end up over in 2-3 minutes or a squash.
  17. For years I thought it meant good at King of Fighters.
  18. Coughlin chops are cringeworthy. I don't think I've seen a chop that hard since Ronnie Garvin. The Fale Dojo guy looks like he doesn't belong compared to everyone else in the tourney, though I think he does some things well and could be good in a couple of years.
  19. This week's show was pretty good. A 1990's style WCW 6-man cruiserweight match followed by a good main event and angle.
  20. New promotions often have growing pains. I think AEW's idea is to give a variety, and have folks really want part of it, and pay for that part. I think the PPV model is going to suffer once they get weekly TV though. This got a lot less buzz than DoN, and seems to be getting more criticism, despite the show not being worse. I think the TV is going to do well though. The less is more approach that I think they'll do for weekly TV will play out well, and I suspect they'll churn the roster enough to keep it fresh. They have to be holding back a few cards for TV like Johnny/Taya (They really need Taya)
  21. I'm not worried about Cody Jarretting himself- he's been positioning himself in the upper midcard for the most part. I could see him getting the belt at one point once or twice, that's it. Also Cody has to answer to the other folks- and none of them are pushing themselves to the moon either. Still think AEW needs a bit more talent on the men's singles side of thing, but otherwise they're looking good, and I think they're going to do pretty well with what they have now.
  22. Also, we dont know how long Ibushi's contract with NJPW is other than at least until WK 2021. Omega/Ibushi could still happen in AEW if Ibushi decides to leave in a couple of years. Might be age in the cage a bit because both would be in early 40s, but Ibushi might have an IWGP reign by then as well, it would be a money match anywhere in the world. I do think AEW would draw American eyeballs to whatever Japanese promotion they allied with. Kenny and Jericho made NJPW World something people subscribed to in the US- people didn't join because of Naito/Okada/White, they stayed because of those three, but they weren't the hook. If NJPW didn't sign Kenny, they'd still be relying on ROH to run their American side of things. I'm saying this despite the fact Kenny is nowhere near as good as Okada/Naito/White in-ring. Those three are geniuses and top-tier athletes, Kenny is a top-tier athlete but only a good wrestling mind. He's this generation's Kurt Angle.
  23. I think AEW does have a bit of a lack of talent in their men's midcard, but MLW could fill that slot a lot easier than NJPW- imagine Contra jacking the Elite or MJF bringing Hammerstone in, not to mention Ace Austin as a goof to a top guy.
  24. I'm going to bet it's Ospreay, who will leave the junior division afterwards. If Hiromu's back, I'm betting he's doing junior tag for a few months just to get him used to things again- they're going to take it slow with him.
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