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  1. I think Western fans are going to turn on the promotion over this. Japanese fans will be excited.
  2. Gotta remember this isn't the 90s, so many more options have come, and I suspect only about half of AEW's folks watch it on TV, the other half stream it- either from FITE or the good ship Reddit. Much of AEW's potential audience has already cut the cord.
  3. Didn't Trent miss several months with a torn pec a few years ago when he was with NJPW? Trent vs Juice for the US belt is an underrated great NJPW match as well. Trent is the workhorse of that team and might be one of the top 5 guys AEW has overall. A big loss. Guess we get to see how Orange+Chuck do as a team.
  4. Nakazawa's value is that he's a jobber with some personality , and he's a translator for Japanese talent (which isn't very useful right now obviously- but they didn't know that at the time). As for Orange Cassidy. I think he's being used mostly right. He's AEW's version of Yano effectively. A guy who can beat anyone or lose to anyone, and has character-driven matches that shouldn't need a lot of bumps outside of PPV. It pops the crowd too, even if he's not going to bring folks in- he helps make folks happy they came, which is important for repeat business. Besides, with Trent now being out for a few months (torn pec), I suspect Orange is going to take Trent's place for a bit. You're right in that there's a limit to how many comedy guys you can have, I think AEW is at the limit, but not over it. That said, every promotion needs a Yano.
  5. The connection is that you didn't see a lot of pushback from AEW fans. A few months ago before Jericho crossed the event horizon of dumbassery, foks would have clapped back. Now folks are like, yeah , he's fat and I don't really care about that asshole anymore, give me more Hangman. I really do believe AEW+NJPW fans (they hate being lumped together, esp the NJPW fans, AEW fans are more cool with it) tend to learn a particular way politically. I judge this by the crowds I've been in, and how it compared to other crowds I've been in. CHIKARA crowds also fell into the same category. As for the NBA crowd, I wonder if Top Flight and the Acclaimed being showcased was an attempt to appeal to some of the NBA fanbase. Top Flight deserves it, as they are AEW's best tag prospects, and the Acclaimed were made to look really good by the Bucks (and I think they have potential). Jericho/Hager were for those NBA fans who were lapsed WWE fans, as was Miro I suppose. I think it was a smartly booked show for what they were going for- even if the odds of success weren't that low. Maybe they got 1,000 folks or so to give it another shot, that's 1,000 they didn't have before, and if they make 100 fans out of it, 100 new fans beats just preaching to the choir, and they didn't insult their audience at all in the process. As for Spears, I suspect he's going to part of an angle on Impact now- he was removed from AEW's roster page. He's definitely not the guy I'd be sending over (I'd be sending over Sonny/Janela, Private Party, and other guys who need the work)
  6. I remember a Jericho-Shamrock match, I don't remember it being particularly good. I think some of the AEW fans have turned on Jericho- I suspect politics might be the reason. Folks stopped being so forgiving of his flaws/bullshit when he was outed as a Trump donor. This is why you're not really seeing a lot of folks defending Jericho right now. This is why I think the fans never warmed up to Hager either- I think being a Republican gets you a decent amount of we don't want you heat from a portion of the AEW fanbase (though perhaps less so in-person with the COVID-era crowds, the folks going to AEW events despite a pandemic and folks who don't care about COVID might have some link), so I suspect it's the online fans who are more upset. Jericho's still providing value to AEW, but I do think his actions over the past year or so outside the ring have hurt him.
  7. I'd like to see Sydal paired up with Chaos Project. None of them have a whole lot to do, and the gimmicks would make sense together, Could lead to some interesting 6-mans. There's not a lot of ceiling on Sydal, he's a good hand- can be counted on to have good JTTS matches, and that's the proper role for him. Having guys like that in your promotion isn't a bad thing. As for Max Caster and the Bucks- we got a good example of both of them in the main tonight. I think it showed that Max is pretty green still (but I still think the Acclaimed have more potential than crappy Private Party, the Acclaimed at least manage to be annoying and put out decent diss tracks, even if I'd so much rather see Injustice in their slot). also the Bucks showed they could work smart with a mostly-nothing team and generate a solid match out of it (about the most you were going to get out of the Acclaimed right now, a solid match with solid heat- but that's still pretty good!)
  8. With the amount of offense they're getting on decently pushed teams, I think sooner or later they're going to be signed, especially since social media seems to be wanting more of them. It's amazing how Private Party was supposed to be their project tag team, and they have like 4-5 young teams way ahead of them already. It's too early to call Private Party busts, but they definitely have gotten more attention than they've earned so far.
  9. The R3K match in 2018 showed how good the Bucks can be when they actually do psychology.
  10. Dark is a fun watch just to see the jobbers and the ones with potential. Every show I see 1-2 guys I wouldn't mind being picked up- such as Danny Limelight, Freya, or Bear Country.
  11. All Stadtlander has to do to get over as a face is be likably weird and truck people when needed. She can do both. The alien gimmick is goofy but it doesn't do any harm.
  12. Are the Panda Express also members of Bear Country?
  13. What you just described there is both what I think Okada's limitations are as well, and why Omega/Okada was so great. Those two finally had someone who could keep up with them athletically (Naito almost could, though Naito's a lot better at a lot of other things, Jay can keep up as well, but it's not in his character to keep up). AEW just doesn't have the talents that NJPW has outside of a few guys, and as an ace Kenny's not well suited for working with athletically inferior talents, which is why he's a crappy ace. Okada is better at this. I think a lot of Omega's bad fundamentals are due to his path, and that should be his weakness. I remember something from Minoru Suzuki , where he said "perfect wrestlers are boring". That's something I think Omega does excel in- he makes sure he has flaws. I saw Kenny admit in a training video that he never really trained properly in terms of fundamentals, he just winged it. Kenny is a great in-ring storyteller though, that's the area he excels the most in, he just needs an opponent who can keep up with his 3rd/4th gear to really get the classics out. I wonder how an Omega/Angle in his prime match would go, as Angle to me is the best example of someone who had that athletic gear but was bad at in-ring psychology. His promo skills depend heavily on whether you're in on the references or not, which is not a good thing IMO, even if I get it.
  14. Freya on the women's side as well. She's impressed me taking stuff while still appearing big.
  15. The contrived dive onto everyone was overused in 90s WCW. You had one every week in the multigrain luchas.
  16. The one thing AEW has done a lot better than any competitor to WWE in the past 20 years is their ability to make stars out of folks who aren't transcendant talents. The last promotion that could really do that was ECW, and AEW takes after ECW more than it does any other promotion.
  17. Hiromu deserves it this year, but Despy needs to be Top 5 as well. He's right there. Despy deserves the Jr belt more than Goto ever deserved the IWGP.
  18. Tony Khan has asked them not to swear on TV. PPV is fine but not TV.
  19. Britt's gimmick is largely an expy of WCW Jericho, but replace the rock band part of the persona with a Karen. The Inner Circle thing was rushed and pointless to me, it's one of AEW's big missteps. Jericho is declining rapidly and I think he's got 2-3 years left in him max. I really hope the striking the knee/arm for a submission spot that Abadon and Gresham have done recently stays around- it's cool.
  20. Brodie needs some of the group to stay loyal to him, or else he gets buried. Anna should not join up with Hangman- she's just better as a heel right now. Folks want to cheer Colt/Silver/Reynolds. The other question is how long do you let Page be bullied by Brodie, do it too long and you might do real damage to the character. Think if the Bryan in the Wyatts stuff went on longer than it did.
  21. Page joining the Dark Order while Brodie is gone, leading to Brodie coming back and berating folks, and then Page finally has enough- could be a way to rehabilitate Page and split DO up (perhaps Anna+Brodie+Five and Dime+ Uno and Stu and Dime vs Page, Beaver Boys, Colt, and Tay?) Also gives Page time away from Omega so you can come back to that in a few months when it's time for Omega to lose the belt Hangman learns how to be a leader, and that's what gets him over the hump?
  22. That ship sailed for NJPW as soon as Dynamite got its TNT deal. There's no way NJPW could compete with AEW without having a weekly show with NJPW's top Stars, and that would require a massive chance in how NJPW does business. They were never going to make serious headway by running 2-3 big shows a year, and C shows in small tours the rest of the time.
  23. As for what AEW gets- I think the stronger other wrestling companies look, the more it helps AEW. AEW fans are willing to watch multiple shows, and the more non-WWE stuff gets exposure, the more you can get folks to see WWE as "God's in his heaven, all's right with the world"- the folks who hate WWE might come back to it someday, the folks who have gone beyond hate into indifference likely never will. As for how I'd use the relationship- I'd give Impact both lowercarders who need ringtime, and folks who are cooling off and you want them off TV for a bit, so send them to Impact (Jericho would be great to send there in a bit, let him raise hell on Impact instead of sliding down the card in AEW). In return I'd ask for women to feed to Shida and Rosa (maybe hot potato the women's title), and maybe a brief Gallows/Anderson crossover, and Ace Austin because I think he can hang with AEW's top young talent. It could be cool to just do on Impact a 60-min draw title vs title FTR vs the North for the hell of it too.
  24. Contra Unit is awesome- but if Fatu has that past that scares off major companies- the rest of Contra can't come off as a threat on their own.
  25. I've been a fan ever since seeing his match with Dan Severn at a Wrestlecade 3 years ago- though he was playing underdog in a face vs face match there. Was getting mad folks were shitting on it there.
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