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  1. Truth was too injured to even be a manager- his back was in worse shape than Gary Hart's.
  2. I still think the WWF manages to go national in such a scenario- maybe with Savage as their ace? I think the AWA lasts longer- Bischoff never goes South. Memphis and World Class might become ECW-esque lands of misfit toys.
  3. The way AEW is set up, having some young Lions/Lionesses might be really useful. Use them as jobbers for 1-2 years, then send them out to another fed/country to get more versatility (if that's possible), then repackage them after a year learning. Good way to get new stars on the cheap and pad records of your midcarders.
  4. My guess is Muta's knees were more fucked than your average knee replacement candidates, and most folks who get those knees don't work matches. BTW- it was Wrestlecade where I saw this, which is pretty close to where you're at (prob the best NC Indie show)
  5. I'd be fine with the current batch of job guys becoming the equivalent of AEW's Young Lions. Let them job for a couple of years , send them somewhere for a year to learn a new style, then redebut them.
  6. Looks like Ricky Starks quit the NWA. My guess is AEW bound- because otherwise it doesn't make sense.
  7. Didn't Kenny try to bring her over? Then again, she'd use up Jericho's swear allowance and that can't happen.
  8. Lesser compared to Malenko/Eddie/Benoit, I don't know if he was worse than the other "workrate" guys in WCW at the time. Jericho's character work was miles ahead of the other workrate guys except post-injury Eddie. Britt doesn't have the in-ring chops of Jericho, and women have shorter careers, but she's onto something here. And yeah, the Tyson thing is not a good look.
  9. He may not be best in the world now, but he's the best over-50 guy in wrestling today , and his overall body of work puts him top-10 all time, sniffing top-5 territory.
  10. There was an Omega-Cabana feud in the indies? I don't think Colt is underrated here. I'd argue he might be a top 5 guy in AEW right now in terms of being able to put on good matches, though I don't know if he'd work with everyone- I think Colt is best working Euro style (why the match with Kip was so good)
  11. Friend said he looked like Kelly Kelly.
  12. Thought that was Jebailey. He's freer than usual right now anyways. AEW did test everyone before the show- they said everyone was negative, so maybe they felt more confident about it?
  13. Colt vs Kip was great on Dark this week. Worth watching for that alone.
  14. I would pay good money for an LA Park cooking show. And yeah, Jordan was awful in that match. He's usually better than that, no idea what happened- injury? He seemed unusually timid as well- guessing something wasn't right with his head or he was hurt. Is next week the last bit of MLW footage with a crowd?
  15. Got to see Muta last year- his English seemed spotty, though he got a bit. Might be a case where he understands but doesn't speak well. He was in a really, really bad way. He was limping so heavily I wanted to get out of line and help him just get where he needed. He had a very heavy limp and should not be performing at all.
  16. Just the crazy violence. I got to see a lot of late-era World Class, UWF in addition to Crockett, so I got my share of ultraviolence. I hated WWF style as a kid, I watched but I even liked the AWA stuff more than I liked WWF. I could appreciate a good technician, I remember liking Rick Martal and Mr.Perfect on the WWF side, and Bret made WWF watchable for me (never liked Shaun that much). I can also appreciate comedy in the aspect of folks still trying to win, or if it's an all-comedy fed like how I see CHIKARA. That said, give me Darby having his throat rammed into his own skateboard, or good Midnights/Vader squashes (those are my two favorite squash guys/teams) over anything WWE does these days.
  17. MJF and Miz are around the same weight, Miz has a couple inches, MJF got more bulk. Miz would dwarf a lot of indie badasses though. That said, I have an easier time buying MJF as being tough when he has to be tough.
  18. AEW has a younger, better Miz so they don't need Miz. I do think Miz would work some matches still - I could see him doing Memphis stuff, maybe NWA, but part-time only. It's obvious he loves wrestling, even if it's WWE-style.
  19. Wrestling just isn't wrestling without the crowds, and with the knowledge that nothing big will happen.
  20. Yano and ZSJ both fill this role. A ZSJ match is fairly easy as well- just sell for 90% of it as you're getting something worked on.
  21. I think every NJPW guy dreams of being Yano though, Nak was just living the dream. I mean, you get to grin like an idiot, punch folks in the nuts, and be over doing comedy- that's like the cushiest wrestler job there is.
  22. At least MJF got his revenge in a prickish fashion, waiting till the last day and jumping someone smaller. I think if you're writing someone off, you gotta make it look like they beat someone at least sneaky tough, unless it's a manager or something. MJF was eating so many pins (understandably and obviously so) they had to temporarily build him up for this at least in terms of being a threat.
  23. It didn't feel like a face promo as much as it did a badass heel promo. Beating up a wimpy MJF doesn't get Mance as over as beating up a tough , desperate MJF. Also, hasn't Mance already been backstage at an event this year? I'd be just fine with MLW becoming AEW's developmental.
  24. I thought Jay had some great matches with non-elite folks. Jay/Juice , and Jay/Page were great in 2018.
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