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  1. Players with any contract incentives that could kick in via a TD, sack, certain amount of yards and so on, won’t be mailing it in.
  2. Goodell has to be on a conference call with Davis, Spanos, and the head coaches telling them if try to fix the game they’ll be banned for life.
  3. Steelers win!!!! Now the NFL’s worst nightmare, two teams potentially attempting to fix the outcome of a game.
  4. TJ Watt ties the record with a legit sack, then a few plays later knocks down a pass and gets kneed in nardz.
  5. Nah, the best QB in the City of Pittsburgh this year will be the Steelers QB next season.
  6. Do people not understand that the Charlie Batch-EMU million dollar offer is a publicity stunt? They know there’s zero chance Williams would even think of playing for Eastern, even with a million bucks on the table. Batch just got his company the most advertising it ever had or will have for zero dollars.
  7. I'll co-sign on the Super Bob Einstein doc being really good! The Beanie Baby doc on HBO Max is good and a really interesting watch, as someone who was a cynical 20something Gen-X'er who mocked the fad back in the day it was cool to get the story on why Beanie Babies were such a huge deal.
  8. The announcement being on Groundhog Day seems to me it'll be Red Hogs or they're sticking with WFT, uniform/logo announcements are usually after the Super Bowl so having it be on Groundhog Day should be a huge clue to what the name is.
  9. Is Sly standing on chair or is Harley shorter than I thought he was?
  10. Sam, Miguel, Robby, Hawk, Eli and Tory will be aging out of the tourney and high school after the next season, plus the actors playing them are all in their mid-20's so they can't really extend their senior year of high school past next season. I liked the intro of Kenny, finally doing something with Anthony, along with the intro of kids who filled out the rosters of each dojo, they need new characters if they want to keep the series going and I think both Netflix and Sony want to keep it going. I'm not sure what kind of spinoff they could do besides Sam going to college, an updated Undeclared with karate mixed in could be fun.
  11. The Steelers were still in the 2019 season playoff hunt when Ben was out for most of the season, I can't remember the tiebreaker if they ended up 9-7 like the Titans but it didn't matter since the Steelers lost to the Ravens in week 17. The Steelers haven't had a losing season since 2003, which gave them a rare early pick which enabled them to draft Ben. Also, the Steelers have had only four losing seasons the past 30 years, 1991 they wen 7-9 in Chuck Noll's final season, then back to back losing season in 1998 and 1999.
  12. Just saw that the newest Crime in Sports podcast is about Jerry Lawler, can't wait to listen.
  13. I was always baffled that Bigelow wasn’t brought in as a heel for a house show run with Hogan, similar to Kamala’s run with the Hulkster.
  14. A Face in the Crowd is a movie everyone should see, it’s just as relevant today as it was in 1957.
  15. This Rose Bowl really needs Keith Jackson announcing.
  16. Pitt was playing with their third string QB! If Kenny Pickett was playing Pitt wins by 30 or more, if backup QB Patti doesn’t get hurt early in the game Pitt wins by 15 or more. Pitt’s D was on the field almost the entire game and was one bad pass by a third stringer from taking the game to OT.
  17. The whole team got the booster shot last week and I don’t think any of them went home for Xmas.
  18. That’s the power of Hulkamania brother! It was the same when Bruno and Pedro were champs, no need to load the undercard when you can draw a huge house with the main event. Most of the time those long JTTS matches were the first match on the card and/or the first match after intermission, gotta sell that beer, soda, popcorn and hot dogs.
  19. If it was Baltimore instead of Washington and Pittsburgh instead of Philly they’d move the game.
  20. 22 Jump Street is a rare “sequel that’s better than the original” purely due to Jillian Bell.
  21. What promotion is using the if Andre The Giant would have won at WM3 belt?
  22. They settled this afternoon so no need to switch! https://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/2021/12/19/youtube-tv-disney-espn-abc/8963026002/
  23. Even with the very generous spot by the Line Judge the Steelers get the win of the Tennessee Tuxedos!
  24. As someone who might cave to Disney’s master plan and ditch YouTube TV for Hulu Live, how’s Hulu Live?
  25. The sponsoring of bowls started in 1986 with the Sunkist Fiesta Bowl, more bowls followed suit in 1987. The first bowl with just the sponsor name was the John Hancock Bowl aka Sun Bowl in 1989. The Blockbuster Bowl started up in 1990, the same year we got the Poulan Weed Eater Independence Bowl.
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