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  1. That none of the top QB's played for big name schools like Alabama or Ohio State is the main reason the QB class is perceived as low. Had Pickett transferred to Notre Dame and put up the same numbers he'd would have been the consensus #1 pick and would have won the Heisman, pretty much the same if Ridder had done what he had done at Ohio State instead of Cincy.
  2. This type of Armed Forces sales tactic doesn't bother me as much as the stealth tactics they use in the USAA Car Insurance and Navy Federal Credit Union spots.
  3. So does this movie end with young Andy leaving the theatre telling his Mom that he wants a Buzz Lightyear for his birthday, or is it older Andy leaving the theater with his kid?
  4. Matt Damon shouldn't be playing someone with the last name Vacarro or someone from Pittsburgh, Damon is way to WASP'Y to be playing an Italian-American and there's no way he's going to be able to pull off a Pittsburgh accent.
  5. Cobra Kai proves there's "Hollywood" types out there that know pro wrestling booking, the issue is someone coming in from the outside has to deal with micro-managing owners, pro wrestler ego's, carny's dong carny shit and so on, that's either going to drive them away or basically neuter anything truly creative they want to do.
  6. “You can’t scare me I have two daughters”, I bet it was a Father’s Day gift.
  7. Never seen this picture before, the Captain must have went nuts with the box cutter that night.
  8. I wasn't watching WCW on the regular during that time, did Luger turn heel right before Hogan got DP'ed?
  9. I'd pass on any gang from The Warriors mainly due to the outfit I'd have to wear, I could never do the amount of sit-ups needed to look good in The Warriors vest, plus not really interested in being a mime or mime baseball player. But I'd totally be down to be in The Wanderers, give me one of those gold jackets and bring on the Ducky Boys!
  10. Hasbro's Youtube channel is running a 24/7 stream of the G.I. Joe cartoon, I've been randomly watching 30ish seconds every hour or so the past few days, its like the Walker Texas Ranger lever from Conan.
  11. I haven't seen Pig but of the Cage flicks I've seen Raising Arizona would be #3.
  12. This might be better in a separate thread, but The Love Boat is the TV workplace I'd most want to work in. Sure I'd be one of six employees on an entire cruise ship, but there's only one annoying co-worker in Gopher, the Captain is pretty chill and won't care if I spend an entire cruise pretending to be my own identical cousin to get Charo to perform at my grandparents 75th wedding anniversary dinner, Issac is a great wingman, Julie is always going to have some coke, the ship's doctor has an infinite supply of penicillin, almost every passenger is looking to hookup with a crew member and the cruise line seems to have no policy against it.
  13. I’d be hanging at the Regal Beagle with the Three’s Company crew.
  14. My parents were on the Steelers Legends Cruise last week, it’s always a mix of old players and some from the current roster. I talked to my mom about it on Monday she said that Haskins was the highlight of the trip, she was on his team for a few games and said that you could tell he was having a blast the whole time.
  15. That Gil Brandt bullshit was on NFL Radio!
  16. In that time frame they would usually acknowledge someone’s “known” name during their first tv match, after that it was the gimmick name and maybe Gorilla or Lord Al would mention the “known” name during a Prime Time bout. I think the only exception was Barry Darsow when he went from Smash to Repo Man, even Sheiky Baby’s past was acknowledged when he showed up as Colonel Mustafa.
  17. I’m assuming they’ll skip the 1980-81 season and start back up with 1981-82 when there was tons of drama early in the season.
  18. I liked The Voyeurs, it was cool that they set and shot the movie in Montreal, most of the time Montreal is a double for NYC or some generic US city.
  19. HBO Max must have cut a deal with Sony for content since a lot of older Columbia & TriStar films popped up on the 1st, between what was already on there and this new stuff you could easily recreate a day of HBO programming from 1987. I watched two flicks I haven't seen in years this weekend. The Last Detail (1973) - Jack Nicholson and Otis Young are two sailors escorting a young Randy Quaid to the Portsmouth Naval Prison, directed by Hal Ashby and written by Robert Towne. Forgot how good this was, the three main performances were amazing and Otis Young deserved to get a Best Supporting Actor nom along with Randy Quaid, that neither Nicholson or Quaid won in their respective categories is a robbery. Armed and Dangerous (1986) - From the winter of 1987 to the mid-1990's this movie played on cable at least once a week, I haven't seen it in 25 years yet I still knew almost all the dialogue and jokes, that was the power of cable tv back then. It's an interesting flick since both Eugene Levy and John Candy switch between being the clown and straight man, that wouldn't have worked with any other pairing. It also has an all-star team of character actors filling out the cast Robert Loggia, Kenneth McMillan, James Tolkan, Jonathan Banks, Brion James, Tony Burton, Larry Hankin, David Wohl, Larry "Flash" Jenkins and Tony "Tiny" Lister! All of them have a scene or line that is intentionally or unintentionally funny. In the next week or so I'm going to re-watch The Last Dragon, Iron Eagle, and The Toy.
  20. If this is true it’s not one shot to the back of the head for Snyder, it’s going to be Sonny Corleone at the toll booth.
  21. What's infuriating about the Polansky thing is the same people who used the excuse of "separating the art from the artist" to justify the standing ovation, sat on their hands when Elia Kazan got an honorary Oscar in 1998.
  22. I believe Brando gave the Academy a heads up on having Littlefeather refuse the award on his behalf, so they had ample time to prepare for The Duke or Chuck Heston storming the stage.
  23. Ross and Watts would still be all in on Dr. Death, the Boz was too flashy and brought dishonor to OU. That Watt's didn't recruit former Cornhuskers or Longhorns to feud with Dr. Death is promoter malpractice, same with Fritz not finding some old Steeler to feud with his boys.
  24. Even as a 9 year old when the WWF started their own magazine "Victory" it was easy to see that PWI stripping the WWF of World Title status was just sour grapes. I always loved that they'd mention Tony Atlas was the last person to pin Hogan. The Supercard's issues were always fun, even if the AWA and World Class Supercard's weren't that super. I always assumed that any of the prizes they gave away like Dusty's boots were rigged, now I think they never actually gave out said prizes. While PWI, Inside Wrestling, The Wrestler, and WWF magazine were sold at grocery stores, drug stores and chain convince stores/dairy's, Wrestling Eye, Main Event, and Wrestling All Stars were only sold in mom and pop convince stores mixed in with "dirty" magazines.
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