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  1. Currently in Ireland and was in the UK last week, both of these commercials gave me holy shit reactions. Why Dame Judi Dench why? Never a huge Oasis fan(more of a Blur guy) but ouch, did the brothers really need the money?
  2. The game is in Pittsburgh, all of the Steelers games are in the Eastern Time Zone.
  3. With "Young Rock" everyone needs to repeat to themselves "it's just a show, I should really just relax" when it comes to timeline, who was where, his grandmothers trial, and so on. There's points where the show is so bad it's good, like the actor playing Pat Patterson using 5 different accents each episode, but all the Randall Park stuff is cringe worthy.
  4. That would have been way better than the actual season 2.
  5. The Mini Vikes & Iggles will kickoff at 8:30PM on ABC, hopefully they make whoever is announcing wear the old school yellow ABC blazer.
  6. Watched the first two episodes of The Pentaverate and it’s hysterical! I also love the idea that Mike Meyers walked into Netflix showed them a scene from So I Married an Axe Murderer and got a bunch of money to make this show.
  7. And starting Pens goalie Tristan Jarry is still day to day. While I wasn't expecting the Penguins to win the Cup this season, I really wanted them to eliminate the Rangers.
  8. This was the first show I attended, Blackjack Mulligan went medieval for the Bunkhouse Match by bringing a Mace to the ring and after the match a fan attacked Mulligan! Which lead to the fan getting his ass kicked by Blackjack and Special Guest Ref Gorilla Monsoon, I clearly remember the huge smile Monsoon had as he pummeled the fan. WWF @ Pittsburgh, PA - Civic Arena - June 18, 1982 The Hangman pinned Pedro Torres at 4:50 with a knee to the mid-section as Torres charged the corner Baron Mikel Scicluna pinned Miguel Feliciano at 7:40 with a knee drop after catching him coming off the top and hitting a knee to the chest Mr. Fuji & Mr. Saito fought Chief Jay & Jules Strongbow to a draw in a Best 2 out of 3 falls match at 15:45; fall #1: Fuji pinned Jules at the 45 second mark after throwing salt in his face while Saito distracted the referee; fall #2: Jules defeated Saito with a sleeper at 10:05; fall #3: the two teams fought to a double disqualification when all four men began brawling in the ring and referee Rich Szczypinski was hit several times WWF World Champion Bob Backlund defeated Blackjack Mulligan in a Bunkhouse Match at 12:50 when guest referee Gorilla Monsoon stopped the match due to blood after Backlund busted Mulligan open and repeatedly hit it with the title belt; both men were permitted to bring one weapon to the ring for the bout, which would be placed in their corner for future use; Backlund chose his title belt while Mulligan brought a spiked-ball hammer Jimmy Snuka pinned SD Jones at 17:50 with an inside cradle after avoiding a third consecutive tackle Tony Atlas pinned Adrian Adonis at 14:20 with a splash after Adonis hit the corner Ivan Putski pinned Greg Valentine at 14:00 when Valentine failed a powerslam, with Putski falling on top for the win
  9. The Rock Hall of Fame has the Ahmet Ertegun Award for Non-Performers, that's what Jimmy Iovine & Sylvia Robinson are getting this year. Kind of similar to the Builders section of the Hockey Hall of Fame and the Contributors section of the Basketball Hall of Fame. That they inducted Dolly Parton after she said "thanks but no thanks" is really shitty.
  10. Pens and Rangers heading into a 3rd OT. Edit! Pens win in in the 3rd OT!!!!
  11. WM3 was actually blacked out in the entire state of Michigan, even the Upper Peninsula.
  12. Kelly’s Heroes is on tomorrow at 5:30PM Eastern Time, if you’ve never seen it this is your chance!
  13. Mister TV

    The Deuce

    Both of James Franco's characters and Abby were so unlikable that it dragged the show down a peg for me. After a few episodes I just didn't care what happened to them and wanted things to get back to Lori, CC, Darlene, Rudy and the crooked cops. I had a similar feeling with Vinyl where I didn't care about Richie and his wife or the Nasty Bits, that show should have been based around Ray Romano's character.
  14. Pickett will be the week 1 starter, hell he could have started for the Steelers this past season and they would have won 2 or 3 more games.
  15. Pickett! The Steelers didn’t make the same mistake they made 39 years ago!
  16. So many questions! Where do you buy a Pumpkin Pie in April? I don't think I've ever seen one in a bakery or grocery store this time of year. Did Kiper recycle an old pic from the fall? Why fat free Reddi Whip when you're eating 1/4th of a pie? Also, a big old glass of most likely whole milk a few hours before speaking all day seems like a really bad idea.
  17. I never knew there was a "making of" movie on Tombstone!
  18. The story on the initial production of Tombstone is pretty interesting, screenwriter Kevin Jarre was out of his element as a director and fired a month in, Kurt Russell then directs the picture with George P. Cosmatos as just a figurehead director due to union rules, Russell and the producers also cut a lot of things out of the massive script.
  19. That none of the top QB's played for big name schools like Alabama or Ohio State is the main reason the QB class is perceived as low. Had Pickett transferred to Notre Dame and put up the same numbers he'd would have been the consensus #1 pick and would have won the Heisman, pretty much the same if Ridder had done what he had done at Ohio State instead of Cincy.
  20. This type of Armed Forces sales tactic doesn't bother me as much as the stealth tactics they use in the USAA Car Insurance and Navy Federal Credit Union spots.
  21. So does this movie end with young Andy leaving the theatre telling his Mom that he wants a Buzz Lightyear for his birthday, or is it older Andy leaving the theater with his kid?
  22. Matt Damon shouldn't be playing someone with the last name Vacarro or someone from Pittsburgh, Damon is way to WASP'Y to be playing an Italian-American and there's no way he's going to be able to pull off a Pittsburgh accent.
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