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  1. happjack

    Best Movie Opening / Ending?

    For as great as the Lupus catch is the Bad New Bears really nails what it's like to lose the big game and have to deal with the half assed sportsmanship of the other team.
  2. happjack

    MAY 2018 TV THREAD

    I don't think I'll ever watch it but if the show gets a proper final episode it should end with Selleck as Magnum ghostwriting this version of Magnum under the Robin Masters name. There was a Magnum sequel with his daughter as the main focus being shopped to ABC, seems like a better concept than this CBS reboot. http://deadline.com/2016/09/magnum-p-i-sequel-daughter-abc-eva-longoria-1201824437/
  3. happjack

    Cobra Kai

    I loved Cobra Kai but if it comes back for a second season they really need to disguise that they're shooting the show somewhere that isn't the San Fernando Valley, the leaves on the ground, no palm trees, everyone wearing jackets and hoodies in the Valley during summer was pretty bad.
  4. happjack

    Cobra Kai

    Watched the first four episodes last night and agree that it's really good.
  5. happjack

    Bruno Sammartino has died

    They can't/won't use WWWF?
  6. happjack

    Bruno Sammartino has died

    Wow, didn't realize he was in ill health. I met him at wrestling events and just randomly in Pittsburgh a few times, he was one of the nicest guys ever to walk this planet.
  7. happjack


    Call me a cynic but Vince was totally "working" that moment.
  8. happjack

    Wrestling belts, designs and reigns.

    That belt looks like one you’d see at a low level boxing card somewhere in Nevada not named Las Vegas.
  9. It was in Manchester and I coached Team Greece again!
  10. happjack

    Your Upcoming Good Stuff On TCM Thread

    The Black Stallion is on in 15 minutes!
  11. happjack


    Ha, I’m assuming the guy in the Finkle jersey lost his bet.
  12. happjack

    Sexual Assault and Harassment in Hollywood

    What about Deluise and Chef Paul Prudhomme?
  13. happjack

    2017-18 NCAAF: GOIN' BOWLING!

    Where can I get a "Lineal National Championship" t-shirt!!!!
  14. happjack


    Wouldn’t someone collapse like that if they just realized that their backup needs some time to warm up?
  15. happjack

    2017-18 NCAAF: GOIN' BOWLING!

    The system has always been designed to keep schools like UCF from having a shot. Even in the pre-BCS era they wouldn’t be in National Championship talk and would be playing in the Tangerine Bowl against a second of third place ACC team.