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  1. Per the Wikipedia page McClane and a group of wrestlers left GLOW over creative differences and McClane started POWW. In the early 2000's he started WOW which was pretty much GLOW 2.0, they used a lot of the same gimmicks. With the way Meshulam Riklis who was the money behind GLOW operated the rights were probably wrapped up in some leveraged buyout then sold off to a shell company during a bankruptcy and then forgotten about.
  2. Check out the doc from a few years ago that's on Netflix and there's a ton of stuff on YouTube. At times it's really bad but it also has "its so bad it's good" moments. There's also a lot of WTF moments like the Gestapo Match and Mt. Fiji under a voodoo curse.
  3. TV

    Are people like Ted Lange, Fred Dryer and Anson Williams really going to compete? I get the nostalgia kick but they're all pretty old. I'm assuming Tom Arnold undercut someone on the appearance fee to get on this. I love me some old Battle of the Network Stars and it's syndicated rip-off cousin Star Games.
  4. How could Verne screw anyone when the show didn't make any money? The other side of the story was Verne paid Jerry Jarrett a booking fee for his talent and that money never made it down to the Memphis\Dallas guys, that's just as plausible as Verne keeping it all for himself. That whole mess was bound to fail, everyone was looking out for their own interests and neither Lawler or Kerry were big enough stars to get people to buy PPV's.
  5. Nashville fans should be more upset with their team not being able to convert on what 5 power plays which included a 5 on 3 on top of not showing up for Game 5.
  6. Verne really missed the boat by not having heels loosely based on Cobra characters to feud with Sarge in the AWA, bring in Rip Morgan and Jack Victory and make them Dreadnoks, cut Shaun and Steve Simpson's hair and make them Tomax and Xamot, since he sucked in the ring but had the look Ox Baker managing the heels as Doctor Mindbender. That would have been a thousand times better than the endless Col. DeBeers feud.
  7. Photo

    Will someone please do some sorta show that has Danny McBride as Jimmy Garvin.
  8. Slaughter/Sheik was four years after the hostage crisis and it was never played up, they made the hard push of Sheiky Baby being from Iran though. The German and Japanese gimmicks didn't start until the 50's and were one of the reasons Pro Wrestling was considered low brow plus most of the German heels used iron crosses instead of swastikas. It was a very different time and everyone is numb to war and it's consequences thanks to the Gulf War and it's sequel in 2003. In the run up to the Gulf War it was thought that the US and coalition forces would suffer heavy casualties and the images of Vietnam were still fresh in everyone's minds, add in the talk of terrorists attacking the US you get a public that's a little on edge. I think Vince read all of the patriotism that came out during the build up wrong, the patriotism exploded because of fear and anxiety not the rah-rah USA is #1 patriotism of 1980's America(it became that once the war ended up being a squash match), if it was 1985 and they had Sarge side with Iran or the USSR it would have worked. Had they just had Hogan and the faces all come out waving the American flag and dedicating their matches to the troops they would have gotten really good pr and Hogan would have most likely been allowed to go visit the troops in Saudi Arabia. I never saw Sarge as desperate for the title and his being a turn coat had nothing to do with him getting it. Through kayfabe glasses he didn't deserve a title shot, wins against Volkoff at house shows and scoring pinfalls over Luke and Butch at Survivor Series shouldn't get someone a high profile title shot, plus he only won the belt because of Savage and Sherri.
  9. They announced that WMVII was going to be at the LA Coliseum at WMVI so at that point they might have been gearing up for a Hogan - Warrior rematch, when the match didn't do as good as expected on PPV they most likely changed things up. Earthquake vs. Hogan at WMVII makes sense if you look at the finish of SummerSlam 90, Hogan only wins via countout and has to be "saved" by the Big Boss Man, they could have easily dragged that out to WMVII. Slaughter was already signed and had vignettes airing in late June/early July, Iraq didn't invade Kuwait until the beginning of August and it was in early November that it seemed pretty clear that George H.W. Bush was doing everything in his power to get the US into a war with Iraq so the company line of Sarge being brought in as a Iraqi sympathizer is bull.
  10. I can't see him ever making it up to New York. He's more likely going to be a mid carder in Tennessee looking at his $30 payoff and wondering why he got into this business.
  11. Outside of the JW Pepper stuff and the slide whistle during the car jump why do people hate The Man with the Golden Gun?
  12. One of the last live shows I went to was in the Cena Spinner belt era and damn near a third of the crowd had them.
  13. I'm sorta shocked that it sold for as much as it did. I thought it would have been in the $25,000 to $50,000 range, the name only means something to the hardest of hardcore fans.
  14. TV

    It looks like it's going to be loosely based on the real GLOW story. Check out the GLOW doc, it's really good.