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  1. If I remember right it would have been a short term run for a proposed tour of South America.
  2. Yeah Vince had a leg up on everyone else with all the cities he already had control of along with the open cities he was able to slide into before the end of 1983. Pre-expansion they had NYC, Philly, Boston, DC, Baltimore and Pittsburgh along places like Hartford and Nassau County plus all of the towns across the Northeast they ran shows in. In 1982 they added Buffalo to the mix, in the spring of 1983 they took over Los Angeles and San Diego, in the fall of 1983 Cincinnati and Dayton, then St. Louis in December 1983. Vince is still moving into those cities along with Detroit in early 1984 without Hogan, plus he was putting the squeeze on Ole by running shows in Eastern Ohio through out 1983 setting up a showdown for Cleveland. Having all of those cities gives Vince the option of going with someone like Kerry, Ricky Steamboat or Paul Orndorff for a year or two if Hogan isn't an option(never born, only works Japan or joins Metallica) and he'd have to pick off the competition a lot slower. A WWF without Hogan is going to have a changing of the guard at the top every few years so by 1986 they change to someone like Savage as heel champ for a year or make it about tag teams and bring in the Road Warriors.
  3. Yes Vince Sr. named him since he wanted someone with an Irish name on the roster plus the names Terry Bollea used prior to Hulk Hogan were all kind of goofy. I don't think anyone being a second generation wrestler would have been an issue if Hogan wasn't available, what kind of office politics would someone like Fritz be able to pull off? It's the McMahon's company and Sr's capos(Moonson, Skaaland and Zacko) weren't going to give an outsider like Fritz the time of day. Remember that Vince was trying to make a deal with World Class until 1987 and he always treated the Von Erich's with a respect, he knew Kerry pre motorcycle accident was a license to print money and would have no issue with Fritz showing up once and awhile.
  4. Henning along with Eddie Gilbert were fuzzy cheeked rookies under the watchful eye of Bob Backlund in 1982 and part of 1983, the fans would never buy Hennig as champ or even a mid-carder in 1984 and he hadn't found his charisma yet.
  5. Vince started the expansion long before he had Hogan locked up, he started running in Los Angeles in the spring of 1983 and Cincinnati/Dayton in the fall of 1983. Without Hogan it's doubtful Vince is able to throw money around to the TV stations in stronger territories like the AWA, but he could have easily taken over "dead" territories like Detroit or ones with a lot of infighting between the ownership groups like St. Louis and Atlanta. Also Crockett would still lose interest in booking talent to Southern Ontario and Vince would have still jumped at the chance to get a foothold up there. I can't see Fritz getting in Kerry's way if Vince offers up a run with the WWF belt, even without the expansion the top spot in New York is a license to print money and with Vince's plans even Fritz would see that it's something that can't be turned down. It wasn't just Verne not wanting to give the AWA belt to Hogan there was the issue of Hogan actually wanting it and the politics of Japan since Verne was hooked up with All-Japan and Hogan with New Japan. Hogan was going to end up back in the WWF at some point, he was too much of a star for the McMahon's to pass on and there was too much money for Hogan to pass up with to without the expansion.
  6. Even without the murder and drug problem Vince wasn’t going to put the belt on Snuka, he was the perfect #2 babyface and didn’t need a belt, plus I can’t see him being taken seriously in interviews with mainstream media types. Also one of the biggest reasons Snuka was so over as a face in the WWF was the storyline of his turn, the new areas they moved into wouldn’t have seen that whole story play out so he might not have been as over in those places. There’s a slight chance they might have went with Sarge but remember he didn’t turn until after Hogan won the belt, he had never been a face before and by the time the turn played out Nationalism was being ramped up across the country due to the Reagan re-election campaign. If Vince had to push things back a few months because Hogan wasn’t coming then Sarge might get the spot in the spring of summer of 1984. If Hogan turned Vince down or was never born then I think he tries to get Kerry Von Erich or possibly brings in Paul Orndorff as a face and puts the belt on him. Without Hogan the expansion isn’t as rapid so Vince might not truly decided on someone until sometime in 1985 or even 1986. There’s no way in hell Vince brings in Lawler and I doubt Lawler would have left his small pond. Remember “Tennessee Rasslin” was looked down on by all of the promoters.
  7. What’s the building on the side panels? Looks like the Hill Valley Clock Tower.
  8. If I remember right one of McMahon's excuses was the fear that the crowd was "going to riot" if they cancelled the show, one would assume they didn't cancel the show was so they wouldn't have to refund the ppv buys.
  9. The Steelers list, that Bubby Brister and Mark Malone have over 20 wins shows how good and underrated the 1980's Steelers defense was. Ben Roethlisberger (144) Terry Bradshaw (107) Kordell Stewart (46) Neil O’Donnell (39) Bubby Brister (28) Bobby Layne (27) Mark Malone (21) Jim Finks (18) tie Tommy Maddox and Mike Tomczak (15) Ed Brown (14)
  10. Sadly no one from Cameo is on Cameo. Taking a deep dive on who’s working the Orwellian gimmick table that is Cameo is well worth it.
  11. It's kind of freaky that Avenue 5 and this season of Brockmire were written, shot and aired before the pandemic, they both seem like something that would have been initially conceived right now.
  12. Does anyone over 70 watch CBS? I mean there's got to be a point where they purge the NCIS shows and remakes the same way did the rural shows in the early 70's.
  13. Yeah if the NBA does the Las Vegas thing the teams are going to be confined to their floor of the hotel when they’re not playing or practicing. Also even if Las Vegas is somewhat open it’s still going to be a ghost town on The Strip.
  14. As someone who was 10/11 years old during this timeframe I can co-sign that Mr. T was a HUGE celebrity and phenomenon, he would have been the third most popular/well known tv star behind Bill Cosby and Michael J. Fox, plus people thought he was a legit badass due to his look and how he worked his gimmick. Oh yeah he also had a Saturday morning cartoon show and his own breakfast cereal. Wrestlemania and the WWF wouldn’t be where they are today if it wasn’t for Mr. T working that match and the build up to it. Also, if Vince had any plans for Dr. D working the WM main event he wouldn’t have had him jobbing clean to a visiting Inoki a few months before the big show.
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