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  1. happjack


    I really want this movie to be about Hogan, Vince and Cocaine locked in a hotel room writing No Holds Barred.
  2. happjack


    Watched "Teddy Pendergrass: If You Don't Know Me" last night, very good and I think it would be a good watch even if you don't know his music or general story. Teddy does a live version of a song that was going to be his crossover attempt and his version of it is jaw dropping.
  3. happjack

    Wrestling belts, designs and reigns.

    The top belt is the NWF Heavyweight Title, Inoki bought it from Johnny Powers when New Japan was starting up. Inoki would use this belt as World Martial Arts Title when he worked MSG and the Shea Stadium show, at some point they made a separate belt. It seems there were multiple versions of this WWWF belt, all slightly different if you look at pics with Pedro, Bruno, Superstar and Backlund wearing it. I always thought the WWWF belt looked better than the NWA's belt of that era, it's actually more flashy and more fitting for someone like Flair.
  4. happjack

    Wrestling What Ifs

    Shamrock was never over enough to put the belt on even short term and honestly not many people cared about "legit" credentials back then or really ever. He was slotted in the right spot during most of his run in the WWF. Vince was going to sour on Vader no matter what, he reminded him of his step-father, had weight issues and no one on the roster really liked working with him. Vince is going to audible and go with Sid in that spot with or without Shawn's fit following SummerSlam.
  5. happjack

    Wrestling What Ifs

    If Foley died the WWF would have gone out of business, I’ve always felt they were able to survive the Owen Hart tragedy due to it not being shown on the broadcast and because it was a pre-match “stunt” gone wrong. If Foley misses his mark and hits the concrete, hits the ring barrier, gets impaled by a piece of the table or lands in the front row it’s over for the WWF. The entire ppv audience would have seen it and most would have been recording it, news outlets would have covered it harder than Owen because they have footage of it and it was part of the match, the outcry and disgust by fans and the general public would have been to much for the PR firm the McMahon’s hired to spin it away.
  6. happjack

    Wrestling belts, designs and reigns.

    The WWWF belt looks great, back in the day you never got up close pictures of it.
  7. happjack


    They bust out Rachel from Real World San Francisco and her husband from Real World Boston too.
  8. happjack


    Thanks to a Polar Vortex and Snow & Ice Storms I was able to catch up on some movies that flew under the radar. Arizona - I see it got a lot of bad reviews and I'm surprised by that, is it that people don't like or get Danny McBride? Support the Girls - Went into this with no expectations and it was great, it was nice to see a movie set in the service industry that wasn't a wacky and/or sex comedy. Tricky Dick and the Man in Black - Netflix Doc on Johnny Cash's 1970 White House performance with insight into the lead up to it and its aftermath. It was good and didn't shy away from Cash trying to play both sides of the political spectrum during this era and even though the current President is using the Nixon playbook on appealing to a certain segment of the population it didn't bash you over the head with it like some other docs. Empire of the Sun - It's hard to call a Spielberg film under the radar but it's rarely brought when people talk about his films. I had never seen this the entire way through, just bits and pieces when it aired on tv and even confused some of the early parts with Hope and Glory. Wow this was good and if you've never seen it or maybe watched it in school go seek it out, it should be ranked right below his classics.
  9. I went to a few shows at what was left of Livonia Mall outside of Detroit, not only was it what is now called a Dead Mall they had the matches in a section that was an indoor paint ball range most of the time.
  10. happjack


    Nah, the 49ers and NFL want the Raiders to play at Levi's Stadium if they can't get a deal with the Oakland Coliseum. Mark Davis is the issue, he wants no part of playing second fiddle to the 49ers and it seems would rather play at Frank Yuell Field 2.0 than be a tenant of the York kid. It's kind of odd that a team located 40some miles from San Francisco still can claim rights to it.
  11. happjack

    The Big Game, v.53

    At this point I’m cheering for no touchdowns to be scored, give me 6-3 or 9-6 or even better some one gets a safety for 5-3.
  12. happjack

    The Big Game, v.53

    If no semi decent act wants to do the halftime show just bring back the Elvis impersonator magic show.
  13. happjack

    30 For 30

    The CBS Baseball crew was just repeating what Braves GM John Schuerholz was telling them to say. I wonder how a head coach that wasn’t Jerry Glanville would have handled it on the Falcons side, he was the perfect head coach for that situation.
  14. Since Vince McMahon is so behind on pop culture maybe he'll catch the Bobby Hill "That's My Purse" episode of King of the Hill and have someone running around kicking dudes in their fellas.
  15. happjack


    I'm assuming they're going to flash forward or something since Tony Soprano would have been 8 years old during the 1967 Newark Riots.