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  1. The Napoleon dream was never talked about, what I do remember is getting a talk about not calling people “Dickless” since I thought that was the funniest thing ever. My parents most likely assumed stuff like that went over my head and I’m sure there was things that did and things that didn’t. I remember seeing Stripes in the theatre and thinking loofa meant something dirty thanks to the “I wish I was a loofa” line when the John Larroquette was spying on the women’s shower.
  2. I was 10 years old when Ghostbusters hit the theaters and I loved that flick, this trailer does nothing for me.
  3. Yeah, Magnum had that big run in Mid-South which Dusty was familiar with while Bret was headlining in Western Canada for a promotion his family owned. Bret would have been a lower card up and coming babyface with more wins but still kind of stagnate just like he was in WWF pre-Hart Foundation, maybe he works his way up the card to where he's at TV or US title level by 1987. Also Bret would never gotten that women want him/men want to be him vibe with the southern fans like Mags did. Neidhart as a single in JCP is totally in the Paul Jones Army and most likely moving on after he's asked to loose the goatee to the Boogie Man. I think the Bulldogs starting off as faces but making a heel turn would have worked in JCP, they would have needed a team who could bump for them and get sympathy which the Rock n Roll Express were perfect at. The Bulldogs vs. Road Warriors seems like it would have just ended up with Dynamite and Hawk no selling each other and becoming a border line fist fight. If the Midnight's went to the WWF they end up in the same slot The Hart Foundation were in and would have needed whoever was dropping the tag belts to want to drop it to them and not Sheik and Volkoff. Midnights vs. Strike Force a few years later would have been sweet. I don't see the Rock n Roll really clicking in the WWF.
  4. Do count out's count? Inoki beat Hogan in Japan via count-out in 84 or 85 and The Genius with Mr. Perfect's help beat Hogan via count out on SNME.
  5. Song written for the movie with the title in it, how was this not posted yet? Song that was so popular they made a movie and the tv show about it. Song with the movie title in the lyrics.
  6. If you had cable or a big dish you most likely had access to the USA and WTBS shows along with both syndicated shows from your local stations, if you didn't have cable and lived in a decent sized market you got both syndicated shows. The WWF was really overexposed if you had cable or a dish but the percentage of homes with cable in 1984 is still kind of low but growing every month. The WWE pushed myth that cable was the driving force of expansion is bit of revision on their part, syndication is the biggest factor tv wise when it came to the national expansion.
  7. USA Network would run house shows from MSG, Cap Center and the Spectrum in 1983 and 1984 so what you’re “What If’ing” kind of happened, sure you’d get over 10 minutes of SD Jones vs. Tiger Chung Lee but you’d also get stuff like the Sgt. Slaughter - Iron Sheik Boot Camp Match. The WWF was pretty overexposed in 1984 & 1985, they had All-Star Wrestling and Championship Wrestling in syndication, All-American Wrestling, Tuesday Night Titans, House Shows(1984), and Prime Time Wrestling(1985) on USA and World Championship Wrestling on WTBS. If you had access to MSG Network, Prism or NESN you could watch house shows from MSG, the Spectrum and Boston Garden.
  8. I bleed Black and Gold but I figured he’d get 2 or 3 games so he’d be out for the rematch in two weeks. Also if Garrett’s suspension goes into next season I can see the NFL scheduling both Steelers-Browns games early in the season before Garrett comes back.
  9. He should be out the rest of this season and all of next, he’s lucky he didn’t seriously hurt or kill Rudolph.
  10. The WFTDA International Championships are this weekend in Montreal, the big news is that Denver’s Lady Trample isn’t making the trip due to being stuck in the US immigration process and not wanting want to risk leaving the country. I have Rose City winning my bracket and they’re path got easier with Trample not playing.
  11. I liked the Blue Cage too and always popped when Lord Alfred Hayes would call it an "Iron Cage" or say something like "It's Iron Bars for Heenan!" Also the WWF used cages that had some height to them(big blue & fence style) while the other promotions used cages that were way way too short.
  12. Not everyone cost Vince that sweet sweet Slim Jim money like Savage did.
  13. What kind of joke was made at Chis Adams expense that has Hanson and that guy in front laughing, Sarge and Bobby Duncan holding in laughs and Hogan making a "I don't get it" face?
  14. Is AEW Mike a person or did he mean AEW Mic as in Microphone?
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