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  1. Ever since the Rocky Legends game I've wanted prequels and/or sequels of Apollo, Clubber, Drago, George Washington Duke and the mob guys Rocky used to work for. The Clubber Lang story could have picked up after Rocky V with Clubber doing a George Foreman style comeback or have George Washington Duke trying to set-up a way past their primes Balboa-Lang III fight.
  2. Looks like there's going to be a Creed III, while II was great it derailed what seemed to be the overall storyline of a trilogy started by I. I wonder if they bring Tony Bellew back as Ricky Conlan but make him more of a Conner McGregor style of jagoff who got super angry and bitter in prison. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/creed-3-taps-king-richard-writer-zach-baylin-1281094
  3. Roots was 8 episodes with some being 2 hours long and some an hour. It was supposed to air over 8 weeks but ABC execs freaked out when they saw the first episode and decided to air it 8 nights in a row to cut their losses. North and South aired 6 episodes in the fall and 6 in the spring, they were 2 hours episodes.
  4. There's also Bloody Sunday(2002) by Paul Greengrass about the 1972 Bloody Sunday shooting in Derry, Northern Ireland and Hunger(2008) by Steve McQueen about Bobby Sands and the 1981 Hunger Strike, both are really depressing but great. There's also a pretty decent documentary on Netflix called The Miami Showband Massacre which gets into the ties between the Loyalist Paramilitaries, Police and British Military, it's really depressing too. Besides the history between the Republic of Ireland and United Kingdom and the ongoing issue in Northern Ireland, calling it UK Takeover Dublin is just moronic and it would be similar to doing Mexico NXT Takeover Dallas or France NXT Takeover Naples.
  5. Bart Giamatti was decent in his short time as Commish, Fay Vincent wasn't as ghastly as Selig and Ueberroth so that makes him decent in my book.
  6. I'm assuming Uncut Gems, Sandler, Kevin Garnett and The Lighthouse didn't get nominated since Netflix spent a ton of money to get noms for their movies and A24 didn't. You could have easily replaced Jonathan Pryce with Sandler and Anthony Hopkins with either Willem Dafoe or Kevin Garnett. I'm really surprised that so many people didn't pick up that the whole Bruce Lee fight was basically an unreliable narrator daydream by Cliff Booth.
  7. Disney wants ABC back in the Super Bowl rotation and they have enough money to throw around to make the NFL flex MNF. The NFL and networks don't want to start the season before Labor Day so get ready for President's Day weekend Super Bowls.
  8. So they should start thawing the corpse of Billy Crystal? I'm not a big Eminen fan but I'll take him performing one of his old songs over any of the endless forced cringe worthy comedy skits that end up making the show run until after midnight. The Oscars have had stretches without a host or multiple hosts over the years and they'll swing back to having a host soon, when they do Mindy Kaling should be near the top of the list.
  9. Telly Savalas is amazing in this “we’re talking 10 grand baby” and tipsy Howard stirring shit up while also hitting on the ladies is a hoot. They used to make Bob Conrad come out and talk about this incident every time he was on Battle after this, you can tell he was still pissed about it.
  10. They used to show this on The Movie Channel almost every other day from 1983 to 1985! Per Wikipedia there was a planned sequel "The California Dolls Go to Japan" that got shelved since this flick bombed at the box office.
  11. I can see Comcast buying the WWE if it goes up for sale, besides owning NBC-Universal they own Comcast Spectator which owns or operates arenas, stadiums and convention centers. They would own the intellectual property, the cable or streaming service that people watch the intellectual property on, in most of the country they would also own the cable and/or internet service provider that brings in the intellectual property into the home along with owning or operating the arena the event everyone is watching takes place in. Sure they'd still book the WWE into venues they don't own but the big money events will be in their buildings and they can sit back and collect the rights fee money from FOX until that deal ends then move it in house.
  12. Gordon and Jos look like they have wicked hangovers.
  13. I guess most of America didn't pick up on the political messages in the halftime show, not only the kids in cages but J-Lo's Puerto Rican flag cape. https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/super-bowl/8549924/jennifer-lopez-shakira-halftime-show-border-crisis-statement-kids-cages
  14. It’s going to close later this week then re-open after renovations as the Virgin Hotel Casino this fall. Virgin bought it in 2018.
  15. The Kanas City fans doing the War Chant has me pulling for the 49ers.
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