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  1. Kind of surprised they haven't already had a slot machine deal since so many of the slots have some sort of old or new pop culture license.
  2. In my case they reeled in a pro wrestling fan who hasn't watched a wrestling program start to finish since 2007, it was good enough to get me to watch next week.
  3. They really don't want to start the regular season before Labor Day or push the Super Bowl deeper into February without the kicker of an extra home game each season or every other season if they would go to 18 or 17 games.
  4. That was pretty much Albano's look up to the mid-70's. My god does Piscopo ruin that movie.
  5. The Emmy broadcast is really bad, the “comedic” bits are groan worthy and the comments from Thomas Lennon? right after the winner is announced is annoying.
  6. Pitt with the trick play to beat UCF and the AAC refs!
  7. Thanks to some rain over the holiday weekend I ended up re-watching some flicks that used to run on cable every all the time back in the day but are kind of forgotten now. Tank - James Garner is a soon to be retired Army Sgt. Major who owns his own Sherman Tank and has an issue with the local Sheriff played by G.D. Spradlin. This movie really doesn't know what it wants to be but ends up being entertaining due to G.D. Spradlin hamming it up in a sort of serious way. The first half with Garner's character dealing with a changing Army could have been it's own movie or tv show kind of like Heartbreak Ridge, the second half is just ridiculous when they become folk heroes but it's so watchable. As someone who's formative years were in the mid-1980's the media really pushed someone wronged becoming folk heroes be it James Garner, C. Thomas Howell and a Sherman Tank or Helen Slater, Christian Slater and Yeardly Smith becoming folk heroes over a stolen moped in The Legend of Billie Jean. Summer Rental - So thankful this was never remade with either Tom Arnold or Cedric the Entertainer in the John Candy role, sure it's a doofy family movie but it has Rip Torn with his Rip Tornness turned up to 11 and Richard Crenna playing a straight up dick. This movie was on cable all the time from 1985 to the late 1990's yet it's somewhat forgotten or over shadowed by other John Candy movies. One Crazy Summer - I was 12 years old when this came out and it was clearly made for 12 year olds, it was a struggle to watch this the whole way through. Like Summer Rental there's a big sailboat race at the end to settle everyone's differences because that's how things were settled in beach town back then.
  8. I don't think they ever aired and I didn't even know they did a series until earlier this summer when This is England 86 popped up on Amazon Prime. The 86 series was the only one on any streaming platform so I had to do a deep dive on YouTube and Daily Motion to find 88 and 90.
  9. I liked it until Bond goes to the ice hotel.
  10. As a kid in a WWF town during the pre and early expansion era Backlund wasn't hated or unpopular in a Roman Reigns sense, his act and matches were well past their shelf date, he still got a good pop when he made his comebacks but everyone was snoozing until that point. The likes of Jimmy Snuka & Rocky Johnson pre expansion and Hulk Hogan & Sgt. Slaughter post expansion were what we wanted in Pittsburgh at that time to the point where Backlund basically got demoted on the Civic Arena cards in 1983, he either finished the night in a quick match against the likes of Ivan Koloff and George Steele or was in a B show town, while Johnson and Snuka each worked three match runs against Muraco for the IC belt. Once Hogan showed up Backlund was still positioned as a top face but you could tell his heart really wasn't in it and the influx of new talent both face and heel by the summer of 84 got him lost in the shuffle. Here's a run down of the Pittsburgh Civic Arena house show main's and Backlund matches in 1983, I went to almost all of these. January (14,000) - Backlund vs. Muraco in double count out February (10,000) - Backlund pins Muraco in Texas Death Match, decent drop off from the previous month. April (16,000 sell out) Rocky Johnson vs. Muraco IC title match in main event slot before intermission, Backlund teams with Snuka & Andre against Studd & The Wild Samoans to close the night. May (14,000) Rocky Johnson vs. Muraco IC title Texas Death Match that ends with Muraco leaving the ring, this was in the main event slot. Backlund closed the night in a WWF title match against Ivan Koloff. June (16,000 sell out) Rocky Johnson vs. Muraco in a cage match for the IC title, card also had Andre vs. Studd and Snuka & Putski vs. The Wild Samoans for the tag belts, Backlund is working a spot show in Brooklyn, NY. July (14,000) Andre vs. Studd in a Body Slam Match in the main event slot, Snuka vs. Muraco double dq for the IC belt and Backlund ends the night in a WWF title match against George Steele. August (14,000) Snuka vs. Muraco for IC title in pre intermission slot and the night ends with Andre vs. Studd in a cage with Swede Hanson as guest ref, Backlund was in Framingham, Mass against Afa. October (12,000) Snuka vs. Muraco for IC title in a strap match, no Andre or Backlund on the card and the extra month lay off really cooled off the Snuka-Muraco feud for us yinzers, Backlund was in Waterville, Maine against Slaughter. November (10,000) Backlund vs. Masked Superstar for WWF title in main event slot, no Snuka or Andre on the card to help boost the house. December (6,000) Backlund vs. Masked Superstar for WWF title ends in a count out, other big match was Snuka and Arnie Skaaland against Muraco & Captain Lou.
  11. Where did Backlund say this? I can see Vince spitballing ideas and saying something like "hey we can make you a punk rocker" without having any clue on what a punk rocker even was with Backlund only knowing about Punk Rock from that episode of Quincy. Or Vince just wanted to be done with Backlund and suggested the hair dye and punk rock stuff to get him to quit.
  12. Since the AWA ran a limited number of shows Martel was able to take bookings for other promotions.
  13. I never heard of the “Punk Rock” gimmick for heel Backlund just that Vince wanted him to dye his hair black. If Backlund stuck around until the fall of 84 and was game for a heel turn having him be Bobby Heenan’s first signing would have been perfect.
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