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  1. "A Mexican and a Scotsman walk into an Irish pub...." sounds like the set-up for a joke.


    A Mexican, a Scotsman, a Rabbi and a Priest walk into an Irish Pub, barman says "Is this some kind of joke?"


    Going drinking with a Scotsman is never going to end well, especialy in an Irish Pub.  Scotsman and Irishmen are natrual enemies, like Englishmen and Scots, or Welshmen and Scots, or Japanese and Scots, Or Scots and other Scots!!! Damn Scots! They ruined Scotland!

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  2. Yeah I know they have another season after this one. That's one reason to be a lil worried about this season. It could end up just being build to the final season with little forward momentum.Also how do they up the violence this year? Sutter seems to love finding new violent things to get on basic cable. Gonna be tough to top the death of Opie and Tigg's daughter. That inparticular was crazy.


    Legit nightmares material.


    I am looking forward to this season a lot, I think they really mixed things up last year and Im interested to see where it goes!

  3. Yeah, 5 felt like I was waiting for something that never came.


    I will need to dig my discs out and go back through them, Ive never re-watched a full show start to finish but I might just do it for the wire.


    I could see me doing Seasons 2 - 4 over a couple of weekends given half a chance!


    Omar Little 4 Life!

  4.  Austin said something like "I don't want to call anyone crazy that I'm still paying money to."


    That was brilliant, I think Austin might have spat his coffee and Alpha Brain all over his desk when Hall said that!


    Hall has been 2 brilliant episodes top to bottom.

  5. I am having trouble recalling an angle from the early 90's.


    Did they do a run with Snuka where he started wearing boots and was botching everything? They explained that it was because he was so used to wrestling barefoot? Or was it the Headshrinkers they ran this angle with? Also, what was the end result of this angle?


    I have tried searching online to no avail! Starting to think I imagined it!

  6. Shit...they should have a random Smackdown or something where they announce that Vince and Austin will be doing commentary. I think that'd be the greatest goddamn thing ever. Fuck, have them do an NXT taping.

    This needs to happen. Vince and Austin just disagreeing on everything for 2 hours would be insane.


    Little Egypt was a good show, she sounded hot!

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  7. That site is like the back of every PWI recorded online.


    Bunch of shows on my Birthday but this is my favourite



    1 Steve Regal vs. Sugar Bear Harris ended without a winner as a time limit draw 2 Sonny King defeated Koko Ware 3 Ricky Gibson and Robert Gibson defeated Medic #1 and Medic #2 4 Assassin #1 and Assassin #2 defeated Paul Ellering and Ricky Morton 5 Back Alley Brawl
    Jerry Jarrett defeated Jimmy Hart 6 Jimmy Valiant defeated Ken Lucas 7 Jerry Lawler defeated Bill Dundee
  8. 1991/2 Sting in WWE would have been the greatest thing ever to a 12 year old me.  Especially if he had went over at the same time as Flair, granted it would have killed WCW much earlier.


    Rumble 92 would have been an excellent place to debut Sting, Flair comes out as Number 1, the Fink announces entrant number 2, its Sting, Flair freaks out in the ring, Heenan freaks out on commentary.


    Flair & Sting both last to the final 4 along with Sid & Hogan.  Flair still wins, you could have Sting take the place of Hogan in the Hogan / Sid elimination, Sting would probably have been more sympathetic than Hogan to do that elimination. Leaving Hogan & Flair as the final 2.  This would have solidified their WM spot as the 2 top stars going at it.


    You could then run any combo of Sting & Hogan v Sid & Flair & Perfect on the build to WM, then move Sting into feuds with Taker, Jake, Razor Ramon over the next year or so.

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  9. In terms of the "who on the indies is a draw", I would travel any distance to see Sid... probably...


    I think the more succesful indies are more about the promotion themselves and the overall card rather than relying on a name to sell the show.


    An example would be someone like Drake Younger, on his own I wouldnt go to see him at a local show vs. Joe McShmoe, however, put him in the PWG system, with everything else thats going on, then there would be more than enough to get me to go.


    ECW would be a good example, I wasnt desperate to see one name, but I was desperate to see the overall show itself and what was going to happen.


    Not a single match.I haven't been excited about seeing Van Dam wrestle since the Cena match at the One Night Stand PPV. In hindsight, I think his entire WWE run was more or less a bust. Not that it's entirely his fault but RVD in WWE was no where near as exciting to watch as RVD in ECW. He's the epitome of a guy who's "just there" and he's been "just there" for years now.

    RVD in ECW was Davey Richards before Davey Richards was Davey Richards. Just replace stiff strikes and headdrops with backflips and cartwheels.



    I can see RVD & Jerry Lynn doing the Superplex of Doom spot in ECW and getting a standing ovation for it!

  11. If Magnum T.A. doesn't have his car accident in 86, what terrible occupation-themed gimmick do you think Vince would have given him when he inevitably signed for a brief run in the late-80s/early-90s? Or would they have just gone all the way with the Magnum P.I. gimmick and given him Hawaiian shirts and a British manservant? 


    Alfred Hayes as Higgins?

  12. Letting Jay Lethal go is still astoundingly stupid on TNA's part.  They should re-hire him.


    They had the opportunity with the Flair segments to pull the trigger on Lethal and they (TNA) wasted it.  Lethal should have been the biggest star they ever had.


    Same goes for Taylor Wilde who was getting over around the same time.  There has been times where they could have pulled the trigger on 5-6 guys who were just about catching fire and they made some silly decisions. Storm is another one, Joe could be put in there as well, the ridiculous Beatiful People split when they were probably the best thing on the show at the time.


    The one time they ever got it right was Aries, then again, you wonder if that was by design or just down to Aries being awesome.

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  13. It will be a brand new Vince concept, just imagine the production meeting.


    "I have a new idea, its brilliant, you'll love it, it's called BATTLEGROUND, two teams of four battle it out in 2 rings surrounded by a cage... no, no, no wait... not a cage... it takes place... in A HELL IN A CELL..."

  14. Small potatoes time, but given that TNA seem to be getting shot of some of their over paid talent and seem to be bringing back the likes of Low-Ki.


    Which other random ex-TNA employees that would be on low wages should they rehire?


    Obviously Shark Boy is the number one go to guy, but who else? Cody Deaner? David Young? TNA should have stuck with some of those guys.

  15. I went to a show in Birmingham, AL a few months back, and it was a lot of fun. A very engaged, vocal crowd that weren't trying to show how hip they were either. Rockstar Spud and Robbie E had the match of the night. It was a good time. I think I paid between $10 and $15 for my ticket.


    See this is the thing, there are tons of positives about TNA, the fact that Robbie E and Spud are putting on good matches does not surprise me.  They just seem so ignorant to the casual fan, which is something that WWE is so good at listening to.  RVD in TNA is useless, in WWE he is a big deal.  They almost deserve to go out of business.


    EDIT - RE: The Post Above - PWG - God Yes, Drake Youngers rise to stardom is worth it alone.  PWG has been on fire through 12/13.

  16. Though considering the cuts, maybe TNA can't afford a 1990s camcorder now.


    Depends if said 1990s camcorder was used in the WWF back in the day, then I'm sure they would find a way to shoehorn it in!


    How many times per year do Impact/TNA go with the 'mystery man' angle, seems they run it every 5-6 months to very little response.

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  17. Add me in for the Hall interview love... sip of beer for the working man... its fantastic.


    For me the Ted Fowler episode is my favourite to date, just Stone Cold and his buddy shooting the proverbial about a variety of things, the ethics of hunting, gay marriage, road trips.  Just fantastic.


    I want Ted Fowler to come and fix my house!

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