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  1. Generico comes off as a smiley faced, happy go lucky guy. Davey is all about RESPECT and no one wants to hang around with THAT guy.
  2. The Universal Baseball Association, Inc., J. Henry Waugh, Prop. Brilliant read and one that I had put off reading for years. Anyone that ever played a management sim of any sort should relate to how you can build a world with its own mythology.
  3. Question. Why did Wendy unbutton her blouse to shoot up? Not complaining, just wasn't sure that was mandatory.
  4. TPI 2014 Opening Promo "Now ladies and gentlemen, I believe that in my deepest darkest times, the powerrrr-ah of ah-JESUS helped me overcome Satans cancer, now if you could see it in your souls just to send me $10, and if you dont have $10 dollars ladies and gentlemen, send me $5, just send whatever you can so that I can continue the lords work, for I, Ian Rotten have been bless-ed, yes suh, I have been blessed with the POWERRR-AHHH OF JEEESUS! AMEN"
  6. Think I am going to dress as Kevin Sullivan this Halloween.
  7. Full of Jerry punches for about a minute, heels takeover and beat the ever loving crap out of the King. Classic Memphis.
  8. Friday evening whiskey fuelled thought What do we reckon the total length of time that Davey Boy Smith and the Warlord performed stalling suplexes on in the early 90s was? As a 12 year old I would have guessed about 43 hours.
  9. Tig's puppydog eyes at Venus made that episode.
  10. This comment is 100% true. They have a confidence that most of the call-ups from NXT completely lack, maybe its a personality thing but Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns from day one have had a belief about them that they DESERVE to be where they are.
  11. Popped hard for Venus Van Damme, probably a poor choice of phrase. Probably the best ep this season and felt like SoA of old. Now just get Clay loose and we will be good to go!
  12. The pop Malenko got at Slamboree 98 when he returned tells you he was super over at the time. Briliant segment and you knew Jericho was getting his ass handed to him. ...then 2 weeks later WCW stripped him of the title as per.
  13. News coming out of the UK is that the BBC has found some old episodes that were previously considered lost. Just in time for the anniversary / xmas. Well played BBC.
  14. Ive only ever seen the Night Birds performance on that show and it had a real throw back feel to it. One of the other guests then ripped the audience for slam dancing!
  15. RE: The Meanie & JBL picture, can only assume Joey Styles took the picture. Also both their shirts are freaking awesome.
  16. Nothing touches "Hey...one of the Usos...." "Question 1, Are you Jimmy or Jey?" "Im Jey" "Question 2, does anyone actually care!"
  17. McIntyre, Layla, Mason Ryan. Going through the Wiki I forgot that Norman Smilley, Robbie Brookside and Finlay could be thrown in there as well!
  18. Its one of the best Colt's done, Lanny is a fascinating guy and some of his stories were great, really brightened up a dull journey into the office today. Got halfway through Stone Cold & Joey Styles on the ride home, good stuff there as well, I really like Austin's desire to go off road with some of his guests. Styles was talking a lot about WWE stuff and Austin was like "Na, lets talk about ECW"
  19. Fake Razor's debut and accompanying JR interview. Still no idea what the hell was going on there. 16 year old me was not impressed regardless.
  20. Count me in on the Bobby spin off, I commented on this a couple pages back! Towards the end I was thinking, they've not had any new prospects in like 3 series. Then I realised thats because they ALL FUCKING DIE!!!! Juice seems like the last prospect to get patched. They really need a new sales pitch. "Hey, want to join our club? The survival rate is 0%"
  21. For years I was convinced the announcer would scream "CHEESE ON FIRE" Nice read in that article!
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