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  1. Obviously my name comes from a deathmatch worker! I have a morbid curiousity of deathmatch wrestling, I will order Tournament of Death and IWA:MS King of the Death matches periodically even though I know they will be awful for the most part. KOTDM 1995 has a lot to answer for!!! I always enjoy seeing the "crazy guys that can work" like Necro, Balls Mahoney etc. Rather than the guys that stand and hit each other with lightubes types, IWA guys always seemed the worst for this, Corporal Robinson, Mitch Page etc. Drake Younger is proof that some guys that do that style can work well outside the environment. His move to the west coast, cutting out the deathmatches and hooking up with PWG is probably the best thing that could have happened to him.
  2. I had a ton of stuff from IWA:MS, CZW, NOAH and Michinokou Pro that I just replaced where possible on DVD or converted them onto disc. I now have a DVD cupboard. I find it really had to sort and label the DVD's though, especially the ones that I burned myself. Almost miss my tapes!
  3. Ep2, too much Gemma. She was everywhere, Jax's house, the cabin, the prison. When Bobby pulled up in Vegas I wouldnt have been shocked if she had opened the door at the bar.
  4. There is no way that this can end well. Silly death match workers.
  5. So glad Im not the only one. He's part of a list of TNA undercard people / random gimmicks that for good or bad, I geniunely was entertained by. Cody Deaner & ODB Shark Boy Lacey Von Erich / TBP Eric Young Curryman All good stuff.
  6. That was pretty awesome. WWE needs to use that for a new Raw opening ASAP. Also, Emma's slow-mo hair toss... Oh jeez, super slow mo in wrestling could be the best, especially for promo packages and show openings.
  7. LOVE this Photo... Just looks like something out of a movie!!! or
  8. That's cool to hear actually, the cynic in me was strong at times watchin $5!
  9. Im on the fence as to how "in on it" Freight Train is. Sometimes I watch it and feel sorry for him and think Jake and Colt are dicks for poking fun at him. Sometimes I watch it and think, Im being worked here, he's totally in on the joke. Then I cant decide if he's either the greatest actor or the worst wrestler. Cant believe Vader Junior has been released. Wonder if Big Poppa Vader will get a Tweet to attend Raw next week! They also released that weird looking Irish guy after like 1 month!
  10. A Torneo Ci-Bear-netico??? Sorry, I'll show myself out. I think with Cesaro's giant swing from last week we might see a return of spinny moves on the indies. Davey Richards will probably do a 17 minute 38000 revolution Airplane Spin.
  11. Serious, if Dancing Miz becomes a fixture on Smackdown, I'm in for the long haul on that. For the life of me, I never understood why they didnt do the full "Dancing with the stars" envy shit between Jericho & Fandango pre WM. Also Miz is a tried and tested reality star and if WWE had any writing credence they would use that shit in a Fandango jealousy angle. Also, while I was on vacation this week, it must be noted that between Santino's Claudio assisted giant swing return and the (semi)-reformation of awesome truth, WWE has had a good week................. checks pwinsider....... oh yeah......
  12. Id like to nominate a random match that came up in my Youtube likes, a match between my 2 favourites, Center stage 1991 - Pillman vs. Cactus. A sub 7 minute match that is one of the most watchable things I have seen in a long time, and going by the thread title, I have never seen pimped!
  13. Watching a lot of 1998-99 era Raw clips, could anyone that was there live ever see anything for the amount of "Austin" and "D-X" signs! Its incredible the amount of people with a sign! Also, every show is like a post-WM Raw! I was 18 at the time and watched most of it live, but re-visiting it is inredible!
  14. Just caught up on Ep1 of the new series. I can totally see why Jax just said "screw this Im staying in the whorehouse", chaos at every turn. It was bordering on farcical. Especially when the cops turned up at the Iranian Hostel set. So glad it turned out to be a swerve. I thought so much of the episode seemed unnesecary, the pieces are being moved into place without much respect for the back story, Tig being back on the hitlist being the best example. Donal Logue not only being on Heroin but rubbing himself up against the mirror was a complete WTF moment. On the plus side Peter Weller, Jimmy Smits and Tigs really brought it. Also, the more I think about it, the more I want a spin off "The further nomadic adventures of Bobby Elvis and Filthy Phil".
  15. True, plus he already survived a limo explosion. The only thing that could finish Vince is if he ever tries to slide into a ring again.
  16. Wrestling is back in the Olympics. Kurt is going to be insufferable when he resurfaces, "I beat the IOC"
  17. Please tell me there is video footage of this... ... and a late run in by Red Dwarf fans!
  18. With all the Wire / Luther chat, thought I would mention that Low Winter Sun is like the methadone substitute of the Wires heroin. Its building slowly and Im digging it more each week.
  19. Flair part 2 was brilliant, "are you kidding me" must have been said about a billion times. As said above Flairs sketchy memory is fantastic. I had never heard the "Spartacus" Flair story before, brilliant stuff!
  20. The Swagger in Japan idea makes me slightly giddy, I love the idea that in 20 years time a moustachioed, bitter 50 year old Jack Hagger will be stiffing rookies and being offensive to Japanese people while out of his mind in the Tokyo Dome.
  21. Jesus, I had forgotten about that! Yeah, that could cause a few problems for him!
  22. So its being reported that AJ Styles contract is up and TNA has yet to renew. This seems to happen a lot to TNA lately, almost as often as they run a 'mystery man' angle. Would WWE take him? If so would they fast track him onto TV or would they stick him down to NXT? He would fit in perfectly in the Sin Cara-rmy
  23. Going from the promo videos on the WrestlingIs youtube they are going through some sort of cryptic re-structuring over at Chikara. I hope they come back or at the very least Ultra Mantis Black, Archibald Peck and the Ants pick a new "home".
  24. A Mexican, a Scotsman, a Rabbi and a Priest walk into an Irish Pub, barman says "Is this some kind of joke?" Going drinking with a Scotsman is never going to end well, especialy in an Irish Pub. Scotsman and Irishmen are natrual enemies, like Englishmen and Scots, or Welshmen and Scots, or Japanese and Scots, Or Scots and other Scots!!! Damn Scots! They ruined Scotland!
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