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  1. Voted Brock. Tough choice, but I'll try and explain.


    Not sure if its a valid viewpoint, but here goes, Brock looked like he was having fun (or as much fun as the Beast Incarnate could have) during each and every one of his appearances.  Whether it was bumping like a lunatic for Big Show, throwing things at the Miz, trashing Triple H's office, annihilating the Big Show, getting a pen stuck in his hand by the Undertaker he looked happy to be doing it.


    Punk looked miserable at least from Summerslam onwards culminating in the Rumble.  Punk definitely had a greater volume of work in terms of matches.  Even while 'miserable' he was still having good matches but the lack of motivation was a turn off for me.


    Those things are infectious and, certainly for me, it affects the performance in the ring.  Brock done the, albeit limited, things he done this year with motivation and enthusiasm, Punk didn't.

  2. Yeah Rush was one of the big reasons I watched a lot of CMLL this year, he has a weird charisma about him that I like and everything he does looks fairly crisp.  He is also very consistent.


    Virus I just cant really get, I understand why I should like him but I always feel like I enjoy watching whoever he is in with more. 


    I dont think that last sentence made any sense.

  3. When I watch a Big E match, I spend most of the match wanting him to be more like Monty Brown and less like Big E. Just give him the pounce and let him rub his face / sniff the ropes already.


    That said I really enjoyed his stuff with Del Rio around this time last year and his stuff with AJ / Kaitlyn was fun.


    Titan is just another dude to me, I cant think of a match Ive seen and went "yep, that was awesome".  Not for me Im afraid.



  4. I voted Orton as he was going along quite well this year, right up until they paired him up with Cena again, that was the moment I think most people were like "ugh, fudge this guy again".


    Havent seen much of KENTA this year, but what I have seen wasnt brilliant IMO, dude looked like his mind was elsewhere a lot of the time, which is odd as the same accusation can be levelled at Orton.

  5. Hero had one of the best matches Ive seen in CZW this year against Gulak and was having decent matches in NXT, if he hadnt looked like a sack of potatoes then chances are he would still be in NXT.


    I love Daniels and the Bad Influence, Appletini, hipster-douche gimmick, but Im not going to pretend I can remember one single Daniels match from this year that I enjoyed.

  6. Bubbah was pretty terrific at points in the last year, he really improved but in the end was swallowed in the Aces & Eights ridiculousness.


    Mr. Henry is Mr. Henry, but he seemed like he was always either heading off for surgery or coming back from surgery every couple of months and I cant think of many great matches he had.


    Bubbah for me.

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