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  1. If MJF does no-show, then a ready made replacement in Disco Inferno will already be in Vegas working his day job. Can we just get a 5 minute segment of Wardlow powerbombing Disco over and over again?
  2. I’ve learned more about contract law via MJF and Wardlow than I ever did working in a law office all these years.
  3. The Hardy Bucks were fantastic. Was dying seeing Cutler as Lita.
  4. Someone needs to take him aside and tell him “Settle down, Great-O-Khan-ico”
  5. That guy Wardlow powerbombed into the cage being folded up and disappearing under the ring, like Taker was dragging him straight to hell, was kinda hilarious.
  6. Last 3 mins of the episode was tense. Absolutely tense
  7. I’m drunk rewatching Joe v Necro for the 1000th time. Can we get that Cold blooded murderer Joe in AEW? I forgot how fun super pissed off Joe was. Also Joe looks so young. So, so Young. We are all very old!
  8. Yeah, feels like we had the one super tense Nacho episode, then 3-4 episodes setting the table since.
  9. As Scottish athletes Nikki and Piper will naturally turn on each other in time. As Groundskeeper Willie taught us “brothers and sisters are natural enemies, like the English and the Scots, or the Welsh and the Scots, or the Scots and other Scots! Damn Scots! They ruined Scotland!!!”
  10. Yeah TNA/Impact had its spells where it was tremendously fun. 2004-09 was a great period. You had incredible x division stuff, Joe, Kurt, Sting in the main event picture and the rise of the Knockouts with Kong, Taylor Wilde, the Beatiful People. It wasn’t high quality by any means but I have a lot of fond memories of this period. Then more recently it was excellent during the initial Anthem days, when you had LAX/Lucha Bros/OGz in blood feuds. Su Yungs undead bride gimmick first appeared, Taya was amazing during this period, it’s arguably Tessa Blanchards most settled run, the Rascalz coming to prominence. Again, just another super fun period. That said, Cody Deaner/ODB, Kevin Nash X-Division guru and MMA Jarrett are still my favourite Impact things of all time.
  11. Lalo is a smooth operator. I love the crazy psycho.
  12. The only Edge comparison I care about is how since W Morrissey got shredded that he looks like Giant Edge. If this was the 90’s he’d be on the undercard of FMW wrestling as Giant Edge against Freddy Krueger and Jason the Terrible.
  13. Well here comes the Dax, and here comes the Casher, A fantastic match, is coming at ya, Harwood and Wheeler are their names.
  14. That final scene was as tense and insane as anything in Breaking Bad. An incredible episode. Absolutely incredible.
  15. I want Dax to win but a time limit draw will suffice. That way neither progresses and stops the tournament from being a forgone conclusion.
  16. Lalo might be my favourite tv villain of all time, charismatic, smooth, tough, slightly kitsch, but also a stone cold, calculated, menacing, crazy person. He definitely has that Salamanca psycho killer energy gene they all seem to have.
  17. question about something I didn’t quite pick up on…
  18. I think he should have the Swiss flag on his trunks… it’d be a big plus.
  19. Wreck it Ralph, so I can head to the bar with Q-Bert and Lara Croft
  20. I might be one of Penta’s bigger cheerleaders on here, I still find him super entertaining to watch. I’m really looking forward to seeing him and Punk go at it. That’s the kind of booking that wouldn’t look out of place in 2004 IWA:MS
  21. Of all these crazy wrestling things I’ve seen. Abdullah getting zapped in the Chamber of Horrors match might still be up there. 11 year old me loved that match, I don’t care what Wrestlecrap says, that match single handedly encapsulated Halloween. The good guys defeat the evil monster when the evil monsters own buddy pulls the lever. To deliver a “shocking” badly produced and slightly camp finale. Wrestlecrap? More like Wrestleawesome! I loved a good bloody Abdullah brawl, but for whatever reason that Chamber of Horrors match is burned into my memory. I’ll gladly chip in to help out one of my all time favourites
  22. Can you ask for a manly men / hoss division tournament next? - Brodie King - Miro - Keith Lee - Powerhouse Hobbs - Wardlow - Luchasaurus - The Butcher - Jake Hager
  23. This is awesome. I don’t think I’ve been as hyped for a final season of anything as I am for this.
  24. “Wildly”? Only a Wild Man would do something “Wildly”. It can only mean Johnny B. Badd is All Elite
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