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  1. Uppo from last week 878,000 viewers P18-49 rating: 0.31
  2. 969k viewers The demo was 0.40 (522,000). Ranked no 2. NHL was ranked number 1. Last week 929k viewers
  3. Not my job to spoonfeed you when several other websites reported it, it's your job to know it and you are living in the search your own info age. You also need to really tone down your gimmick, I find it extremely rude. Here bunch of the many links just for you though https://www.thesportster.com/news/lowest-drawing-wwe-champion-ever/#:~:text=An extensive study into live,drawing champions of all time. https://www.therichest.com/wrestling/the-15-wwe-champions-you-didnt-know-drew-low-ratings/ https://www.pwmania.com/forbes-picks-up-story-about-worst-drawing-wwe-champions Low in most of the metrics combined.
  4. Everybody did. Surprisingly Jake Swagger or whatever his name was did good as a draw.
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