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  1. Adam Cole. And he wins the ROH World title and declares hinself as the Ace of both ROH and AEW.
  2. Homicide or Michael Elgin.
  3. I can't wait for CM Punk to show up on the new ROH tv series next year with the mysterious hooded Higher Power. The Higher Power takes his hood off on tv and reveals himself as.....Tony Khan! Together they will destroy AEW. 11D chess angle.
  4. I need to see the quarters. Honestly to me, the how slighty wonky the booking is now and changes from real life is why the ratings are up. Chaos over order. Been quarters sections where the bucks lower ratings. Still ratings and quarters are still somewhat estimations for any tv show. Even if Nielsen adjusted the ways over the years.
  5. Couple month's later they all show up as friends in a new nWo style faction but as evil happy to be here wrestlers. 9D chess.
  6. Lots of good stuff from Nintendo. Except for all the Indy games that I'm not interested in.
  7. Oh! They can award MJF the belt. Already hotshotted twice so far, another one won't hurt.
  8. Tony Khan awards the AEW World title to Adam Cole. BAYBAY.
  9. Probablly tournament for the regular AEW World title. So either strip CM Punk of the AEW World title or the first Vacant.
  10. Seems a work to me. They're gonna make it look more shooty though. The MJF thing was clearly a work and they feed info they wanted to journalists.
  11. Christian Cage will get on the mic and say it's not a work or a shoot but a rib.
  12. We wish Kenny Omega and Bucks the best in their future endeavors..
  13. No i mean it was just reported by some of Meltzers friends.
  14. Malakai Black officially gone from AEW Roster
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