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  1. "Listen/even if that's not your style" Jim Lauderdale shares sage wisdom.
  2. Billy Gunn has always worked hard to stay fresh.
  3. CM Punk is still proud to be called 'C.M. Punk' ... I don't see how that dude has matured and grown. Kingston's not all ego, that's why he has bros in the business.
  4. I wish R-Truth would go AEW. I know he's got a good spot and he ain't greedy or nothin, but damn, that guy should shoot for the stars...
  5. i really liked Suge D in the mini-royal rumble that Action Wrestling did a couple months back. He does desperate really well; his attempts to get an honest win are pathetic. I never thought I'd be the guy who wanted someone else to tuck their shirt in, but yeah, I don't get Moriarty's look. He must do it to be completely comfortable while he fights.
  6. Uhh...that sucks. Was not expecting this news. Always liked his wrestling.
  7. "Bustin' rocks for getting stoned..." This is a hella weird performance from Mickey Newbury. He plays an instrument called an omnichord, which seems to be a mix of a synthesizer, autoharp, and steel-guitar. It's an extended version of "Workin' Man" from a recently unearthed song-trading gig he did with Larry Gatlin in the 80s. Not sure if it was meant for TV or what; the entire thing can be found on youtube.
  8. all this talk about what to do with Kingston from here, it's got me dreaming Chris Hero would just show up and begin the Punk/Kingston/Hero forever feud. Takes care of booking those three for life.
  9. If Nese can learn to embrace his inner doucheness as a positive, they would make a great WCW Saturday Night babyface team. Cage should grow his hair/sideburns and embrace his inner wolverine/sabretooth/spirit-cat.
  10. Versus Spanky in the Cruiserweight Classic tournament and I think last year against Jack Gallagher. He's a totally serviceable opponent if he's in there with the right guys, it just never seemed to happen in WWE. His Premier Athlete gimmick is so generic and arrogant in the sport of pro-wrestling that it really works for him. I hope he's All Elite ... i mean, if L.A. Park is stuck somewhere else... as for last night, i didn't think Danielson/Dustin was MOTY but it was really good. Dustin reaching the ropes during the LeBelle Lock is one of very few times I've been happy to see a rope break in recent years.
  11. Starboy? Fuck yeah, dude reminds me of Jimmy Rave edit- nevermind, i was thinking of B.K. Westbrook. Doesn't he have a starboy gimmick, too?
  12. I thought bleeding his way out of properly being able to finish a match was a grand way to go. but yeah, having to do that versus Young Bucks will make anyone sick
  13. I would probably be keeping up with ROH if Fred Yehi had beaten Gresham for the Pure title. Gresham is fine, I just don't see why they didn't shoot Yehi to the top.
  14. Count me in on the Colby/Steve father vs son match. Steve was great, but Colby represented the new school so well and together, they made a really great match happen.
  15. Any word on how PJ Hawx is coming along? versus Colby is something I'd love to have seen...
  16. Thank you. I like Silas, but I think he would do good on an extended indie tour.
  17. I was just wondering when we were gonna see another long ass match on the indies.
  18. No, I just think he could make a ton of money for them. I was mainly wondering if he has any backstage heat w/ the wrestlers or if he has been known to be "difficult" on any level; I could see that holding him back, but with his charisma, I don't know why the E ain't knocking on his door by now...
  19. I skipped to Makabe/Priest because I love those two. They did go the technical route which kinda lost me at parts, but these two do complement eachother in great ways. I hope they fight forever just based on that Big Unit that Makabe surprisingly landed. Makabe/Royal 2 tonight. I'm hoping Makabe can land a Big Unit for the 1-2-3 this time. edit - on a different topic, why is Tom Lawlor still on the indies? That guy could save WWE, imo...
  20. I immediately thought of "Marfa Lights" when i saw this thread, but that is the most psychedelic tune on his first album. I probably should have used "Big Velvet" to introduce him to the board as it so aptly describes his vocal chords. Is he right when he says we ain't ready for Big Velvet? I compared him to Johnny and Waylon, but Elvis may have been more appropriate. He's gotta be one of the most distinctive musical voices of this century.
  21. I'm not enthused about a Punk return at all. that dude is nothing without his hair.
  22. I think I'm going to like Chavo in a managerial role. It seems like he's going to lap up the goodwill he garnered in TNA and eventually snap into the psycho heel he's so capable of being.
  23. I'm not a fan of deathmatch wrestling, but the main event this week got me excited about wrestling again. Mox was laying in the shots and Archer provided some cringe-inducing slams. There are worse things than a fork in wrestling these days.
  24. I I just realized it's MJF who is bringing in Nick Gage. Here's to hoping Nick Gage turns on him and tries to pizza-cutter his tongue out. I guess there's a little MDK in us all. Shame...
  25. On Archer/Moxley - I didn't see how the match started (smoke break), I caught on when they were wrestling in the crowd, but the match seemed short enough for a LMS/TDM. Archer is awesome at coming back from a beatdown and the fork in the pocket made things interesting. Moxley spent so much time visibly "hiding" it in his pockets that it made sense for Archer to take advantage when Mox wasn't expecting it. I'm happy for Gage - love a redemption story - but I am not excited to see what he could do to Jericho. I'm hoping the Painmaker squashes him. Alice Cooper rules.
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