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  1. It's been said before, but Hunico is eleventy million times better pretending to be Eddie Guerrero than he ever has been pretending to be Mistico. Watching Samuray Del Sol in a MOVEZ compilation, it also feels like he'd be wasted on the Sin Cara gimmick.
  2. Agreed. I love KOTH, but Daria is massively slept on. I still wish I was Trent.
  3. I am looking forward to Sin Cara's mutation gimmick developing further and him being 6'6" next week.
  4. I also assume they are saving Kane going back in the ring. Funnily enough, he hinted at that in the libertarian podcast he did a few weeks ago (posted on the October Omnibus).
  5. Bret Hart was absolutely positively using the Sharpshooter from his first TV jobber match after he split from Neidhart. This was only a few months before (the) SummerSlam naturally, but he never used anything else other than that in the months prior to that (schoolboys and crucifixes against the likes of Haku and The Barbarian notwithstanding). Michaels didn't really use the Superkick as his regular finish until 1995 having won the Rumble, but didn't use the Teardrop Suplex much after 1992. He was even using the Razor's Edge for a short time, but basically had no regular finish for 2 years.
  6. You would think they would bring back the damn Cruiserweight title with all the shows they have. But the WWE has this stupid mindset that lower card matches should not outshine the main event. They bring back the Cruiserweight title and I would give it two or three weeks before all the news reports about "unnamed wwe stars being upset about the cruiserweights stealing their heat". It would be nice though to see a whole bunch of Cruiserweight guys attack Hornswoggle for killing the division and take back the title belt. Every opinion you have is ass backwards The reality is it would put a stigma on potential main eventers. If they had kept the Cruiser belt, Punk and Bryan would be on their tenth reign. This is the answer. I do think tend to think they're booking the World Heavyweight Title into absurdity, and would quite like to see it replaced with a mid-card TV Title or 6 Man Titles though.
  7. Irony is that you got the name of Bad Influence wrong. There may be some running thread that Dixie doesn't much care for Sabin; when the Wheel was spun for that match, Dixie acted like it was a foregone conclusion that Hardy would win.
  8. Maybe, but he may already be on the employee payroll at this point anyway. It's definitely big for Orton. Chris Masters is also on two, so this could also assist him in getting back in if he wants that.
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tD5H9D0CRLA Here you have Taker winning a handicap match against Austin and HHH, with Vince running interference. This is what main-event babyfaces do in WWE. Daniel Bryan is a long way from being the Undertaker. Well not now.,,,,,,
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tD5H9D0CRLA Here you have Taker winning a handicap match against Austin and HHH, with Vince running interference. This is what main-event babyfaces do in WWE.
  11. Abeyance... That's the guy that call himself Joseph Park now, right? Yeah it was a shame to see Abraham Yance lose the title in such shitty circumstances.
  12. Who is the guy that was teaming with James Storm a couple of months ago? I don't watch TNA, but we went to a house show and he's the only thing that stood out, if only because he had freaky looking legs. I thought it was Magnus, but apparently not because this guy had much longer hair than this picture. Probably Gunner, 'The Modern Day Viking'. I could see WWE putting him in developmental.
  13. When they were doing the Open Fight Nights and the 'Championship Thursdays', which were Bischoff's idea, they definitely added something to the show. And I still think Aces & Eights, nWo redux that it might have been, was a pretty good example of making something out of not very much and the build up to Bully winning the title was pretty good. I'm kinda glad to see Bischoff go, but he's not Russo. I tend to think WWE would sign Roode, Robbie E, Eric Young and Brooke Tessmacher. I'm not sure WWE would hire Magnus, as they already have Barrett, with Neville, Grey and Burch in development - plus Mason Ryan and Drew McIntyre. They don't need another Brit guy. I tend to think they would hires Aries and Joe for a little bit, if only to squeeze a few good TV matches out of them. I think James Storm is very injured so not sure he'd be hired at this point.
  14. Gotta love Trips for feeding us all these 'Dustin of the Day' TV main-events - Bryan, Langston and the Rhodes Boys vs Orton and the Shield?! Fun stuff.
  15. Magnus wasn't over. Joe wasn't that over. Eric Young was just a comedy guy. Eric Young is back to being a comedy guy, but that's bad booking.
  16. Use of a ladder in Ultimate X is some shameful shit. I must admit, I'm wondering what I'm going to be getting at Wembley Arena next year. When Bad Influence says they are TNA.....well, yeah: more or less. People hated on the Aces & Eights - but they got babyfaces over pretty well and having Bully Ray essentially take his own group apart was terrible booking.
  17. Vince and Trips probably realise at this point that a strong No. 2 company is 'what's best for business', though they don't want Ted back in the game obviously. Maybe they should just let a few of their roster buy it up - have Punk, Jericho and Two-strikes Orton be the competition.
  18. I'm pretty much in agreement with this. They have the roster depth and tv time to warrant having that many titles but the US and IC titles are basically irrelevant these days and aren't even defended on PPVs half the time. If they're not going to use them to get guys over or structure feuds/angles around them they should just unify them or something, or unify the WHW and WWE titles. I don't see this at all - Curtis Axel and Dean Ambrose are much better off with those secondary titles than without them. Looking at the US Title history over the past few years - you have notable reigns by Antonio Cesaro, Santino Marella, Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan, The Miz, Matt Hardy and MVP. IC Title is a tougher sell - it is the TV Title of 2013; Curtis Axel's reign is probably the most notable since Cody Rhodes' two reigns in 2011-12. But I've never bought the argument that if a title is not constantly of major importance then it should be scrapped. It's a prop. ADR, Axel and Ambrose benefit from these props.
  19. The other problem is editing Smackdown so he stays popular in his core fanbase in Bolivia, Botswana, Bosnia, Cambodia and let's not forget the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela; infact he might just be the guy to solve the Essequibo River dispute with Guyana! Maybe he can bring WWE to Gabon and Dijbouti too. Don't stop bolieving!
  20. Did it require use of the WWE App? Doesn't pretty much everything now? Just providing an opening for people to make fun of users of the WWE App. You could tell Booker T was pretty happy, I dug him reprising the pinky salute.
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