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  1. Apparently he told Fightful that he felt like he was perceived as the bottom man in the group. I mean Max Caster and I thought that was more or less literally his gimmick, but seriously this probably was the best move for him - hopefully we'll see a new side to him on the Indys #boomtish.
  2. Thanks dude. I'm happy because my bench wasn't moving and I got it moving. I was actually thinking I was going to go for an eleventh, but the 10th rep slowed down and I called it. Although I'm toying with visiting the powerlifting gym again to try to hit a deadlift PR in 10 days, I'm actually going to get away from chasing numbers for a little while and really focus on hypertrophy, work capacity and athleticism.
  3. ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED~! Bench Press: 100kg x 10. RPE 8.5ish.
  4. Just to update on above: I did pause SSB squats 100kg x 6 and I was pretty happy with that, but I think doing DB RDLs and some core movements caused me to strain my neck a bit and.....let's just say I am happy I own a massage gun. Will probably do deadlifts today instead of RDLs because not sure the weighted stretch is what I need right now. I'm probably going to go for the 100kg for 10 reps on Saturday but we'll see because I think there will be drinks the night before.
  5. I got my 110kg x 5 - I just realised that is indeed 242lb. I think I'm a little bit off doing 5 sets of 5 with a couple of extra reps at the end - but it wasn't a complete struggle either. I got 20 reps at 62.5kg last week and would have tried it at 65kg this week but.... I actually appear to have restrained the left side of my upper back. It just appeared out of nowhere this lunchtime. I foam rolled the shit out of it and had my gf take the massage gun to it....and yeah I was able to successfully bench heavy ok. 70kg x 12 x 3 and then 70kg x 15 was plenty of backoff work. Actually my right shoulder was feeling a bit fatigued....and this reminded me of @Control's post some weeks back; the problem is not my right shoulder, the problem (probably) is my right shoulder overworking to compensate from a weaker left side due to my ongoing back issues. The shoulder is fine now, but I don't think I'll be pulling anything heavier than that 110kg in this mesocycle. I may try to get that 10 reps at 100kg next week though. I'm just doing RDLs instead of deadlifts right now, and the pause SSB squats. Tomorrow is ostensibly squat day, but it might have to be tweaked a little bit. Ho hum. My work contract is ending, which is irksome in some ways, but I am looking forward to having more time for cardio. I'll be honest, it's been tough to get a lot in as I usually train with my gf and well.....don't want to get too tired. Her bench is coming along too, she got 30kg x 3 and 32.5kg for a single today. She didn't used to be that into bench, but she noticed her breasts look bigger and now she quite likes it lol.
  6. Hungary disagrees. I didn't see the game, only the goals, but they took their chances.
  7. I think my girlfriend's sister's newish boyfriend is fighting on TV next week. Update: okay wasn't 100% sure it was official but P├ęter will be on UK's Channel 5 fighting against "Pretty Boy" Josh Kelly this coming Friday night. https://uncia-info.translate.goog/kramer-peter-nagy-bejelentese/?fbclid=IwAR1UQmqlkKQCGC146LRQd1PQzBl91MxMFOMU9qpklUox7SaWo2DIMXUc87E&_x_tr_sl=hu&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en-US&_x_tr_pto=wapp I mean yeah, it is what it is, he knows - but a million people watch these so it's a good opportunity.
  8. Test once, after Steph turned on him. She pointed out he was punching and should be DQ'd.
  9. Yes that is what I meant, ppl do have such surgery. I guess you could argue the ref was on the wrong side and didn't see it, but Perfect wasn't moving much prior to contact (at which point he defied all physical laws ofc).
  10. Of course, Kerry Von Erich used a closed first finish a long time before - but only Heenan cared. I'm sort of waiting for them to redo the Luger metal plate gimmick with replaced knuckles.
  11. Quick note: I actually got my short-term target 107.5kg for 5 on bench today, in an unscheduled workout on an off day, on not my favourite bench with the rack a little too high - having actually done speed bench, dips and ohp the day before. Crazy!
  12. Well....it's The Edge Show....doing 7 turns a night! In all seriousness, he's done at least 4 since he came back right?
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