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  1. tbf JAS pretty frequently cuts the singalong off, but Jericho the character enjoys the singalong too much to do that everytime. I don't think that's a huge deal.
  2. I don't think the Neutralizer really works in a federation where people actually hit piledrivers reasonably frequently. Britt's reign was fine, though it did need to end. Rosa's now needs to end too.
  3. Some of them? At this point, I'm beginning to wonder if Rhea couldn't make more money outside of mainstream wrestling in all honesty.
  4. Realistically not everyone can get a push just because they are friendly with HHH. Miro has become difficult to book because it feels like you can't beat him again anytime soon but unless they're putting a title on him then it's difficult to feature him. He could probably have an awesome run with Wardlow but they'd have to trade wins and people would complain about it. So unless you're going to put the big belt on him, then I'm not sure what you do. I guess they do this HoB feud, but it does feel a little thin. Whilst I quite like the Mox interim run we're getting out of the Punk injury, I really think Miro should have been the one to go over Hangman.
  5. I agree Miro is probably doing his usual troll game, I suspect Andrade is less happy. I am sure someone somewhere is wondering if they can trade someone to get Devitt. Quite possibly Finn Balor. Whilst it's possibly a bit non-solidarity of me, I don't think it's really tenable for AEW to sign people to guaranteed money contracts and then just let them walk when they want. They're then basically having to renegotiate constantly. If WWE wanted Miro, hypothetically, then they can deal with AEW. Tony Khan is probably open to that, generally if not specifically.
  6. There are vague rumblings about Miro and Andrade being unhappy and thinking they might be better off in WWE now. But of course, not everyone can be pushed in WWE either - no matter who is in charge. To be honest I couldn't give two shits about Andrade, but the Miro thing has got out of hand. The sooner Punk gets back and either turns heel or loses to Moxley the better. edit: fwiw, Takeshita is wrestling for Progress in UK coming up this weekend. Maybe he is doing more dates in the UK.
  7. That does sounds a bit like heel heat to me. I'm reminded of the early ROH fans chanting 'You're not over' at the 2nd ROH Champion Xavier. Tbh I do think the gimmick is a bit of an albatross around his neck, and indeed around Scarlett's. I think coming out with hair was the right move, and with the right opponents he can have good matches. Hourglasses don't tick-tock mind. I suspect HHH might be tempted to have Kross take the briefcase form Theory, probably would be the right move. Personally, at the risk of fantasy booking, I'd put the Raiders with Kross as well - preferably dialling down the Viking aspect of the gimmick.
  8. Tbh I think ppl can make gains on PPL once a week. If someone can only train Tu-We-Th for some reason, then probably they should do that. My problem with such specialisation is that the muscles are probably going to be pretty tired going back-to-back-to-back on a muscle group, and we can probably get slightly better work in mixing it up a bit e.g. 1. (Squat): - Squat - Hamstring Movement - Squat Accessory 1 - Upper Back Movement (Shrugs?) - Squat Accessory 2 - Optional Bicep Movement 2. (Bench Press): - Bench - Vertical Pull - Bench Accessory 1 - Calves - Bench Accessory 2 or Shoulder Accessory - Triceps/Biceps 3. (Deadlift): - Deadlift or Deadlift variant - Rows - Leg Extensions/Squat Variation - Back Accessory 1 - Optional Hamstring Accessory - Optional Calves - Optional Back Accessory 2 or Shoulder Accessory - Optional Triceps/Biceps I put this together in 10 minutes, but it gives a general shape of how 3 days a week can be programmed with a basic PPL framework. If someone was doing this 3 days a week consecutively, I'd probably remove or at least dial-down the hamstring movement on Squat Day and make the Friday one non-optional and I'd probably dial-down the Vertical Pull a bit as well. But I'd gently suggest this is better programming than a strict PPL/LPP split.
  9. I tried doing front squats not onto a box like 11 days ago and it was super hurty at like 40kg and I haven't squatted since to be honest. The room with the power rack is one of the hotter rooms in the gym. I have been leg pressing (carefully I might add), and tbh my legs look great as a result but I guess I'll get back under the SSB soon enough. I actually did the meme lift of 2022 today, by which I mean the Larsen Press. I was definitely able to get good pec activation with it, using a relatively low weight. I think I'll probably use it more for dumbell work though.
  10. The problem with the PPL split is indeed that 6 workouts isn't really doable in a week, at least it's not sustainable. I think you also lose the opportunity to move between exercises antagonistically i.e. Do a push, then a pull, then a push, then a pull etc - I generally think that's more efficient. I also think doing legs the day after murdering the back is quite likely to keep you away from some of the better leg exercises. That being said, I think Upper-Lower splits do tend to put more emphasis on pushes (particularly the Bench Press) and I think the back does need some special attention sometimes. So I think a ULPPL, or some variation of that might be a solid compromise and some people do indeed do something like this - there's a Fierce 5 routine based on that, and Bald Omni-Man on YouTube does something similar (whilst also stretching his training cycle over 8/9 days).
  11. I'm sorry but this is an appalling accusation based on rumour and innuendo. You might not approve of him dating an 18 year old in his mid-20s, but there's no evidence whatsoever that he actually 'groomed' her in anyway and that term gets thrown around by everybody way too much. Jordynne Grace has stated repeatedly that she pursued him.
  12. It does sound like there's a communication gap there. To be absolutely honest, I don't really see why Christopher Daniels is working as a wrestler on TV; he needs to be a full-time suit-wearing mofo - and I say this as somebody who went to my first indy show to see the guy. I think it's pretty clear that Coach isn't really sentimental about the last few years of ROH, and let's face it - how many people are? Whereas Prince Nana can still get a pop despite being the very epitome of a midcard act. I remember Gresham from the Pure Title tournament but here's the truth, even if Claudio has spent the last 10 years down a well, wrestling fans would still give more of a shit about him than Jonathan Gresham because of his work in a more popular era of ROH as well as elsewhere.
  13. I've now been in the gym 11 days out of 12, and I will be there with my gf tomorrow. It's been crazy, and I am looking forward to not going to the gym Friday. After some supported chins & dips, then some plate raises and plate triceps extensions (gf elected for us to do them seated, which lol she regretted), we finished with prone reverse flys and prone 'y's (see video) . They were killer. I did the first set with 2kg dumbbells but just went with nothing on the second set. Key to a high frequency approach is definitely 'more with less weight' - there's definitely a time and a place for throwing weight around, but I am really liking this block of trainings although the fatigue is nonetheless catching up. Trap pump was definitely there. (From 5m20s - N.B. Friends don't allow friends to do above-the-knee rackpulls)
  14. I finished up a contract a couple of weeks ago, and do need some R&R. But it has meant a bit more time and energy for going to the gym. Upshot is I've done 8 workouts in the last 9 days, and am toying with doing a bit of back work & cardio today. At the moment, I'm not really focussing on directly working on big lifts - aside some speed pulls. It's all about hypertrophy and finding weak spots. I tried front squats the other day...my wrists can't handle the rack position and I really find the cross-arm form unstable so I tried it with straps, onto a box - omg, that was all kinds of nasty. I worked up to 1 plate for 6 reps and IT WAS HARD! Both on the quads, spinal extensions, and biceps. I definitely want to progress on this, and I suspect I'll get pretty good carryover to other squats. I'm also enjoying the opportunity to put certain exercises at the front-end of the workout - it's pretty difficult to progress a leg curl when it's the last exercise of the day. My left front delt, obviously a weak point, is also getting all kinds of destruction. So generally I think it's going well. I am not 100% sure whether I'll push for a 140kg bench, 180kg squat and 200kg deadlift this year - or whether I'll try to cut. Tbh I suspect I could cut and still get the 200kg deadlift, but it will also depend on what my life ends up being like the rest of the year as I may have to do a lot more flying around.
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