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  1. I am profoundly uninterested in the opinion of people who need to lie in order to make their points work. Ultimately, if you want it be to be gone.....you let it go. Otherwise you're just being a massive hypocrite displaying the very thing you think I'm guilty of - a massive lack of self-awareness. BUT in all sincerity no more posts in any Smackdown posts ever, starting right now. It's not a problem. Given that, anyone who chooses to take a free shot can do so but will go on the ignore list permanently.
  2. 1. I don't think these multiple people have said that I came off as a dick, but I get that when you get into something with a dick you can often look like a dick yourself to casual observers and this is broadly what has happened here. Nonetheless, I accept that this isn't a good look and in that sense the feedback is accepted. Tbh I should just have put Eivion on Ignore a few posts before. This is now the case and will be remaining so. 2. Ultimately I haven't said on this thread like 'Oh WWE is trash...why would anybody watch this?' or anything like that. Suggestions that I have are a false accusation and thus pretty erm... dickish, or at least suggest you're not paying the close attention such an intervention would merit. There's some good stuff on Smackdown sure. There has been, (earlier) this year, some pretty great stuff on Main Event, and I have drawn attention to that - so this accusation is just way off-base. If, and I emphasise, if, people are, as you imply, struggling to draw the distinction between aggressive criticism of the product and....discussion of topics that are somewhat more 'meta' (I personally doubt this)....then I would suggest the problem might be with them in all honesty. But that's fine...I'll ignore the Smackdown threads completely now and people can have their positive discussions about Smackdown....*looks at last week's thread*.....yeah maybe not though lol. 3. A few weeks ago, Eivion made some pretty dickish comments (I have quoted earlier in this thread) when someone suggested WWE's back is against the wall right now. When....they clearly are somewhat on the back foot at least and really don't like losing demo battles to AEW. I asked him because I was genuinely curious if he had revised his opinion, he answered, I gently pointed out a couple of problems with his answer that suggested that Smackdown was obviously going to outrate Rampage next week but said we'd see soon enough....and it kind of descended with his response to that. As I say, I should have just put him on Ignore at that point, and I apologise for not doing so. In all honesty, if people read the exchange and their take coming out of it is as you claim then I would invite them to use the same functionality.
  3. 1. Ultimately what really matters is whether Vince cares or not, and the intel we have is that yes he really does and he's gone head-to-head so that AEW doesn't outdraw his Smackdown (or the second hour) in the key demo. 2. Ultimately we won't know for sure if AEW is hitting them financially until WWE's TV rights deals some up for renewal. 3. You are comparing 20 years to 5, and even that is besides the point as what really matters is what was happening before that was a Wrestling Plumber vs Wrestling Garbageman. 4. I was not purposely misunderstanding your points at all, I was just focussing on the particular point that interest me. I'm allowed to do that. 5. I think if you look back at those posts from a few weeks ago you were really being quite aggy, and so you shouldn't be surprised to get called on it when WWE starts doing weird 30 minute extensions not to look bad vs AEW on World Series nights. 6. Your last sentence really makes no sense, and is just needlessly personalising things. It's not bullshit to ask if an opinion is still your opinion, and what's kind of bullshit is you quite obviously rowing back on it after being so aggy about it a few weeks ago, whilst refusing to really acknowledge it. Ok, we're done now mos def.
  4. Yes. But I didn't ask you about whether you thought WWE's product would change/improve as a result of what was happening.
  5. Asserting that I am purposely misunderstanding your point and being dishonest without really explaining why is pretty questionable behaviour, and I think says more about you than me. I think you need to be honest with yourself as to why you have made this so personal at every stage. Enjoy your evening. Edit: When you talk about 'your point' you are somewhat in denial about how language works but I think you mean that the crux of your argument is that 'it doesn't matter anyway, since WWE won't change'. But this isn't where your argument started and I haven't really addressed that because you did infact make other points I was more interested in. Now if I was to address that, I could point out that talking about the last two decades is pretty much missing the point since you have to go back before that to a time when WWE had direct competition, and from that came the Attitude Era - which had its positive and negative traits but did lead to some pretty memorable TV and PPV matches, and a lot of money was made. So um yeah that point isn't very good either.
  6. I'm not a massive fan of regularly doing abudctor/adductor isolation exercises, but strong adductors are pretty important for squatting and, as I say, I took someone who could not squat for shit and got them squatting so I don't think they're useless for the complete gym newb. The DB RDL also hits the adductors, so we did use them quite a lot in compounds before finishing them off with isolation.
  7. Hello and welcome to Death Valley Driver Video Review Message Board. I just think it's a little weird that you dismiss the idea that anyone in WWE is interested in direct competition with AEW as 'smark fantasy' and 'opposed to common sense' when it's pretty obvious that's what's going on and you have Dave Meltzer being really clear that's exactly what is going on. Whether I have a personal stake in this being the case is really by the by, as I suspect you know. Ultimately you have attempted to try to sustain your own narrative using an analysis that even by your own reckoning was based on some misunderstandings of the facts. Of course, we can all question eachother's motivations but it usually says more about the person doing the questioning in my view. Ultimately yes, we could all be doing something more morally worthy than hanging out on a pro wrestling messageboard I am sure.
  8. I haven't made the claim that it would do anything for me. I'm not sure how you know what the crossover audience with regards the key demo is - I suspect you don't. And ultimately the key demo is what counts here, specifically the two quarter hours they will go head-to-head. If they are going to be within 20% for the key demo (sounds realistic), then actually a relatively small amount of viewers will make a difference to who wins during that 30 minutes. When WWE were on FS1 last October, against the World Series, they were 0.25 average in the 18-49. Same as last week's Rampage, which is on at a later time. So your analysis is suspect. It's actually worth pointing out that this week's Smackdown overnights in the key demo for hour 2 was 0.4. Like yeah, AEW Rampage isn't likely to get 'close' to that regularly anytime soon (note again the timeslot) - but let's not act like it's exponentially bigger or anything. WWE isn't doing a good job of pulling in the audience the advertisers want.
  9. So over the last week and a half I have basically been just working out with my girlfriend. The good news is that she can now do an actual below parallel goblet box squat with a 4kg kettlebell - 6 of them actually. Given the way her heels were flying up less than 2 weeks ago this is no mean achievement. I actually think I'm a pretty decent coach lol. So yesterday, we were working on that for her whilst I was doing speed squats. I'm now moving to triples, but medium-term I'm going to start to use bands as accommodating resistance - the rack doesn't have pegs sadly but I'll get them set up somehow. We then proceeded to do DB RDLs. I was doing 25kg dbs for sets of 20, we got her up to 10kg dbs for sets of 15. It was tough on her grip mostly. After that we did some hamstring curls, good girl/bad girls, abs and finished with a set on the seated calf raise. We then did 10 minutes on the elliptical - I hate cardio lol. Because we've been hanging out at the gym, this means a) our sex be lazy, b) I actually have more time at home on my own in the evenings. I've started to do a lot more bandwork. So I'm probably getting in a ton of volume, but it's almost all high rep. Nonetheless I don't mind, because the gf is actually learning to workout properly with some real weight - she fully acknowledged that left to her own devices she'd be doing some bullshit with 2kg dumbbells. I'm actually feeling a bit rundown today, but my intention is to eat a lot of meat and actually try to a bench max tomorrow - I'm actually thinking dead bench but we'll see. I was planning on deadlifting afterwards but this feels ambitious right now tbh.
  10. Most Rampage shows are fairly stacked. They have Junior Dos Santos, but they're also having a match with Allie The Bunny so nothing ridiculous. You are ignoring the decision to overrun.....and the hit Smackdown has taken when it has moved to FS1 previously, in your analysis. But you answered the question so I guess we'll see what the rating difference is. For background: https://www.f4wonline.com/wwe-news/wwe-smackdown-tops-one-million-viewers-fs1-328201
  11. Btw @Elvion, not trolling but genuinely feel like I have to ask, with Smackdown stacking the FS1 show and putting in a 30 minute overrun - do you now accept that WWE are reacting to AEW above and beyond financial reasons i.e. Vince really doesn't want to have Smackdown outrated by Rampage, just because?
  12. Ricochet has been doing repeated jobs for Kross on Main Event - if they were going to push him he'd be on Smackdown. I don't see him going over Woods tbh. If anything I could see Jinder going over both New Day members so that it sets up a later match with Big E. Though tbh it wouldn't surprise me to see Xavier vs Kofi either.
  13. Clearly I lost my way with this, and now Gulak is on Smackdown sob. I did watch a couple of matches e.g. Karrion Kross vs Ricochet (has happened again since), but meh. I will probably check out Morrison vs Gulak though. They didn't overtly do the Raw get 3 picks, SD 2 this time around so looking at the roster there's a little less obvious Main Event fodder. I'm kind of hoping for a Alpha Academy vs Ricochet run.
  14. The rip-off is great in its own way, but the opinion that it's actually better than The Chase is so white it just booked a spa weekend.
  15. She's pretty new to the gym, she'll need some coaching for at least the next couple of sessions and I think she will need to be spotted on the Good Mornings for a while. But it will be fun. Tomorrow I think we'll go Hip Thrust, DB Bench Press, DB RDL, Low Row, Plate Loaded Leg Extension, Fluff & Abs. Tbh I may just swap out the DB Bench Press for a vertical press of some kind but otherwise do the same workout.
  16. My girlfriend is going to be joining my gym for the next 30 days, after which we go on holiday (hopefully) - it's definitely going to be interesting to see if/how that affects my workouts!
  17. Sheamus has always been good at the clubbering, but he dropped 40lbs and that's been a big difference maker.
  18. Back in the gym today for Dynamic Effort Bench at 80kg (9x3), followed by 3x12 on medium-wide (pinkies 2cm inside the rings) at 80, 85, 90kg - last rep of the 90 was a proper grind actually. Coming in after deadlift yesterday may have affected my performance a little. I'll do 95 for 10-12 next week (hopefully), and then we'll drop the Dynamic Effort for a week and test AMRAP at 100kg with this grip. Accessories were mostly nothing special, except I did deadpin JM presses for sets of 20. These are good - definitely will be able to push these harder in the cage. Today was about punching the clock really - I've probably got about 25 workouts to get to the 3 plate max by the end of the year. Will be interesting to see if it happens. Day off tomorrow will be sweet.
  19. I'm getting old.....I drank 1 can of 'Mango APA', 1/2 a large bottle of craft lager, and half a can of black lager....and somehow woke up with what appeared to be a hangover. Weird. Anyway....some Coca-Cola, Ibuprofen and more sleep later and we managed to make it to the gym. I showed my gf how to bench, then we tried squatting....and she has the worst ankle mobility lol. But actually she wasn't bad at Good Mornings and I think the rack gave her a lot of confidence. I did some dead stop (i.e. off the safety pins) SSB Good Mornings basically to warmup for the deadlift max I had Rebi pull a deadlift of 40kg a few times, which she was very happy with. I then started ramping up my max - semi-sumo approx. 2.7 inch deficit (no belt). I failed 130kg double overhand because of grip - that's not totally surprising because I haven't really been working on grip. Straps went on and 130kg flew up no bother. Followed up with 150kg and then Rebi watched me do the 160kg, which was a mild grind but no problem locking out and apparently I made the same face that I make when....anyway I think I could have made another jump, at least 5kg and maybe 10 - but tbh I was pretty happy with the lift under the circumstances and I didn't feel like making another jump. My weakpoint is at around knee level - pretty classic stuff and I think it's mostly technique, exacerbated by the deficit. I think put on a belt, address some technique issues, switch to trad conventional and remove the deficit and maybe I could be pushing around 200kg. I think I'll pull another max before I go on holiday in late October. I actually think I could probably pull more off Sumo eventually, but I have mixed feelings about that lol. Rebi had been doing some lat pulldown and good girl/bad girl whilst I had deadlifted. And we finished with some hamstring curl and a bit of bicep (EZ Curl, just the bar for her) - she also did some db shoulder presses. She is dead hahahaha but she liked it and wants to go back. We then picked up some really big chicken burgers and she craved a big glass of milk. We fought against the day and we won.
  20. I finally did my much delayed '1+' day of my 531 close-grip bench cycle, and scored 8 reps on 100kg (RPE 8.5), which is a PR for sure. Tbh I haven't slept that well recently and I didn't feel I had my groove so I was very happy with that. I think on a good day I could get 10 reps, maybe 12, with a wider grip and soon enough I will try. Secondary press was the Cybex Eagle and I went up to 106kg for 10 reps, which is a PR on that machine. Tertiary was a seated pin press (!). First time doing a non-back supported vertical press since returning to the gym - v.interesting! I went up to 40kg for 10 at upper chest height, and then moved the pins up one level to the chin and did the same. Felt it in my traps and my biceps weirdly. Unfortunately the power rack isn't high enough to support me doing the standing pin press, but it's still providing some great assistance movements. Then it was back to the EZ Bar curl for a top-set of 37.5kg for 10. Another PR I think, but I'm not sure I get to 40kg soon without a little body english. I finished up with high-reps on the wide grip tricep pushdown (50kg x 25,55kg x 22) and the db upright row (16kg x 20,22). I need to raise weight on the latter, but I was quite tired. Sunday will be quite amusing, as I will pull a deadlift to a training max. Plus my gf will be coming along!
  21. I used the gym's power rack. So I actually did squat work for reps again, but doing a SSB 'free' squat for the first time. I was doing some free squats at home with a water cooler bottle during gym closures, so it wasn't entirely unfamiliar. It was supposed to be a somewhat light day, do just went up to a challenging 6 at 100kg. Pretty sure my depth was considerably below parallel though my stance is too wide to full ATG. Plate loaded leg extension is interesting. The plate loaded prone leg curl I am less convinced by. Operation biceps continued with 2 sets of reverse EZ bar 20kg for 2 sets of 20. Was pretty wiped out by then. Will push that for 2 more workouts, hopefully to 27.5-30kg. Then return to a more supine movement. Deadlift variation max planned for Sunday.
  22. Turns out we're not getting a deadlift platform but we have a power rack now and that is super exciting. The new machines are plate-loaded unilateral leg extension and prone leg curl - not really machines I wold normally gravitate towards but we'll probably give them a try this week. Today was a pivot day, not really a full deload but not playing my edge either. So it was 60% speed bench day...I went with 72.5kg and tbh it might have been a bit easy. My medium-wide and close grip feel a lot less clunky now. I did hypertrophy sets of close grip at 77.5kg and 85kg for 12.....and the latter was really quite unchallenging. I'm pretty sure that's a rep PR and I was thrilled because it was pretty nonchalant. A week ago I got 6 at 95kg. So I think we'll do top sets of 90kg and 95kg for my next two speed days on the CG and see what we get. A 3 plate bench feels like a very real target right now - weak links will have to be improved but to me it feels on. I'm curious to know what I can dead bench and will probably find out in the next 2 weeks. I now realised that I was so goofy from squats on Saturday that I completely miscalculated my weights on the EZ bar and that is why I was lifting so much heavier. LOL. I managed 35kg for 10 strict today with a couple of reps in the tank. My right elbow is starting to complain though, so I think we might do some reverse grip next workout. Sunday I am planning a deadlift max of some kind god help me.
  23. Close facsimile will probably play. I don't think even WWE are pig-headed enough to try anything foolish on this one.
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