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  1. I believe Regal more than some, but lol y'know pro wrestling.
  2. Rumblings have suggested that it was a work, with it being suggested noone around him seemed to take it too seriously. Wouldn't 100% surprise me if they actually put Regal in the match. I mean it's 5-on-5, he can pick and choose his spots so why not I guess?
  3. No major sexy lifts of the week to report to be honest, I actually was very happy with the planned 90kg x 5 on bench today that became 95 kg x 8 and could probably have been more, but I didn't want to wreck my backoff work and recovery. Not that these are particularly good numbers, but my bench has been dogshit for weeks and I feel like I am turning a corner. And that's been the learning really for me recently. Should I have done that 155kg squat recently? There's no real answer to that, but it probably wasn't strictly optimal in terms of my longer term development and recovery - but one probably should have goal and occasionally swing for the fences....but not all the time. I went for some neutral pull-ups that I probably shouldn't have gone for and I have some strain in my left upper back that is going to have to be worked around for a bit. My point is...I'm not too worried about hitting a 140kg bench any time soon. A better goal, for now, is to get 5 clean, fast reps at 80-85% of that i.e. about 115kg. My on-off bicep tendonitis seems to have gone away thanks to swapping out deads for SSB GMs, and using rope curls (twisting neutral to supine) to rehab - I really like this movement, I haven't actually been doing it quite like the below - but Israetel is probably right to get the shoulder movement in to get the full use of the bicep so I will switch to this. I'd love do get more barbell curling in but I train with my gf and she doesn't need it, and tbh this probably carries over better to the bench eccentric, with better stimulus to fatigue. There's no doubt that low-bar squat is not that good for my bench, but it's not necessarily great for my SSB Squat either it seems - I did a top-set of 100kg x 6 yesterday and it was way more challenging than I expected and I called it despite having the intention of doing 110kg x 6. It's fine, I'll get it back up and my hurt upper back may have been in play. Lots of good mornings and step-ups is my new gameplan for long-term squat growth anyway, though I may consider messing with some high-bar and a somewhat narrower stance for a while anyway. My current 30 day membership runs out next Sunday. Normally I take a few days off and restart the next Saturday, but I may actually take a slightly extended break from my standard training and visit an actual powerlifting gym in a couple of Saturdays - they have some speciality bench bars, a belt squat machine, deadlift platforms with band pegs...and CHALK!!! It's a bit far to make my regular haunt but might be somewhere I visit from time to time.
  4. Raquel is I think why they dropped Lacey's babyface push. Kind of amazed Rodriguez hasn't been forced down the surgery route to be quite honest. It's good thing of course, but I'm still pretty surprised.
  5. I got my 155kg back squat today, two weeks earlier than planned! To be honest, 140kg went up so easy and I didn't fancy doing the back off work so I was just like 'f**k it, I'll do the target single and be done with it'. Quads didn't feel a thing, weight felt heavy off the rack but area of weakness is almost entirely upper back. Though doing banded bicep curls last night did not help. I was in full Peter Griffin knee meme mode for 5 minutes afterwards, though not because of my knees. I will do SSB for next two sessions, and I am tentatively targetting 160kg with it but we'll see. Bench could be 'interesting' tomorrow, but I'm not too bothered. (Edit: Bench was indeed trash, and I think Deadlifts will be replace by Good Mornings on Tuesday). Pretty confident I can hit a 180kg fully raw squat by the end of the year.
  6. Tbh, I think stones are increasingly antiquated - we'll just say the lbs now. We still favour miles over kilometres though.
  7. I definitely don't think Punk should be taking the title of Hangman, but if he does then it should be to return it to Hanger. Punk doesn't need the belt. Hopefully Cabana screws him. (I know Punk is supposed to legit hate the guy or something, but it's still the way to go here....)
  8. I think only in Britain is Pizza and Fries together a thing. Having kept strict keto for 8 weeks, I had my cheffy friend make me lasagne, chips and garlic bread - an uniquely British meal if ever there was. Sushi is overrated unless you paying big bucks in UK. Chinese is good but you generally want to pick a spot where the local Chinese diaspora might actually go. Good dim sum is money.
  9. I agree with Sasha, Nando's is pretty overrated as food (I get why people like Nando's). They'd be better off buying in some Tandoori Chicken from some local Indian eateries. Pizza Express was good 20 years ago. As an alibi.
  10. Lifts of the week: Back Squat: 132.5kg for 3 (REP PR, tbh I think this was a RPE 6) Floor Press Dead Pin Lockout Bench: 90kg x 2 ----------------------------------- Upper body workouts day after the Lower days continue to kick my ass, but the squat is feeling good.
  11. I was going to make a joke about phone signal in Nigeria, but I checked and Apollo actually has something of a Main Event winning streak recently. Still, I think it's not hard to get a read on who might be getting a call. - Maybe she is injured, but Doudrop hasn't wrestled in April according to Cagematch. - Nikki A.S.H was on Main Event this week, but has been barely used in a couple of months - Gulak is getting the 'Billie Kay' push - T-Bar lol. - Fabian Aichner hasn't had a name change - Hurt Business is kind of sad at this point. - I'm thinking Viking Raiders stay because they'd probably be happy to go back to being War Machine at this point - I'm thinking Los Lotharios are kept around, but they've not been featured much recently - Roode is 45 - They don't seem that interested in doing anything with Shotzi
  12. I hardly ever watch WWE beyond YouTube clips admittedly, and yeah I get he is 38, but no, I don't really understand how WWE couldn't squeeze another year or two out of Lumis. Fuck it Tone, bring him in with Gargano, put him in the JAS or just stick him in Chaos Project or something.
  13. I think this puts Becky Lynch's comments into proper context. I mean Toxic Attraction lol.
  14. Well he did just pop out for a pack of smokes right?
  15. Top sets of the week (kinda): SSB Squat - 130kg x 2 (Rep PR), 90kg x 12 (Rep PR) Back Squat - 125kg x 3 (Rep PR), 7 x 5 x 90kg (Not really a Rep PR but some kind of volume record) Bench Press - 95kg x 8 (ugh) ------------------------------------------------------ So I didn't make it Good Friday because a friend came over so I ended up benching and squatting on the same day, which weirdly I'm beginning to think might be better than trying to bench the day after squatting. I wasn't feeling that well, so I used that as an excuse to use the SSB Bar...as if I need one. I was really happy with both the Rep PRs. Whether it was right for me to go if I wasn't feeling great....I don't know. It was my last workout before deload, but the truth is that and being unwell has probably compromised my deload, as I wasn't feeling amazing for a couple of days afterwards. Fast forward to this weekend. Back to the barbell...but actually it was a different barbell on the rack. I could have swapped it out, but I didn't. It was thicker, which felt nicer to grip. But it was also a lower quality barbell, and I struggled to find a good spot on my back to hold it. But tbh I was happy with the triple. I could easily have done more reps and it's getting to the point where I think I might be able to lift more with the barbell than the SSB. The 7 sets of 5 with 90kg really felt ok. Probably the mistake I made was to throw in some 'split-stance trap bar RDLs' afterwards....not that felt bad either, but not sure I was really ready for all that compound volume. But tbh I woke up feeling like a creaky old man, and I was in two minds about doing the bench day today. I went and it was dogshit. Now I couldn't get on my preferred bench and had to make do with some raggedy ass ghetto bench, and I set the jhooks too high. But my bicep tendons seem to have regressed again, and first rep eccentrics were a nightmare. I got 8 reps, but they were slow and the 8th was a bit dodge. Getting 100kg for 10 has been a goal for sometime, and not getting it is starting to piss me off. But the truth is...I've made squat the priority, and just hoped bench would come along for the ride....and it hasn't quite happened. So I'm going to accept that, scrap the 531 cycle...take a week off heavy benching (I'll do press)...then do the wider-benching I'm weaker at using the 5PROs from 531 Forever (so lighter weight, no rep PR attempts)..I will do a bench specialising phase this Summer. The weird thing is I though I'd had found the cure (slow eccentric volume benching)....I mean it still might be, but only if I do it literally every week it seems. I did 5 sets of Pendlay Rows and my body hated me - I'm trying to find ways to sneak in more deadlift accessories but I may also have to consider if that's really viable. I then ate my weight in ice-cream and chicken and I feel a little better, but only a little. Good news is that my max on any squat is 150kg, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to break that by 5-10kg at the end of the cycle.
  16. I suspect somebody is bumping onto potato chips before we're done with this.
  17. Slabhead on the bench today. The fans have really moved on the guy, will be interesting to see what happens. Almost feel sorry for him tbh.
  18. At least Tone took my feedback and got to booking the match. I think Danhausen actually challenging Hook, and getting him out of silent mode, tells us something. I imagine Danhausen is going to get a little more offence than everyone else probably a nearfall - given Hook has no sold piledrivers etc, someone wrestling sneaky-style probably is the best approach. On a related note, I am amazed noone has to my knowledge stolen Marufuji's Perfect Inside Cradle on TV.
  19. The lights thing is so overdone at this point but at least they seem broadly committed to staying within wrestling physics at this point. In the end, they probably didn't want the guy running in, and they were short on options. Other option was a big gift box, I'd have gone with the box myself but always a 1% -chance of something Shockmasteresque happening.
  20. I'm going to give Singh a pass for now. He's taller than Khali was, and younger. Presumably Paul Wight is going to work with him. The mischievous part of me also wants Jay Lethal to wear a turban. Not Singh or Dutt...just Lethal.
  21. Top sets of the week: Back Squat - 120kg x 5 (Rep PR), 135kg x 1 (PR) Double Overhand Deadlift - 120kg x 2 (Rep PR), (2 x) 90kg x 10 (Rep PR) --------------------------------------------------------------- For those who are following, my upper back seems fine now. I did some light tempo lat work on the low row and things settled down. Yay! Saturday was Back Squat. I deployed a strategy of doing a bunch of squats holding a plate to my chest to warm up, and doing my first back squat reps with 70kg. It still sucked, but 80kg was ok and there was no issue after that. Tbh wasn't really feeling it and so I set a target of 5 reps with the 1+ set, got the 5 and stopped it there. It felt heavy, though 130kg for a single didn't. 135kg for a single felt heavy again, but tbh it wasn't hard. I suspect I had 150kg in me, and probably 160kg on a really good day if I was playing my edge. I then did 5 x 5 on 95kg, and while it didn't kill me it gave me 3 days of doms. I want to build to 5 x 10 at 90kg, but 10 rep squat sets are going to need some improved conditioning. Good to have a goal though. I think I'll be employing more of a 'Beyond 531' strategy on the heavy work next cycle, and looking to build up to 10 sets of 5 at 90kg. Whilst I hate the straight bar, I intend to try to persist with it for at least the next mesocycle. I have 1 squat day left in the cycle, and I think I'm going to put 80kg on the bar and see how many sets of 5 I can walk away from. Sunday was bench day. I've done my main bench 531 for the mesocycle, so I'm doing a 1 week, 3 session, minicycle on a slightly wider grip using what Jim Wendler calls "5s Progression ". I did am easyish max of 105kg on a pinkies on the ring bench end of last cycle, so my training max should be 95kg but I narrowed the grip slightly and called it 100kg for the purposes of this wave. So it was a simple 5 x 70, 80, 90kg. Nothing to write home about. I think most close-grippers toy with widening their grip in the hope of getting more weight...and then generally decide it's not worth the aggro. I'm slowly trying to move it out to a more medium grip - but if nothing else it's a different angle and a little different pec activation..and it prevents overuse to switch up grips. Will actually go lighter tomorrow (5 x 65, 75, 85), and then 5 x 75, 85, 95 on Sunday. Today was deadlift day, and yeah I wasn't really up for it - I still hadn't recovered from the squat day. But after hitting some doubles, I decided I would go for it at 90kg and I got 10 reps. A few minutes later I got them again. I decided a 3rd set really wouldn't be a good idea...but that's a big jump from 80kg x 8...even if that was on a small deficit - the truth is, I think I pull slightly better from a deficit - I just feel more locked in somehow. I gotta be honest, I think a 3 x 10 on a deadlift is as far as I will ever want to go. My back and arm tendons were crying and it's at moments like this I'm so glad my gym has a SSB for doing GMs with. I have 3 days more in the gym this week - yes I will be there Good Friday and Easter Sunday, but looking forward to a brief interlude next week if I'm honest.
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