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  1. Regardless of safety levels, that's not the later flat back German Benoit developed which you originally highlighted.
  2. He wasn't doing them like that in 2001. They weren't especially stiff, but the flat back variation came later when WWE discouraged high angle suplexes.
  3. It seems like his first appearance moved the needle, but not his subsequent one. One might draw the conclusion that people wanted to see Goldberg, but not Goldberg vs The Fiend.
  4. If you're barking at me, I'm not particularly into women beating men for world titles but don't recall being in line to call people on any opinion regarding it. I am fine with wrestling being performing art, but if it's shit art then it's shit innit?
  5. I'll take the latter thanks. Almost 15 years ago, I saw Samoa Joe vs Spud in a 3 minute match with 1 hope spot, which lead to a really good near fall. There is a way to do this stuff. (There was an issue with the video camera and it never got released. Oh and Spud/Maverick has no memory of the match, due to getting a concussion after about 10 seconds. It was good though lol)
  6. I think we should move on to complaining about Ricochet. Seriously.
  7. I mean figuratively obviously.
  8. Goldberg was great in his way back in the day, with excellent presentation which they can more or less replicate. But the 'externalities' of putting the belt on him dramatically outweigh the positives.
  9. On that note, lol that Lashley lost to Truth and Rusev's replacement (due to 'back injury' from spending too much time looking at the lights) ended up not wrestling due to a beatdown angle.
  10. And we haven't even talked about Ricochet. LOL.
  11. Let's face it, we all know quite well that Austin could have a better match than Goldberg. Not that I particularly want him to, but he could.
  12. I sincerely appreciate you trying to answer the question, but I'm not convinced your reason for thinking that is particularly empirical.
  13. And indeed there's quite a lot of stuff that the DVDVR originals were into back in the day that few of us would care to sit through. I sincerely doubt even Christopher Daniels would want to.
  14. I kind of want to see Goldberg vs Bryan now.
  15. I honestly don't see why Reigns/Goldberg only makes sense if it's for the title, and how Fiend doesn't translate to title matches but Goldberg does. I'm honestly not seeing it.
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