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  1. I got 14 Smackdown superstars appearing on RAW, if you include Shane. I am including The Iiconics and R-Truth/Carmella, who have cross-brand titles (Carmella doesn't, but whatever). But even if you eliminate all of those, and New Day who invented their own justification, that still leaves 6 right? FFS
  2. I did get that vibe (Gallagher looked a little embarrassed); completely the right finish though - how awesome that someone didn't make the count for once. Shawn Spears indicated that Vince knew who he was, so Vince probably does know who Gable is tbh.
  3. Now I think about it, this could also mean KENTA playing the role of Ben Affleck.
  4. Virtue signalling lol. As someone pointed out on Twitter, Moxley will need a tag-partner for the G1 prelim tags. So Umino likely gets that spot.
  5. It reminded me of Crush's early solo babyface squashes where he would be a bit of a dick and pick his jobber up after the match and raise his hand, and then as soon as he let go the guy would go straight down again. I so it also reminds me of Dazed and Confused - Jon Moxley's the senior who'll take the freshman drinking after paddling the shit of him.
  6. I'm not sure his GOTO-ness is clear yet. But I do sense a change. I guess the story will be told in G1. Because he's in Lifeblood in ROH I'm not sure it works, but he could potentially be the 4th in Villain Enterprises right? I think some of his signature offence is a bit goofy and the move names don't help. I dunno, it's just hard to see the IWGP Heavyweight Title changing hands off a 'Pulp Friction'.
  7. What you say makes sense when you look at it that way, but businesses don't always look at things that way and aren't in the habit of paying people for nothing. And tbf, Taker might not want that either. Is controversial a framistan for 'well paying'? Bigger long-term picture for WWE is global. That's where the growth is. These shows are critical to the bottom line right now. I think there's a good chance we will see better care taken over match pairings and match structure from here on in.
  8. Probably, but he probably got paid multiple times more for that match than producers get paid in a year. The Saudi Arabia shows have created some perverse incentives.
  9. Need covers a multitude of scenarios, but two ex-wives and three more kids to put through college......how much is enough?
  10. The absolute last guy Taker should be giving the Tombstone to is Goldberg. He lost control of the move and did it anyway, I actually think that really sucks. He needs to end it.
  11. Ziggler really shit the bed on that finish, presumably he got hurt since Charles Robinson helped him to the back.
  12. How you could do it, at least in a previous era: 1) he starts all happy and fun and silly chain wrestling spots, somewhere between Johnny Saint and Doink 2) opponent gets frustrated and annoyed, does heel tactics 3) Wyatt goes evil and fucks their shit up Whether it will work on a RAW show filled with 50-50 booking is another matter.
  13. There's been some name changes....Bugenhagen is now Rik Bugez. That pic is from Jujimufu's channel a couple of years ago, so it's not really a new thing. I preferred Bugenhagen though - I think he's got a shit ton of natural charisma, and obviously he's freakishly strong. Lol he'll probably be Chad Gable's 39th tag-team partner.
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