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  1. I can't decide how I feel about this card. Gargano's probably lost on the main roster (He'd do better on Smackdown, but Ali is there doing just fine thank you), but he has been called up so him winning the NXT Title (which was presumably the plan) feels odd now. But if he loses another NXT Title match......well, that's not good either. Riddle/Dream will be interesting, two babyfaces - hard to see either losing clean at this point; some kind of fuck finish looks likely. Seems like time for Baszler to drop the title once and for all, but I don't expect her to eat the pin. Similar story for Dunne and the UK Title, but it really feels like they have to have WALTER win. War Raiders vs Black/Ricochet is an obvious retain, but I'm sure it will be fun.
  2. I think a Trios tournament could definitely be a lot of fun.
  3. Jose is relatively young at 30, billed 6'3" and 240 i.e. he's main-event sized. Unless he has an attitude problem he's not getting canned. He's underseasoned; they should probably send him on excursion to the UK or something.
  4. Juice was mid-20s, Tye s 38. I'm not saying he can't have a run somewhere (probably AEW), but he isn't going to the NJPW Dojo. Personally if I was getting paid to sit in catering & hang out with my gf Peyton Royce........but that's me.
  5. Given the Tongans seem to be in, that barely matters. The Rock's mother basically insisted that Joe come on board anyway. It's always been the case of Joe just being proud of his own family heritage, but he's essentially an affiliated member at this point.
  6. I can see why people want DIY to go up together, but Gargano did nothing wrong here and my assumption with Ciampa being all happy is that the payoff will be Gargano intending to use the North American Title to get 'one more match' with Ciampa.
  7. I think I had the better line here, but I guess NIgel couldn't quite go there.
  8. 155kg on the Trap Bar Deadlift. In many ways, I like the Trap Bar more than the Olympic Bar - it's a little less taxing on the nervous system and it's more forgiving technique wise. I don't wear a belt, so I like that the weight is a little more targeted on the Traps. Assuming I am able to regularly access a Trap Bar, I aim to get to 200kg for 5 reps by the end of the year.
  9. Bicycle clip time for Evil and Sanada. I think even ZSJ is weirded out by the time Suzuki is done.
  10. Yeah, he's been refereeing matches for 15-20 years I think. First saw him on early IPW:UK shows iirc (edit, actually it may have been LDN. He was certainly there.). Was pleased for him. Of course, Andy Quildan was a ref for a good while too and he got to present the new belt.
  11. I think G1 might be where things go sour - if ZSJ, Taichi and Suzuki are all in G1 then at some point there's some kind of face-off - or else one of them isn't included and that causes problems. Where exactly that leads I'm not sure - whether it entirely suits ZSJ to lead the wacky band that is Suzuki-gun I'm not sure. I'm not even entirely sure that Sithing out Suzuki is exactly in keeping with his character - Suzuki gave him Taka to be his full-time hype man, and ZSJ seems pleased with that. I think Taichi-gun may be as likely.
  12. Man do I not want to be around a lot of British Wrestling fans taking their shoes off.
  13. ZSJ is the best, pays off the warm beer stuff from the New Japan Cup by bringing his own cold G&T cans to the interview. "Taka Michinoku is my hype man, what a world!"
  14. Suzuki-gun vs LIJ, KUSHIDA/Cobb/Nagata v Ospreay/Goto/Ishii, both worth checking out I think
  15. In many ways, ZSJ doesn't really *need* the push. Jay White isn't going to work floating around the midcard. Zack's schtick is over and you can have him anywhere on a card and he's an asset. His time will come.
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