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  1. It's likely there's a 90 day lock-in because it's not a case of contracts expiring. AEW Dark isn't TV, strictly speaking, so that *might* be a grey area. But it probably isn't. 90 days making special 'limited time' appearances could potentially be reasonably lucrative though for a guy like FORMER INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION Lukke Happer:
  2. The crowd will, but that doesn't necessarily translate to a TV audience. The Ascension are probably a good fit for NWA - Latimer used to be in The Ascension lest we forget so there's an interesting dynamic there. Konnor's a big dude, but he never really seemed to get good, from what I can tell. But I really don't think they can be seriously pushed on TV as a team.
  3. The Ascension were so infamously jobbers that I don't think AEW can really sign them. People forget I think that Sin Cara was awesome as Hunico, and I think he has a number of options.
  4. Oh I completely agree, and The Wyatt Family didn't get that kind of push. But they were definitely presented as a special act, with weeks of prominent vignettes. Harper and Rowan were not unbeatable as a team, but they definitely got featured prominently. And when the time came, they got two wins over The Shield. Tbf I forgot about Becky, who was definitely the third member of Team PCB (the clue is in the name). I would say Becky and Sasha are the only two NXT people on the current roster who got significantly over but didn't receive a strong push off the bat.
  5. Pretty strong push off the bat there. They definitely had a lot of TV time. A strong push doesn't mean winning every match (The Shield lost a 3 on 1 handicap against CM Punk lest we forget). I will admit that the reason why Rusev is over isn't because of the strong push he received upon going to the main roster, but how he became entertaining as he was depushed. But nonetheless.
  6. The Shield? (Maybe not elaborate booking plan, but you get the point). Probably Balor too, though he got injured. I can't really think of anyone from NXT who wasn't pushed off the bat but nonetheless got over, save maybe Sasha.
  7. But I think the thing is this: are you paying off a house for your family and setting up a college fund for your kids on a NXT salary? The answer is probably not. Permanently based in Florida you're probably in a better position to set up side hustles, but the guys on the main roster are the ones saving for their futures.
  8. Erm....he gets released and goes back to the Indys as per the plan he laid out?
  9. I would look at the comments and see if you still think that. NWA claim it was always going to be a clip show, and it therefore likely was but it has gone down very badly.
  10. I really don't have a personal grudge against anyone, and I will honestly politely engage with somebody/anybody who actually directly engages in a not ridiculously trolly or sanctimonious way - and indeed I actually pulled by punches when first responding to the first 'subtweet'. But, for whatever reason, otherwise sane people seem to think they have a license to jettison reasonable behaviour, and commitment to basic epistemology, when they're accusing someone of being problematic or whatever. I'm not going to go all Tim Pool about it, but it's a problem for progressivism most definitely. On topic, the response on YouTube to the decision to do a recap show so as to 'cancel Cornette' has not been positive - with a dislike count of 2.3k to 2.7K likes. Currently 94K views compared to 196K views for the previous episode - obviously that's not like-for-like at this stage but I suspect we're still looking at a 25-30% drop. Unfortunately, and I do mean that, it looks like NWA might not fully recover from this.
  11. You are in no position to know any such thing as you get even basic objective facts wrong, as I demonstrated some days ago. Your attempts to gaslight me are pathetic.
  12. Hahahahahaha, dude you have a very poor grasp of basic reality and this is just straight up trolling. Very poor indeed. What's wrong with you?
  13. Yeah I personally think an Injera reference would have been funnier, but he has explained his thought process here.
  14. Saying 'come on' isn't much of an argument. I'm not saying he didn't know about the stereotype; the stereotype is about black people in America not in Ethiopia - I understand that you're going to consider this a piece of mental gymnastics but it really is a much smaller one than 'OCD Racism'. And to be repeat, I think the comment was crass and he should have known better. I just don't think he did know better.
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