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  1. ComingToAmerica


    Finn Balor's missing about 30lbs and decent offence, even before you get to his mic skills.
  2. ComingToAmerica

    SOCCER - AUTUMN 2018

    45 from 51 and we're best price 11/4 to win the title. Mid-table sides not holding their own this year, an interesting phenomenon. It was almost more cruel letting United think they were getting something out of this game. But they looked fucking mediocre. Hard to imagine the Mourinho experiment isn't in its death throes.
  3. Although Gargano and Ciampa are probably on enhanced wages, vast majority of the NXT roster are on 65K as I understand it - not terrible, better than what they were making previously one imagines, but not mindblowing. Point is, NXT is not an end destination for wrestlers even if it puts on a compelling product.
  4. End of the day, there isn't really a single NXT tag-team who has gotten over on RAW or Smackdown so I'm not really sure what people were expecting from The Mighty in WWE. I think HHH is hiding Street Profits in EVOLVE for a reason.
  5. ComingToAmerica

    Raw Is The Tyranny of Evil Men - 12/10/2018

    I think I'm legally obliged to post the following:
  6. ComingToAmerica

    SOCCER - AUTUMN 2018

    Well Man City losing and Liverpool going top was an interesting turn of events. Obviously the Champions League hasn't really gone as hoped (though it's still in our hands at Anfield), but 13-3-0 is a pretty fabulous start in the League. My wish for Liverpool this season was modest - have a chance of winning the title come Christmas. It looks like we're gonna do that at least, but obviously Man City remain the favourites. They're gonna have to earn it though by the looks of things.
  7. ComingToAmerica


    Maybe, but I'm not sure that would have gone anywhere good anyway.
  8. ComingToAmerica


    I'm old enough to remember the KURTIE sub-forum. I really can't imagine willingly rewatching Kurt Angle matches to be quite honest. Ultimately he was a solid, legitimate, opponent for guys like The Rock, Austin, Taker and HHH and thus he was valuable. Picked up bad habits and never unlearnt them, which is regrettable. Stunted by his early growth. But in some ways his bigger problem was coming in to the HHH/Austin/Rock snake pit at the wrong time. Dude could have actually been a bigger star, but the heel turn during the Invasion angle fucked him. Again, stunted by his early growth perhaps.
  9. ComingToAmerica

    All-Purpose Health and Fitness Thread

    Yeah, I can see that those hindu squats would make your legs and back pretty strong. My mid-back is actually really sore right now from Yin Yoga of all things, was planning on leg day tomorrow but will have to keep it light on the back. Deadlifts probably Friday night or Saturday day. I'll look to start with the deads - we'll see if we can't manage 110kg.
  10. ComingToAmerica

    All-Purpose Health and Fitness Thread

    I'm trying to actually bulk at the moment. It's not really been working tbh, it's not easy doing keto 6 days a week but I'm trying to eat more protein, more cream, more cheese lol - just got some egg white protein powder which is like the most bioavailable protein of them all. Anyway, this is me after performing my first 100kg deadlift (2 reps) - 100kg is not impressive at all I know but I did a sick leg workout Thursday night, a nasty chest workout Friday night and I did back on Saturday afternoon. I think I'll get another 20kg on their before too long and hopefully to 150kg in a few months but we'll see. Today I may do some yin yoga and a bit of cardio. I really want to do shoulders but probably not a good idea.
  11. ComingToAmerica

    Random Boxing Thoughts/News v. 6

    Judges had them even on points (edit: apparently Bellew was ahead with 2) before the stoppage. Bellew did fine, but Usyk did him. In some ways, Usyk had to knock him out because going to the judges might have been a risk.
  12. ComingToAmerica

    EVOLVE: The WWE AA Franchise

    Good for EVOLVE, but one doesn't know whether to laugh or cry at WWE having nothing better to do with Mustafa Ali at weekends than send him there.
  13. ComingToAmerica

    Random Boxing Thoughts/News v. 6

    You can get 5/1 on Bellew so the answer is not all that much - I think if it wasn't for the fact that he's Tony Bellew the odds would be higher; that doesn't make any sense but you know what I mean right? He supports the wrong team but he's a sound lad, so win, lose or draw hope he goes out on a high before he heads back out to Hollywood.
  14. ComingToAmerica

    NXT to WWE main roster: The hits and misses.

    I don't think Bayley has been a particular failure, she just isn't one of the WWE's chosen ones. And to be honest, I think that's not entirely incommensurate with her performance level. She's not a rip-roaring success but I wouldn't call her a failure tbh. Sasha Banks is a massive hit because 'Boss Time' is a legitimate 'I don't need to be champion to be over' phenomenon. Being the master of the secondary feud is actually a great spot. Lest we forget, it's essentially the Eddie Guerrero spot. There's nothing wrong with feuding with the Riott Squad 'ad nauseam' as long as the matches are good and people care. They are and they do. Asuka had a huge push which lead to a Royal Rumble win and a Wrestlemania Title Match. Now the problem with secondary title matches at Wrestlemania is that you probably won't get as much time as you want, especially given Brand Split II, & that lead to a slightly weak finish - but whatever. Good chance she will turn heel and feud with she-who-will-not-be-turned, assuming Charlotte wins the Rumble and goes to Raw to face Rousey. They were teasing heel Asuka in NXT and I think that will be more fun anyway. Liv Tyler and Ruby Riott have worked out pretty well - the former way better than expected. Sarah Logan wasn't on NXT as a regular so she doesn't count but the Riott Squad have overachieved fair to say. Sami Zayn......it's complicated but it just feels he never ever really got out of Kevin Owen's orbit so he's a miss. I hope they actually keep the two apart when Zayn returns. PAC's push was a bit stop-start, but he had his moments until the ankle injury. Then 205 Live happened, but that was a great heel run while it lasted. Fuck you Enzo. I wouldn't quite call Neville a miss though per se. Joe has been an utility player on the roster, but he's always stepped up when needed. They've clearly never had a vision for him beyond that, because they did throw away a pretty clear opportunity for a babyface run when he got over against Lesnar. But he's still been a hit really. Roode is a miss, but his gimmick was never going to work as a midcarder. Jason Jordan was well on his way to being one of the biggest heels on RAW when he got injured. It's sounding more and more like he's done but I'd still call him a Hit tbh. Gable....hasn't fared that well and might benefit from going back to NXT if he could get a singles push. Itami has to be the biggest miss really. I don't know of he regrets going to WWE but you do have to wonder. The Revival are a miss so far, but I still think they could go to Smackdown and yet get a run. Ultimately people have overinflated expectations in terms of the pushes they expect NXT guys to receive.
  15. ComingToAmerica

    Crown Jewel - 11/2/18 from null, null

    I'm not sure HHH is going to do that. They've never actually taken an over NXT act and put them on 205 Live. I don't think a Smackdown run is out of the question, as long as there's 4 of them they can run numbers games for a little bit. Individual members may make it to 205 Live in time, but I'm not convinced they go up that way. I think the same of Gargano and Ciampa. At least until Vince gets football-focussed, they ain't going anywhere.