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  1. I think you've got more chance of them dressing up Gable as mini-Fiend.
  2. I did say I was tired. Fair, that does explain on one level why he was doing that match. My comments on it weren't overtly negative, I'm sure most people would agree they could have had a tighter match and done slightly less - but I sort of understand why they decided to do something redonkulous on AEW Dark.
  3. Yes yes, I'm more wondering why on earth they decided Omega should have a random hardcore match that went on forever. I mean whatever, but couldn't quite get my head round it.
  4. It's been a long day and I'm tired, but what is this??
  5. Ricky Starks lol. He's Stroke Daddy not Iron Man.
  6. Trevor Murdoch, baked potato with arm and legs he may be, was the best thing about the show tonight. Decent enough follow up but 2 'WWE castoffs' debuting (I'm not including Murdoch) was maybe not the best look.
  7. The Bischoff stot If Fox execs didn't like Bischoff, they're going to like Bruce Prichard even less. Rumblings are that Fox are unhappy and beginning to wonder what what they've involved themselves in.
  8. I'm not sure even Jim Cornette is claiming he would make a good President.
  9. Ugly it's worked out that way, would be a shame if this is the last of the Death Rider in NJPW. Maybe Juice vs Moxley happens at WK now.
  10. In a TV thread 3 (now 5) days after the fact, talking about peer reviews doesn't seem completely outrageous or off-topic to me - but I acknowledge the feedback.
  11. Absolutely. The problem in my mind is he also delivered a suplex to the outside that didn't get a pop, he did a Jay Driller which...well it didn't look worse than a lot of Jay Drillers but it's a pretty crappy looking move....he also did a running DVD which is actually Shawn Spears' finish - bear in mind the he allegedly had Pete Dunne blackballed from Progress for a good while for doing too much in his match. Bite fingers and work holds, and you will have no beef from me. Bonus points for doing atomic drops.
  12. If Bischoff's adding value in his main role of placating TV execs he may well be fairly safe as there's noone obvious who can replicate that TV experience. Vince has got XFL next year, and as much as he would hate to admit it, Bischoff is one of the few people who has experience of running a successful major wrestling organisation.
  13. (You will need to go to The Natural's thread in the Computer Games forum to understand why this is so - http://deathvalleydriver.com/forum/index.php?/topic/7994-asukas-gaming-channel-kanachantv/)
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