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  1. Ole needs to go back to managing a Mickey Mouse team in Norway and let a proper manager like Warnock have a crack. Seems a few Man U players need the hairdryer treatment.
  2. Mick McCarthy has left Cardiff after eight losses on the bounce #Wilderiscoming
  3. We're getting closer to another drunken Delia promo aren't we?
  4. From a US perspective I'd say many wrestlers nowadays are capable of much more than the average worker back in the territory days and are exposed to more styles. In a similar way being born into the business and being thrown in at the deep end from a young age naturally gave lads (Harts, Funks, Guerreros, Bockwinkel etc) advantages over the footballers/bouncers as pure workers. There maybe isn't so much of a difference in terms of Mexican or European wrestling where I sense there's been less of a shift stylistically. You watch a bendyboi grapplefuck match from Manchester in 2019 and it could be plucked straight from the SC French catch archive. You watch a modern CMLL spotfest and it could be from an Arena Mexico handheld in '92.
  5. Black caves Cody's jaw in with a kick after three seconds, crowd goes nuts.
  6. ZSJ v Shingo, ZSJ v Naito and ZSJ v O-Khan would probably be my top three with O-Khan v Ibushi in the mix.
  7. If this isn't the time and plaice for fish and dragon puns I don't know when and where is. I'll try and scale it back in future.
  8. Dragon v Fish really hooked me. Real good fire from both. Danielson is flying along and Bobby is a hake of a guy.
  9. Bournemouth midfielder David Brooks has been diagnosed with cancer, hopefully Brooksy can pull through.
  10. Jannetty v Doink 2/3 Falls 6/21/93 https://www.facebook.com/ProWrestlingJunkies93/videos/267610084527830/
  11. True I'd rather someone had a cheesy name like Big Schmoz or Des Moines Stomper than just slamming three letters together.
  12. I came across Reggie Parks name while fantasy booking AWA but I'm not sure I've seen a match of his. Nice to know he designed those cracking belts, RIP fella.
  13. Wouldn't surprise me if both Fury and Wilder retired after that, they both deserve to rest easy and count their money avoiding further punishment. If Fury carries on but remains at the level we just saw then Usyk and Joshua would be favourites in my book. I'd back Wilder to blast out most people in the division (Wilder v a guy with a chin like Joyce's would be an interesting test) but who knows what the KO will have taken out of him.
  14. Both lads will have shaved a few years off with that fight. Wilder should probably hang them up and try to enjoy retirement, what heart. If Fury is able to get back to firing on full cylinders then I'd have him as favourite against Whyte and the winner of Usyk/Joshua. But he might have left it all in the ring.
  15. Punk v Garcia is at the top of the pile (geddit?) of his AEW matches for me. Looking ahead can't wait for bouts against the likes of Starks and Miro.
  16. That match is on your list of Punk recommendations I think, will check it out if I can find it.
  17. I feel they have enough belts and could just freebird the tag titles. WWE and boxing have too many, beating midcarders and taxi drivers for a trinket don't impress me much boyitellya.
  18. I want Cody to cut a bezerk promo about "you people don't know hard times like I do" then the whole Nightmare Family runs in to beat the teetotal shit out of him.
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