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  1. Not a fan, looks second-rate compared to the others. But it's the wrestling that matters, isn't it?
  2. Banks, Rosa, Baker, Asuka, Bayley, Deeb, Conti, Purrazzo, Yung, Shirai
  3. Reigns, Kingston (give him the belt Tony!), Shingo, Allin, Sheamus, WALTER, Bryan, Callis, Fenix, Suzuki
  4. Can't wait for Orton v Soulja Boy at Wrestlemania next year....
  5. Shame about Silver, really enjoyed the main.
  6. I'd go with Abdullah The Butcher but at least he's in some great tags. I havent watched a Khali match since 05 so I might be forgetting some carryjobs involving him.
  7. McGoldrick's header...my gran could have scored that and she's been dead fifteen years. This cursed season cannot end soon enough.
  8. Skipped ahead to the post-match to see what the fuss was about - fuck that. Cant be arsed watching the match now.
  9. Dragon Screw Leg Whip (especially when said by Dusty) Meltzer Driver -_-
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