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  1. Liked Pac v Kingston and the main. Would have preferred FTR starting off hot, Jungle Boy hitting a few hope spots then FTR pinning Stunt quickly.
  2. All I ask of them is to keep showing the same grit as last night and finish the season with more than eleven points (Derby's lowest points record).
  3. Sheffield United 1-0 Newcastle United. Wins are like buses etc. Only Spurs, Man U and City next in the league that'll be an easy nine points...
  4. Agreed. He needs to be knocked off his perch and given a small dose of reality. Then he can stay out of the way counting his millions and someone deserving can take his place. He's this generation's Hansie Cronje only it's more glaring since he's a GOAT level talent.
  5. Steve Smith is a cheating knobend who shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a cricket field ever again. It is a privilege and an honour to represent your country and he has trashed that idea TWICE.
  6. I hope to high heaven they get to fight in front of a packed house at least once.
  7. Dustin is a great shout, I've seen little of Robinson so I'll take a look.
  8. I'd say that I think of top modern offensive wrestlers more as strikers than punchers. I'm always hesitant to trot out the 'rasslin was better in the old days' line but my top ten punchers would be territory guys most likely.
  9. I'd have Lawler as my #1 but Ted is right up there for sure.
  10. Sangre Chicana v Pirata Morgan v Cobarde triple threat dog collar match
  11. I'd like to see Hero and Kingston go at it again.
  12. Sheffield United won for the first time since Lou Thesz was NWA champ. Hallelujah!
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