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  1. ESL brings up several excellent points, so thank you for those, once more. It got me thinking if there have been similar instances where someone is pretty much THE innovating, ahead of the curve worker one minute, and all of a sudden the competition becomes so stiff that he/she is no big deal anymore? I think Brian Pillman and Scott Steiner kinda went through this even before the injuries took their toll on them, but they were later able to compensate with explosive personalities and mathematical prowess!
  2. What was the deal with Mero leaving WCW for WWF rather apruptly in 1996? Talked himself out of a job? Care to elaborate, as I don't think I've ever heard the details on this one, if there are any worth mentioning?
  3. Yeah, it is! Now each year (for a few years now) I've lived longer without her in my life than I ever did with her in it. My wife is now going through the same ordeal, as it's now been 13 months that her mother passed away. I really thought 2019 was a shitty year due to that, but little did we know! Also, fuck cancer!
  4. That sounds extremely harsh, but going through this as well all the other struggles that life has already thrown at you and having you still be the positive person you seem to be, must make you mentally tough like nobody's business! You and I share at least one similar tragedy as we both have lost our mothers way too early on in life. So, there's something I can relate to, although I can only imagine the strain Cerebral Palsy puts on you on daily basis. You have a heart of a warrior. Keep on being the good influence you are on this board in the face of all this adversity and keep staying safe, healthy and alive!
  5. Currently reading The Testaments by Margaret Atwood, as I noted in the About Me section of my profile, but apparently I could have just thrown it up here, as well. Finally got around to reading Handmaid's Tale last year, so unlike for many readers, my wait was not 30 some years. For the record, I have not watched the series, aside from one random episode from season 1.
  6. Yeah, I knew someone was going to grab that one! I wonder if T-Bag Dijak is going to change his catch phrase from " Feast Your Eyes" to ... I've got nothing.
  7. T-Bag Dijak has very similar look, physique wise, to Priest and that did not help him at all once he got to the main roster. Priest HAS been very impressive with right opponents, but he will be we well served staying on NXT as long as possible. As far as heel/face allegiance is concerned, I'm guessing he's trying to be a super cocky face, but being such, he indeed needs to face the biggest of douchebags around, so his cockiness won't rub people the wrong way. Actually, I would not be at all surprised if he'd be facing VD for his next program.
  8. Well, someone WAS going to use that eventually, so good on MVP to get ahead of the pack, because that was a low hanging fruit, right there!
  9. I was going to say something like " so, exactly like Dolfan said" , but now I don't have to.
  10. As I am a sucker for a redemption story, the one thing that I would like to see on season three is at least one solitary redeeming quality in the steaming pile of shit that is Daniel's son! Like just one, please!
  11. Everything was very good. I absolutely had not thought the return could be Ember, but that was a cool surprise and literally a surprise for me! Yay, for Toni Storm coming back! Does she live in the US currently, or did she row a boat across the Atlantic and it took her all this time to make the trip? Beth Phoenix said getting hit by Kyle O'Reilly is kinda like getting hit by a baseball bat! Did she mean getting hit with a Kyle O'Reilly is kinda like getting hith with something the size of a baseball bat? Great effort, by KOR, nonetheless! Wonder if Kushida goes after Legado next? Probably that Adonis dude will, as well! Priest and Gargano was very good as was everything else, but it kinda foreshadowed the ending of Io-Candice, as if one of the power couple fails, it was very likely the other one would, as well! Who is next for Priest? Ciampa? Fuck yeah for Halloween Havoc, despite the fact that we all know the real reason the show gets that name, but glad to see it back! Ridge Holland killing everybody FTW!
  12. Yeah, obviously the best stuff is when the adults reflect on their past and then you see the kids going a bit different route, but still the same. There's no beating Season 1, but I did like Season 2 more than I expected, since I had read this thread before watching the series. There is too much fighting that happens outside the tournament in Season 2 and I have my doubts that this is about to decrease in upcoming seasons. This doesn't take away from the fact that Johnny is indeed awesome and I very much need him to climb out of the deep hole he ended up in at the end of Season 2.
  13. If there will be a world for long enough for this to happen, by the time Reynolds - Lively children start having kids with the Kardashian/Jenner -new generation, the world WILL not be able to handle how beautiful THOSE children will be!
  14. 70 straight push ups with chest slightly touching the floor this morning. 100, here I come! Sunday morning I did 75 straight.
  15. TIL NikoBaltimore used to be NickMD, since I was thinking about the "Hi everybody"-guy from Simpsons, too, I never made the connection before clicking on the Discord link. This was a good day.
  16. Thank the all-mighty Mr. Miagi for the early January release, I could not have waited for very much longer than that!
  17. In all seriousness regarding the Bay Area Death Fest 2, I may have to seek out Party Cannon and hear what they are about, because that seems awesome!
  18. When I was a kid in the 80's, people assumed that by the year 2000 (let alone 2020) there would be flying cars. It's pretty safe to guess that THIS is not what they had in mind at the time. It would have been nice to be able to tell them that it had already happened by then (some 30-40 years prior ).
  19. Eoae, count me in on the Bronson Reed megapush!
  20. Yeah, I know! I've always considered Purification By Fire a bunch of posers, despite the cool name!
  21. This is good news as far as I'm concerned. It's familiar territory for me, but I bet I there will be a bunch of stuff I have not seen yet. I used to have a bunch of Wrestling Challenges and All-American Wrestlings from summer of '93 taped from TV, but very few Superstars.
  22. The only genre (or more accurately a bunch of more or less overlapping genres) that I would feel comfortable enough to do Top 100 albums in would be Goth and I think even that would be shaky at best. I'm having so much fun with the ever expanding 80's Playlist at the moment that it will take up most of my music time for now. You know, when I thought that the day wouldn't actually come, I did say that I'm going to try and keep up with modern music (in the genres I care about) until the end of 2010's , THEN I only start listening to the 80's and complaining that they don't make good music anymore. Well, the day has arrived but the problem is I still hear good stuff from 2020 every week in my Spotify suggestions. The thing that I find most awesome is the lack of shame in which the current artists mash up everything from different good sounding genres and make stuff that wouldn't be thought of couple of decades ago. I mean , for instance, who in their right minds would combine Nordic Power Metal, Italo Disco and American Hard Rock and yet, Beast In Black is a thing and awesome at that!
  23. Much lighter workout week this time around with only two actual workouts and plenty of rest. So yeah, I officially turned 43 and I suppose I should try to go for some sort of personal bests while I still can, but as far as strength goes, I probably maxed out a while back. So, the best I can hope for is to break some max rep records with lighter weights. I do notice some things getting harder to do. For example pull-ups, it feels like I can do less and less of them, despite plenty of arm and upper back training. Push ups on the other hand seem to be staying on course. I was able to do more than 60 in high school at something like 130lbs (it took me longer than the 60 second time limit, so it wasn't official, but I did do it) and can still do it now at 180lbs (as of this morning as a matter of fact), so maybe I could try to go for 100 straight or something? Just so I can say I still broke some of my own records this "late" in the game.
  24. Yeah, same for Bret/Owen vs Kid/Marty! And if those would have happened they would have ended up on one Colosseum Video or another and the world would be a better place due to it! Considering how that RAW match with Kid & Bret and the KOtR semifinal with Kid & Owen turned out, I feel that would have been a legendary match.
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