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  1. Two things: For everybody, do you have a themesong for your daily life? Something to get you pumped up for the day ahead? And for the older folk, have you ever been into Italo Disco, because this shit is amazing if you are old enough to appreciate it! Well, I'm not a good judge of anything, but you should try it!
  2. I wish I was competent enough to upload a picture from my phone, but you maybe can see something on your lefthand corner. I still have some gas left in the tank of my 43-year old carcass! I'm a 100% natural and a militant one at that. But I think I now look like the action figure I always wanted to!
  3. This ended up being answered at Takeover 31. I still think she took a row boat across the Atlantic to get back to NXT and it took all this time.
  4. This weeks episode was good. KLR state of the union went a little differently than I thought, but I was right about Jinny getting into the thick of things. The rounds match worked out fine, I was kinda apprehensive about two high flying guys in a rounds match, but it was very good! It was hilarious when a poison rana was hit with seconds into the round left and the announcers were sure that would have done it. Yeah, a poison rana gets a 3 count, riiiight! I also called the next week's tag match. Good to see Pete Dunne in action again, but I just want to say that him not being the wildcard (and Kenny Williams getting the nod) was quite the disappointment. If we get Trent Seven vs Dave Mastiff out of it, I'll be OK. Saxon Huxley getting a win finally, was a nice thing, but it was only Jack Starz, so it's not such a big deal!
  5. It doesn't show on my profile pic, but I'm actually wearing a Danzig tanktop, so this is right up my alley. If you've never checked out The Birthday Massacre, I warmly recommend them too, for Halloween, or for any time of the year, actually.
  6. Well, can't go wrong with Seraphim Shock, on Halloween. They (he, nowadays) have been called the ultimate Halloween band ( by whom exactly, I haven't a clue).
  7. Oh for fuck's sake! That is just absolutely terrible! Dammit! As soon as someone awesome gets some traction, an injury like this happens. Just heartbreaking for Holland! Cursed indeed.
  8. As I said to JLS, as long as the end result looks cool...
  9. Well, good enough workout to update my profile pic anyway! Jesus that resizing thing is a pain in the ass! First it's way too big and you end up shrinking it, until it's fuzzy. Oh well, 45 minutes basically non stop of all kinds of stuff you can do at home with 2 small dumbells, 2 25lb kettlebells and two different resistance bands and plenty of push ups.
  10. I'm sure I could suggest a bunch of things, but what type of Halloween music do you have in mind? Any specific genre?
  11. If Hurt Business is considered a single unit, nobody with even a fraction of strategic planning in them wouldn't pick them right off the bat! Like, we definitely want Lashley. Yeah, let's pick him and we get MVP, Shelton and Cedric as an added bonus. Seems like a no-brainer to me!
  12. This post is both heartbreaking and heart-warming at the same time. Hang in there, man! Yeah, my 10-year old nephew would be buying stuff online for his online games all the time, but I think the parents are pretty aware of what he's up to at any points, so I don't worry about it, too much. I do worry that I'm unable to play those games with him, because they start to be beyond my comprehension by now. I feel like I'm having a seizure trying to play Fortnite with him for example.
  13. Hey, I believe this is my first meme response! I'm so excited I can hardly see straight!
  14. Morton's great for sure, but I don't think it's fair to Gibson. I've always considered him to be a pretty wild-eyed guy, so I wouldn't say nondescript.
  15. A good workout week in process as today I did both trap bar deadlift (along with shrugs) and bench press. Went all the way to 450lbs on the lift and got 4 and 3 as usual, but totally lost form on the way up on the last rep of the second heavy set. So took away 90lbs and did one more set of 6 and moved on to the shrugs after that. It's weird that my back did not react negatively on that last rep as I did it basically 100% with my lower back. Luck, proper warm up or both? Bench was another volume workout with 5 sets with 210lbs (from 14 to 6 reps) being the top of the pyramid and then back down with something like 15 sets in total. Tomorrow is an extra day off from work, so I'll work out at home, hopefully getting a decent picture I could upload out of it.
  16. I loved the crap out of Blue Blazer as a kid! I did not know he was Owen, but I did figure it out by 1992, when I saw a pic in WWF magazine of Owen doing a top rope splash. He had his arms (and hands) identically to Blazer, when splashing someone from the top. I had only two Blazer squashes to choose from, but it was still pretty obvious. I was pretty proud of myself for figuring it out by myself at the time.
  17. Ok, now I watched the aforementioned Flair-Steiner match from the Clash. Steiner's lack of killer instinct is noticeable and is getting ridiculous by the end, where the announcers are telling him to get on Flair more, as the time is rapidly running out on him. Even Rick on the outside is doing way more in order to win the match for Scott than Scott himself appears to be. For such a matemathical genius, he sure has trouble telling time. Or maybe that was the problem, he had a differecnt concept of it, even back in '91? It was easy to notice the botch on the over the top rope spot ESL described, but if you were going to go over the rope regardless, Scott did make the adjustment about as quickly as humanly possible. Not that it didn't look stupid, but still. If he wanted to improvise, he could have slingshot himself face-first into the canvas then rolled out to the floor clutching his face, if the point was to get both men on the floor. This is of course easy for me to say with a 30 year hindsight, when there was a split second to make the decision at the time. The match was definitely disappointing and considering how unprofessionally brutally Scott went after the undercard opposition, it was inherently stupid for Steiner to put on a sloppy sleeper, when he should have been Dragon suplexing Flair repeatedly until he shat himself all over the ring. You hit a Tiger bomb and end up in a pinning position and NOT go for the pin? Seriously WTF? Maybe Scott just really did not want to beat Flair for the title, because he wanted to remain in a tag team with his brother? I mean there is no reason why he could not have done both, but I guess he was young and insecure at the time, huh?
  18. Damn, it's in there and it will want company! Thus far I've found totally white strands in my (sad excuse for a) beard as well as below the belt, but hair has been free from them as of now. My hair is a bit lighter than yours so that may help somewhat , but not for too much longer. I'm wishing you luck so that the greying up will be a slow process and that the end result will look cool.
  19. I'm very sorry to hear that. 26 seems so tragically young that it's hard to wrap one's mind around it. I do recall you mentioning her previously. It remains a testament to your wherewithal that you can still have such a positive attitude towards life and the world, even with such experiences and tragedies in life!
  20. With a cast size like that you'd think a bunch of them get eaten pretty early on?
  21. As far as Scott Steiner goes, WCW could have certainly used someone like him as a regular singles main eventer, once Flair, Sid and Luger bolted. The problem is that he missed a bunch of time in '91 already due to the bicep injury, so any goodwill of a better one on one performance at main event level could have been out the window right there. Watching the Dixie Dynamite, I saw the rebirth of York Foundation with Terry Taylor. That got me thinking if that ever became a bigger thing? You know, computers? I'm guessing no.
  22. For some weird reason I haven't watched that particular Clash, or if I have, I've slept through it. I need to watch this right now, so I can see what it's all about. WTF, this Clash starts with Sting& Luger vs Doom and I haven't watch this? Thank you for reminding me, accidentally.
  23. Oh, I liked him too. Once his push was all but dead he was able to start doing the SSP again, too ( called it Marvelocity, if I rememer correctly). He beat Droz with it at one PPV in '98. Hell, I've liked every Mero incarnation since about late '92 when Badd started showing signs of improvement in the ring!
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