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  1. Part of it may be that even the zombies realize what the implications of a zombie Mark Henry would mean for everybody, including them, and thusly are like "yeah, fuck that noise!"
  2. Zoe Stark was a damn machine in that match, as was Io, but she was holding her knee after the match and looked as she was assessing the damage lying on her back when the match was over. If that was just selling, it was very understated. If she really blew out her knee or something, then the match with Ivy Nile may end up never taking place, just like PAC vs Murphy! I sure hope it's not as bad as it seemed! Johnny and Dexter were awesome together. Gargano was nice enough to NOT put any of those cameras in the bedroom though. It's nice that he learns from his mistakes! Toxic sweep happened. I figured the masked person had to be either KLR or Kai. I thought Kai was main roster bound? Guess not, then. Slept through the men's title matches, so I need to go back another time.
  3. Yeah, I was pretty sure you were going to bring this one up. I think I also had this one for a little bit, or am I confusing it with the first Moonspell release? Definitely had that. Maybe it was both.
  4. Finnish Metal pioneers Amorphis have forged a nigh 30-year career out of Kalevala-themes.
  5. That is one spectacular Running Wild album right there! The only one I had by them, until I had none. Then I bought 2005's Rouges en Vogue, which remains one of my favorite metal albums to this day.
  6. Hydraulics, probably. Isn't that right, Curt? That's usually what happens to me...I mean, no it was probably human blood. That's what happens to me, when my cover, er...I mean skin,has holes in it! Damn it!
  7. Yeah, those look like what most of us Finns start wearing around this time of year, UNDER our actual pants. I wasn't aware of the term, either, but I busted them out about a month ago, at least!
  8. Not many 80's stars can stay puffed like THAT, though, so who can blame AEW, though?
  9. You've seen some of nate's confidential files, haven't you? Admit it!
  10. Was he willing to take you up on the offer, but insisted that it should say $18, in the receipt?
  11. I'm getting Al Snow even more than Jake Roberts, but he's definitely doing a cosplay of SOME sort!
  12. Good. That's a match that has eluded us for nearly a decade now. It's about time those two would get it on!
  13. Speaking of, WHERE is Cesaro, btw? I don't recall anything since the Rollins and Reigns matches. Not the shoulder again?
  14. Aside from the mentioned methods, If a top rope brainbuster wouldn't work, I'd probably go for the 'nads and then, if that didn't work, I'd just run away.
  15. What a wonderful thing to do! Great way to show that there are ways to use modern techonology for nice things! You are good people, for organizing this. You can also tell that it was greatly appreciated, so excellent work, guys!
  16. It has reaĺly been awhile since there has been an actual benevolent king in wrestling!
  17. Anyone who knows anything about me, knows that I think PAC is the F'n man! If this match was as good or better than the first one, then it's a F'n keeper! I need to see more AEW, stat!
  18. This is about 100% true for American athletes and would-be athletes, but how about their European counterparts? Charisma is totally a thing! If it's not, please explain Ludivg Borga!
  19. In hindsight, it is really weird we never did get a full-blown feud between the two, but the fact that both guys had different singles titles at the same time by early next year just pushed them into different directions. "Yeah, I hate you and will take every opportunity to beat you up in tag team matches, but this title is still the most important thing to me right now!" Now I think that missing out on Dustin/Barry vs The Steiners for the tag team titiles makes me want to cry, too!
  20. That sure was bad-ass! This week, Coffey vs Devlin rematch was some intense stuff as well. Obviously, that match may as well be for the No.1 contendership.
  21. Von and Kyle were looking for Von's mom, obviously!
  22. I'll go and post this now and edit the bench in later. Only two workouts so far, but Monday had some extra cardio, as I walked to work since my bike was in the shop. It took longer than I expected to make it in to the gym, so I had to squeeze in everything inside an hour. The pull-up, dip, reverse-shrug medley started with 88 lbs this week (which seems to be too much for everything but the shrugs). 10 rounds in total with 3 rounds of 88, then dropping until 11 lbs again. To conserve time, I did chest flies, lat pull downs and pushdowns with the resistance bands as a giant set as well, going 3 rounds in total. Then some abs. Tuesday was trapbar. Arrived a bit late, again, as my co-worker was already at 385 when I arrived. So, warm-up was rather brief. I did 5x140, 5x275, 5x385 ( without Versas), then 5×430, 5×451, 5 and 4x473, 5x451 and 5x385. After that it was shrugs all the way to hell. And abs. My legs were F'n killing me during the evening shift, but I stretched the shit out of them during and by the time I headed home, they felt good. Yesterday, riding the bike to work was also relatively painless (despite the wind and rain) so it really did help. I just had a huge meal of pasta with ground beef, chicken, vegetables and oven baked sweet potato and once that has had some time to settle, I'll head for the bench day. Due to maintenance, I'll have an extra day off from work tomorrow, so this is it for working out, as well. ...No record weights on the bench this week, but due to a calculation error, it actually went better than I originally thought. At 220, I thought I only had 198 on and added 55 lbs, when I was supposed to add 33. Math is hard. So, it went like this: 3x154, 5x220 5x275 (at this point I thought I was doing 5x253, so I was like, this is not easy), then 3x291 (thinking it was 270 and was like, I'm fucked), then two partials with 297, thinking it was 275 and thinking that's it, no point trying anything heavier. At this point my co-worker started his sets so we took a bunch of weight out. During this time, I did 3 sets of 5 with 198 on the lat pull down machine, but couldn't get it all the way to the chest. Went back to bench and did 2x3x264, at this point I realized my mistake and was no longer so forlorn about the previous sets. I went and did 7x264 before we scaled back. 10x242 plus two ugly partials, then 14x220 and 22x154. I did some curls again this with the pair of 33's and 55's. Ab work for the finish and better luck next week.
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