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  1. THAT takes talent! Yikes! Yeah, you never want to be thinking "I hope I'm not leaving a trail behind me!", either!
  2. Yeah, this is SO next level! Also, I sometimes have a hard time deciding which of my favorite clothes I'd like to wear and this method would solve THAT problem, as well! Just superb!
  3. There sure is a reason why I prefer to run on an empty stomach, you know! Hey, 7 lbs is 7lbs, you have to shed the water weight at some point, so way to go!
  4. Well, I would not be surprised if that were the case with anyone at all, who's still on WWE's payroll! So, yeah, ok.
  5. Damn! Hope things improve for you, soon enough. Hang in there, bro!
  6. Bret Hart called WrestleMania X a fluke. Hindsight being 20/20, was it or wasn't it? How do you feel? For the record Owen did beat Bret again later on with a count out in a tournament, I believe!
  7. That was a short squash match, but Powers looked like a literal million bucks, physically!
  8. This is true, but as long as he keeps on winning, anyone who actually beats him, will be pretty well off!
  9. Shit, I'm Finnish and even I'm well aware of Bob Dole! RIP, Sir!
  10. Thank you! As an 80's child, I loved the Drago redemption story! It's good to know that despite all his faults, Ivan Drago was a decent father in the end!
  11. Holy crap! Watching some '94 Superstars and Jim Powers only took a year off steroids, as he's back in a ridiculous shape and size in '94 as compared to his '93 shape. I knew he got huge by '95, but this was a surprise! Was it @twiztor who liked Jim Powers? He was looking fantastic here, but already wearing a singlet, just as he did in WCW!
  12. Any news on Buddy Matthews? Wasn't he supposed to sign with Impact?
  13. OMG! Fucker had no chance! You better retire! Right in the F'n nuts! He's the crawling weapon now!
  14. Can you imagine how much cooler this would be, if he was actually called Rex Steiner or Bronson Steiner?! Either way, this is definitely a guy!
  15. This is sad, but of course family comes first.
  16. Wow, these RAW and SD threads are quite epics these days!
  17. It could very well be, unless he still works this Tuesday. But what's next for him?
  18. Hey, @The Natural are you feeling better, physically, btw? Recovering from the tumble alright? Hope so!
  19. No F'n kidding there! It just got really hard for him to be a heel later on. Was able to pull THAT off in 2006 and I suppose in TNA, as well?
  20. I remember Foley book telling Embry thought he was more of a face than he actually was, but figured he was one of those who could pull it off!
  21. Just watched Creed for the first time. It was good. I had seen Creed II before and enjoyed that as well. So, the dude he beat in the beginning of the sequel was the guy who beat his ass for the Mustang. I think I've seen things totally out of order before, like Star Wars (Jedi, new hope, Empire), Mad Max (Road Warrior, Mad Max, Thunderdome, Fury road) and stuff.
  22. That's obviously what he was going for, being a teacher and all! But yeah, word for our times, indeed!
  23. To be honest, though, BOTH of those can be considered knives, so I'll call it a draw!
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