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  1. How many "you knows" is Don Lemon (or whoever is on at the time) going to put up with before he cuts Dave off and goes to a breaking story about a republican stealing a basketball away from a minority somewhere in Tennessee?
  2. They'll do anything to pop a rating. Holy crap.
  3. I'm listening to Foley's pod and it's been tough so far. The topic is No Way Out 2000 and Foley just rambles and rambles and rambles off topic. I'm about 40 minutes in and its a rough listen so far. Conrad needs to reel this in or I'm going to turn it off.
  4. We are the bowel movement. It's all going to come out one way or another.
  5. While I've been blasting one out the last 28 minutes, I've had time to think about this. If this is some kind of work, Tony is risking people not ordering the show. If it is legit a shoot, what the hell happened? I actually think they could get more mileage out of this storyline by having MJF win tomorrow.
  6. Enough about Cody. Let's talk about Bear Bronson.
  7. The Iron Shiek has another 13 hours to make it to the ring.
  8. Takeshita is my favourite wrestler so I'm jazzed about this.
  9. While that is a pretty big announcement I'm not sure how that's going to go over in front of a live crowd. It might go over like a....wet fart in church.
  10. It was a great fight. I give it 4 out of 5 wipes.
  11. Holy shit fellers Cesaro is no longer in WWE. Tony better be trying to sign him.
  12. There's lots of nepotism in the plumbing industry as well fellers.
  13. I guess Vince is bringing back the kiss my ass club. I'm not all that sad to see Cody go. I wonder what Arn does now as well as what they do with his reality show. Either way, I'll be farting one out for Cody and Brandi later this afternoon.
  14. Probably 2003. Knobbs was in the final 4 in 91, Fatu in 94 and Fake Diesel in 97.
  15. I came here today looking for fantastic message board action about the world of professional wrestling and instead I get to read about pepperoni. Maybe I should talk about the pancreatic pizza grease oozing out of Bear Bronson.
  16. Dynamite was very nice and very evil tonight....Kind of like the last bowel movement I took.
  17. Saw the word assholes mentioned and thought I'd peak in. Have a great night. You're welcome.
  18. Everytime I see Hook I can't stop thinking that Taz had sex and that my mood is about to change.
  19. Sadly I always felt a Fenix injury coming. Just shocking it was a spot like that. Most gruesome wrestling injury since Sid?
  20. Didn't Cornette get intimate with a banana and got caught?
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