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  1. I'm also curious if a big WrestleMania pay-day is still a thing. I always thought that payday was based on the idea that the talent who works a hugely successful show get a bonus because Mania typically had the company's biggest gate of the year due to not only them being in big stadiums but also that tickets cost more than your average house show or TV taping, plus extra money earned off of PPV revenue and merchandise for the babyfaces. Individual wrestlers have never gotten royalties for DVD sales, right? (I'm guessing they do/did get paid either a lump sum or royalties for DVD sets highligh
  2. - I'm guessing that, because attendance is capped, we'll still be getting mostly piped-in crowd noise. Hell, that may be something that we get from hear on out even if/when the WWE is able to have full live crowds. Its not unheard of. I still agree, though, that Edge knows his character and knows that the Ultimate Opportunist is where he shines, not as a babyface. Plus, he's someone who I'm guessing was chomping at the bit to work with Daniel Bryan because, well, he's Daniel Bryan. - Totally agree with the build up to Belair/Banks. I think the match will be terrific, but yeah, seems like
  3. Not sure if this was covered before, but what if, for whatever reason, the first Iraq War/Operation Desert Shield never happens. I'm guessing this means that Sgt. Slaughter does not turn into an Iraqi sympathizer and the top heel in the company in late 1990. So...what do you think Vince had planned for WrestleMania VII? Is the general consensus that it was to be a Hogan/Warrior rematch? If that's the case, does Warrior vanquish Savage at Royal Rumble 91' (instead of dropping the title to Slaughter as he did)? What does Savage do then? I assume the plan was always to have Savage turn
  4. Fuller thoughts will eventually go up on my blog, but two things I thought might be worth further discussion... - MSK winning the tournament makes sense to me. They have an undeniable "It" factor to them - they feel like a real team, are fun to watch, and are natural babyfaces. I'm not sure what they need to do on NXT except get stale like, well, everyone else that has languished there for longer than they should *for example, Pete Dunne.* It just doesn't make much sense to me why a team like MSK would need to spin their wheels when RAW desperately needs some fresh acts and while S
  5. I know this show was not about creating new stars or whatever, but I do think its worth noting that last night, with probably lots of new eyeballs on the product, John Silver came across like a guy that could be a really, really over midcard babyface. His hot tag was a highlight of the show, just absolutely killed it. I'm not a consistent weekly viewer, so this show also gave me my first real look at Lance Archer. Wow. He looked great out there too. Even though I don't watch weekly, I'm always impressed by MJF and Eddie Kingston, so there's nothing "new" there, but, yeah, talk ab
  6. - I want to believe the Bayley booking is for a longer story arc...but this is WWE. This is the "hamster wheel" booking. This is what the company does with acts that do sustained quality ratings or have a hot run. They find a way not to capitalize. Truthfully, when the re-drafting happened, Sasha and Bayley needed to be moved on to separate shows. Bayley should've came to RAW and continued her run as a top heel. I love Asuka, but she's not the "hot hand" at the moment. There's really no reason in the world for Bayley to be losing to Nattie. - I'm curious what the longterm booking is for
  7. To me, the biggest issues with Roman's stature/positioning always comes back to not giving him a clean W over Brock Lesnar on two separate WrestleManias. At WM31, I think Vince decided it was better to throw a curveball than to potentially have Roman get a negative response by beating Lesnar and so we had the Rollins steal. In hindsight, during the match, Reigns didn't look out of place or undeserving of his would-be "anointing." The trigger could have been pulled then, but I understand why they opted not to. At WM34, I'm not sure I've ever heard an argument for or what the reasoning
  8. The most impressive thing about Keith Lee, to me, is that he's a really big dude that effortlessly connects as a babyface people want to root for. I'm not saying he could be the next Hulk Hogan, but its a Hogan-esque quality. I can watch Keith Lee get beaten down for awhile and still buy that all he has to do is block one right hand, deliver a few of his own, hit a back elbow maybe and a splash and pin anybody. Its a cherry on the sundae that he does powerbombs and high-flying and whatnot, but its not even necessary for his act. We talk about how loaded the roster is, but its
  9. Okay, some questions about "The Narcissist" Lex Luger. Not sure if its been discussed before. So... Luger gets hired for the WBF, the WBF folds, and Luger comes back to the ring in as a heel with Heenan as his manager. Its not a bad idea, especially as, by this point, I'm guessing Vince knew Flair was on his way out so it makes total sense for Luger to come in as the new top heel. But what was the long-term plan? To face Bret at SummerSlam? Or did Vince already have Hogan's return locked-in in January? So, Hogan/Luger at SummerSlam? Or was Hogan's deal always just going to be a
  10. Definitely should be main evented by Asuka/Banks. I'm also intrigued by Bayley/Cross just because its a pairing that - as someone who doesn't watch the weekly shows - I"m not sure I've ever seen. McIntyre should really bury Ziggler here. Squash him in under 3 minutes the way Goldberg did. The way Lesnar would. One of my favorite mental games to play when I can't sleep is to shut my eyes and try to book Ziggler back into relevancy/credibility. As much as I respect his athleticism and even his charisma at times, it really is hard to envision any scenario where he could be a "top guy." Zigg
  11. Obviously Charlotte has been protected for a long time, but... I do think Vince, HHH, and Steph believed Ronda Rousey was going to be around for more than one year, that they'd be able to broker a deal that would've seen her compete at WrestleMania this year. When this didn't happen, they opted not to run Charlotte/Becky again (maybe it was just obvious or too "been there done that") so it kinda makes sense that they reasoned, "Well, let's take our two biggest women's stars - Becky and Charlotte - and put them against the two biggest 'future stars' (aka the two top females from NXT)." Per
  12. I know the apologists will claim that this is all Covid-related and, yes, it is undeniable that this virus has prevented them putting on the type of shows that the WWE would have liked to and would've been able to do....except, if I'm not mistaken, they have put on the shows that they would've put on for the most part. Undertaker's been around for his usual 1-2 appearances. Goldberg's been around for his usual 1-2 appearances. Ditto for Cena and Lesnar and Edge and Orton. Its not like most of these part-timers were going to appear on every show from January to April. They've all made thei
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