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  1. You called it my friend, we didn't even make it through one week Sooner we can get the flood control the better I hope
  2. Well damn, I got a good afternoon to wrap up the new season and I'm still stuck on how Kreese looks like a taller live action Hoggle from The Labyrinth. He seems to have the same sad puppy dog face when he's groveling or trying to outwit someone But I popped at Mrs LaRusso calling him Rambo since I'm almost sure he pops up in Rambo 2 or 3 so that had me grinning Love the way things played out, and the way they kept going on about Cobra Kai never dies, I feel like we're looking at upwards of 8 or more seasons, probably jump-start the movies with the cast from here where we get Daniel and Johnny as grandparents and see how Samantha Miguel and Robby do as adults and parents themselves??
  3. Would Becky Lynch count? Memory is very hazy but wasn't she in her prime when she retired due to injuries way back? Maybe also go with Rey Mysterio, changed up his whole moveset i feel like due to the many surgeries and the guy can still go, I think, with the right opponent and right pace
  4. I'm doing a rewatch of the first two seasons thanks to an extended weekend so that tomorrow I can dive into the new season, and there's one thing that really, no seriously I mean really sticks out when Kreese pops back up And its mainly due to a labyrinth movie rewatch, but goddamn does Kreese look like the live action version of Hoggle, like Hoggle in his younger days. I shit you not Kreese enters the frame and I keep thinking he's gonna bullshit Sarah or he's going to beg Jareth for mercy hahaha On topic, loved the stories and the flashbacks, starting up season two and I'm freaking pumped to start the new season tomorrow Happy New Year to all.
  5. i'd definitely be on board with this flood control feature, if only to streamline loading threads. seeing one thread where its the same poster replying three to four times in a row, whether to quote themself or to respond to different folks one post by one post, it does feel like using the Edit and Spoiler boxes to limit the posts and let the board load faster is preferred (imho). Like i get it, (any random individual) watched a show and enjoyed it, great for them. do i need to see them post three times in a row, without touching the edit button once, to say 1st post) you enjoyed this part of the show and 2nd post) here's a tweet from someone with a gif or clip of what you just mentioned a moment ago, and then for the third post in a row quote someone else to say you agree with them about something you both enjoyed? Or say there's a conversation of the day going, and the same person posts two or three times in a row to address different folks pov's by 1) addressing one guy in one post, 2) quoting a 2nd guy to address them, 3) quoting a 3rd person and then addressing them? I'm all for discussion please don't get me wrong but lack of spoiler tags for simple picture posts and flooding a thread with multiple posts back to back for me personally can get tiring when i'm on the road, stop somewhere for a bite and pull up my phone only to wait on it to load forever because some poster is flooding a thread with pics of the show that just finished and now look on top of still shots we've got memes and then there's gifs now, and does each and every newly made gif or still shot need its own post? /whining rant over
  6. Not really, thats not exactly it. Never grow? never get bigger?never make more money? if you'd read my first post you'd know I never said any of that. Putting words in my mouth to mop the floor with those strawmen is what got me thinking takes one to know one when it comes to giving crap takes, I mean if you're moving the goalposts don't go and omit that part Now, I'll ask again since I don't know if anyone managed to answer, as reading really doesn't matter according to noFistsjusFlips (and I legit love that username btw) What makes Twitter trends so important that their feedback is the priority to focus on, over feedback on say, reddit or Instagram or Facebook or whatever other popular platform is out there? Nevermind who has more numbers, tiktok or cameo, but which platform manages to actually represent the ratings trends in terms of user feedback being almost on equal terms with what pulls in ratings? Does Twitter have a track record of accurately reflecting what moves the needle and what doesn't? Legit asking cause fuck me, I don't keep up with the newz and rumblings much less all the bte/dark/travel vlog/ tweets out there. Do Twitter trends mirror ratings, or do Twitter trends not correlate at all to what actually draws ratings? Which platform fits the demo and has feedback directly correlating to what the ratings are when they come in and if it isn't Twitter, why should anyone care what trends on there if it doesn't reflect the demo sticking around and watching the show? Asking for a friend. All 6 million
  7. Bud I went out of my way to express that twice in my first post legitimately I swear, check it out and see i didn't go back for any edits promise. Already pointed out it was a bad take which I guess you didn't read and that's fine. Never said anything about not growing or not getting bigger. Never said it was wrong for people to make observations. I kinda feel like this was all explained in the first post. Talk about a bad take but what you quoted and what you're saying I said, I didn't actually say! Pot meet kettle? Nevermind, who has time for reading when reactionary takes are faster.
  8. Why bring them on? Definitely asking the wrong guy. I stopped following the show weekly when the drama in the weekly threads was more compelling than the wrestling. I barely catch an episode except for maybe once a month As for where they want to be, since everyone keeps quoting the ever important demo, they seem happy as they're well above what they expected (can't find the Tony tweet at the moment but he's brought up the demo about as often as Jericho and that one nasally guy in the clip that Natural posted about two or three weeks back. By their own tweets, which like ElSavajeLoco was saying, I'm only aware of their tweets since they get posted here, but by their own tweets they're well above where they wanted much less expected to be If we're looking at Twitter numbers, what's the next step? How many Cameos they did? Twitch viewers? Are we expecting some internal shakeup if they don't move the needle on Facebook live, or do we get new evp's if they're not trending and getting reposted on Instagram? I still don't see how the feedback on one social media platform is supposed to be indicative of any measure of what's working or not working? They retained the majority of the audience from last week, and that's running a pre-taped show outside of the usual time slot. No disagreement, but the weekly "the sky is falling because" just feels like its spinning in circles with no progress as we wait on live crowds to come back. "AEW should focus on a small group of NBA fans on Twitter" feels like the weirdest X-Files monster of the week to be trotted out in some time, but I wouldn't actually remember what the last one was since the threads are more entertaining imo
  9. Unpopular take incoming... Despite the playoffs delaying AEW, the show still finished higher than NXT and was, I don't have last weeks numbers around to reference, but sorta close to what they were last week even though they were pre taped and running later than the usual time slot One can argue they should try and capture the interest of casuals to grow the audience but I figure, and here's where I'm completely off the rails, maybe just focus on retaining the audience you have. This weeks numbers vs last weeks numbers would holder greater interest for me versus the opinions of a vocal group on one social media platform. What's next, we look at Tumblr or Instagram or reddit for their takes on a segment? Now we fantasy book for Wreddit, and maybe the week after we focus how to engage the TikTok audience? Again this is where I'm sure I'm wrong, but maybe just give your weekly audience compelling stories and characters to keep coming back. Call me old fashioned, and anyone with surveys and polling can dismantle my next take, but I think growing the audience by word of mouth still works versus counting on casual viewers flipping channels/not immediately changing the channel to engage and grow ratings. One group of Twitter posts being used to gauge interest is kinda like when two friends are debating a movie or something and one person says, "Well yeah but all my friends hated it." I mean, okay im sure that small sample group is going to be representative of the entirety of consumers watching and/or reading whatever the subject of the debate is. But if one persons friends are intended to be the measuring stick for whats good and what isn't, someone please explain the "box office success" of the Bayformers movies /Shitty take finished. Happy holidays all.
  10. now i feel bad because i laughed my ass off at this but i don't know what movie/show its from. i even felt shitty enough to remove my laugh reaction because with no context it just cracked me up but i'm kinda worried now
  11. Rapping the same cadence as Cena may have to do with the "yelling at clouds/get off my lawn" crowd, aka if he were to speed it up and just blaze through the lyrics the grogs would be more grumpy and complain that "he needs to slow it down, I can't understand what he's saying!"* aka the "in my day, those hip hoppers would let everything breathe and have room, it wasn't a jumbled mess of trying to get everything in all at once like these lazy bums nowadays" type of complaints *imho as always
  12. Hahaha that Hardy promo. "I show up and they complain about me being old and make way for the young guys"
  13. Oh shit hahahaha, watching BTE and Daniels pops up as a head to warn Katarina Kazarian, and I honestly pictured daniels as the disembodied genie head from pee wee Herman's playhouse, jamji or however it was supposed to be spelled, can't remember But daniels with blue paint granting Kazarian a wish as his genie on bte would be, strictly imo, the best thing hahahaha
  14. That's tremendous, sincerely. She comes across as a great funny friend on the unrestricted podcast
  15. Please understand that technically I don't disagree with you and I feel this is a valid point. To be fair though there's an entire industry related to scandals and gossip, with TMZ and all those being the modern version, but I mean gossip magazines and papers have been around since forever that I can remember These matters should be between them and them only i don't disagree but you've got the paparazzi rapid for private moments photos, and if you think they're bad then what do you think about the public thats ravenous for these photos/videos/recordings? Personal anecdote but as a kid I loved Sunday mornings getting the newspaper and the first section id go to was the copy of Star for gossip Back to the issue though, I mean if the greedy fans/public weren't starved for this shit then there probably wouldn't be any gossip sites without the income from clicks About edge/matt I can't remember exactly what was first but wasn't it hardy calling in to byte this that kinda jumpstarted it becoming a big thing? Or were there reports leaked before hardy called in?
  16. I mean, is the Fett arc in Clone Wars not canon no more? I've only seen two or three episodes but I thought he was fleshed out pretty well, the revenge angle and I think there was some stuff with Cad Bane? Maybe they bring the kid from AotC back to play young Boba in flashbacks, I dunno? By now I think he's old enough to play young man Boba in the Rogue One/Solo era. If they'd do flashbacks i mean. I say this with zero idea of what Book of Fett would've been about, honestly. Just fantasy booking tbh.
  17. So for fun I'm watching WWE Timeline covering the Danielson/Miz rivalry and especially that promo. Goes into all kinds of background and angles and covers a couple years etc Okay so get to the point right, lmao. During Danielsons' retirement they got AEW ref Aubrey Edwards in the crowd as one of the fans losing their shit over D-Bry having to hang up the boots. Ain't even recognize her at first, so used to her in the referee uniform.
  18. I was today years old when I finally saw an AEW figure in the wild in person. My out in the boonies Walmart had two Kenny Omegas in stock. How about that? First I've been able to see on on the shelf. I hate Jazwares distribution. I really do.
  19. If this was covered anywhere else on the board, apologies. Was watching clips of icp/oddities earlier, and got to remembering that Tenta was the masked Oddity, right? Wish I could remember the characters name but fuck me that was forever ago, sorry If you were going to make a list of Top 10 or even just Top 5 John Tenta matches, an appreciation style highlights package, what would you have on there? Did he ever have any wild bloody pedal to the metal brawls that're online somewhere?
  20. I wonder if it's that he's going through quanarantine protocol to make it to Japan to defend his other title there Voldemort 2 aka would everyone please stop name dropping him on camera kinda sorta spoiled Moxley dropping the title at some presser a week or days ahead of the title switch. Something to the effect of mox is free to wrestle where he chooses but people think he's heading to Japan to defend the belt there are thinking he can lose to omega and thats not gonna happen (Pardon my extremely shitty paraphrasing here, im almost sure someone transcribed it or posted the link to Vold2 saying that) So by not spoiling the title change, he kinda confirmed all the speculation at least in my eyes that okay if moxley isn't losing and isn't going to Japan, then yes he is going to Japan because he just lost Kinda confusing to follow, apologies to everyone. I'm no one's shadow but if I were gonna speculate about moxleys whereabouts, unless we see him do a random interview online somewhere, I'd take a total stab in the dark that maybe he's just doing isolation protocol and testing so he can make it to Japan for the Kenta match maybe?
  21. I caught covid the weekend after thanksgiving. The Sunday after, I came down with a really bad cough, but thanks to some strong walgreens meds i had the cough beat by wednesday. And i also got the shits really bad for a week, the week after Thanksgiving. i'm 42, morbidly obese with diabetes and high blood pressure, (6' tall, nearly 400 lbs) 1 toe amputated so far and enough bone taken out of my foot due to constant ulcers that my pinky toe is now permanently upright like i'm about to sip tea all bougie style lmao. that pinky toe may as well be a dolphin flipper as its permanently raised and all cartilage by this point i suspect. all that to say, learning that i tested positive for covid last wednesday, and that all i got was a really bad cough for a few days and a week of the shits the week before, that caught me off guard. i'm grateful to be sure, i just expected that if i ever caught it i'd end up dying alone in a hospital. go figure the one guy you'd expect to keel over and drop dead actually made out mostly okay and been okay two weeks after showing symptoms. Theres still a bit of a lingering cough but that's because our mornings are in the 30s and 40s with really strong winds, so those winds will trigger a mild cough for a few minutes and then i'm okay again. some of my family who are all in better health than me and they're all easily half my weight if not smaller, they've been hit pretty hard with vomiting and weariness, lethargic feeling, loss of taste and smell. i'm thankful no one has needed to get admitted to a hospital, lots of rest and a ton of meds is what we all used to get through it. for any of you that catch it or suspect you caught it, you've got my best wishes, my sincere prayers, and all the positive energy i can send your way if any of that makes any difference to you. i've lost some friends who went through the very worst of it, and i wouldn't wish this on anyone. And for anyone who's lost someone near the holidays, or you just dearly miss them as we get close to the holidays, my goodness have you got my prayers and sympathy too! I lost my grandfather before Christmas and that was weeks after the passing of my uncle, his only son, just before Thanksgiving some years back. November thru December of 98 fucking sucked and to be honest a double whammy like that, when in my uncle's case it was mostly out of nowhere and sudden, and then my grandfather grieved so bad he was gone not even a month later. Fuck, to this day there's some holidays I want to be alone, it will come back and hit me, the feeling of losing them back to back. So many of my buddies from high school were living it up as we'd graduated and now had jobs and party money. And I couldn't feel anything but crushing sorrow at losing two relatives that quickly and right before Thanksgiving and Xmas. I can totally relate to the sadness of loss around the holidays and just felt like sharing and saying for those of you feeling down, all my sympathy and prayers and best wishes as well for you and yours
  22. jesus fucking christ i'm really lost now. so kenny turned against aew/young bucks? is this a twitter clip posted that i missed, i'm almost sure i haven't blocked anyone on here and thought i'd seen every post. my dvr has kenny running away, guided by cyrus and cyrus is the one talking about tune in to impact for info. kenny turning on aew was cut off unless this is some twitter/instagram video advancing the story?
  23. The Natural is a great guy, always takes me down memory lane with his posts in comic book movies forum, touching on anniversaries of series and movies, highlights the various costumes designs, even the sneak peak at upcoming projects I've been using the movie anniversaries posts to revisit some of those movies with my family, zoom viewing parties and reminiscing on our first impressions of some movies and TV shows, the theories we remembered about casting choices or easter egg cameos With the pandemic forcing us to stay in, revisiting the mcu and dcu with my family has been a blast over the last couple months (plus a good way to try and stay mentally sane) and legit if it weren't for Naturals movie anniversaries posts we probably wouldn't have remembered half of them and missed out on some fun viewing parties. I have strong opinions about former grandslam Champion Terry Bollea, not to be confused with terry crews or terri runnels, who i legit idolized as kid, which is ironic like a tonic, and you should PM me about my upcoming newsletter Hulkster and Me: How the childhood hero became a zero. But I wanted to express them here too (sweet!) because I can't help myself when it comes crashing down and it hurts inside, i'd love for the Sheik to break his back and make him humble
  24. What if Road Dogg was kia when he was still active duty and never joined DX? Do they still find someone to tag with Billy Gunn? Would DX still go through the "revamp" with Xpac & NAO w/o him? I guess I'm really asking if you can slot anyone else into his role in DX that would get as over with catchphrases/ etc. as he did? Don't know if this got asked, but what if Richie Steamboat never had to retire from injuries, and actually worked on improving himself?* What if Randy Orton never got into wrestling, say he never goes awol* and he stays enlisted/active duty til he hits retirement? Does the lack of Orton have any impact on the 'E? *In the nxt/fcw doc i think they gave Richie a mention that he just didn't have the heart for the industry and didn't really try to make it all connect not just in the ring but in his head too *Going off shitty memory that Orton was active duty then went awol and not too long later pops up in OVW
  25. Hangman and the Dark Order being buds had me roaring, them saving him from elimination I nearly hopped out my seat Miro going on a rampage just to run into the Inner Circle trio, standing tall for a moment before losing to the numbers advantage just led to more yelling/out of seat hopping others mentioned, but there were some great story beats and rivalries advanced through the battle royale. Just enjoying the show so far through the first match Ff'd the Jericho match and britt match, watch those later... but Jesus fuck they mentioned Taz trying to recruit Darby was back in May and fuck does that feel like a year ago
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