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  1. Finished this, watched with all my brothers and we had a fucking blast. Lots of great stuff to admire BUT the fucking constant slow mo kept pissing me off I joked at one point "sure its 4 hours run time but speed up the slow scenes and the run time is only 3 hours max" then we finished it and I'm almost sure if some fan does an edit that runs the majority of the unnecessary slow shots at regular speed its probably just over 3 hours not counting the credits Abrams is to lens flares as Snyder is to slow mo it seems Enjoyed it, enough nitpicking I guess. Would hate to try sitting through it in a theater due to run time, but at home with intermission it's great. Hated the video format, looked so shrunken on my brother's wide-screen tv So any issues I had were more about format than content
  2. Caught the KingMox tag, Pinnacle promo, and the main, saving the rest for the weekend when we get to watch Snydercut. And I gotta say, that main was just fucking unreal. I wanted to say the last hard hitting women's match I've seen before this (North America in last 7 years) was Sexy Star vs Mariposa from LU (thank you editing crew) but then again I barely remember the Becky/Charlotte match that kicked off Becky's face turn (or was it just the post match beating that was brutal?) so I'm likely misremembering (in my defense there's tons of NXT I've yet to catch up on so any of those matches post Bayley/Iiconics leaving i haven't yet seen) Just such great character work by Britt and Rosa, and props for them not backing off and not trying to phone it in Two warriors went to war and Tony nailed it calling Rosa the winner before correctly saying she'd survived it
  3. One thing I missed about bexar county was how the clinics there mostly had their shit together. Go online to request a prescription refill, go online to get a query sent to your doc that you can get a reply back within 48 hours. The wait time at the pharmacy could be god awful if you got there late, but it worked out perfect if you were an early bird. Truly that was the golden age, five years ago. Trying to get hold of my doc or my pharmacy when it comes to my meds is the biggest maddening nightmare this side of some cosmic horror novel. Even before the pandemic, trying to get someone on the phone with the pharmacy at HEB or the pharmacy at the clinic itself was at minimum a 40 minute hold time. Moving to the country while working in the city, I thought hell it would be a nice adventure. Peaceful solitude. The commute would be a breeze. But the idiots setting the policy at my clinic, running the clinic in general, wouldn't know their asshole from their earlobe if you gave them a map and flashlight. It's still the 1970s seemingly, with how out of date their system is. It took one doctor's visit in travis county to get me to reconsider leaving my hometown and the time since then hasn't really changed my mind at all. the clinics and staff are way more modern and patient friendly compared to the draconian fucks i've had to deal with for the last 5 years. so help me if i could go back and switch things up i'd rather have just stayed and never bothered moving. fuck that.
  4. this really fed into my thinking of carnivores = bad when i was little
  5. So let's get this out of the way before it gets beat to death: Two things can be true at the same time Okay, so whats the general consensus on the lesser evil? 1) Firing wrestlers during pandemic = bad 2) Adding wrestlers to the roster/payroll during pandemic = bad Also sort of related, which of these is the more unforgivable sin? 1) Running the weekly TV with the same guys feuding while a good chunk of the roster sit in catering? 2) Running weekly tv with a varied group.of guys week to week where you may not see your favorite but maybe twice a month? Sincerely no snarkiness intended, I'm trying to read the (general?) consensus of active* TV viewers and what the preference is *By active i mean id rather get the thoughts of fans who actually bother to tune in and not the armchair brigade who weigh in even though they don't watch the weekly TV
  6. Who all are the new signings, as far as we've seen them in actual matches and not just announced as signing? Would all the folks making lots of Dark appearances count?
  7. Only caught Twitter clips, watching full show with Revolution Saturday.. Quick thoughts on the clips. 1) Cody going nuts and charging into the stands was great. That guy translating for Penta hamming it up when he translated sucked. Going by the punishment Cody takes before taking some time off, I'm almost drooling at the insane beating Penta gives him before ripping his arm out of the socket. I almost hope it puts over Penta like crazy, pay no mind to his compulsion to taunt every few minutes 2) Maki thumping Shida with the mic. Hadn't noticed the softness of the strikes until I saw it brought up on PWO. Also brought up on PWO was the headset Maki was wearing and that the mic shot probably deafened her on the first two shots so she pulled back on the last ones to not blow out her eardrums? 3) Mox and Kingston = Drinking Buddies is the buddy cop movie we need! Have them promo their way through the AEW wrestlecrap and all is good. Dark order beatdown on Dustin with the whiffed punches? Send out Mox and Eddie to do Statler/Waldorf commentary and save the angle.
  8. You nailed it perfectly friend, between Wandavision finale and Revolution with the HOF worthy signing i let myself get carried away with online fantasy booking and well.... let's just say that this past weekend was the last straw in me putting any stock in fan theories no matter how rational and logical they might seem Between the Skywalker level cameo, etc., I took the bait hahahaha. I waited and waited, and waited more. I loved the show, and where it went ultimately made sense. But listening to fan theories and hearing out the rationale and logic, like.. okay not again hahahaha. Ditto Revolution, Wight hypes up a HoF worthy signing and im thinking it'll be some young talent thats still got plenty left in the tank and then Christian???
  9. Thank you Now c'mon, picture it. That giant countdown timer onscreen... the crowd breathless with anticipation as it ticks closer to zero Then we get some pops and the Sizzler birthday sparklers and out comes the real HOF worthy signing making his long awaited debut Apologies to Cabana but the real Boom Boom is now in the building and business is about to pick up on the greatest night in the history of our sport You establish his entrance with the Y2J like timer and the sparklers, and suddenly the hottest free agent in combat entertainment is ready to take the industry by storm /S lmao Busaneticos Shadow over and out
  10. The end was something. I know going forward with any other MCU shows I'm putting zero stock in fan theories and rumors I'm absolutely interested in seeing where we go next with Wanda and how they set up her tie-in with Strange
  11. Oh fucking hell, I've lurked in the DC movies thread long enough that this line here killed me laughing myself hoarse I like Snyder so I'm not taking up against Niners but goddamn this just had to get some appreciation for such a deep callback hahahaha. Well done sir Getting on topic, some footage of Nakazawa fumbling around ringside up to hijinks could maybe, not entirely, help offset things if they go in that direction. Yet to watch this, but I do feel like hyping up a new signing for a PPV instead of TV, was that maybe the first misstep? Not even getting into HoF worthy yet, but hey we got a new signing we'll announce on ppv just... feels off? Most signings are quick to go up on Twitter, will announcing during a ppv actually add buys?
  12. Between Wandavision finale on Friday then Revolutions "HoF worthy" surprise, its been quite a ride hasn't it? Fans raising expectations in their minds greater than what is actually delivered, that's one thing. But twice in the same weekend by different fan favorite companies? Yet to see the ppv, my cousin taped it and im going there this weekend to catch up. 1)Will AEW still have any goodwill with the fans when they promise another major announcement/signing? I guess it depends on what they put on tomorrow, no shit Sherlock you're probably thinking.. Ignore and move on? Apologize? 2) If they double down on gimmick matches for the next ppv do you think they'll pretape in advance or let it play out live? I'd hope they pretape next time if they're going to continue with gimmick matches. Between the Hardy/Guevara match and the Gillberg fireworks they lay want to fallback on cinematic matches seeing how favorabfavorably they seem to be received.. Some one expressed it perfectly, they've got enough solid talent on hand, just let them wrestle
  13. See me, im loving the back and forth. Actual discussion! Even if its not about the promotion but how people approach wrestling, if you'll excuse the pun I'm #AllIn That was wretched hahaha I'm sorry. Would that more of the threads were like this, people writing out their thoughts and going in depth on some parts and not just doing 1 sentence hot takes I mean I have to skim the four pages again but I don't think we have any single photo here and for me I feel like that's a milestone to celebrate in itself since many of the weekly threads I'd like to check in on end up feeling like endless photo/gif spam by what I'm almost sure is some AI wrestling spambot and no this isn't a shot at the guy but please confirm thats not some AI when it constantly spits out the same gif first as a tweet then an actual gif and sometimes a YouTube clip but on top of spamming non-Photo threads with double or triple photo posts we get LISTMANIA! Hey do you guys like lists? Here's my top 10 list with rankings! No there won't be any attempt at generating discussion, it's going to be photo/gif/video spamming and LISTS!!!1!! Like I'd rather wade into threads like this with dictionaries and encyclopedias of thoughts written down and explained in detail than waiting 3 minutes for a page to load because of triple or double photo and gif posts by what I stupidly think is an AI bot but surely no its not, that's an actual person And lemme apologize to the homie right now. I said last time I didn't want things to feel like a personal attack and called myself an asshole and you rightly cussed me out. You had every right and I didn't get upset or anything because with the text you quoted from my post I see how it was seen as a personal attack. So assuming that maybe you read my post Natural and get angry with me for "attacking you" or singling you out, im sorry. Legit I don't have a problem with you as a person. Its just I wish you'd take advantage of the spoiler box instead of treating the wrestling and TV and comic and movie threads like a social media platform. I'm in the boonies with no signal 99% of the time. Silly of me to come to a message board for discussion, totally. Do I wish the photos and gifs would stay to the photo thread? I don't mind them when tossed in spoiler boxes, but brother i mean I'm looking at the 2019 NWA thread and all the way back then even Edwin was pointing out how the photo spam was overdone. Nice Guy and the Seinfeld group laid off the Seinfeld gifs and links and yet Ripa in the Jan 2021 photo thread page 1 1st post talks about using spoiler boxes if you have to post more than pic, more than one gif, and my thing is the way you go over the top on this one thing totally kills me being able to even browse the board. The Seinfeld guys can lay off their links but somehow you're immune? Enough whining on my part. You're welcome to cuss me out if you feel upset at me. I definitely won't blame you. Enough folks on the board appreciate you that I know I'm in the minority on how I feel. The majority of them likely have wifi available and congrats to all who don't have issues with lag and the board taking forever to load.
  14. I believe in Mexico they go with QEPD* "que en paz descansa" as their version of RIP *Got ripped several new assholes by many tios and tias in my youth for "getting it wrong" and being disprectful to la raza I'd wager they just ripped me a new asshole for being such a shithead as a kid, but I see tons of QEPD posts on my feed with the passing of luchadors and celebs from MX so mebbe they're right?? on topic about thigh slaps, its not anything I've noticed, even with watching tons of early RoH when the kick pad era was supposed to be in full force. I think maybe I'm lucky to not notice it because if I did catch it repeatedly I'd probably just stop watching the promotion if it was a glaring thing that stood out every other match
  15. Tarver from that Nexus group Tommy Dreamer Raven New Jack!!! Homicide? Maff? OK, Busanetico's Shadow - over and out
  16. Thank you! Not gonna lie, I found the karate brawls from Cobra Kai had better choreography and action shots than what Iron Fist had To this day I haven't seen Jessica Jones 2nd season, or any of Runaways/Cloak and Dagger/Inhumans (or the Xmen related series like Legion and Gifted i think was the name). If anyone did watch any of these in full or at least halfway, are any of them any good, even if they're not in canon? Might correct that depending on how my next vacation goes I loved Luke Cage season 2, if that's the one with Bushmaster (fucking memory is wiped!) I thought it was a stronger season than the first one
  17. If that's from the YouTube clip I caught last summer its pretty cool imo. That was during my Kobashi appreciation weekend and I loved it, especially in the middle of some Kobashi/Vader (I think it was?) matches that were brutal spectacles
  18. STUUUUUUPID fucking guesses (just throwing darts randomly): Nick Gage Magnus (assuming contract isn't an issue) Sara Stock Cobb????? I don't think they specified gender is why I'm adding Sara. Saw some guesses about Lita and Trish. Do any of the Apache sisters still wrestle? Hijo de Vikingo finally? Dunno Samoa Joe's status but he's been vague about an in ring return so another guess worth mocking Super Crazy? Jacob Fatu? One of the Parkas? Done with my wild guesses
  19. I'm most likely mistaken but didn't Raven name his version the Evenflow in ECW because of Pearl Jam? Or is that just aol chat gossip from the early days of the net? One of my other pet peeves is during the Royal Rumble where an early entrant is taken out because of injury just to make it back for the finale. Orton did it this year with the leg injury and the other one that sticks out is Reigns. Most especially cause on the same card Owens had some wild match with weapons or tables, that was beforetheRumble, can't remember. but Reigns is out early and "injured" though I think someone speculated they were letting him rest up backstage instead of running the whole thing, and then Owens guts it out and limps his way to the ring carrying the wounds of his earlier match. So Owens pulls double duty after going through a war earlier but he sucks it up and marches out there while reigns puts in, what 20 minutes maybe before taking a breather for half an hour then he came back out and wins(?) [Could totally be confusing two different Rumbles with Reigns, insomnia definitely not helping]
  20. Recently got myself the Black Company omnibus(es?), three different fat chunky books. If they're half as badass as the Gaunts Ghosts series I'll be as happy as fuck Also got AvP omnibus, the book not the graphic novel. And the weekend after the freeze down here i picked up some Edward Lee books from Half Price, cleaned out every Lee book they had which I'll probably dive into between Black Company books
  21. Had a blast this weekend doing a double feature of Broken Skulls Sessions with Bayley and Banks. For me, I'll take these over some of those character pieces they do time to time. I've personally enjoyed the Sessions episodes with Mark Henry and Undertaker more than the Edge documentary and the Strowman one, but thats just me. I feel like the 365s and 24s follow a pattern of talent getting into depression about their roster spot and they struggle mentally for a length of time. Liv, Lana, Strowman, Owens touched on it in their docs, Keith Lee too if I remember. And if they wanna discuss going thru some struggles over creative i kinda feel they express themselves more freely with Austin on the few times i saw depression over roster push get brought up than they would in the docs
  22. Technically the mandate goes into effect next Wednesday March 10th for the state of TX My family in Bexar County were going nuts about Spurs allowing fans back soon and then this announcement came out today so I'm guessing that Spurs higher ups had a heads up that led to their teaser about fans?
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