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  1. Elon had me crack up a few times, ngl. Melissa Villasenor seems to have broken Twitter with her Hospital Gen Z part
  2. Shitty Hot take - AEW shouldn't have these all out bananas insane matches air unless they're pretaped and edited when running on tnt? Anything relying on say, wild spots, all out violence and carnage, should probably be edited to infinity to come across seamless?
  3. Kinda speechless but it doesn't surprise me
  4. Ryder making light of the news. I'd say he's being tone deaf with that comment but what do I know
  5. Mickie James and Sarita from last years purge are two of the women I'd like them to sign if they wanted to bring in vets that can go and be great player/coaches* like Deeb was doing before the injury Joe I'd bring in as a manager who occasionally gets in the ring to let him build this menacing aura on the mic and give him this Special feel when he does wrestle* every now and again. Maybe slot him in Dark to work off any ring rust? *IMHO [I'm just a scrub fantasy drafting free agents here]
  6. Paging Gordi.. Paging Gordi.. El Grant Gordi can you do a Haters Guide to Enjoying Dynamite next week with a comical reference to their ratings from this week?* Those Haters Guides were plenty fun and actually spot on *How they're a 1 trick pony or 1 hit wonder I'd guess but you're way more creative and I'm sure you'll knock it out the park
  7. I really wouldn't disagree, like complaining on a message board about people on message boards complaining about complaining has to be the top of the mountain there, the pinnacle if you will Thats the equivalent of sniffing your own farts then get getting on a message board to talk about sniffing your own farts Am I doing this right?
  8. My .02 is that doomsayers need to find a new hobby and quit hate watching anything they don't enjoy Like how long were there LOLTNA takes about the company dropping dead, or ROH not making it through the end of the calendar year. Watching and expecting things to change and improve i understand. I can understand hope, but I'm not talking about hopeful fans who may have a bone to pick with the product. like the way TNA and ROH each managed to outlive both ECW and WCW for example despite the constant braying about how the shows could be canceled because they were such shit, or dropped any week now by the station or network. like just how can someone decide "yeah the writing or the action isn't for me, but lemme tune in anyway, and I'll be back next week and the month after too!", for me it doesn't make sense. Popping into threads to shit on a product week after week, like who wakes up and decides Thats it right there, that's the good shit pal! Which reminds me, im curious if mlw ever gets the doom and gloom forecasts or if you have to be considered a #2 promotion to attract the doom and gloom?
  9. I don't see how thats any different from the Post Wrestlemania thread over in the wwe section Or any weekly show thread for Dynamite/Raw/Smackdown hahaha
  10. The open with Inner Circle all driving up separately, parking together and heading to the arena was the dope shit for a random cold open, id love MORE of those, keep it under a minute and I'm sold Casters line about the staircase had me laughing hard! Then that botch! But hey fuck it, for all the complaints about wrestling being choreographed and coordinated dancing or whatever i appreciate a real in the moment botch that sells the match as a competitive heated battle. Must've been a potato cart nearby Hangmans face post match looked like he must have snacked on one at some point Liked Marshall's promo, shit I liked Jerichos promo too for the intensity alone building up to the Blood and Guts announcement. Shooty promos like this are one of the things I love about wrestling, like Randy's promo to Beth about Edge for example, that I was reminded about on the Austin podcast. Gimme more plz! Skipped past the bf's vs triangle promo, Skipped over sting and archer, no thoughts there Never really knew much about drake before this match but damn I'm a fan now! Darbys gonna be feeling those chops until next week I'm sure Almost wish Drake would join bear country or that they join his group with nevertheless. Tldr Drake and bear country need to be a trios unit asap imo
  11. This thread about Kenny in AEW seems to give his arc some sort of a storyline if you squint just so,, then this kinda almost makes sense? Dunno tbh, have some dynamite episodes to catch up on.
  12. Elizium I'm hoping, please , you can recommend a good movie showcasing John Candy as having a deep range with his acting. I'll be honest I'm way more familiar with him in comedy as say a costar or popping in for a quick scene. I'm intrigued and hope to see him chewing up scenery
  13. I hear you, like in other words you can slot Candy in the Chevy Chase role from the National Lampoon movies, or as Indiana Jones himself in the IJ series? Cause I'm not looking for better overall actor, I'm sure you're right about Candy playing anything (which now I'm begging for a deepfake edit with John Candy in the Devito role for Twins HAHAHAHAHAHA!) I was thinking more the clown/jester role specifically, like take any 80s or 90s comedy and if you can only pick one for the funny goofy sidekick that's loyal to the lead, would you want Candy or DeLuise? Hahahaha, now I'm picturing Candy in deep fake edits for Ferris, Marty McFly, John McClane, the old man from Jurassic Park, Goldblums character in The Fly, Ivan Drago, HAHAHAHAHA as Ace Ventura, any of Steven Segalls' roles , deep fake him as Booger in the Revenge of the Nerds, Currys character in Rocky Horror Picture Show My Gotch imagining Candy deep faked over a ton of 80s early 90s characters from movie and TV is cracking me tf up!!! John Candy is... The Karate Kid! The Terminator! RAMBO!!!!! Fuck me if I ever get my hands on deepfake software I'll have a field day swapping John Candy in for Tom Cruise and Sean Penn roles hahahahahahahaha!
  14. Following up on 70s 80s movies I missed out on, with Howling and American Werewolf in London being a recent two-for, I popped in Smokey and the Bandit back to back with Cannonball Run and it left me with two questions Does anyone else besides me think that Burt Reynolds and Pedro Pascal (aka The Mandalorian aka The badass guy from Game of Thrones) look alike? Maybe its a recent rewatch of Viper vs Mountain like a few days before the double Reynolds feature, but holy shit I'd swear if they're not father son they have to be uncle/nephew Which takes me to my next question: John Candy or Dom DeLuise? If you're picking a sidekick for your summer comedy, who do you go with? I did a rewatch of Spaceballs and Little Shop of Horrors 80s remake and while I find Candy to be funny, I don't know how to put it in words but imo DeLuise is a better Candy than Candy. The cowardly oddball if you will. The well meaning goofball. I'd be curious what you folks think, and if you have any movies you'd suggest that give one thr advantage over the other
  15. Could Zemo be a skrull? Secret War was going to be a movie or a miniseries? I can't keep track anymore but that's good because we're in for the long haul with new MCU content almost weekly Love it
  16. The trailer for the Squad has me stupid hyped! King fucking Shark on the big screen BAY-BAY oh chester cheezus please let him live through the whole movie King Shark has been a favorite of mine since his appearance in one of the Squad tpb's with Ragdoll, I forget the name, a contortionist im sure, anyway they're worried that King Shark might eat someone but he opened his mouth WIDE and there's a living person that HE SWALLOWED WHOLE still alive in his gullet!!!!!! Oh fuck I wasn't ready for that on my first reading and just remembering it has my sides splitting I may not remember the scene entirely correctly, been a few years since I read it but gotch damnit he's been a favorite of mine since (and popping up on Harleys cartoon just makes him more lovable lmao well at least with the episodes that I can remember) Tldr just for Shark alone im fucking dying to see this Gunn does pretty great IMHO with the Guardians so I think it's going to be a great flick
  17. This NJPW game looks neat Thank you Gran Gordi and Elsavaje sincerely Good to hear about Silver, someone joked about the Dark Order claw causing all these shoulder injuries and I'm going to be pumped for his return and Anna's
  18. Best hot tag? Three way tie between John Silver/Cesaro/Violent J* It may not happen but I'd love Cesare and Silver on opposite sides of a tag just to see them try and out do each other on the hot tag sequence hahaha. Stick them in stables and send them into a mini feud where they always upgrade the hot tag sequence over time until it gives the "killing the business" grogs something to cry about lmao *J being the best hot tag in the game was a long running joke among my cousins and me when we'd watch the JCW tapes hahaha. Someone would hit the tag and he'd do the hip toss/hip toss/leg drop and we'd all yell DANGEROUS!!!!! (like that early RoH announcer, Sapolsky maybe?) and laugh our fucking dumb asses off
  19. Log said it best, no need to quote him when that's exactly how I feel. In my head, fuck any speculation about anything tied to Winter Soldier/Falcon. Fuck any easter eggs lmao, fuck any still shots of the show, I'm leaving it in its own corner for now until the show wraps up. Losing myself in the Wandavision hype was a good lesson in fan speculation not always being best for the fans themselves if they believe every rumor or let their fantasy booking run wild (the sparklers from the exploding barb wire deathmatch happening in the same weekend just drove that point home for me) I haven't seen the first two episodes yet, might get around to it next week with getting Good Friday off and getting to catch three episodes at once. Trying to avoid the spoiler thread, but whats the run time been on the episodes so far please, for anyone who's watched? I'd kick myself if these are under half an hour too, that's what I'd loved about Netflix marvel, even the shitty ones didn't wrap it up as it just started to pick up. They kept going, feeding the hope that something redeeming was around the corner, even if with iron fist it really wasn't
  20. I fucking loved American Werewolf in London, oh man I could hardly sleep last night from laughing so hard that my ribs were aching The car wrecks, the cop going all NOTHING TO SEE HERE, MOVE ALONG and so many other scenes. Gotch damnit I haven't laughed that much watching a horror movie since Midsommar (the mating scene with the women all moaning happened to be playing as my brother in law leaves his bedroom to join me, my mom and my sister watching this movie for the 1st time not knowing what the heck happens next My brother in law is a devout Christian who thinks cigarettes and alcohol are sinful to partake in, and he gets uncomfortable watching movies with sex and nudity if he's watching it with anyone else besides my sister So yeah him deciding to see what we're watching as that scene unfolds was hilarious as fuck seeing his eyes POP OUT pretty much ) the Werewolf transition scene was much better here imo because that bubbling transformation from the Howling just seemed weird. Great fx though I preferred the upright on two feet Werewolf vs the crawling on all fours, but thats my personal taste.. Curt, I really have a shorter list of what I've seen vs what I haven't. Barely saw the 1st Friday the 13th a few weeks back, and haven't seen any of the Elm Street series except for Freddy vs Jason and the reboot. Texas Chainsaw I've seen the first two and one of the reboots, Halloween i think I've only seen the reboot, barely saw Nightbreed bout 3 years back and maybe the first three Hellraisers. None of the Phantasm, Poltergeist or Exorcist movies at least not that I remember. Whatever I did catch was mostly troma since it seemed sci-fi with like Mutants vs monsters, not til my folks split was i able to finally watch horror films
  21. Can I just say, I LOVED THE CASTING OF CYBORGS DAD The homie from T2 that Sarah Connor busts into his fucking house to kill him to stop the rise of Skynet And the homie didn't learn his lesson and he went to continue working on cyborgs until he makes his own son a CYBORG!! Picture perfect casting like a mf'er! we joked through out the movie how T2 was in continuity with the Snyderverse because of the homie getting cast in practically the same role! Oh man the fucking laughs anytime something dramatic happened involving the dad we kept joking that either Sarah or John were coming to finish him off for breaking his promise Whoever cast him, a million fucking props for the perfect casting choice of a lifetime That the T2 scientist never learned his lesson and is still working on fucking alien technology involving cyborgs was just too fucking funny
  22. So I just watched The Howling for the first time, and wow! Very 80s-riffic with the plot hammer at times Loved the effects, and now I'm going to catch American Werewolf in London to compare both as I don't think I've ever seen that one either. Being raised in the church i never got to see horror movies until Leprechaun and Bram Stokers Dracula hit the dollar cinema, so I missed out on a ton of 70s and 80s horror
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