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  1. Backtracking to the Roman talk for a bit, just imagine a generation of fans is going to grow up seeing Cena or Roman as the GOATS and their voice of wrestling won't be Solie or Ross but Michael Cole. They'll hold these guys in the highest regards, which I'm not saying is a bad thing or a terrible thing. Im just talking to my nephew about releases and who's been let go so far and he's mentioned how his two personalities he wants to survive the cuts are Roman and Cole. He's 13, so I can't make any flippant remarks about his tastes since I was a Hulkamaniac at 11 and fully behind Diesel when he beat Backlund. Just found it interesting of all the roster they're his personal faves, and wondered what future generations might look on from today's wrestlers as the GOATS of their time?
  2. I think that's a great talk, home grown talent from developmental like OVW FCW NXT who left the E and how things went from there. Haas and Benjamin got a, imho, great run in RoH while Enzo and Cass stumbled around a few indies and kinda fell off the earth far as I've read, which honestly I wasn't trying to keep up with them beyond Enzo and Lil Haku on Twitter. Cliff Compton,assuming he was straight from OVW, did several indies, Impact I think with Aces n 8s, while Ted Dibiase Jr left the bizz and then got swept up in the big scandal recently. I don't follow all the indies nor do I watch all the shoots or listen to a fraction of the hundreds of podcasts so I could be completely wrong on some of these examples being home grown, forgive that assumption. But it's a good discussion I think, home grown superstars and how far they go in the biz after leaving the E. Like whatever happened to the other half of Deuce and Domino, the one who was Snukas son I think? Where did he go?
  3. My petty nitpicks about gargano/ciampa 1- stupid lighting, why black out the arena just to throw those giant spotlights all over? Feels like I'm watching The Flash on CW where Flash always conceals his face by standing in front of bright GLARING lights. To me this was JJ Abrams: Lens flare the match 2- if they're going to exclude commentary and let them shit talk each other using a cinematic lens for the match, why censor all the cuss words with bleeps for Gotch sake? If you don't want the audience at home hearing them cussing, mute the bad words and stop bleeping it like we're watching family programming at four in the afternoon. That's a pet peeve of mine but if we're going for a cinematic look without commentary, bleeping the cuss words is just about as frustrating as the lens flares with all those spotlight shots 3- ciampa takes a good few minutes to expose the boards beneath the mat to make the bumps extra hurty. I get that part. Instead they take a giant bump to the outside and the moment they get back in the ring with all the exposed hardwood planks, they start trading shots with the crutch? I feel like I went into this with curiosity about how it would play out, being the one final match, but that curiosity is rewarded with stupid lighting, especially the exterior shots in the parking lot, and match logic that makes no sense. "I've stripped the mat down to the boards, then spend 10ish minutes or so with the exposed floor untouched so I can hit this guy with a crutch over and over." Fuck me for giving it a chance.
  4. Way behind on viewing but I'm catching up on night 2 right now. Holy fucking hell, the flying teabag from Edge to a seated Randy had me fall off my couch laughing my ass off about as hard as I laughed at Nak missing the double clothesline on Best Friends and being compared to Charlie Brown At first watch I wasnt that sure but then the replay with the alternate angle confirms Edge with the flying and oh my Gotch I lost it Then in the Smackdowns womens match Bayley and Sasha each get pinfall attempts from the other women and Cole says something about Bayley was nearly eliminated, so we cut to Bayley rolling out of the ring after kicking out and as she hits the ground she's defending herself about No she didn't, like shes arguing with Coles commentary in the middle of the match it was the look on her face and how she grit it out to counter argue with Cole that just killed me. I'm enjoying Night 2 just as much as I loved Night 1. It's the little things but hahahaha I love them
  5. Brodie Lee as Tyler Durden? I wouldn't be surprised. While they've cut a few angles and stables that they felt didn't have direction, per all the news about dismantling the Nightmare group run by Brandi, they've stuck with Dark Order which gots me thinking it'll be something huge when we get to the reveal. I could be way off and will admit as much once we get to that point. It's funny, for all the vitriol that some feds get for rushing through storylines and not letting them breathe, I do at times get antsy wishing we could get bigger nuggets of the direction they're going rather than the appetizers we've gotten. That's just me being impatient hahahaha but I'm also glad they're letting it simmer and build, which I hope gets us to a huge payoff
  6. Jericho slaying Tony on commentary with the jokes had me laughing my own ass off so hard. Calling Nak Charlie Brown for that diving double clothesline had me dying! Holy CROM I'm looking forward to more Jericho/Tony match calling
  7. Speculation was saying Charly is the one, but that's based on her being absent from social media for about a week now so grain of salt The Ronda thing, going by Lana and Alexas tweets, I'm not sure if this more Ronda/Becky "working the fans" mode like the wrestlemania buildup or if this is something real and they're legit heated with her. I'd be on board for a modern brawl for all in the sense of open weight division just to see who the real tough guys are. Finally kill this whole obsession with pushes being based on size and look. Just as an example, toss in D-Bry with Jinder and I almost expect Bryan to stretch him a million ways. Give Elias to someone like let's say Gable and let them loose on each other. Stupid idea on my part, 100%, agreed up front, but I just feel, and the numbers can prove me wrong, that pushes based on look/size are wasted versus pushes based on actual talent. (This ignores promo ability and is strictly a shitty talking point about look vs talent)
  8. I would absolutely give anything for footage of Styles cleaning Bradshaws clock! Bradshaw showing up the next night with a cowboy hat to conceal his shiner is one of those moments burned into my brain. I forgot who all dismissed it as just a sucker punch that JBL didn't see coming but considering that one time JBL jumped Blue Meanie from behind I'm not concerned with the semantics on Styles knocking him loopy.
  9. Speaking of HBO filler does anyone remember The Immortals with Pantoliano, Tia Carrerre and Eric Roberts? Holy fuck I loved that movie back then and would give up another toe to see it now just to see if it still holds up. Like Things to do in Denver this was one of those 90s flicks I'd stay up for just hoping to record it if I saw it listed on the tv guide. Three of Hearts with the Baldwin is another, Specialist with Stallone. So many I loved back then that I probably haven't seen in 20 years.
  10. Gargano/Ciampa Owens/Zayn Bayley/Sasha If I never see them tie up again it'll be too soon. Since I tend to skip Dark except for highly pimped matches I'm not sure if AEW has any rivalry that's been run into the ground yet but given time, with their roster size, I think we'll get there eventually. Might help I only watch super pimped matches from Impact/MLW so a very good chunk of the roster isn't that known to me outside of Lucha Underground and maybe some NJPW matches.
  11. My main takeaway from the BFA episode was, "Wait a goddamn minute, is Bart Gunn John Morrisons dad?" They had a still shot of Bart Gunn by Adam Bomb backstage at one point and I would swear Gunn looks just like Morrison. On the topic of... Was it ever mentioned if Chris Voldermort and Edge were cousins or relatives? Having seen the Voldemort episodes weeks back and the Second Mountain episode last night it struck me how much Edges mom and Voldemorts dad almost could be brother and sister just off their eyes. Like how weird within a month seeing a pair of documentaries and theres something about their eyes where to my stupid buffoon mind they looked to be related. Last idiot minded piece about relatives. Is there any way of proving Adam Cole isn't the son of HBK? I hate to come off like some yokel jumping to conclusions about who is related to who but going through the Angle/HBK episode it's almost standing out to me that Adam Cole looks like a reborn, shorter HBK. Taking it back on topic, I'm about ready to just skip the remainder of the episodes if we get more Cornette/Russo stupidity highlighted on the show. Last season it was enough that it almost took up half an episode, but to see them rekindle it with something about a voicemail and all that and it just veers away from the topic to their feud because it cracks up the producers? One moment Bradshaw gets ko'd and Bart wins then theres a cut about Russo saying he got a voicemail (this is after JR mentions the steak and sizzle part) from Cornette and they dont see eye to eye and I'm lost because I can't tell if this voicemail is after the BFA or years later? That's the part where I go, okay forget the subject matter, this is what everyone wants to watch? These two going after each other again, like at this point why not give them their own episode or something and just let them have their own segment away from the stuff we're actually here for?
  12. @Six String Orchestra thanks! They bring a hatred and intensity out of each other, just what I was hoping for. Appreciate you.
  13. Loved Owens/Rollins. Did Steenerico ever mix it up with AotF? I think these two have a hatred that just comes naturally to them when squaring off and while I don't want the feud run into the ground I would like to see the feud escalated to maybe a cage match where they take turns ping ponging each other off the cage.
  14. 100% agreed, I wish they'd had better lighting on that big reveal scene, I'd give it more stars than a Young Bucks match in Japan with Kenny Omega involved hahaha. It was a nice shot but I kept looking for the signature details to confirm (before reading the director's interview) and liked it enough that I'm going to be let down if they can't follow through with another one.
  15. I heard that the shit monster works greener than goose shit!
  16. I like the MOTU/WWE mashups but for that signature MOTU look I've been customizing the Loyal Subjects line up swapping WWE heads with MOTU heads. Loyal Subjects making Teela /Evil Lynn and Sorceress made it super easy for giving Sasha Banks and any other women wrestlers released some MOTU options. Having said all that I'm still hoping to get the MotuWwe Greyskull ring.
  17. Street hockey minions to AEW confirmed! Hahaha
  18. Saw Underwater, and I guess for its budget it's a movie. The set pieces at times reminded me of Cloverfield, where the environment is as much a threat as any monsters or what have you. Great tense moments absolutely, triggered my claustrophobia a few times (though thankfully nowhere near as bad as Turistas or the Descent). Also saw Ghostbusters the original, and The Fly remake with Goldblum. Goddamn, but Fly really is one fine piece of filmmaking. Never saw these as a kid cause my pops wasn't even letting me anywhere near movies like this. Something like Robocop or Terminator, with Cyborgs he was fine with. Monsters and ghosts and supernatural, nope! And to his way of thinking back then The Fly may as well be Leatherface or Pinhead lol, he wasn't letting me watch no matter how much a fan I was of Goldblum as a kid.
  19. If it's Jason Lee from Dogma, Azrael I think, then yes please! Those skate boarding minions of his knew to lay their strikes in, not like the one Creeper who went viral for his "strikes" on Dustin.
  20. Can I use the Alex Shelly/Kevin Nash line here please? Alex-Do they even go that high (outside ofJapan)? Nash-They did that night. Lmao
  21. Hahahaha, now I'm picturing that gif of Richards and Edwards with the superplex off the top into a suplex over the top rope to the outside only it's Davey vs Rona in my head. Good shit pal.
  22. All the New Jack discussion and this last episode has me wondering if Jack and Necro Butcher ever had a match? Just that the idea of Jack trying to mess with a legit tough guy got me wondering what Jack vs Samoa Joe might look like, which then got me remembering the Joe vs Necro matches, which was how I started thinking about a Jack/Necro brawl/match.
  23. For feline gimmicks, anyone mention Ortiz, master of Tiger Style?
  24. One thing with Brodie, I'm not that sure he's completely mocking Vince each time out. He's a control freak. All the masks and hidden faces, maybe it's some weird Zed and the Gimp situation where he has to be the domineering one all of the time? I'm reaching, sure. I'm almost sure I read in this forum once or twice that DO came off like a weird sex cult or something. If that is the vibe, could Brodie be taking it to the next level and he just wants to control everyone around him all the time because he gets a kick out of having that power? Just saying, Dark Order has been a slow burn all this time. While there's been missteps and growing pains, I think I'm fine giving them some leeway for a month or three to see where they go with Brodie. I'd like to remember Matt Hardy at the start of his broken phase, when the board had a dumpster fire thread about him. It almost feels like another slow burn where everything in the present looks ridiculous but we get to the big picture and suddenly it makes sense. Not saying that it's the same situation and all, just thinking aloud that as this plays out over months maybe we see what they wanted to do with the Dark Order and Lee all along, especially with how they shifted gears and cut some acts like Brandi's group but they've kept DO going and growing. And like Broken Matt, just maybe, fingers crossed, it pays off big time creatively.
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