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  1. Soooooo.. just caught Danielson vs Solow, vs Nick Jackson, and vs Kingston earlier today. And Jesus Fucking Christ I legit think he just might be my pick for mvp of the year* He gets so much praise but I mean, in a vacuum if you only watch his matches back to back vs a range of opponents i feel like you're not stuck with a formulaic layout, he switches gears so to speak against the opponent and doesn't seem to have a by the numbers routine. Huge fan of his matches with Omega and Suzuki and seeing these 3 today just blessed! *Full disclosure I've not had the chance to catch that much stuff weekly so it's pretty much a lock if anyone else has had a better output of matches vs different opponents I've not seen those yet
  2. I dunno, if Ivelisse gets a free pass for this Dynamite match then yeah, let's go ahead and bring her back. Is that whats being said, she got let go or not brought back strictly because she's a woman? Then I suppose Sexy Star also gets a free pass and all for that Rosemary incident? Because she's a woman and the fans are just focused on her gender and not that she tried to break another wrestlers arm? Last year or whatever year it was when several women came out with stories of Tessa's attitude and racism, i mean these women were in the locker room with her, at various shows with Tessa. Do I have it incorrect? The fan outrage with Ivelisse, Sexy Star, and Tessa didn't have a thing to do with being unprofessional? I'm glad to have missed out on so much wrestling recently then, probably the best time to close that door if we're excusing shitty behavior captured on camera and reported by many eyewitnesses that were backstage. Goldberg had plenty of negative feedback after that Saudi show where he fumbled around with Undertaker. I don't remember him getting a pass. Cody and the Bucks definitely don't get a pass for their weekly comings and goings, by the threads I read at least. Tldr unprofessional conduct is unprofessional to me, no matter the promotion. No matter the spot on the card. Paint brushing an entire fandom for the online reaction to reported backstage behavior and documented actions on prime time is... definitely one take.
  3. Yeah so I wasn't being shitty then, got it. You accused me of being shitty and personal attacks yet given the invitation to make your case, you walk. Pot meet kettle. Easier to be the shitty person and "take the high road" ain't it bud. Swift - Thanks a million, didn't know that but putting it to use Apprecite it, genuine gratitude
  4. Since you quoted me in full the 1st time and I didn't make any edits to my post to play the hero, can you show me where I publicly called anyone out? What exactly in my post counts as shitty and personal attacks? The worst thing is, I went out of my way NOT to be the asshole I was the first time, and yet the folks that messaged me directly about this all brought up the same person. Has me wondering what I said that was personal, Niko Craig H- You are correct. I shouldn't make leaps of logic. Sound advice, sincere gratitude for the heads up.
  5. Like I explained sadly, Ignoring means that I end up missing out on a chunk of the AEW forum threads, couple of the monthly wrestling omnibus threads, comic book movies and TV threads I'll go one step further and directly quote Rippa's own guidelines for images/tweets/gifs with the relevant pieces highlighted. He mentions using the Spoiler tag for any post with 3 images, etc, talking about flood control to reduce back to back to back image spam. I was absolutely shitty back in January and regret acting out like I had. You can paint me as the villain for wishing folks would follow the guidelines set, otherwise we have that post from the other day in an AEW thread talking about "I thought I wandered into the Photos thread" which wasn't even made by me. RIPPA Posted December 31, 2020 From now on - the photo thread and GIF thread will be one thread. A few guidelines that I ask to be followed. This way when you wonder why come like March I don't allow the threads anymore you will know why. Please no more than 3 "images" per post. (And honestly 3 is really too many). If you absolutely feel like you have to do more than one thing in a post because the board absolutely needs to see it - please use spoiler tags. This also doesn't mean you can get around it by just having like 5 posts in a row. I will turn on flood control if I have to. For the love of God please edit your quote boxes We do not need to see every tweet made by every wrestler Just because everyone has been working from home - use spoiler tags for things that can be considered NSFW. If the length of a GIF reaches double digit seconds... it isnt really a GIF. For reference what I am talking about - GIPHY doesn't allow more than 15 seconds and recommends no more than 6 seconds in length. I am sure there are other things that I will be reminded of by like Jan 2 as they are done instantly
  6. Y'know I've had some referrals to blocking particular folks to avoid this repeating issue with photo/tweet/gif spam from the same part(y). January 2022 photo&gif thread, 1st post Rippa lays out a simple guideline for pictures gifs tweets etc. Didn't take a week for it to get blatantly ignored. Accidentally got the thread closed for a day for my rude reaction to the spam. Idiot me I figured if someone is picture-tweet spamming for Likes they can just open an actual social media account or something? Tldr- I can't recommend blocking as it would mean I'd miss out on some monthly threads as well as some weekly wrestling threads along with some of the comic movies tv threads. Blocking means I'd miss out on the discussion that I enjoy taking place around the pic spam Gordi, Just Drew, Goodyear, Matt D, Jiji and many others give some great insights into their thought process on what works for them and what doesn't. Noflips will add some stuff, lots of great stuff by the majority of the posters in the Aew and wwe forums, so I mean I personally dig the discussion portions of the board. Badbury had that take about Cody that really opened my eyes about a week back, maybe two? Tldr Really love when a message board has well written discussions, even if both sides don't see eye to eye. I love a good list when someone highlights and calls out the thoughts behind their rankings and what exactly gives this match a higher spot vs that other match. Lists for the List God with no thoughts or comments behind it, for me.. no thanks.
  7. I mean didn't we have Brock and Roman do a tug of war not too long ago for the title? Brock and someone definitely. For the brands top belt. Petty children fighting over a toy isn't that far off the mark when you got Brock Lesnar doing a tug of war on live TV for the top belt Someone pages ago mentioned sending a shooter after Charlotte and I was just seeing this on the Bird
  8. Seeing him in Things to do in Denver and i felt like this. Fucking hate him popping up in anything Funny quick tangent, just based off The Town my brother HATES Jon Hamm in anything
  9. I don't think it's going to be an angle that plays out but I can see, potentially, that this is how we get to Punk vs Cole between now and December if Punk takes up for Schiavone Not fantasy booking, just thinking aloud how this would lead to a Cole match vs whoever might stick up for Tony
  10. If he can get to headline Rampage before the year is out, that would be great, assuming any injuries are healed and he's completely ready to go
  11. I got maybe, maybe 5. Took me a moment to realize this wasn't Nitro era, I don't think
  12. I was just wondering about this Didn't catch it but the WO recap says 6 new wrestlers debuted on NXT last night My immediate thought: Did they give intro/background videos for all SIX so we would know why we should give a fuck about them appearing on the program? /s
  13. Them making it canon now and addressing it I think between this and the fireworks barbed wire debacle they're doing the Lord's work putting Kingston and Moxley on damage control
  14. Quick thoughts- LOVED miro/Eddie. Miros chest definitely told a story but damn miro gave just as good as he got. rematch on my birthday in a few weeks in NY please and thank you Was it me or did penta tone down the taunts? Great match, fucking bloody as shit even with masks and long hair soaking up most of the red. That was a blast. Punk and darby was all time classic IMHO. Darby gets the big brother types all the time between Moxley-sting-and punk now and I love it Mox and Kojima was way better than anything I expected and then we get a very brief mini match with Suzuki! Dunno how long Suzuki will be stateside for, but if we can see it I'd love to get Suzuki and Garcia in a tag against Bryan and (pick punk or darby) before he heads back Women's casino- main highlight for me was abadon walking up behind emi and shida, and cranking her own neck to yell at shida while emi drops to her knees of fright lmao. Penelope looked great in there, her and Bunny were bringing the hate against Anna and Tay and I'd love either of these teams getting into a feud with Iinspiration if they land here. Wished Leyla could have gone a bit longer but she got a great spot in with Nyla so IMHO that was pretty great Cole immediately joining up was fantastic but then Danielson just steamrolls in and they're both made in minutes IMHO Kenny dropping the belt soon and disappearing to heal up while Cole takes the reins for Elite makes so much sense i almost feel like that's the direction but what tf do I know
  15. About 25 minutes from home. Everyone is kind of in shock
  16. Thank you Jiji, you covered so many questions and then some. Genuinely appreciated Subscribed to Squidmar, great reference for tips there I'm in the buttcrack of Austin out in the sticks and humidity is a bitch to deal with, used to try and prime my minis with matte spray paint to cover big batches at once but the humidity fucked that up royally enough times that I had to strip the paint off them because they came out chalky and dusty. Also going to sub to 3d printing pro next, I don't mind the clean up on resin so long as it has less failures like the fdm you mentioned. If there's some clean up and little extra stuff but it has a high success rate at printing then even better on the resin ones The 8k sounds like its worth checking out, sounds like what I'd want to do with it Best of luck on the Strahd campaign. Gaming outside sounds fun, we're using the conference room at work some weekends since no ones there and we're spoiled for delivery options from plenty of nearby restaurants. Been some Necromunda games lately but with the 3d printed stuff coming in we might get back to 5e very soon I hope
  17. El Gigante/ Zeus for the 80s? Kurrgan if we're going 90s wwf? Nathan Jones / Heidenreich? Great Khali, I imagine Jinder Mahal during the 3MB days, ryback during NXT era? Haven't seen Azeez(sp?) lock up, maybe him? Don't have any of these guys bios readily available, just pulling names outta the air so if they did have wrestling experience before getting into developmental then feel free to ignore em
  18. Dunno to ask here or elsewhere but figured to try here 1st as there were some AWESOME recommendations last time For tabletop players that have minis and terrain setups, what are some of the best 3d printers out there for complete newbs starting from scratch, please? There's so many great designs out there and such a rich choice of artists to support that are producing some awesome miniatures. And while I like buying some 3d printed minis/terrain off of ebay or Amazon I'm thinking it may be worth it to get a 3d printer for home and support the artists directly y'know So if you all have any recommendations, guides or tutorials it would be helpful, appreciated and awesome! And as a follow-up of sorts, does anyone have recommendations for airbrushes for a complete newbie? Priming with a brush feels soooooooo slow compared to the speedy results some seem to get airbrushing their minis. Any pointers are appreciated
  19. I mean dang, talk about a revamp! Are we going back to the Tough Enough times where most of NXT is now newbies training in the ring and sitting through speeches by active and retired wrestlers about the biz?
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