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  1. Seeing him in Things to do in Denver and i felt like this. Fucking hate him popping up in anything Funny quick tangent, just based off The Town my brother HATES Jon Hamm in anything
  2. I don't think it's going to be an angle that plays out but I can see, potentially, that this is how we get to Punk vs Cole between now and December if Punk takes up for Schiavone Not fantasy booking, just thinking aloud how this would lead to a Cole match vs whoever might stick up for Tony
  3. If he can get to headline Rampage before the year is out, that would be great, assuming any injuries are healed and he's completely ready to go
  4. I got maybe, maybe 5. Took me a moment to realize this wasn't Nitro era, I don't think
  5. I was just wondering about this Didn't catch it but the WO recap says 6 new wrestlers debuted on NXT last night My immediate thought: Did they give intro/background videos for all SIX so we would know why we should give a fuck about them appearing on the program? /s
  6. Them making it canon now and addressing it I think between this and the fireworks barbed wire debacle they're doing the Lord's work putting Kingston and Moxley on damage control
  7. Quick thoughts- LOVED miro/Eddie. Miros chest definitely told a story but damn miro gave just as good as he got. rematch on my birthday in a few weeks in NY please and thank you Was it me or did penta tone down the taunts? Great match, fucking bloody as shit even with masks and long hair soaking up most of the red. That was a blast. Punk and darby was all time classic IMHO. Darby gets the big brother types all the time between Moxley-sting-and punk now and I love it Mox and Kojima was way better than anything I expected and then we get a very brief mini match with Suzuki! Dunno how long Suzuki will be stateside for, but if we can see it I'd love to get Suzuki and Garcia in a tag against Bryan and (pick punk or darby) before he heads back Women's casino- main highlight for me was abadon walking up behind emi and shida, and cranking her own neck to yell at shida while emi drops to her knees of fright lmao. Penelope looked great in there, her and Bunny were bringing the hate against Anna and Tay and I'd love either of these teams getting into a feud with Iinspiration if they land here. Wished Leyla could have gone a bit longer but she got a great spot in with Nyla so IMHO that was pretty great Cole immediately joining up was fantastic but then Danielson just steamrolls in and they're both made in minutes IMHO Kenny dropping the belt soon and disappearing to heal up while Cole takes the reins for Elite makes so much sense i almost feel like that's the direction but what tf do I know
  8. About 25 minutes from home. Everyone is kind of in shock
  9. Thank you Jiji, you covered so many questions and then some. Genuinely appreciated Subscribed to Squidmar, great reference for tips there I'm in the buttcrack of Austin out in the sticks and humidity is a bitch to deal with, used to try and prime my minis with matte spray paint to cover big batches at once but the humidity fucked that up royally enough times that I had to strip the paint off them because they came out chalky and dusty. Also going to sub to 3d printing pro next, I don't mind the clean up on resin so long as it has less failures like the fdm you mentioned. If there's some clean up and little extra stuff but it has a high success rate at printing then even better on the resin ones The 8k sounds like its worth checking out, sounds like what I'd want to do with it Best of luck on the Strahd campaign. Gaming outside sounds fun, we're using the conference room at work some weekends since no ones there and we're spoiled for delivery options from plenty of nearby restaurants. Been some Necromunda games lately but with the 3d printed stuff coming in we might get back to 5e very soon I hope
  10. El Gigante/ Zeus for the 80s? Kurrgan if we're going 90s wwf? Nathan Jones / Heidenreich? Great Khali, I imagine Jinder Mahal during the 3MB days, ryback during NXT era? Haven't seen Azeez(sp?) lock up, maybe him? Don't have any of these guys bios readily available, just pulling names outta the air so if they did have wrestling experience before getting into developmental then feel free to ignore em
  11. Dunno to ask here or elsewhere but figured to try here 1st as there were some AWESOME recommendations last time For tabletop players that have minis and terrain setups, what are some of the best 3d printers out there for complete newbs starting from scratch, please? There's so many great designs out there and such a rich choice of artists to support that are producing some awesome miniatures. And while I like buying some 3d printed minis/terrain off of ebay or Amazon I'm thinking it may be worth it to get a 3d printer for home and support the artists directly y'know So if you all have any recommendations, guides or tutorials it would be helpful, appreciated and awesome! And as a follow-up of sorts, does anyone have recommendations for airbrushes for a complete newbie? Priming with a brush feels soooooooo slow compared to the speedy results some seem to get airbrushing their minis. Any pointers are appreciated
  12. I mean dang, talk about a revamp! Are we going back to the Tough Enough times where most of NXT is now newbies training in the ring and sitting through speeches by active and retired wrestlers about the biz?
  13. So I am kinda leaning in a few directions with this. Having seen the clips where Loki and Wandavision get synced together, I'm sorta guessing that Strange does the spell right as Wanda goes Scarlet Witch? (Which someone might have alluded to on the previous page?) But then I'm also guessing Mephisto, because of that One More Day arc, and of course of the Disney series tying into the multiverse story, both Wanda and Loki had Mephisto teases, even if he wasn't named. Maybe a deep stretch there. Up a few minutes later on some comic site dissecting the trailer they think Mephisto is the culprit and point to Stranges Sanctum, completely iced over etc. The site points to Dantes inferno i think. Where the 9th level of hell is iced over or frozen, dunno. Lots of speed reading at lunch, pardon if I paraphrase wrongly. So Peter thinking he's talking with Strange could be him unknowingly meeting with Mephisto in disguise? Like I said, that theory is so stretch Armstrong im not putting too much faith into it. If one of these banana theories is anywhere close to the movie im guessing its real Strange casting the spell as Wanda goes Scarlet Witch. Have to wait and see the movie I know.
  14. Gimp masks... right. If we're gauging the state that Jericho is in recently, I mean he doesn't look to be on the verge of spiking folks on their necks so he's got that going for him I guess And ahead of anyone calling me an aew defender I've barely watched anything wrestling in some time. The day to day posters and lurkers can probably confirm I've barely posted anything outside of the comics and movies forums for some time, and I like the very segments from the 'E that I can catch when I'm not super tied up with work
  15. Not having any familiarity with the poen of the green knight I dunno. Felt like that godzilla movie where every time he's gonna fight the migos or mugos they cut away to something else and the big fight at the end is done after like 3 minutes? I'm likely being overly critical, man, and thats not even my handle sorry for infringement
  16. Caught Demonic from Blomkampf. Liked pieces of it, felt other pieces suffered from plothammer hijinks Finished up a few Edward Lee novellas recently (quick shout out to OSJ*) and I was pretty hyped for a possession flick by the District 13 guy but IMHO it came across like a super indie freshman debut and by super indie I mean grab a bunch of actors who can't act for shit and load them up with early 90s campy dialog Issues were mostly with the cast, not the story and definitely not the budget *QEPD
  17. Finally caught this, have been so tied up with work Goddamn lemme just get it outta the way I laughed way too hard at this movie across various set pieces and no exaggeration I almost blacked out a few times from laughing soooo hard I was outta breath Weasels yell as he plummets from the plane and then he fucking hits TUMMY FIRST holy fuck!!!!! Laughed so ugly you thought i was crying Him drowning definitely didn't help seconds later Stallone as King Shark, damn he fucking kills in his role. The whole secret costume/mustache scene about had me fall out my chair Kid Mero style and rolling around laughing while trying to catch my breath I only really know Suicide Squad from the New 52 reboot I think it was? Ragdoll or some other contortionist is almost eaten by King shark if I remember correctly, that run.. So I had a good time with this, especially not recognizing most of the characters. Planning to rewatch around labor day weekend and just lose my shit again at all the funny stuff
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