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  1. Do you have a bucket list of wrestling venues/arenas you'd love to visit? Or just your favorites that you've already been to? Freeman Coliseum holds a special place in my heart for sentimental reasons. Saw lots of wwf events there in the 80s, last one was when Sherri was managing HBK, around that time frame Would love to make it to Japan and Mexico, see some of the historic arenas one day. Ecw fan in me would like to see the "ecw arena" just to say I'd been there once. Ditto MSG for my inner early 80s wwf fan
  2. Just sitting down to watch Phantasm for the 1st time, and I've got a genuine question The guy who plays thr best friend of thr older brother, Reggie i think is the best friend.. Is that Hank from Breaking Bad? Maybe not the right name, but I'm thinking of Walts brother-in-law that was a cop? no fucking way same guy from Phantasm, the ice cream dude, is the cop brother in law, is it?
  3. Whatever those forums are you are going to Burgundy, you do see, don't you, how posting here that Naomi is getting ignored, per usual, comes across as stand-offish. And I honestly don't know and don't care which forums you're on, but just having a look at Twitter and Instagram and Reddit has got TONS of appreciation for both women from the day they walked, and in the 2 days since it broke that Vince did the payoffs there's been practically nothing but overwhelming support for both women with fans of all ages/backgrounds coming out to stand up for both Naomi and Sasha and that's where I get lost with the strawman talking point about Naomi is getting ignored and its disheartening. How is that the talking point when social media in the last 48 hours is the exact opposite? What's the agenda here? Technico has an interesting point in that you tend to pull this repeatedly where everyone is just going about whatever the discussion of the day is and then you jump in taking a defensive stance that we're all a bunch of jerks or dicks for whatever strawman talking point you've chosen to focus on in that moment and then you play the victim card that anyone would have the gall to disagree with your contentious broad-sweeping statements. Remember when Charlotte and Becky had that tug of war for the belts and there were backstage reports about Charlotte being unprofessional. Here comes Burgundy to label everyone misogynists who only pick on girls for standing up for themselves and we never do this for the boys. Like all those years of Hogan/Flair/HBK/Dusty/HHH politicking to keep the title or protect their pocket were just overlooked by the board and the hivemind gathered to worship at the altar of these heroes. That was a weak straw man then and this hollow straw man about Naomi not getting any love is just as weak. And let's be honest, it could be any one poster of any background coming onto the board making broad general statements painting everyone as dicks and jerks, and that poster would absolutely get shit on by others because when it becomes a habit of attacking everyone for being jerks and getting ultra defensive with anyone disagreeing, well there's that whole saying that goes "if you meet an asshole in the morning, and if you meet assholes all day....." Any one poster pulling the same shit should expect to get shit on especially like Technico points out, there was the whole discussion on Shabba* and on food and then BOOM we're all assholes for not talking up Naomi too. I'll tldr it: If you don't think Naomi isn't getting any love, just seek out the #IstandwithNaomiandSasha tag on your chosen social media platform. It's not disheartening when there's so much love being poured out for both women. And I expect if you continue taking combative approach to painting everyone as jerks you can count on some people disagreeing and supplying evidence to the contrary. It's one thing to try and engage in an actual discussion, it's another to just run in and call everyone dicks then get defensive when someone disagrees ***Bombastic is the only track that comes to mind, but that's such a beat to loop over and over so I'm sorry if I've missed out on other classics
  4. I'm wondering who they got to "khanvince" Vinnie Mac to step down for now? I keep thinking back to Lucky Number Slevin, where The Rock is Hartnett and Nick Kahn is Bruce Willis. Like if we ran a poll on who leaked this and why, sure Steph is a front runner and your other folks are front runners, but I'd put all my bets on Nick at this point /s
  5. Not what you wrote though, I mean you said Naomi was getting ignored, per usual. If you limit your experience to this board and this board alone for fans feedback, naturally that is your choice. Per your words, if anyone else saw or heard differently, they're welcome to their experience as you're welcome to yours. That whole per usual though, that's painting with a broad brush. You expect to have your experience respected without being willing or open to hear someone else's experience, especially when it's not as disheartening as it's being made out to be. But what do I know, my experience on the board is everyone doesn't always see from the same perspective, and there is no DVDVR hivemind
  6. Dunno about all that I mean the last 24 hours on Twitter has fans celebrating both and saying how they bothbeen vindicated. Now if you're not going on Twitter for fans feedback i mean I'm not going to blame you for not going near that cesspool, but other places besides this board are hailing the two of them as heroes
  7. They wouldn't even need a desktop for the booking, I'm sure the laptop GM could come outta retirement? Y'know what? Maybe not?
  8. Not a fucking clue how reliable these folks are, but that sell off by Dunn isn't going to just slip thru the cracks, I don't think Then I guess this is a nothing-burger?
  9. Joked with my cousins earlier that this was the long game The Rock and Nick Khan had started. Rock got the xfl for pennies on the dollar i imagine (?), and now Nick has cleared the deck for Rock to swoop in and buy out the 'E "Vince buying wcw" style /s
  10. I'm years behind on finally getting a copy, but I'm about to start Bleakwarrior at the suggestion of (iirc?) OSJ Read through a ton of Edward Lee, including the one he cowrote with OSJ, and finally got Bleakwarrior off Amazon after reading the short story in The New Weird, I think was the book?
  11. Suzuki - Daniel Garcia- Styles - Ishii
  12. So Dashcam is certainly something. The end credits were sort of a nice touch, definitely a first that I've run across. Wouldn't recommend unless you've got an iron stomach, there's a bit of practical fx that based on how it's shot will absolutely catch you off guard in a few sections
  13. Cheers I just spit soda out my nose onto my phone laughing at this, caught me off guard as I've not seen the ppv yet I legit thought that was HHH for a split second
  14. Echoing the issues with the chase in the woods. Watched this with my 13 yr old nephew and my sister and even my nephew points to his mom and says "Come on! Even you could catch her!" Hoping we get time with Luke though who knows, but if we can get little Leia being a smart ass then maybe we can get Luke trying to dodge his chores to go hang with Wedge and the guys Every one of us about jumped out our seats seeing the Clone. I kept wondering if we'd get young Boba at any point since he'd be in his 20s I think by this point, but getting a 501st Clone was exciting enough
  15. RandomAct up there perfectly summed up my thoughts on Everything Everywhere All At Once. The hype after Yeoh was on Desus & Mero had me begging to see this asap, and it absolutely lived up to and blew away every expectation that I had going into it. I've been trying to get my family to see this now, this just feels like, I don't know, soul food or something, grandma's cooking when you've had a shitty week or month.
  16. Was wrecked for two weeks with a bug going around town,, so I was able to catch up on a bunch of shows From: adaptation or original material, I don't know but I definitely enjoyed this show. The way we got characters developing and all, it was a great watch through and I'm excited for season 2 Brand New Cherry Flavor: Also unfamiliar with the source material but damn I loved this one. They didn't really try for jump scares, they just legit creeped out at the right spots and what looked to be old school effects made it extra fun! The body horror was tremendous and felt like an episode of Shameless or Ozark where everything just kept getting more and more fucked up as it went along. Tokyo Vice: Binged it overnight when I was up coughing and sneezing the whole time. Liked the scenes with the mobsters but found myself bored with the lead. Overall kind of enjoyed it. Love, Death & Robots Season 3: Damn they went DARK on this season and I'm not just talking about the lighting choices for a few episodes. They went nihilistic and even the lighter fare like World War Z done right in 13 minutes or less was still pretty grim. Absolutely loved this season after the stinkers laid in season 2 Outer Range: Was really hating the series and how certain characters were rock solid one second and complete push overs the next. Didn’t find a reason to really care about anyone until the last couple minutes of the last episode and suddenly I'm hooked for another season
  17. Just wrapped up The Northman, fucking loved this one! This is what I thought The Green Knight was gonna be, except I hated the fuck out that one and enjoyed the hell out of this. Getting to see this back to back with the new Dr. Strange flick was a nice way to spend my dad's birthday with him. Fucker turns 63 and is about to be a new dad (yup dad not granddad)
  18. Fritz the Cat? The animated Hobbits movies? One of those rotoscoped animated movies
  19. From or Midnight Mass I suppose. Just cut off from the outside world seems good nuff
  20. I give zero fucks if this was accepted where anyone grew up. Attacking performers on stage isn't cool. Wasn't cool when Will did it.
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