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  1. I second this motion, but even if they don't - they are presenting him in such a way that he will no doubt be a bigger star upon returning to Japan. That type of stuff will be good for the ecosystem of professional wrestling globablly if Khan can continue to get excursions and put them over without sacrificing his own stars in the process.
  2. Funny enough, my dad has worked for a local TV station as the sportscaster and he isn't under any sort of a contract - but the contract thing is 100%. I just got off the phone with him to see what he thought on this, and they CAN release people on grounds of declining ratings and such. They do have severance packages and stuff of that nature, but a quick five minute talk with him showed me it really is a lot similar than I thought. There's a lot of neuance within it though, because a few companies own a lot of stations so it allows for people to talk with other stations who are under their current owners companies umbrella.
  3. Upon further review, Nair is DDP's step-daughter, but he does have two daughters with Kimberly as well.
  4. I believe that's Lexy Nair, and for a random tidbit on her... apparently she is dating Mr. W. Morrissey. I guess size does matter and ya can't teach that.
  5. I'd like it if AEW had an exclusive interviewer similar to Mean Gene in WCW. I love Schiavone and it's not that he's bad at it - but I just like having that bit of separation from the announcers team and the backstage team. They tried with Marvez but he just isn't that guy. Renee Pacquette (Young) would be great if she wanted to do it and I think her and Mox could have a cool dynamic on screen but that's just fantasy booking.
  6. With all the discussion yesterday, is it time for the debut of the Big Bosswoman?!
  7. Kurt Angle AJ Styles Rob Van Dam Randy Savage Monty Brown (guilty pleasure) The Rock Mick Foley Big Bossman (another guilty pleasure) Eddie Kingston Raven Brodie Lee Samoa Joe Riho Ninja Mack Vader
  8. I don't disagree that they build up talent well and he would be watered down in WWE. I would have to imagine he would think the same thing. But this IS the only guy with a win on CM Punk. The three time Dynamite diamond ring winner. For all the Jungle Boys, Ricky Starks, Darby Allin, Wheeler Yutas - MJF is the sure thing. He's already at that level those guys (sans MAYBE Darby) strive to be at. He is their franchise player, the foundational pillar. Maybe I overvalue him, but in a world where great truly hated heels are hard to come by, he is #1. And he just turned 26 at that. In my opinion, he is the perfect foundation for that companies next 5-15 years.
  9. According to Will Washington (SRS put out an update on Fightful Select as well, but I don't have that) - TK doesn't have an issue in paying MJF more money, but that he's asking him to sign on for more years for the raise which MJF doesn't want to do. Evidentally the locker room isn't on MJFs side here. Also funny to note, and I didn't know this until today, but Cody actually invited MJFs parents to the SD Long Island show as his guests. They're busy so couldn't attend (credit: MJF barstools Rasslin). Part of me thinks this could be a shoot with how the whole Cody situation played out... BUT the other part of me thinks TK is trying to play a 2022 Brian Pillman type angle here. Could Cody have been in on this the whole time? I have no clue, but I am super intriguied in how this plays out. I dare say MJF is the #1 guy you CAN NOT lose if you are AEW. He's destined to be their Ric Flair.
  10. I'm wondering if he was supposed to run out during that roll up attempt (probably through the crowd since it would be past the referee) as that's the only tangible spot I see in the closing stretch for him to interject. Starks kicks out of the roll up and like half heartedly pushes JB in the back into the Rochambeau - but by that point the referee was already sliding in the ring, so idk if it even could've been that spot. HOWEVER, you do see some of the crowd look to the right side as if Hobbs (or someone) is making their way through the crowd. My guess is Hobbs was supposed to be in there to hit a boot or something to break up the pinfall while Swerve had the ref distracted?
  11. On the discussion of stages, I do love me the narrow entrance from MSG - but I do wish AEW would consider changing up their sets a little more for PPVs. I would absolutely LOVE to see some of those early 2000s esque WWE sets akin to the Backlash swinging scythe, the KotR chair, SummerSlams giant ass logo, etc. Granted WWE doesn't even do that anymore and it irks the shit out of me. I know AEW tinkers with their stage a little bit it seems like it's all the same set pieces just rearranged. Gimme a giant slot machine with the part where the symbols come up being the video portion. Stuff lile that. Give these events some feeling of life. Or not. I'll be watching regardless
  12. Dark or Elevation tho, right? I think this is just for Dynamite and Rampage.
  13. Saw this on Twitter and couldn't believe it.
  14. I actually didn't know there was a difference. I thought trios just meant all hell breaks lose and there's no rules basically. But upon googling it, you have to pin a teams captain or the other two members of a team under trios rules, is that correct? Very unique and cool stipulation.
  15. This is a random, out of left field thought - and I highly doubt anyone would have any real background knowledge or know dollar figures. However, I saw a tweet about how Keith Lee had copywritten "Essence of Excellence" and it got me thinking. WWE copywrites what I feel like is a lot of stuff; from names to nicknames, events, etc. whereas AEW to my knowledge only really has a handful of copywrites. I would imagine the TV shows and PPV names as well as maybe a few select other entries like "forbidden door", but that all leads to my thought. How much money do you think AEW saves in comparison to WWE just by not copywriting all of the names, nicknames, moves, plethora of shows/events. I'm not privy to how much it costs to copywrite any sort of material, but between all the names that WWE owns, coupled with the ones that they have spent on in the past that they no longer use, I would imagine it's at least a little bit of change right?
  16. Man could you imagine a juiced G1 with the likes of Danielson, Samoa Joe, and someone else. Have Jericho send Daniel Garcia so NJPW can "have a taste of sports entertaiment".
  17. Wheeler Yuta (among a few other names like Ace Austin, El Lindaman, and Alex Zayne) was announced for the Best of the Super Juniors this year. And so it begins!
  18. AEW has finally debuted the moving graphic!
  19. Speaking of, I remember watching American Gladiators on ESPNClassics before AWA on ESPN would play (this was like 06, I became an Unknown Soldier mark - sue me). Well, two years later they tried to reboot the show (in 2008) and it sucked. So if they do bring it back, they need that OG recipe. Now. Let's talk the perfect wrestlers to double as Gladiators. Brian Cages new gig?
  20. Johnny Swinger in the Wingmen please.
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